The 24 best sights of Corfu – descriptions and photos

Corfu sights

This page contains sights of Corfu with a map in Russian, photos and descriptions. The most interesting places on the island – ancient fortresses, temples, colonial architecture, museums and monuments, water parks. From the material below you will learn what to see at Corfu by yourself or with excursions, where to go with children.

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Ionian Islands, characterized by a picturesque mountain landscape and a wide variety of beaches. But Corfu is not only for its inspiring nature, friendly sun and luxury hotels, there is plenty to see and do on any vacation.

The historic sites of Corfu, the main city, are in the center of Corfu. The fortresses of Old and New Capitals, the Palace of Saints Michael and George, Liston Street and the Cathedral can all be reached on foot in a few hours. At the walls of the New Fortress, don’t miss the monument to Fyodor Ushakov – on the island the Russian admiral is revered as the liberator of Corfu.

If you’re staying in Corfu for a few days, it’s worth visiting the major museums, which focus on Byzantine and Asian art.

An additional source of information about the island is Corfu sightseeing reviews, where tourists share their itineraries, photos and fresh impressions about the island.

Sights of Corfu with photos and descriptions

Canal D’Amour is a natural landmark of the resort of Sidari, located on the northwest side.

The Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro, a picturesque ancient landmark of Corfu, is located near the northwest.

The Kaiser’s Throne Lookout, located near the village of Pelekas on the island of Corfu, was indeed built for.

The Church of Saint Spyridon is located in the city of Kerkyra on the island of Corfu and houses the relics of the saint.

The men’s monastery at Paleokastritsa on Corfu bears the name of the Virgin Mary (“Moni Theotokou” in Greek). Monastery.

Corfu sights on the map

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What to see in Corfu by car

The route around Corfu by car (there are several big rentals on the island) promises independence of movement and access to most of the sights.

For example, driving along the northern part of the island, you can see the famous Love Canal in Sidari and visit Mount Pantokrator, from which you can see the whole island and the shores of the mainland (the car can be parked within walking distance).

A trip along the coast of the island can’t be imagined without climbing the fortress of Angelokastro, stopping at the resort of Paleokastritsa, visiting the observation deck of the Kaiser’s Throne in Pelekas.

There are also plenty of picturesque places in the southern part of the island: for example, it would be interesting to take a course to Halikounas beach and the largest lake on the island, Corission, where sometimes tourists get a chance to see pink flamingos.

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To see the sights around Kerkyra, you can do without renting a car: buses leave the city center several times a day for the most popular destinations. An option for a self-guided excursion from the city is Cape Kanoni, just 5 km from Kerkyra. The promontory overlooks the orthodox monastery of Blachernae on a bulk island (you can reach it by a concrete pier) and the green Mouse Island of Pontikonisi, where the modest Pantokrator Monastery is located.

The Old Fortress of Corfu © Anna Sky

The old fortress of Corfu © Anna Sky

Attractions and entertainment in Corfu for children

With school-age children will be interesting to live in the main city of the island, Kerkyra, from where the main excursion routes lead. With young children, on the contrary, it will be more convenient to stay in a hotel near the sandy beach and developed infrastructure.

Playgrounds, entertainment can often be found in large hotels, complexes with water slides are in the resorts of Sidari (Sidari Water Park is part of the hotel of the same name) and Aharavi (Hydropolis Water Park).

The most famous water park in Corfu – Aqualand – is located in Agios Ioannis. Like the other open-air water complexes, Aqualand is open only during the high season, from mid May to mid October.

Another popular family vacation destination in Corfu is a trip to the Oceanarium. The Corfu Aquarium is located in the picturesque resort of Paleokastritsa and is open all year round. In addition to sea creatures (fish, octopus, crustaceans), you can see snakes and lizards on permanent display – in a small terrarium section.

Private guides in Corfu

Russian private guides will help you to learn more about Corfu. On the project Experts.Turister.Ru there are 5 registered Russian guides and companies in Corfu.

Top 24 best sights in Corfu

Corfu is the pearl of the Ionian coast. The island has survived the influence of many cultures brought with merchants and invaders, but has retained its identity. This is reflected in the language, habits and lifestyles of the local population.

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Who should visit Corfu and why?

History and legend lovers will love the city’s fortresses and museums, which preserve priceless artifacts from the depths of time.

Cathedrals and temples are the cradle of the Christian religion. They are worth to visit every cultural person.

Beaches, mountains and islands with stunning scenery are suitable for family holidays and romantic dates.

Architectural attractions

Paleo Frurio (Old Fortress)

paleo frurio

The citadel, located on the east side of Corfu, was built by the Venetians in the 16th century on the ruins of a Byzantine castle. The fortification is separated from the town by a moat and has two small pinnacles or korifs. It is believed that from this word and originated the name Corfu.

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At the foot of the hill on which the fort stands is the church of St. George, remarkable for its monumental Doric columns. It as well as many other constructions of the fortress appeared during the British domination.

Neo Frurio (New Fortress)

neo fruria

The fort appeared on St. Mark’s Hill only a few decades later to protect the island from attack by the Turks. The fortifications were later rebuilt by the British. Today some of the rooms and galleries are open to tourists.

You can wander through the stone halls and climb to the very top of the fortress, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Angelcastro Fortress

krepost angelokastro

This fortification played an important role in the history of Corfu. The fortress was built at the beginning of the 13th century, that is, during the Byzantine era. And already in XIV century it passed to the Venetian Republic.

At one time the walls of the citadel withstood the onslaught of the Ottoman invaders – a small garrison successfully repulsed the attack of the enemy. In 2009 the global reconstruction of the architectural monument was carried out.

The Castle of Kassiopi

samok kasiopi

Kassiopi is a small village on the north-east of the island. It is often visited by lovers of “wild” holidays, sunbathing on the pebbly beaches framed by the emerald greenery.

The main attraction of these places – the castle, built on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress. Its massive walls and quadrangular towers are well preserved and open to the public. The majestic structure stands on a promontory and can be seen from anywhere in the harbor.

Achillion Palace

dvorec ahilion

This white palace in neoclassical style was built in the 19th century by Amalia Elisabeth of Bavaria a year after the death of her son, Crown Prince Rudolf.

The theme of the interior design was the image of Achilles and the myth of the Trojan War. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea. Marble sculptures and statues complete the landscape.

Elisabeth loved to visit Achilleion. She often came to Corfu to take a break from the bustle and gossip of the Austrian court. After the empress’s death the palace passed to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Palace of St. Michael and St. George

dvorec st mihaila

This neo-classical palace was built in the 19th century on the orders of the British governor of the Ionian islands. Today the building, with its stately columns and massive arches, houses a museum of Asian art. It contains the private collection of Ambassador G. Manos, which he collected during his travels in China, India and Japan: paintings, sculptures, jade and porcelain objects.

Villa Mon Repo

villa mon repo

This beautiful colonial-style villa is located in a forest near the archaeological site of Paleopolis. It was built for the British Viceroy Adams and later donated to the Greek royal family. Prince Philip was born here in 1921 and later married to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Nowadays the walls of the villa house a museum dedicated to the history of Corfu.

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Liston Street is a great place to stroll in the evening. Luxurious, elegant, with many elegant arches and amazing lighting, it was laid out during the Second French Occupation. It was designed by engineer Mathieu de Lesseps, inspired by the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. When the island was occupied by the British, they enlarged the arches and added floors that today house offices and apartments.

There are two versions of the origin of the name “Liston”. According to one, the word has Italian roots and means “straight line,” which is quite consistent with the geometry of the street. According to the other, in ancient times here could walk exclusively noble aristocrats, listed in a special list – Listu.


Casa Parlante

kasa parlante

This state-of-the-art museum invites you to immerse yourself in the past. The exhibition is housed in a restored mansion and tells the story of the life of its owners, who lived here in the 19th century.

In the reconstructed interiors of a bygone era, wax figures in smart dresses are presented in various scenes: receiving guests, tea drinking, cooking, etc. All actions are accompanied by distinctive sounds and smells recreated by robotic gadgets.

Paleopolis Museum

musei palioplisa

The museum is located within the walls of the Mont Blanc estate, closely related to the Greek imperial family. The exhibits on display tell the story of the rich history of Corfu.

The detailed model shows the territory of the city in its modern borders with an exact indication of the main attractions: temples, museums, observation points. There is also a stand with old photographs showing the city in the middle of the 19th century.

A visit to Paleopolis will be a great opportunity to travel back in time to the Greek island.

Byzantine Museum

visantiski musei

Located in the chamber church of Our Lady of Antivaniotissa, the museum houses a unique collection of icons from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. All of its masterpieces were painted between the 15th and 19th centuries. Of particular value are the XI-XVIII century wall frescoes collected from various monasteries of Corfu and the altar cloth brought from Russia by Archbishop Nikiforos.

Shell Museum

musei rakushek

Diver, enthusiast and collector Napoleon Segais has been traveling around the Asia-Pacific region for 20 years. In the course of countless dives, he raised many valuable artifacts from the seabed. They became the basis of an unusual exhibition.

The museum features a variety of shells. The most expensive of them is estimated at 20 thousand dollars. There are also stands with ancient fossils, stones and corals. Of particular interest to visitors are stuffed turtles, sharks, starfish, snakes and other inhabitants of the depths.

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Religious attractions

Vlaherna Monastery

monastir vlahena

This Orthodox monastery was founded in the 18th century. The snow-white architectural complex occupies almost the entire tiny island, which can be reached through a narrow man-made isthmus. The main relic of the monastery is the icon of Our Lady of Blachernae. Believers attribute miraculous properties to it.

The Saint Spiridon Cathedral

sobor st spiridona

The temple is located in the center of the old city and attracts thousands of tourists. They come to admire the outstanding frescoes of the XVI-XVIII centuries.

The 16th-century chamber basilica houses the relics of Saint Spiridon, the patron saint of Corfu. His remains were brought here from Constantinople and laid to rest in a silver coffin. On major religious festivals, the monks parade with him through the town.

The Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

sobor blagoveshenia

Also known as the Metropolis, this Orthodox cathedral is one of the most visited on the island. This is partly because of its location – it stands on the way to the Old Port, an important transport and passenger artery.

Another reason is the rich interiors, huge iconostasis and frescoes. The main shrine of the temple is the ashes of St. Theodora, a Byzantine empress who ruled in the IX century.

Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater

cerkov st yasona

In the immediate vicinity of Mon Repo is the chamber church of Saints Jason and Sosipater. It celebrates the two disciples of the Apostle Paul, who brought Christianity to Corfu in A.D. 63. The church is active and services are held there.

The church, built of massive stone blocks, is a canonical example of 11th-century Byzantine architecture. The building has the form of a cross, topped with a dome. Originally its walls were completely covered with elaborate frescoes, but many of them have been lost over time. However, some fragments can still be discerned. The eighteenth-century iconostasis is fully preserved.

Paleokastritsa Monastery

monastir paleokastrice

The male monastery appeared on the island back in the XIII century, but its final architectural features were formed in the period from the XVI to the XVIII centuries. The walls of the monastery contain many valuable Christian relics. Among them are the icons of Skopietissa (Paleokastritsa) and the Assumption of the Mother of God.

Natural attractions

“Canal of Love” in Sidari.

kanal lubvi

This picturesque place is located in the northwest of Corfu. Several shallow canals with piercing blue water are sandwiched between bizarre limestone cliffs.

Fjords lead into small bays with picturesque sandy beaches. Thanks to the cliffs, the canals are protected from the wind. Here you can have a great vacation, even when the popular Greek resorts come to the end of the season and the weather starts to deteriorate.

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Mouse Island

mishini ostrov

This islet is officially called Pontikonisi, but locals and tourists prefer to call it “Mouse Island” because of its very modest size. It only takes a few minutes to walk around its entire area. Pontikonisi is easily accessible by boat from Kanoni harbor.

There is a legend that the island is actually the ship of the traveler Odysseus, which was turned into a rock by Poseidon for trespassing on the domain of the god.

Mount Pantokrator

pantokratov mountain

The highest point of Corfu is Pantokrator (906 m). There is a monastery and cell phone towers at the top. From the observation deck you can see the surrounding countryside, and on a nice day you can see the outlines of neighboring Italy. There are hiking trails on the slopes of the mountain, varying in difficulty. The ascent to Pantokrator Peak takes an average of 2 hours.

Island of Vido

ostrov vido

Regularly boats and boats full of tourists dock at the small island covered with dense forest. The closest point on land from where you can get to the natural gem is the Old Port. The voyage will take 10-15 minutes.

The main attraction of the island are three picturesque beaches. You can reach any of them by paths that wind through the thicket. Complementing the landscape is a memorial to the Serbian soldiers who defended Greece during World War I.



This is the most beautiful and inaccessible beach of Corfu. You can sunbathe and swim there only at low tide. The sea steps away from the 100-meter limestone cliffs, exposing a narrow strip of sand, which is accessed by two stairs, built right into the cliff.

Lucky ones, who had time to take seats on the few sunbeds, enjoy the stunning scenery and the clearest sea. But not for long – by the evening the tide begins, and the beach is hidden under water.

The main mass of tourists come to Perulades to admire the stunning sunsets from the open terrace of the tavern, built right over the cliff. It is recommended to book there in advance.



This beach, located about 2km from the village of Pelekas and 25km from Corfu, is considered the best. The coastal strip is covered with soft golden sand, olive groves, pine trees and cypresses on the hill, which complements the landscape. There are cafes, bars and restaurants along the coastline.



The beach is located near the homonymous village on the northwest part of Corfu, at about 20 kilometers from the capital. The picturesque bay with blue water has 6 sandy and sandy-pebbly beaches. The biggest of them is Blue Flag Winner, the highest award for cleanliness and environmental friendliness.

The long promenade, skirting the bay, invites to take a fascinating walk and enjoy the local views. Quench your hunger in the cafes and tavernas nearby.

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