The 27 best sights of Ibiza – description and photos

Ibiza sights – 8 most popular places

The capital of nightclubs, the island of the eternal feast, the most partying resort in Europe… But did you know that the legendary Ibiza, whose attractions include many historical, natural and architectural sites, is known not only for beaches, bars and discos? Let’s dispel the myths and look at this island from a different angle! So, what to see in Ibiza as part of a classic tour program? We offer you the top 8 most popular places.

Evening Ibiza

Es Vedra.

When pondering what to see in Ibiza in one day, don’t forget about Es Vedra, the most unusual and mysterious island of the Pitius Archipelago. There are many myths and anomalous phenomena associated with the place, whose outline resembles a giant dragon. “Eyewitnesses” claim that alien ships regularly land here, and the island itself is home to seductive sirens, whose sweet songs have brought more than a hundred guys to their graves. Mention of these creatures can be found as far back as Homer’s Odyssey. It is also said that any home appliances that have been within a few meters of this place immediately malfunction.

Once upon a time there were people living on Es Vedra, but due to the increasing frequency of disappearances of local residents, access to it was closed by official order. Now the island is uninhabited – only mountain goats, birds and lizards live on it. It can only be viewed from afar during a boat trip. Ships depart from Ivisa and San Antonio. The approximate cost of the trip ranges from 15 to 25€.

Es Vedra

Of course, there are brave people who rent boats and sail to Es Vedra on their own. Most of them are thrill-seekers and followers of various mystical cults. It’s not cheap and boat owners confirm that not everyone returns from such trips. The island does have a disorienting effect on travelers. And the reason for this is not some mystique, but a very real magnetic field, disabling cell phones, compasses, navigation devices and other equipment. Location: Cala d’Hort, Ibiza.

Old Town of Ibiza

Ibiza Old Town, built by the natives of Carthage in 654 BC, is one of the main attractions of the island. Over the centuries since its foundation Dalt Vila had time to change several owners, each of which contributed to the appearance of the city new features peculiar only to his people. So, from the ancient Romans there remained two majestic statues at the main gate, from the Moors – the remains of fortress walls with watchtowers, and from the Catalans – the Cathedral, built on the site of an Arab mosque. The greatest pride of this structure is the central altar, decorated with a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary, the main patroness of the island.

Old Town

As in any other Old City there are museums, souvenir stores, monuments, galleries and other important sites. Most are concentrated around the central Plaza de Villa. Among all these institutions, the Museum of Archaeology deserves special attention, with its unique collection of artefacts belonging to the Bronze Age.

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Walking through the narrow streets, you can see not only the traditional medieval mansions, but also watch the archaeological excavations conducted by a Spanish scientific institute. There’s also a hotel that once housed many of the world’s celebrities (including Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin). Dalt Vila is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is protected by the state.

The Fortress of Ibiza

Deciding to read photos and descriptions of the sights of Ibiza, pay attention to the Castell de Eivissa, built in the 12th century and considered to be the oldest structure on the island. The castle, built for purely defensive purposes, is located in the heart of the old town. At one time its strong fortification walls hid the dwellings of the citizens, the Cathedral, built on the site of the Arab mosque, the Governor’s House, which hosted many famous personalities, and other objects of medieval “infrastructure”.

Ibiza Castle

Over the years the city fortress has been subjected to numerous reconstructions and renovations, thanks to which elements of various architectural styles appeared in its appearance. Even in the daytime it is quite nice here, and at night, when the bastions and towers are illuminated, everything looks even more beautiful. And best of all – from the defensive walls there is a beautiful view of the bay, the port, and the outskirts of the city. At the entrance to the fortress there are several cafes. There are street musicians and sellers of various souvenirs.

Location: Carrer Bisbe Torres Mayans 14, 07800, Ibiza.

Port of Ibiza

Among the most visited attractions of Ibiza in Spain is the port located in the capital. You can get here not only from the other islands of the Balearic archipelago (Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera), but also from the mainland (Denia, Valencia and Barcelona). Puerto de Ibiza, built in the old fishing district, has everything you need for a comfortable holiday – cafes, bars, restaurants, stores, casinos, hotels, nightclubs and many other facilities. In addition, it is from here that most of the sightseeing boats depart, making sightseeing trips to the surrounding area.

Port of Ibiza

Another feature of the harbor is the presence of a small handicraft market with ethnic souvenirs, dishes, clothing and jewelry. There are picturesque streets running away from the harbor and a monument to “The Corsair” erected in memory of those who defended the island from pirates.

Location: Calle Andenes, 07800, Ibiza.

Church of Puig de Missa

The Church of Puig-de-Missa, rising atop the hill of the same name, is a beautiful white-stone structure equipped with its own defensive tower. In the mid-16th century it was an important strategic point in which the town’s inhabitants sheltered from numerous pirate raids. Today it is one of the most visited attractions of the resort.

The interior of the sanctuary, complete with many intra-wall burials, is modest and simple. The only exceptions are the Catholic altar in the Churrigueresque style and the multi-arched porch with strong columns dating from the early 17th century. But as you go up to the church you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean and the streets of the town. Next to the church there is an ancient cemetery, a columbarium and a small ethnographic museum. But to see the old watermill, you have to go a little further.

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Cap Blanc Aquarium

If you do not know what to see in Ibiza, go to Cap Blanc, a huge aquarium set up in one of the natural caves. Once upon a time, smugglers hid in this hollow. Then they bred fish, lobsters and octopuses for the bazaars of Barcelona. And only in the late 90s of the last century, after a major reconstruction in the lobster cave, as the locals call it, was opened a unique aquarium, which shelters the main representatives of the Mediterranean fauna.

Today, Cap Blanc is not only one of the island’s best attractions, but also an important scientific center whose staff is trying to increase the population of endangered marine life. Inside the cave is an underground lake divided into 2 parts. Each contains relatively large marine fish and other animals that need the same conditions. You can look at them closer from the wooden bridge that runs right over the water. In addition to this lake in the cave, there are several reservoirs designed for smaller animals – stars, seahorses, sponges, crabs, etc. The volume of the largest tank is about 5 thousand liters. Also, rescued sea turtles are often placed in the Cap Blanc aquarium and then released back into the wild.

Cap Blanc Aquarium

Address: Carrera Cala Gracio S/N, 07820, San Antonio Abad.

  • May to October: daily from 09:30 to 22:00 (May and October until 18:30);
  • November-April: Sat. from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Adults – 5€;
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: 3€.
Las Dalias Market

When exploring the best attractions on the island of Ibiza in Spain with photos and descriptions, you’re sure to come across the Mercadillo Las Dalias. The famous hippie market, open since 1954, is a huge marketplace where life does not stop for a minute. By day you can buy a wide variety of goods, sit in cafes, listen to local deejays, and watch mimes. As evening falls, there are theme nights where you’ll learn to dance reggae, salsa, flamenco, and other dances.

Las Dalias Market

There is also another interesting place to visit. We are talking about the bar with the same name, where artists, philosophers, representatives of various subcultures and other colorful characters gather. It is especially interesting on Wednesdays, because even though the market is closed on that day, the bar regularly hosts Indian and vegetarian jazz-rock parties.

Where to find: Carretera de Sant Carles Km 12, 07850.

  • April to October: Sat 10:00 to 18:00;
  • November to March: Sat 10:00 to 16:00.
Santa Gertrudis Town.

The island of Ibiza, whose attractions will delight you with its variety, boasts many authentic villages with a long and quite interesting history. This includes Santa Gertrudis, a small town located in the heart of the famous resort. In addition to the beautiful nature and the beaches with turquoise water there is a huge number of antique shops, craft centers, art galleries, museums and other cultural facilities. For the convenience of tourists are bars, restaurants and stores.

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Santa Gertrudis Town

Most of them are concentrated in the central square of the city. What is most unusual – all this is perfectly combined with the agricultural landscape, which is home to goats, sheep and the island’s only dairy cows.

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All the attractions of Ibiza described on the page, as well as the best beaches on the island are marked on a map in Russian.

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Ibiza Attractions

Ethnographic Museum Ibiza Island Club Privilege Club Playa de Cavaie Nudist Beach Las Salinas Club Pacha Old Town Avissa

The site contains Ibiza attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to questions: what to see in Ibiza, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Ibiza.

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum (photo)

The Ethnographic Museum on the island of Ibiza is located in a building called Can Ros, in Santa Eulalia del R o. The exhibits here tell tourists about the history and ethnography of the island, as well as introducing them to its culture, customs and economy. Previously owned by one of the island’s wealthiest families, it is now a private property of the Balearic Islands Foundation.

In the museum you can see displays of local tools, clothes and jewelry. There is also a special room dedicated to the peculiarities of rustic life. Here tourists are offered to descend into a wine cellar, where there is an exhibition dedicated to the history of wine production.

Besides the permanent exhibitions, the Museum of Ethnography constantly hosts temporary exhibitions, the most famous of which is the exhibition “Capells i Espardenyes”, showing the traditional folk costumes of the inhabitants of Ibiza. Also very popular is the exhibition “Imatges i Maquetes Etnogr fiques”, which presents samples of folk life.

Coordinates: 38.98397800,1.52974000

Ibiza Island

The Island of Ibiza (photo)

The island of Ibiza is one of the most popular vacation spots not only in Spain, but in all of Europe.

The history of the first settlements on the island begins in the 7th century BC when the Carthaginians settled there. They were in turn succeeded by the Romans, the Arabs, but the Catalans were the last to arrive on the land.

Each has had a big influence on the history and culture of the island. The island is popular with famous artists, actors, musicians, model businessmen, politicians and businessmen.

Ibiza has everything for a comfortable holiday for every taste. There are 58 beaches including wild and public hotels, a wide variety of restaurants, some of the world’s finest nightclubs, fashionable boutiques, tennis courts, golf courses and much more.

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Coordinates: 38.90900100,1.42804400

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Club Privilege

Club Privilege (photo)

Originally called “Ku,” the Privilege Club was a restaurant in the ’70s. A little later, catching on to the trend of the time, management decided to shrink the pool in order to increase the area of the dance floor itself. Since then, the dazzling beams of lasers and the rhythms of popular dance hits could be seen more and more often in the Privilege.

In the 1980s the club-restaurant was considered one of the biggest dancefloors in Europe. The main hall is the size of an airplane hangar, with 25 meter high ceilings and a pool that holds a large number of hyped up clubbers. And through the ginormous windows or from the beautiful garden of the club you can enjoy mesmerizing views of Ibiza. In 1987, Privellege was visited by Freddie Mercury, the interior of the club is depicted in his video with Montserrat Caballe called “Barcelona”.

The location of DJ’s board is an interesting peculiarity of the club; it is situated straight in the middle of the huge pool. Behind it you can see the usual stage where the dancers and other “crowd” are keeping the eyes of the audience. When you get to a party at Club Privilege, you’ll find yourself on the largest dance floor in the world.

Coordinates: 38.95813700,1.40762600

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Club Privilege

Club Privilege (photo)

Club Privilege is the largest nightclub in the world and has made the Guinness Book of World Records for it. This is not surprising, because at the entrance the visitors are captured by huge ceilings, indoor pools and gardens, large dance floors and other amenities.

The nightclub is located between Ibiza and San Antonio. Its fortunate location on the Spanish island makes for unforgettable and exclusive parties. There is a restaurant in the open air, offering its visitors dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. The interesting thing is that the club literally every night makes different changes in its design, trying to please the visitors more.

It is also no surprise that this nightclub is visited by the most famous DJs of the world. Puff Daddy, Jade Jagger, Madonna and Jean-Paul have all celebrated their birthdays in the club.

Coordinates: 38.95784000,1.40824600

Playa de Cavaillé

Playa de Cavaie (photo)

Ibiza is known for its entertainment life: foam parties, endless clubs, new acquaintances – the perfect place for open-minded and fun-loving people. There are still many places for the uninhibited public, mostly young people. For example, famous among fans of nudist holidays Playa de Cavaillet. By the way, the same beach is also one of the favorite places of European gays.

In addition to contemplating the beautiful young crowd and enjoying the warm sun of Spain, here you can spend time diving: the sandy seabed with fragments of rocks does not leave indifferent fans of underwater diving.

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Tropical landscapes, spectacular views: the beach is located in the natural reserve Ses Salines, a protection zone of migratory birds. What clothes are there to wear? The setting simply demands complete harmony with nature.

Nudist beach Las Salinas

Nudist beach in Las Salinas (photo)

Did you know that there are countries where women are not allowed to sunbathe topless if their breasts look unaesthetic? What kind of discrimination is that? And who decides what is aesthetic and what is not? Well, Las Salinas Beach welcomes all those who are willing to take off their clothes and sunbathe naked.

Thanks to its location on the famous Spanish island of Ibiza, the beach often hosts lovers of good fun, because it is Ibiza – the first place in the list of European resorts, famous for its nightlife. Bars, music, cocktails along with white sand and crystal clear water – it’s already nice to think about.

Las Salinas is the most famous naturist beach in Ibiza. Besides, thanks to the sea water enriched with useful minerals, nudism here is even considered useful.

Coordinates: 38.91374300,1.42885200

Pacha Club

Club Pacha (photo)

It’s no secret that the best clubs are located on one famous Spanish island. The Pacha club discussed below is also no exception.

Pacha opened in May 1973 and during the 70s-80s it was mostly visited by the bohemian and rich public. Pacha has more charm and charisma than other clubs on the island.

The establishment consists of several dance floors as well as a terrace and a restaurant. Pacha has endless stairs linking its numerous rooms, as well as a tiered labyrinth of the main room, where the visitor can find a room (which are presented in different styles and atmospheres) and stay in it all night long – and this is one of the advantages of Pacha. The club can accommodate more than 3,500 guests and is the only one on the island that is open all year round.

The symbol of Pacha is two cherries, representing a beautiful and sweet life. Nowadays the brand is very popular in the fashion and music worlds, which adds to the fame of the club all over the world.

Coordinates: 38.91768300,1.44377900

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Ibiza?

Old Town of Avissa

Old Town of Avissa (photo)

The Old Town of Avissa is a place with cobblestone cobblestones, ancient Roman statues and ancient houses whose roofs are decorated with Gothic spires.

Here you can also observe the archaeological excavations in the fortress area, see the church of Sant Domingo, the 14th century cathedral and visit the archaeological museum.

Coordinates: 38.90683100,1.43740300

The most popular attractions in Ibiza with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Ibiza on our website.

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