The 10 most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

The 19 best beaches in the Caribbean (with images)

The best Caribbean beaches , many of the best in the world , they represent the perfect representation of earthly paradise for many people. A once-in-a-lifetime paradise that can be enjoyed as a couple or with friends or children because of its Latin warmth.

From Mexico to Venezuela, passing through the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica, every kilometer of white sand and crystal clear water is worth exploring, taking advantage of the many vacation opportunities it offers: diving, coastal walks, snorkeling, surfing, quad biking, etc. Д..

Although the rankings are catalogued every year which are the best beaches and places in the Caribbean, in our case we will categorize them according to the three zones that make up the Caribbean coast (Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles and Continental shores), given that it is impossible to determine which are the best of all.

Ranking of the best Caribbean beaches

Greater Antilles

1- Varadero Beach

Location: Varadero, Cuba

Located at the northernmost point of Cuba, Varadero Beach is the island’s main tourist destination after Havana.

Also known as the “blue beach of Cuba,” its fine sand or sunsets are the best introduction to a place well prepared for tourism. In addition to the international airport, Varadero has several hotel chains (especially foreign) that offer the best accommodation and entertainment.

2- Flamenco Beach.

Location: Culebra, Puerto Rico

Playa Flamenco is located in a sheltered cove. It borders a wild and fishing refuge that is highly regarded by American tourists.

Considered the best beach in Puerto Rico, for many its category goes further and is among the best in the world. Some of the reasons for this are the activities offered by both the beach and the natural area: ATV rides, a boat cruise on the river or rafting or diving…

3- Paradise Beach

Location: Cayo Largo, Cuba

The main beach of Cayo Largo, a small Cuban island with a paradisiacal ecosystem. Distinguished by a temperate tropical climate throughout the year.

A landmark for naturist tourists, where you can often see people practicing nudism or topless. International airport and up to seven hotel chains.

4-7 mile beach

Location: Negril, Jamaica

The turquoise sea, clear and warm, is a must-visit if you’re going to set foot in Jamaica. Rare is the travel magazine that doesn’t include this among the most exciting of the Caribbean.

There are 5 hotel complexes, and among the activities you can find boat rides on the crystal clear sea or visit its beautiful cliffs while watching the sunset…

5- Bavaro Beach.

Location: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Located in the municipality of Iguay, its original activity was to serve as a hostel for resort workers of nearby tourist beaches.

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However, the beauty of the place soon became the most famous beach in the Dominican country because of its crystal clear water, white sand and the charm of its palm trees.

For true lovers of tranquility, there are areas controlled by hotel complexes, where the entrance of street vendors is prohibited.

6- Playa Bonita

Location: Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Another Dominican paradise. Sit by the sea water, admire the sunset and disconnect from the world in this little oasis of relaxation.

Perfect for couples looking for tranquility or for surfers, as its waves allow this type of activity. Don’t forget to visit the river at the end of the beach and admire its beautiful mangroves.

7- Grace Bay Beach.

Location: Turks and Caicos Islands, UK

Calm and turquoise sea, tropical vegetation and white sand. Despite its beauty, it is still not overcrowded with tourists, and you can find tranquility here, relaxing to the sound of the sea and the quiet breeze.

In addition, the island to which the beach belongs is surrounded by the Conch Farm, the only one in the world. To get there, you can transfer by plane from terminals in the U.S., Britain and Canada…

8- Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Location: Southampton, Bermuda

Bermuda’s most famous beach, located in Horseshoe Bay. Of fine white sand and water with blue and turquoise tones, to get to it, the government puts many vehicles.

The biggest obstacle may be its excessive weight, especially of American tourists. As a top tip, feel free to visit the rock formations that give rise to natural pools.

9- Seven Mile Beach.

Location: Grand Cayman.

“Seven Mile Beach, formed by a long row of coral and beach sands, is an unparalleled beauty.

Grand Cayman’s beaches are public domain, so unlike most beaches in this ranking, we can walk along the coast without stopping at any resort.

In any case, many luxury hotels are close to this wonder and offer great services and activities for visitors.

10 Cable Beach.

Location: Nassau, New Providence Island

The most popular beach in New Providence because of the luxury hotel complexes found in this part of the island.

The deep and crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming and no worries about the safety of those accompanied by children.

If you are adventurous, the ideal option would be to rent a boat and go deeper into the deep waters to go fishing, the most popular activity on the island…

11- Muddy Beach.

Location: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

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Don’t be fooled by its name. Also known as “La playuela,” it’s a beautiful spot located next to the Cabo Rojo Reserve.

Let yourself be enchanted by its vegetation and the lighthouse that watches over the growing coastline among tourists.

Lesser Antilles

12- Eagle Beach.

Like most Caribbean beaches, the coast of this autonomous country of the Netherlands is dominated by turquoise sea and white sand.

It stands out for its great variety in offering water sports (especially motorized) and preparing for picnics while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Recommended especially for people who want to relax or want to have a family vacation.

13- Baths.

Location: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Its breeze, its perfect temperature, the tone of the sea or its bright sand make this a fantastic place.

Of rock formations of volcanic origin, we recommend walking on granite rocks and white sand. If you are more adventurous, water sports such as snorkeling or diving would be your best bet.

14- Maho Beach.

Location: Cruz Bay, St. John

Located next to the Virgin Islands National Park, a thickness of vegetation further enhances this white sand beach with crystal clear water.

In addition to the natural plant life, Maho offers unparalleled aquatic biodiversity, where you’ll often see tourists snorkeling to see sea turtles or colorful fish.

Today, it’s still a bit of a tourist destination, so if you’re looking for relaxation, decant into this earthy paradise.

15- Shoal Bay.

Location: Shoal Bay Village, Anguilla

Probably the best beach in Anguilla, despite competing with others nearby. Located in the blue sea bay and prepared for the comfort of the tourist who seeks tranquility and solitude.

It can be reached by ferry from St. Martin, which has an international airport.

If you are fond of water sports, this calm sea beach is ideal for snorkeling or diving.

16- Trunk of Cove.

Location: United States Virgin Islands National Park

Although you have to pay to access the beach, it’s worth spending a few days at some of the most wonderful beaches in the Caribbean.

For many, it’s the perfect beach because of the white sand, crystal clear water, and lush vegetation that make it a magical place.

It’s hard to choose between Trunk Basy Maho Beach and the adjacent beach…

Continental Costas.

17- Islas Mujeres.

Location: Cancun, Mexico

A small island where activities such as snorkeling, diving or snorkeling are a must because of its clear and warm water and especially because of the fauna it feeds (dolphins, sea turtles or beautiful reefs).

Highlight the Club El Garrafón, a natural park with cliffs that will enchant all your senses because of the beautiful views of the sea and the beach.

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18- Kenepa Beach

Location: Willemstad, Curacao

Despite the fact that overcrowding has not yet reached this paradise. A beautiful beach with blue waters and white sand where cleanliness reigns.

A relaxed site where the most fun activity might be kayaking or diving among the colorful fish.

If you want a picture in a postcard, Kenepa is the right place.

19- Paradise Beach.

Location: Tulum, Mexico.

Its name honors it. Although we find various recreational activities such as restaurants, pubs, nightclubs or convenience stores in the surrounding area, the beach is probably the most wonderful of the Riviera Maya.

Between hammocks, palm trees, cliffs and beautiful flora, don’t forget to visit the Tulum ruins and cenotes, essential!

The best beaches in the Caribbean: Top 10 places to stay

There is no place for boredom in the Caribbean. You can do anything here, from hiking to sailing along the coast with rum punch in hand. However, let’s face it. Most people visit the islands for one purpose: to get to the beach. After all, it’s so peaceful to sink your fingers into the soft white sand and admire the shimmering turquoise waters… It’s guaranteed to lower your blood pressure, calm your nervous system and improve your health in general. But which parts of the Caribbean sands will give you the best beaches on your next trip?

We have analyzed many coasts and selected for you the best beaches in the Caribbean – Top 10. Some of them are perfect for taking photos, for example on Instagram. Others have special features that make them unforgettable. For example, would you like to swim with friendly piggies? So, pack your flip-flops and head to one of these beaches. They’ll ensure you have the perfect Caribbean vacation!

10. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos.

Imagine a classic Caribbean beach, and that’s exactly what Grace Bay would look like. It’s a wide, pristine stretch of powdery white sand, fringed by curving palm trees on one side and clear azure waters on the other. Because Grace Bay is protected by a coastal barrier reef, it rarely sees big waves. This makes it ideal for swimming, family vacations, paddleboarding, and other water sports.

Where to stay: The Ocean Club Resort hotel, located right on Grace Bay Beach. It offers spacious, individually decorated suites equipped with a fully stocked kitchen and laundry facilities.

9. The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The Baths is a one-of-a-kind beach located on Virgin Gorda Island. Massive volcanic rocks cover its bottom, creating naturally oceanic pools and caves. This makes it an unreal place to swim and snorkel. All the caves are connected by ropes and ladders. Next to Baths is another stunning beach called Devil’s Bay.

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Where to stay: The Gordian Terrace is a cozy hotel 20 minutes from Buttes National Park. It offers 10 one- and two-bedroom apartments with balconies, refrigerators and microwaves.

8. Maracas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Maracas Bay is Trinidad’s most popular beach for many reasons. There’s the picturesque rainforest that surrounds it from the shore and the lush hills that frame its soft sand. And then there are the vendors offering a delicious local specialty: shark bake. It consists of fried shark meat served on tortillas with toppings and sauces of your choice. These can range from the standard lettuce and tomato, to the exotic citrus tamarind or hot pepper sauce.

Where to stay: Thanna’s Place has colorful rooms and a very friendly staff. Located in Port of Spain, it’s less than 16 km from Maracas Bay.

7. Eagle Beach, Aruba

There is no shortage of fantastic beaches in sunny Aruba, but Eagle Beach is the best. It’s a stunningly beautiful and not too crowded beach that’s home to several photogenic divi divi trees. You can also watch sea turtles that nest in the area here.

Where to stay: the MVC Eagle Beach Hotel is an inexpensive option that is a few dozen meters from the sea and sand. Free services here include Wi-Fi, sun loungers and towels. The on-site Tulip Restaurant offers inexpensive meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Sugar Beach, St. Lucia.

The second name of this beach is Jalousie Beach. It is located between two volcanic cones, making it one of the best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. Many beachgoers stay at the eponymous luxury resort overlooking the sand (see below), but day visitors are also welcome.

Where to stay: Sugar Beach, part of the luxurious Viceroy chain, is the only hotel on this sandy stretch. Each room has its own private pool, and you can also count on butler service.

5. Big Major Cay (Pig Beach), Bahamas

This little island in the Exumas isn’t exactly uninhabited, but you won’t find people living there. Instead, it’s home to friendly pigs. They will happily paddle beside you as you swim or splash in the water near the shore. Have fun with the animals, but also be sensible. In 2017, seven pigs died after hikers fed them the wrong food. Be careful not to feed the animals any human food or drink.

Where to Stay: There are no hotels on Big Major Cay, but you can make a day trip there from Nassau. One of the best options in the area is Compass Point Beach Resort, which offers colorful cottages with sea views.

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4. Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Shoal Bay is listed as one of the “Best Beaches in the Caribbean.” It’s a stunning stretch of soft sand on the north coast of Anguilla. Here you can swim or snorkel in the clear, calm waters right by the shore. There are numerous restaurants near the bay where you can eat.

Where to stay: Many of the spacious suites at Shoal Bay Villas overlook the turquoise waters of Shoal Bay. Sun loungers and umbrellas, snorkeling gear, and barbecue grills are complimentary for guests.

3. Playa Porto Marie, Curaçao

Popular with tourists and locals, this tranquil Caribbean beach is an ideal vacation destination. It offers beach chairs, a dive store, a bar and a restaurant that serves food and drinks all day long. You might even spot a couple of wild pigs roaming the sand. If you want to take a walk, there are two nature trails located behind the parking lot on the beach.

Where to stay: the Jan Kok Lodges complex, located in the center of town, provides cozy studio rooms and apartments. It’s a short drive from Playa Porto Mari and many of the island’s other attractions. Bonus: each room has its own terrace.

2. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

If you like wild and rugged beaches, head to the Atlantic Coast of Barbados, where waves roll in and crash into the big boulders at Bathsheba Beach. Strong currents and waves make it an unimportant place to swim. However, it is very popular with surfers and photographers because it allows you to take stunning pictures.

Where to stay: The Round House Inn, located in a 19th century building overlooking the ocean. It offers four individually decorated rooms and a restaurant serving local Caribbean cuisine.

1. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

This dreamy stretch of pure white sand is the center of Grand Cayman action. It’s home to dive stores, beach bars, seafood restaurants and some of the Caribbean’s most luxurious resorts. You can snorkel right by the beach or try your hand at kayaking in the calm coastal waters.

Where to Stay: You can save hundreds of dollars a night by staying at the Sunshine Suites Resort, across the street from Seven Mile Beach. It offers beach access through a nearby Westin partner hotel. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 best beaches in the Caribbean. And how would you add to this list? Write us in the comments!

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