The 10 most beautiful beaches of Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Emilia-Romagna beaches: resorts, hotels, how to get there?

Beaches of Rimini - ItalyGeneral information on Emilia-Romagna resorts

The resorts in this Italian region (see the region on the map) are very popular in Europe. Foreign tourists are attracted by the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coast of Italy, visit San Marino and experience the history of famous cities such as Bologna, Modena, Parma, Ferrara and Ravenna. The tourism industry in the region is highly developed, the Adriatic Sea is calm and predictable, and the wide beach strips can accommodate hundreds of thousands of tourists from near and far abroad.

Reasonably priced holidays and bargain shopping are the two main features of summer tourism in Emilia-Romagna. Here is also the most famous in Italy amusement park for children Mirabilandia. The main areas of interest for beach holidays are concentrated in Rimini, Cattolica, Misano Adriatico, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena and Ravenna. Russian-speaking tourists feel comfortable and confident here, many go on a campervan trip, thanks to campsites dotted all along the coast, and the infrastructure of beach services – at the appropriate level. We will tell you about the beaches in detail. We will help you choose your destination and recommend hotels near each beach.

Beaches of Rimini

Rimini - Lungomare

Federico Fellini, a classic of Italian cinema, was born in this city. The international airport of Rimini is named after him. It is also where the glorious legions of Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River. This is where the ancient roads once converged, and now the tourist flows of Europe intersect. Rimini is the main center of the Riviera of Romagna, and from here to the Republic of San Marino is a half-hour drive. Convenient transportation, relatively low prices for Italy even in the summer season, the friendliness and openness of the locals – a definite plus. The language barrier is easily overcome – many people here speak Russian, and inscriptions and price tags in Russian are almost the norm.

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The beaches of Rimini stretch for many kilometers of monotonous strip. Some variety in this soothing landscape of the sea is brought by the hotel complexes and surrounding structures. The shallow sea and sheltered areas make swimming absolutely safe for children, the water gets warm quickly and the constant breeze is an ally of holidaymakers in the hot months.

Photo gallery of Rimini beaches

Beach 64 Bagno Dario Viserba – Rimini Beach 33 Beach 144 Bagno Rudy

Hotels in Rimini

Let’s just say it’s easy and difficult to choose a hotel in the city. There are many, especially three-star, but unfortunately not all of them can be recommended. Of the 530 hotels in the city itself, we dare you to recommend some, based on reviews from members of the largest travel network Tripadvisor:

Family Hotels:

Beach hotels:

Luxury Hotels:

Cattolica Beaches

Cattolica (see on the map) is considered a commune adjacent to Rimini. The beach strip is about 2 km long, but there are more than 100 hotels and spas in depth on this stretch of beach. Cattolica has recently begun to offer tourists some innovations that distinguish it from Rimini. Children’s animation centers, whirlpools, slides and water rides are just some on the list. Let’s add boat rides on the famous Cutter or Jet sky.

Cattolica beaches photo gallery

The beaches of Riccione

Riccione (see on the map) is called the green jewel of the Adriatic. Here are the most young people and entertainment venues. The rise of youth beach tourism in Riccione began in the mid-60s. The most popular discos are Cocorico, Prince Club, Pasha and Vella delle Rose. However, children will also find plenty to do and see in Aquafan and the dolphin rides of Oltremare. Riccione has excellent boutiques and stores (take a walk along Boulevard Ceccarini and see for yourself).

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Photo gallery of the beaches in Riccione

Beaches of Misano Adriatico

The resort of Misano Adriatico (see on the map) borders Riccione. Its beach strip is only 3 kilometers long. But the big advantage is the tourist port of Portoverde, which is still in operation. More than 300 places for yachts up to 30 meters, TV service, Wi-Fi, fire alarm system, security and garbage collection, all make it an attractive destination for owners of yachts. Tourists are also offered many walks and excursions on the sea.

Photo gallery of the beaches of Misano Adriatico

Misano Adriatico – Portoverde Portoverde – micro town Portoverde Marina Misano – promenade

Cesenatico Beaches

Cesenatico (see map) is located between Rimini and Ravenna. In addition to beach tourism, this town in the province of Forlì-Cesena is famous for excellent seafood and thermae. It is less overcrowded in summer and this is an obvious plus. The soft golden colored sand covers the city’s beaches and the gentle shore is comfortable and safe for the little ones. We recommend the beaches of Bagno Adriatico, Bagno Valli, Bagno Milano and Bagno Venezia.

Bagno Adriatico 62 Bagno Valley Bagno Milano Bagno Venezia

Beaches of Comacchio (Ferrara)

Comacchio (see on map) is often called little Venice . This interesting historic town is located in the Po delta, and the town itself is punctuated by a network of canals, on which guided tours are offered. Among the beaches of Comacchio, Lido di Volano, Lido di Pomposa, Portogaribaldi, Lido delle Nazioni and Lido degli Estensi stand out.

Lido di Volano Lido di Pomposa Portogaribaldi Lido delle Nazioni

Beaches of Ravenna

Ravenna (see on the map) is 10 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, but is connected to it by a large canal. The former capital of the Western Roman Empire today attracts tourists with clean, well-kept beaches and unobtrusive service. The pine forest near the sea is a big advantage for the local beaches. Pinetto di Cervia (Pinarella and Tagliata beaches) is the best example of this. A little further north is the pearl of the Adriatic, Milano Marittima, the most popular resort town in the province. Yacht owners can count on the cozy marina of Porto Corsini and the beaches of Lido di Savio, Punta Marina Terme and Marina di Ravenna are especially good for families.

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Pinetto di Cervia Lido di Savio Punta Marina Terme Marina di Ravenna

How to get to Rimini

Nearest airports

Aeroporto “Raffaello Sanzio” – Ancona Falconara (93 km from Rimini)

By train: Train Ancona – Bologna line

From Rome: by train from Rome to Ancona with a connection to Falconara Marittima (the cheapest option).

Vacations on the beaches of Emilia-Romagna – the best coves, beaches and recreation areas

Piazza duomo by night

The Emilia-Romagna region is literally made for fans of beach holidays. A large part of the popular beaches are impressive in scale and there are many quiet stretches of coastline suitable for family holidays. For a family vacation, Rimini is the perfect place to visit, with its wide white sandy beaches. Near the coast there is a decent selection of hotels and hotels and other entertainment venues. All beaches of Rimini are calm and shallow, in the spring they warm up beautifully and remain comfortable for swimming until mid-autumn. The vast beaches of Rimini are well equipped and in addition to the classic beach facilities there are plenty of interesting attractions and playgrounds for children.

It should be noted that yet the biggest attraction of the region are its resorts. Wonderfully beautiful beaches, clean water, nice warm sun – all this and more…

In the immediate surroundings of Rimini there is the town of Cattolica which is favored by lovers of quieter, more intimate surroundings. The total length of the sandy beaches is about 2,000 meters, despite their relatively modest size, they have been in demand by active tourists for many years. For travelers Cattolica is ready to offer both picturesque secluded beaches and very lively sections of the coast with attractions and entertainment. It’s also worth noting that near the coast there are several excellent spas and health centers.

For over 50 years, the resort of Riccione has remained at the peak of popularity among young travelers. It is oriented to those who prefer to have fun not only during the day but also at night. The beaches are perfect for a lively fun and sporting life, and deserve the highest praise. As well as top-class sports facilities, the coastline offers an incredible array of colourful bars, nightclubs and discotheques. The fun literally goes on around the clock, with couples having romantic walks at dawn and the most active tourists partying at one of the nearby dancefloors all night long. Copyright

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The nearby resort of Misano Adriatico is very popular with yachting enthusiasts. This is where the famous tourist port of Portoverde is located and where guests have the perfect opportunity to rent a yacht and go on an unforgettable boat trip. Those who like to spend time in the quieter parts of the coast will also like it here. The total length of the local beaches is about 3 000 meters, they are incredibly beautiful and equipped for comfortable pastime. The tiny resort of Cesenatico is famous not only for its beautiful golden sandy beaches, but also for its ancient thermae. The guests of this quiet resort will have a great opportunity to combine relaxation on the beach with undergoing recreational procedures.

Basilica di San VitaleIn the immediate surroundings of Ferrara is the spa town of Comacchio, whose coastline is considered one of the most difficult and, at the same time, one of the most beautiful. The city is located in the delta of the river Po, with many narrow channels running through it. The beaches are quite compact, quiet and well equipped with modern beach equipment. Some of the cleanest beaches in the region are in Ravenna, the coast is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful pine forest. This cozy town would also be a great place to vacation with children, and there are plenty of beautiful places to walk in close proximity to the popular beaches.

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Rentals in Emilia-Romagna

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