Temperament and beauty of the south of Italy

Temperament and beauty of the south of Italy

Unimaginable beauty of seascapes Amalfi Coast, cozy colorful town, the most emotional Italians, delicious pizza “Margarita”, so different and interesting island of Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, Ischia – all this is southern Italy. Let’s try to immerse you in this unforgettable atmosphere. If you want to combine beach vacation with excursions choose Sorrento. The same views from the paintings, you will find in Amalfi and Positano. For the creative types you can choose Ravello. Salerno is a romantic port. Quietness and tranquility you can feel in Maiori or Minori. To recover and take care of your health, go to the island of Ischia. Capri is chosen by people with a very fine taste and a love for aesthetics. And for long and interesting walks go to Naples.

2. Naples

Many people have heard of Naples as a dirty and in many ways criminal city. But explore it and you’ll find some stunning baroque architecture, gorgeous palaces, and interesting museums. Everything about the city evokes strong and in many ways contradictory emotions, there are loud markets and luxurious boutiques, the contrast is seen in absolutely everything. Perhaps this is due to the legend telling of its origin. Homer narrated that it was here that the waves carried the body of the siren Partenope, who threw herself into the sea after Odysseus, who was supposed to be seduced by her singing, swam by.

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2. Naples

Contributing to the hot temperament of the locals is the volcano Vesuvius, located here. It towers majestically over the city and descends to the coast from Castel Sant’Elmo. For a stroll in the evening, the people of Naples choose Via Partenope, which stretches along the bay and on which the fashionable hotels have lined up. Piazza Trieste e Trento is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The heart of Naples is the historic center of the city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite the fact that the city is on the coast, the water is not clean enough for bathing, there is one landscaped beach in the area of Positilippo. Naples is primarily a port city, the inhabitants of the city prefer to leave for bathing in the nearby islands.

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The city of Naples is the birthplace of the traditional Italian dish, the pizza, be sure to try the classic “margarita”, made in the colors of the Italian flag (tomatoes, mozzarella, basil). Do not miss it in pizzeria Da Michele.

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2. Naples

Start your visit from the Bay, or more precisely from Castel dell’Ovo, which was a state prison for many years. Then you must visit the New Castle, that was the residence of the kings of Naples until the XVIII century. Later, the monarchs moved to the Royal Palace, which is opposite. Nearby is the theater – San Carlo, recognized as the largest in the world. And next door is the Café Gambrinus, where the royal family drank coffee.

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2. Naples

The most beautiful square in the city is Piazza Plebiscita .

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2. Naples

Via Toledo always simmering extends further into the heart of the city, accompanied by narrow streets, resembling a maze. On the left side is the Spanish Quarter, but we recommend turning right from here to the beautiful Piazza Gesu Nuovo.

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2. Naples

There are a total of 450 splendid churches in the city, but the central cathedral is undoubtedly the Cathedral, where in the Baroque chapel there are the relics of St. Januarius, the patron of the city, and where vials of his blood are preserved. Legend has it that nothing bad will happen to the city if the blood of Januarius becomes liquid twice a year.

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2. Naples

3. Bari

The city is located in the region of Puglia and is its capital, if you look at a map of the country, it is the base of the “boot.”

It is in Bari are kept relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker, visited by pilgrims from all countries. The relics were brought here back in the XI century. The church, which is named after him, hosts services of both denominations. The lower aisle is the place where the relics are kept. The basilica itself is located in the old Bari, in its pedestrian zone.

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In summer Bari becomes more of a resort town in which it is possible to combine a rich program of excursions with a relaxing holiday on the beach.

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3. Bari

The city is divided into an old and a new part. In the old town you will see buildings that date back to pre-Roman times. The old town is actually an open-air museum with 29 churches, basilicas, and palazzos. In the old town you must be very careful with your belongings, the streets are very narrow and pickpockets take advantage of this.

Do not miss St. Nicholas Basilica and the Castello Svevo and the Cathedral.

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3. Bari

The new Bari begins in 1819 when a part of the fortress wall was torn down. There was no more room for winding streets in the new city, because it was carefully planned, all the streets in it are absolutely straight. There are numerous beautiful gardens and laid out very beautiful squares. Cultural facilities are represented by two theaters and an art gallery. Also worthy of attention is the Historical Museum.

The cuisine here consists of seafood, vegetables and cheeses. The cuisine is simple; the olive oil is used a lot and everything is delicious. Among the pastas, you must try “orecchiette” with turnips, garlic and traditional oil and “quatelli” with mussels, tomatoes and zucchini. Another dish with mussels is “tiella”, which also includes potatoes with rice and spices.

Of the cheeses, you must try burata, ricotta and cacciocolla .

Temperament and beauty of Southern Italy - Photo 10

3. Bari

4. The Neapolitan Riviera.

The coast has a rocky shoreline, you have to take an elevator or stairs to get to the sea, but the sea is very clean, the atmosphere is relaxed and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. There are many resort towns worth visiting, we will not list them all in this article.

Consider the very peaceful and colorful resort of Amalfi with its picturesque nature and an abundance of attractions, including the Cathedral, many churches and monasteries.

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4. The Neapolitan Riviera.

Developed tourist infrastructure accompanied by history, memorable promenades and absolutely clean sea, pleasant cafes and restaurants, you will find in the small and charming towns of Maiori and Minori.

Begin your exploration of the region in one of these towns, enjoy the scenery and you will return to this coast again and again, discovering more and more places.

The temperament of Italians: the way the sunniest people see the world

Italians have an easy-going, relaxed attitude to life and an exuberant temperament. They are natural actors, they love to present themselves and shine in front of the public.

And it does not matter what they do: they buy food, work as policemen or cashiers, waiters – the roles are so mastered that they do not differ from reality. From an early age Italians “play” and this game is fascinating. Read about Italian life in our article.

Temperament of Italians

How is the worldview of the average Italian?

Easy attitude to what is happening around, the desire to show the whole world that it is fun to live – these are the values broadcast by these people. Whatever you do and whatever you do, do not take anything seriously. That’s the basic idea. In Italy you rarely see people whining. They tend to be positive and upbeat. So for those who come to see this country, this approach immediately catches their eye. Perhaps the scorching sun, an innate desire to socialize and have fun have left their mark on the lifestyle of Italians. Optimism with such beliefs, you can never lose.

Temperament of the Italians: Features of perception of the world residents of the sunny country

Italians honor traditions that have been developed from generation to generation over the years. A marked expression is passed from mother to child and carries through the years. Expressive facial expressions, gestures, intonations, explosive nature and excessive emotionality are characteristic features of the behavior of locals. When people meet on the streets of Italy, not just say “hello”, and squeeze each other in a tight hug. Italians love attention, and also to show their attitude to life and uniqueness. These traits are inherent in the central regions of Italy. In the North people are harsher, and in Sicily their emotions are more restrained.

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People of old age are respected in this country. People come to them for advice, they sit at the head of the table, they are the first to talk and they control the initiatives of young people. Another peculiarity is a belief in horoscopes, spoilages and curses, reference to dream books, esoteric practices, and lunar calendars. No expense is spared for this.

As for the sphere of communication, Italians are very sociable. They are ready to be the first to strike up a conversation with unfamiliar people, start conversations on different topics: sports, fashion, beauty. While communicating they gesticulate, comment emotionally on what is going on. In companies, they communicate with representatives of their gender – girls with girls and boys with boys. When talking look into the eyes, and if someone averts their gaze, they doubt their honesty. It is bad form to look away, it destroys the relationship of trust with the person you are talking to.

Italians are friendly. Men spend a lot of free time with their friends, listen to their opinions and never give each other any credit. Women willingly communicate with friends, but not as reverently as men.

Temperament of the Italians: Features of perception of the world residents of the sunny country

Italians devote an enormous amount of time to appearance. They like to dress up to be noticed. They do not like not beautiful clothes. Impeccable appearance comes first. It is important for them to show confidence, determination, even if it is not inside. The pursuit of pleasure is not the last place. Nothing is as important as good food, celebrations, socializing. The cult of food is known the world over. Plenty of food, good wine, a great mood at a family dinner or supper – that’s what is needed for happiness. At the table they communicate loudly and passionately, releasing their emotions.

Temperament of the Italians: Features of perception of the world residents of the sunny country

Thus, the fickle nature of Italians, the easygoing attitude to life, draws attention to the Italian culture, awakens a desire to immerse oneself in it without a trace.

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What do you think of the temperament of Italians? Share in the comments.

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