The 12 best beaches in El Salvador.

Beaches of El Salvador

Porto da Barra beach (photo)

Porto da Barra is an excellent sandy beach located on the southwestern edge of El Salvador. The beach is very beautiful and extremely well located – it has a very romantic view of the bay and many people come here in the evening to admire the sunset.

Porto da Barra is considered one of the best beaches not only in Salvador, but in all of Brazil. The purest white sand, warm sea, and beautiful location attract a huge number of vacationers to the beach. To the south, Porto da Barra is bounded by the old military fort in colonial style, which the long tongue extends into the bay. Near the fort, local divers love to dive. On the beach everyone can find something to their liking: you can sunbathe on the hot sand or try your hand at beach volleyball or soccer.

Porto da Barra has a great reputation and many locals in El Salvador like to spend their holidays here. Although it can be overcrowded in high season, this does not stop many bathers and surfers.

Coordinates: -13.00283800,-38.53287300

Rio Vermelho

Rio Vermelho beach (photo)

Rio Vermelho is a popular sandy beach in the south of El Salvador, especially attracting partygoers and nightlife enthusiasts.

Rio Vermelho used to be owned by wealthy Brazilian families and was considered an elite vacation area. However, since the construction of a nearby fishing port, the water here is not particularly clean. While this area may not appeal to swimmers and quiet types, party goers will love Rio Vermelho beach. Dozens of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and discos can be found along the beach, and food, beer and cold drinks are sold in stalls on the beach. The fun boils here during the day and night.

All in all, Rio Vermelho beach is ideal for anyone who wants to have a good rest and unwind. It is a very cheerful and noisy place, extremely popular with Salvadoran youth.

Coordinates: -13.01581300,-38.48538900

Itapua Beach

Itapua beach (photo)

Itapua beach is one of the most famous beaches in El Salvador, its beautiful landscapes are often seen in postcards. Its most recognizable landscapes are the lighthouse, rocks, water, natural pools and white sand. For tourists on the beach there are stalls with snacks, fruit and cold drinks.

For water sports on the beach there is a well-developed infrastructure with rentals of surfboards, water skis, boats, catamarans, etc.

The name of the beach comes from a word in the Tupi Indian language that means “creaking stone”. Near the beach there is a small village whose inhabitants are engaged in hunting whales, so tourists can always see the local workers.

Coordinates: -12.95165700,-38.36275600

Stella Maris Beach

Stella Maris beach (photo)

Stella Maris beach is considered one of the best beaches in El Salvador. It is only three kilometers away from the center of Umag. The beach is picturesquely nestled among green pine trees separating it from the main road.

Stella Maris is a public beach that offers vacationers various activities, enthralling visitors and making their vacation even more comfortable. The beach has food outlets, as well as a wide range of water sports.

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Due to its quality and well-developed infrastructure, the beach has been awarded the international Blue Flag label more than once, which has been in existence since 1987. Therefore, every tourist who likes a comfortable holiday can safely consider this beach as a must-visit place.

Coordinates: -12.94149300,-38.33129900

Itapua Beach

Itapua beach (photo)

Itapua is one of the most popular beaches in El Salvador, located ten kilometers northeast of the city center. The beach looks very picturesque and its images can often be seen on postcards and postage stamps.

Itapua beach is a small strip of white sand that stretches along the Atlantic coast. There are many palm trees growing on the beach, and right on the shore are sea-rimmed rock debris, small natural lagoons with warm water, and cozy factories. Also adding to the romance is a small red-and-white lighthouse that turns on in the evenings and shines all night.

Although Itapua does not boast an abundance of amenities, it is still one of the favorite beaches of Salvadorans. It is a very picturesque and beautiful place, about which the local musicians have composed many romantic ballads. Also near the beach built a few luxurious mansions, which are rented to lovers of comfortable rest.

Coordinates: -12.95230500,-38.36235400

Ribeira beach

Ribeira beach (photo)

Considered as one of the most charming beaches in El Salvador, Ribeira beach is located in a deep bay where the water is so calm that it can be compared to a mirror-like surface.

The beach always gathers quite a few vacationers with children. Due to the fact that there are no waves, this place is popular with fans of sports such as canoeing, rowing and sailing. Sometimes competitions in these sports are held here.

Earlier this area was used for landing planes, some of which are now turned into seaside restaurants. The area is quite lively at night, with many bars and beach cafes serving local cuisine.

Coordinates: -12.91060300,-38.49731900

Beach Farol da Barra

Farol da Barra beach (photo)

Farol da Barra beach is a famous beach with several interesting landmarks.

Notable among them are the Fort of St. Anthony and the Portuguese lighthouse, which was erected here in 1501 to commemorate the arrival of the ship Amerigo Vespucci. There is also a bar called the Lighhouse, which attracts many tourists to the beach.

Even those who have never been to Bahia, the state capital, are able to recognize this wonderful picture that is depicted on many postcards. This beach is very popular because of its beauty, historical value and the amazing sunset that can be observed here. The beach area is also one of the busiest during Carnival in El Salvador.

The beach is very clean and conducive for swimming and having a good time.

Coordinates : -13.01030700,-38.53293700

Jaguaribi Beach

Jaguaribi beach (photo)

For many tourists, the highlight of the trip is a visit to a Brazilian beach. There are more than 80 beaches in Salvador, among which one of the best is Jaguaribi Beach.

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It is not the main beach in the city, but it is picturesque and very peaceful. Jaguaribe attracts attention exactly for its seclusion, the quietness of the coast, calm waves and soft sand. Few people know about the beach, so most often you can see here resting citizens, but there are also tourists.

On weekends, Jaguaribi is crowded, so it’s best to visit on weekdays, when you can enjoy a stroll along the shore, a bike ride and just admire the ocean in a cozy setting. Surf lovers would be better off choosing a different location, as there are hardly any waves at Jaguaribi. You should also be careful not to bring anything of value to the shore, because thefts are not uncommon here.

Coordinates: -12.95759500,-38.38968900

Piata beach

Piatá beach (photo)

Piata is a large sandy beach in southeastern El Salvador, considered the most popular and busiest in the entire city. This place is particularly popular with surfers, but casual bathers are sure to enjoy their time here as well.

The beach of Piata stretches for about a kilometer and is wide enough to accommodate everyone who wants to swim and sunbathe in comfort. The Atlantic coast curves here, forming a natural bay protected from strong winds. The water here is great, but the sand itself can hardly be called clean – although the order and follow the municipal services, but the high attendance of Pialat makes itself felt, and after the tourists left a lot of garbage.

However, the beach is extremely beautiful, especially in the morning and evening hours, when there are not many people. There is also a very picturesque palm park located next to the Piazza, which beautifies the coast and is an added incentive for the tourists to visit this beach.

Coordinates: -12.95496600,-38.38122100

The beach of Massarandupio

Massarandupio beach (photo)

Massarandupio is one of the few beaches in the Brazilian state of Bahia where nudism is officially allowed. The beach is located more than a hundred kilometers north of Salvador, but it is still quite popular among fans of nude sunbathing.

The beach Massarandupio – rather deserted and sparsely populated place, which can not be called very well maintained. The beach lacks all kinds of services and the usual amenities, but it is surprisingly quiet and beautiful. The fine white sand, the ubiquitous palm trees and clean warm sea turns Massarandupio into a natural tropical paradise. And although it’s allowed to sunbathe unclothed, the beach isn’t just a nudist attraction – the coast is clearly divided into two zones, so fans of more traditional holidays will also be happy.

In general, Massarandupio is a very secluded, wild beach, which is never crowded. And although it is not easy to get here, but the true fans of naturism and smooth tan all over the body does not stop.

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Coordinates: -11.59355500,-37.44898600

Beach Farol da Barra

Farol da Barra beach (photo)

Farol da Barra beach is a famous beach of El Salvador with some interesting landmarks in the city.

The main ones are the Fort of St. Anthony and the Portuguese lighthouse, erected in 1501 in honor of the arrival of the ship Amerigo Vespucci.

There are several bars on the beach. The most famous of them is the Lighhouse Bar, where many tourists gather. The beach is very clean, favorable for swimming and comfortable.

In addition to having historical sites, the beach is known for its natural beauty and the amazing sunset that you can watch from here. During the Brazilian Carnival, Farol da Barra beach is one of the busiest beaches in Salvador.

Coordinates: -13.01083000,-38.52426100

Beach Amaralina

Amaralina beach (photo)

Amaralina is one of the biggest and most popular beaches in the Brazilian city of Salvador. The beach is located on the southern edge of the city and is great for both swimming and surfing.

The Amaralina beach is about a kilometer long, so even during the height of the bathing season it is easy to find a free spot here. Due to its interesting geographical position the beach is very diverse and includes some areas with strong waves as well as calm backwaters. So surfers and bathers are naturally separated from each other, which is very convenient. In addition, the beach is very clean – this is carefully monitored here. The only inconvenience may be seaweed, which sometimes throws on the shore.

In general, Amaralina is one of the best beaches in El Salvador.

Coordinates: -13.01394500,-38.47350200

Beach Jardim de Ala

Jardim de Ala beach (photo)

Jardim de Ala beach is surrounded by commercial and residential areas with modern buildings and a good landscape. The beach area is extensive and picturesque with lawns, coconut palms, white sand and spectacular views of the sea. There are sun beds and umbrellas, massage services are offered, lifeguards are working. On weekdays the beach is not crowded and quiet.

Jardim de Ala used to be a place of worship for the Muslims: believers spread their beautiful carpets on the lawns of the palm grove and prayed, hence the name “Garden of Allah”. The beach is perfect for leisurely walks and relaxing in the shade of the trees, enjoying the view and swimming.

Coordinates: -12.99708300,-38.44153800

Pituba Beach

Pituba beach (photo)

Pituba beach is located quite far from the city center, 10 kilometers away. Despite its unquestionable beauty it is not suitable for swimming. Firstly, it is quite dirty, and secondly, in this area there are not only large, but also dangerous waves. For this reason, Pituba is used somewhat differently than traditional beaches.

This coastal area is very popular as a vacation spot. Along the coastline stretches a lively line of cafes and restaurants of all stripes. Sitting at a table, it’s nice to watch the dramatic life of the elements. This beach is also quite popular as a place for walking and jogging.

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Coordinates : -13.00037600,-38.44881500

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El Salvador Beaches Vacation – Best Coves, Beaches and Recreation Areas


El Salvador is known to many travelers primarily as an excellent beach resort. The beach of Farol da Barra is one of the busiest and most popular beaches in the city center. Sandy beach is located in close proximity to the Fort of Santo Antonio, which is one of the important attractions of the city, so the beach mostly deals with tourists. It is also worth noting that the beach is characterized by the constant presence of strong waves, so it will not be the best place for recreation with children.

Salvador will appeal to active and curious children who love adventure, and young intellectuals who value the opportunity to learn about another culture, and beach lovers. You can spend hours with … Discover

One of the most popular beaches among the locals is Ondina. This is the stretch of coast where the annual carnival offers the most enchanting performances and entertainment. It is also a permanent fixture of the New Year’s Eve festivities with a very animated and lively atmosphere. In the immediate vicinity of the beach you can find a huge number of entertainment and gastronomic establishments.

For tourists who prefer to rest on spacious sandy beaches, the beach of Piata is perfect. Its length is more than a kilometer, the coast is well equipped, on its territory there are several cozy cafes. Lovers of relaxing relaxation try to visit the beach in the morning and evening hours, during the day it is always very busy. It is also worth noting that the Piata beach is very popular with surfers, and there is a very beautiful park next to it. Copyright

El Salvador’s cuisine is a fusion of Portuguese, Indian, French, and African culinary traditions. Most of the local recipes are several hundred years old, although even today culinary experts … Open

Salvador has one of the best beaches in the country, Porto da Barra, a beach that attracts many visitors due to the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. The beach is not far from the ancient fort and has long been a popular diving destination and the conditions are excellent. The sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing, and active tourists will be able to relax on the sports fields.

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Rio Vermelho is a popular beach in the southern part of town and is frequented by fiery nightlife enthusiasts. During the day the coast has a very calm and measured atmosphere, but in the evening it begins to gather lovers of dance and club parties, they attract the entertainment facilities located near the coast. The beach at Itapua is perfect for those who love action, but also for those who prefer to spend their time in a calm atmosphere. The beach has excellent sports fields and for a more intimate pastime, its remote areas are ideal. There are also several market stalls along the coast where you can buy fruit and refreshments.

Locals have their own habits and mentality, and without knowing the peculiarities of the worldview of Brazilians, much in El Salvador may seem very unusual. For example, the main feature of all citizens … Open

Amaralina beach is very popular with surfers. Despite its huge appeal and popularity, the beach is rarely crowded, even in high season. At any time of the day here you can easily find a comfortable place to stay, suitable quiet beach and for holidays with children. At present, the beach of Amaralina does not have a developed infrastructure, however, every year there are more and more new types of services on its territory. Romantic natures will love the beach Flamengo – an incredibly beautiful stretch of coast, closely approached by rows of slender palm trees. On the beach is equipped with a recreation area with umbrellas from the sun and sun loungers, vacationers are always available a large selection of treats and refreshments offered by numerous vendors.

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