The 20 best sights of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – descriptions and photos

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and its suburbs

In this article you will find an overview of the main sights of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with photos, videos and descriptions, location on the map and find out where to go and what to see in the city and its surroundings.

Kamchatka is famous for its pristine landscapes, which have not yet touched the hand of man. Here you will not find any outstanding architectural monuments, but natural beauties – to plenty. On the territory of Kamchatka there are active volcanoes, hot springs, picturesque rivers and lakes.

National parks and reserves are the real pride of Kamchatka. Here, in the wild, you can observe animals and birds in their natural habitat, look into the crater of an extinct volcano, to stand on the shore of the endless ocean, and touch the culture of the indigenous peoples.

The best sights of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Avacha Bay or bay is one of the largest in the world. It can accommodate ships of any size, and .

The cliffs “Three Brothers” are a group of three basalt rocks, protruding from the water in the form of pillars (such rocks.

The monument “Here begins Russia” was installed in 2011 with money from the budget in the city of Yelizovo (Kamchatka).

Mishenny Sopka is a mountain located within the boundaries of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is the highest point.

Nikolskaya Sopka is a small ridge, located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the historic center.

Khalaktyrsky beach is located on the Pacific coast near the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Despite quite.

Vilyuchinsky waterfall is located in Kamchatka, in the southern part of the peninsula. It is located at a distance of 39 kilometers.

Sights of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the map

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky sights and surroundings: top 20

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there are many famous places that you can see in one day. Below are the top places in and around the city.

Avacha Bay and the cliffs “Three Brothers

Avacha Bay is one of the largest in the world. The water in the bay does not freeze even in winter, so ships sail all year round. The main attraction of Avacha Bay and a symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – cliffs “Three Brothers”. The stone pillars are 300 meters from the shore, and you can take a boat trip to them.

Three brothers

The bay is home to salmon, sea bass, halibut, crab, and turpentine. Tourists can take part in a special excursion program, which includes fishing and tasting seafood.

Avacha Sopka

Avachinskaya Sopka is one of “domestic volcanoes” along with Koryaksky and Kozelsky volcanoes. They were called “home” because they are only several tens of kilometers away from the town, so they are easily accessible. Avachinskaya Sopka is the most visited volcano in Kamchatka.

Avacha Sopka

It takes 10-11 hours (round trip) to climb Avacha Sopka. The height of the ascent is 2741 meters above sea level. Even unprepared tourists will be able to make the ascent, because most of the way goes along smooth paths.

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Monument “Here begins Russia”.

The monument erected in Yelizovo near the international airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is one of the most popular man-made attractions in the region. On a clear day, you can see five Kamchatka volcanoes in the background.

Russia starts here

Here begins Russia © Larisa Kiseleva

Bears were chosen for a reason: the animal is a symbol of Kamchatka.

Monument to Peter and Paul

The heavenly patrons of Kamchatka’s capital are the Apostles Peter and Paul. To honor them a six-meter bronze monument was put on the shore of Kultuchnoe Lake on Ozernovskaya Spit. A picturesque panorama of the city and a large Avacha Bay, as well as the view of the majestic slopes of Avacha Sopka opens from this point.

Monument to Peter and Paul

Monument to Peter and Paul © Victor Bashkir

The monument was unveiled in 2005, when the Orthodox Church celebrated the 300th anniversary of its establishment in Kamchatka.

Mishenny Sopka

The best viewing platform in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is situated on the top of Mishennaya Sopka. From there you can see the whole historical center of the city, Nikolskaya Sopka, Petrovskaya Sopka, Kultuchnoe Lake, Trinity Cathedral and much more.

View from the Mishennaya hill

View from the Mishennaya hill © Anna Bekasova

You can take a serpentine road up to the knoll, which you can ride a car or bike and of course, walk on foot.

Nikolskaya Sopka

The construction of the city started with the Nikolskaya Sopka, so this place is particularly appreciated and loved by the citizens of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In 1983, it received the status of a natural monument. On the hill there are several iconic landmarks established in honor of the successful defense of Petropavlovsk from the Anglo-French squadron in 1854: a chapel, a monument of five cannons, a stele, etc.

View of Nikolskaya Sopka

View of Nikolskaya Sopka © Victor Bashkir

Of course on the spur there is an observation deck with a great view of Avacha Bay.

Khalaktyrsky Beach

One of the most unusual beaches in Russia is located on the Pacific coast. The sand here is of black color because it was formed after volcanic eruptions. You can sunbathe here, but you can hardly swim – even in the heat the water is barely warm.

Khalaktyrsky beach

Almost all the beach is wild, and only a small part of it is landscaped and equipped. This is an area of the visit center where you can find wooden planking, a tent, benches, a playground, information boards, soccer, volleyball and golf fields and a cafe.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Life-Giving Trinity was consecrated in 2010 by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. The temple is made in the old Russian style. The magnificent 42-meter building can hold up to 3,000 people and is capable of withstanding a 10-point earthquake.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral © Edgar Grushkovsky

A steel capsule with the relics of the holy martyrs Antony, Eustathius and John and a mortgage were placed in the foundation of the cathedral.

The Naval Cathedral

The Sea Cathedral was built in memory of Kamchatka’s lost sailors and fishermen – it is the only such memorial church in the Far East. The lower temple is consecrated in honor of St. Prince Vladimir, the upper – in honor of Archistratigus of God Michael. Construction was conducted from 2013 to 2020. The cathedral can accommodate up to 500 parishioners at a time.

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The lighting system of the cathedral is built in such a way that it is an additional landmark for ships and vessels entering Avacha Bay. Sea Cathedral is included in the naval logs as a lighthouse temple.

Volcano Museum “Volcanarium

In the private volcano museum you can learn about the origin and importance of volcanoes for the life of the planet in an easy and entertaining way. The exposition in the first hall is devoted to volcanoes of Kamchatka, in the second hall there is a huge model of lava cave, in the third hall you can learn about the nature of the region and scientific activities related to it.

20 main sights of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Kamchatka for residents of central Russia is no less mysterious land than many foreign countries. It has a different climate and nature, which makes the territory quite colorful. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, as the main city of the region, attracts visitors with its unique location and the sights arising from it.

For example, within the city there is the rookery of long-eared seals. There are only two such places in the world: the second is in Seattle. Avacha Bay is beautiful on its own. Guests are greeted on the approach to the shore by the cliffs “Three Brothers”, covered with legends. Tourists are also interested in Nikolskaya Sopka. It is associated with the historic battles of the mid XIX century, and also looks spectacular in the urban panorama. History and ethnography lovers should visit the city’s museums and learn more about Kamchatka and its capital.

What to see and where to go in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky?

The most interesting and beautiful places to walk. Photos and a brief description.

Avacha Bay

The city stands on its northern coast. Marked on maps in 1729. Occupies 215 km² of the Pacific Ocean. It is not frozen, which makes it convenient to use as a port. The depth allows you to receive any vessel without restriction. For tourist walks or other movements, a permit must be obtained, as there are military bases nearby.

Avacha Bay.

“Home Volcanoes.”

They are also called the Avacha group of volcanoes. There are 6 in total: the main ones are Avachinsky, Kozelsky and Koryaksky, and sometimes Vilyuchinsky, Gorely and Mutnovsky are also added to them. Of the base three, only Kozelsky is considered completely extinct. The largest is Koryaksky, which reaches a height of 3,456 meters. Avachinsky is the most popular of the volcanoes. It is climbed and organized an annual holiday.

City embankment

A popular destination for tourists and locals for walks. Folk festivals are held here on holidays. Reconstruction was completed in the fall of 2018. New multicolored tiles were laid, fences were installed, descents to the beach were made, as well as the platform with the “Rose of the Winds”. Earlier, an art piece appeared on the waterfront – a monument to a spotted seal. You can see starfish in the water at low tide.

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City embankment.

Kultuchnoe Lake

Located in the central part of the city. Separated by a strip of land from Avacha Bay. A road runs along it. In the past it was called Dolgoye because of its elongated shape. The present name also came from the former times: Kultuchnoe existed in the form of kultuk bay. There are two monuments on the lake. The first is to Peter and Paul, the second is to V.S. Zavoyko, who was governor in the 19th century.

Lake Kultuchnoe.

Observation deck on the Mishennaya Sopka

Height above sea level is 382 meters. Due to this fact from the mountain you can see the city and its surroundings in their full glory. Especially picturesque are the “home volcanoes. There are comfortable trails to the site. The area is part of several permanent hiking trails. In addition, graduates come to the sopka to meet the sunrise, and lovers have the opportunity to watch the sunset in solitude.

Observation deck on the Mishennaya Sopka.

Nikolskaya Sopka

It is located close to the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. During the Crimean War, the battles took place here. In honor of a number of historical events related to Nikolskaya, several monuments have been erected, as well as cannons in the place where Maksutov’s battery stood. It is picturesque both in winter and in summer, when it is almost completely overgrown with dense greenery. It belongs to the category of natural monuments. It is popularly called “Love Sopka”.

Nikolskaya Sopka.

Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theatre

It was founded in 1914. It was the first theater in the city. In addition to theatrical performances it featured movie screenings. In 1964 the company got a new building, which is still occupied today. It has been repeatedly renovated and strengthened, also taking into account the seismic activity in the region. The last major work was done in 2010 when the acoustic system was replaced and the facade was given a fresh look.

Kamchatka Drama and Comedy Theater.

Kamchatka Regional United Museum

It was founded in 1911. It was founded as a scientific and industrial museum. Gradually the collection was enriched with exhibits that went beyond the initial concept. For this reason, the collection was transformed into a local history museum. The most interesting are considered to be ethnographic materials, as well as the nature department and things brought from the Bering expeditions. Temporary exhibitions are also held.

Kamchatka Regional United Museum.

Kamchatka Regional Art Museum

It was opened in 1992. The collection numbers about 3.5 thousand exhibits, including paintings, sculpture, folk art. There are not only works of Russian masters of different years, but also foreign ones. The collection is constantly replenished with works by local artists. Temporary personal as well as general thematic exhibitions are organized. There are contacts with various art groups for exchange.

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Kamchatka Regional Art Museum.


A private museum that has been open since 2017. A visit to the exhibition halls is an immersion in the atmosphere of Kamchatka. A special place among the exhibits is given to the everyday life and traditions of indigenous peoples. Different stages of development of the region are shown. Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to volcanoes and their features. The backdrop is the eruptions filmed in the immediate vicinity. There are models of lava flows and rock samples.


Holy Trinity Cathedral

Construction began in 2001. In the foundation of the temple laid a capsule with the relics of several holy martyrs and a mortgage. The construction was delayed, and only in 2007 the domes were installed. Lighting took place three years later. The ceremony was conducted by Patriarch Kirill himself. After the fire in 2012 had to make repairs, to replace the wooden ceilings, restore the icons and iconostasis.

Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Nikolskaya Sopka Memorial Complex

From here there is a beautiful view of the bay. In addition, the place can be called strategic. It is from here was the defense of the attack of the Anglo-French fleet in 1854. To commemorate those events, a stone chapel and a necropolis were built in the early XX century. There is a fence around it, stylized as a cannon. Sopka is beautiful at any time of the year and the effort spent on the ascent is worth the impressions.

Memorial complex of Nikolskaya hill.

Monument to Peter and Paul

It was opened in 2005. At that time it was consecrated by the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. The monument is set in honor of the apostles, whose name Bering gave to the city. The bronze monument stands on a high pedestal. It depicts Peter and Paul near a large cross. The place for installation is chosen as the embankment of Avacha Bay, where the expedition members have landed. Sculptor Isakov was responsible for the project.

Monument to Peter and Paul.

Monument to Vitus Bering

First mentioned by the polar explorer Beachy in 1827. The monument is full of symbolism. It looks like a vertical gun barrel, on top of which is a lotus flower framing a cannonball. On the facets of the plinth you can clearly see laurel wreaths. All this refers to manliness, purity of motives and aspiration to the goal. The monument has been moved several times. It took its present place on Lenin street in 1945.

Monument to Vitus Bering.

Monument to V. S. Zavoyko

It was opened in 2014 on the Day of National Unity. The ceremony coincided with the 160th anniversary of the battle against the combined squadron of the British and the French. The monument erected on the shore of Kutluchnoye Lake is dedicated to the governor-general, who held such a high position in the mid-19th century. Materials – marble and granite. The height is about 7 meters. Vasily Zavoyko is depicted full-length on a three-stepped pedestal next to a cannon.

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Monument to V. S. Zavoyko.

Monument “Here Russia Begins” (Yelizovo)

Installed in Yelizovo near the airport. It was opened in 2011. The pedestal is made of natural stone. There are three plates with the inscription “Here begins Russia. On the opposite side is the name of the city. Monument – bear with a cub. She is carrying a fish in her mouth, and the bear cub is wandering along. They made the animals in proportion and tried to reproduce the real motions.

Steller sea lion rookery

There are several of them, all of them are located within the city limits. One of the rookeries is located on the pier of the former fish processing plant. Steller sea lions rookeries are located on open areas, and you can get close to them. The breeding season of long-eared seals usually lasts from October to April here. Adults weigh up to a thousand pounds. They are listed in the Red Book. They can hunt on their own, but tourists willingly bring fish and throw them into the water.

Rookery Steller sea lions.

Khalaktyrsky Beach

stretches for several kilometers outside the city. Although outwardly similar to a typical resort beach, the weather here is not suitable for swimming. The water gets warm to a maximum of +15 ° C. This is the best place to swim. On particularly hot days you can sunbathe. Rising waves and winds are ideal for windsurfing. Completely there is no tourist infrastructure and entertainment on the shore, the color of the sand is the main thing that attracts tourists.

Khalaktyrsky beach.

The Three Brothers.

The rocks at the entrance to Avacha Bay. It is about 300 meters from them to the shore. Three pillars rise above the water and are clearly visible from afar. Are one of the “postcard” views of the city. The first mention of the “Three Brothers” is found in the XVIII century. There is an old legend connected with their appearance here. Ostensibly, the defenders-brothers saved the bay from the huge wave, and after their feat petrified.

Three Brothers.

Cape Beacon

It was named so because of the lighthouse, located here. In the early 19th century the first signal fire appeared on the cape. The eminence was clearly visible from the water, and the fire was used for navigation. A full-fledged lighthouse was built in 1850. Now the area is under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The access here is closed, but anyone can admire from a distance.

Cape Mayachny.

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Founded in the seventeenth century, the city of Ulan-Ude developed slowly. It was constantly under the influence of its neighbors.

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