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Sydney is Australia’s largest city and the capital of the state of New South Wales. Sydney is an unusual metropolis where the highest skyscrapers look harmoniously with the small houses of Mediterranean style, the cleanest beaches and parks. This city is to everyone’s liking: young people can experience the city’s vibrant nightlife, older people are happy to visit theaters and operas, lovers of peace easily find a secluded place, and active tourists will be delighted with extreme walks. It’s a vibrant city, and being here means being in the center of all that is modern. Many people think that Sydney is a very expensive city, but contrary to this opinion, our tiphack tells you how you can relax and what to see without spending a cent.

Sydney Opera House

The main attraction in the city is the Sydney Opera House, externally everyone knows it, even those who have never been to Sydney. The Sydney Opera House is not only the calling card of the city, but of all of Australia. Of course, it costs to buy a ticket to get into the opera, but many are willing to spend. Inside the opera looks much more restrained and modest than outside, so tourists and visitors often enjoy its romantic view from the outside and take pictures against its backdrop.

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge

Next most famous is the Harbour Bridge, Sydney’s imposing steel bridge and one of the largest arched bridges in the world. The bridge is 1,149 meters long, 49 meters wide, and weighs 52,800 tons. When you dig into these figures, it may seem funny and unfair that the locals, as a joke, nicknamed this bridge “the hanger.” The Harbor Bridge connects the downtown and business district of the city. Traffic is open here for cars and trains, but very often you can also find strolling residents. On New Year’s Day, the bridge is the main pyrotechnic element, it is decorated with fireworks, and from lunchtime people start to gather to not miss this fantastic show. A total of about 70 thousand people can gather on the bridge.

Harbour Bridge

Also in January in Sydney are open air street parades, carnivals, military marches. Everyone can participate in this cultural program and learn about Australian traditions. These events are always fun, lively and unforgettable.

A Victorian wonder - the Palace of Westminster

Sydney Tower

In the heart of Sydney stands Sydney Tower, the second tallest tower in Australia at 305 metres. Gradually climbing the tower, tourists will find souvenir shops, an observation deck and a restaurant. To get inside the tower, you must sign up for a special tour, but the view from the outside is available to all.

Sydney Tower

The most beloved recreation place not only for tourists but also for Sydneysiders is the free open-air movie screenings Movies by the Boulevard in Sydney Olympic Park. People who want to see a movie come here like at a picnic armed with pillows, plaids, sandwich baskets and, of course, popcorn. Such luxury is available the whole of January, because in Austria it is the middle of summer. Well, if you didn’t get here in January, don’t despair, because there’s the Selinas Bar in Sydney, where free movie screenings are also available on Thursdays.

Sydney Tower

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is Sydney’s largest park and covers an area of 16 hectares. In this park there are about 580 trees, among which you can find palms, figs and fig trees. The park is divided into alleys, which are loved by local residents and visitors to the city, here you can also have a meal on the grass and get aesthetic pleasure of the numerous monuments located in the park.

Hyde Park

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

The Royal Botanic Gardens are free to visitors all year round. It is located in the heart of Sydney opposite the Opera House. It was the first zoo in Sydney and has about 4,770 trees, 1.2 million plants in herbarium collections and of course lots of animals and birds such as yellow-tailed cockatoos, fox-eared possums and white Australian ibises. The entire park area is free for walking and viewing.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Entrance to Government House is absolutely free, oddly enough. The interior and atmosphere of bygone years is maintained here, with massive paintings and antique furniture. From 10:00 to 15:00 you can visit the Government House and enjoy the magnificent collection of paintings, and the rest of the time it is the residence of the Governor.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

For a reminiscence of the medieval gothic world, just look at St. Mary’s Cathedral, which is located in the central part of downtown Sydney. The construction of the cathedral began back in 1821 and the last spires were erected in our time in 2000. The main attraction of the cathedral are its stained glass windows. Every Saturday and Sunday you can attend a solemn mass (in the morning at 10:30 am and in the evening at 18:00).

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Government House

Interesting districts

The oldest area of Sydney is the Rocks District, visiting here, everyone will easily be transported back to the time when Sydney was just growing as a city. Now it is a very expensive area, real estate here is available only to very wealthy people.

The most famous area of Sydney is the district of Darling Harbor. Despite the fact that here are literally on top of each other offices and various offices, it is here that residents tend to the weekend to relax. This is generally due to the beautiful views and the opportunity to watch ships mooring or departing in the bay.

Darling Harbor

SS Ayrfield

Off the coast of Sydney’s Olympic Village you can see the SS Ayrfield, a real ship that served faithfully since 1911, but was sent to eternal rest in 1972. Over the years, the ship has become covered in rust, moss, and trees. That’s why, residents often refer to it as the “Floating Forest”.

SS Ayrfield

Another unusual monument is Mrs. Macquarie’s chair, which is a historic landmark in the city. This bench is made of rock, at the behest of Elizabeth Macquarie, who was the wife of Major General Lachlan Macquarie, governor of NSW. Today it is a popular place for recreation, picnics and a place of communion with nature.

Sydney’s Beaches.

Sydney’s cleanest beaches are very popular, these are: Palm Beach, Maroubra Beach, Manly Beach. But the most popular is the Beach Bondi, the length of it reaches one kilometer. On the beach you can not only relax and enjoy the sea air, but also to admire the many ferries.

 Palm Beach

For hikers and people who love to explore, Sydney offers free daily Peek Tours and I’m Free Tours. They are led by Sydney residents who love their city and know all the sights. I’m Free Tours conducts 2 walks in a day: a 3-hour tour of the main sights of the city and a leisurely evening stroll through the old English settlement of Rocks. And Peek Tours does a 3-hour walk throughout the city. Don’t think that these tours are just a boring narration of the city’s history, they are not. The guides also lead tours to unusual places of entertainment and recreation.

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For young people, Sydney presents a couple of great bars, nightclubs, and concert halls where you can enjoy live music and get in absolutely free. So, for example, in The World Bar you can enjoy jazz every Monday night, on other days of the week there are young but very talented music bands and DJs. There’s also the Rock Lily Bar, which always has free live music on weekdays. And if you like to dance, you’ll love the GoodGod Club. Admission is free at night.

Rock Lily Bar

Sydney is modern, yet steeped in history. But do not forget that to enter you need to get a visa Australia. How to do it yourself, read our tiphack.

Sydney’s activities, entertainment and nightlife. Where to go for a cultural break

Sydney Art of New South Wales Museum

Sydney is a popular resort with lively beaches and parks, plenty of entertainment venues and stores – a real paradise for fans of entertainment. The city attracts huge numbers of beach lovers, with Callory, Bronte, Googee and Palm Beach being the most popular choices. There are excellent conditions for water sports. You can enroll in one of the scuba diving schools.

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The city is home to Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach, which is over a kilometer long. Incredibly beautiful, it has long been recognized by surfers and is also suitable for sunbathing. No less popular is the beach Manly Beach, to this part of the coast can bring vacationers pleasure boat. The beach will be a great place for families, at any time you can leave the hot coast and go for a walk along the picturesque waterfront.

Along the beach there are many interesting restaurants and bars, as well as colorful souvenir shops. For those who come on holiday with children, you should visit the local Aquarium. Its collection has about 6000 colorful fish and other inhabitants of the sea depths, the aquarium has an original design. You can take a walk through the winding labyrinth of acrylic tubes and enjoy a fascinating underwater tour for the whole family. Copyright

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Travellers who want to appreciate the variety of terrestrial fauna can be recommended to visit Taronga Zoo, located in the northern part of the city. An excellent zoo is located on the territory of the Nature Reserve Symbio, these places are very popular among fans of ecological tourism. It is worth noting that an ordinary walk through the picturesque parks of Sydney can also turn into an unforgettable adventure.

Sydney Opera House

The city’s parks are home to many animals, including possums and bats, and in some parks you can see colorful parrots and ibis. Those who love the outdoors will love the Royal Botanical Gardens, which opened back in 1816. Currently, its area is about 30 hectares, its collection includes 7.5 thousand plants.

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Most of the local youth head to the many discos and nightclubs after dark. The most vibrant and popular nightclub is Black Market Night Club. Rest in a luxurious institution is the privilege of the elite, and the face control in this institution is rather strict. Jazz lovers will also love the local establishments, especially the Real Al Cafe, Paragon Hotel, and Harbourside Brasserie. For tourists who cannot imagine their vacations without visiting night clubs, you can recommend an original night institution, The Basement. This club-bar is especially popular among fans of jazz. Among the noisiest discos are Cargo, Taxi Club and Orbit Lounge. As for shopping malls, the undisputed leader is the Queen Victoria Building (QVB); you can stroll around its extensive grounds and admire the exquisitely decorated shop windows all day long.

Sydney from Opera House

For mountain climbers there is also something fun to do. They can hike up Sydney’s main bridge. There are lots of interesting cultural and sporting events all year round in Sydney – art festivals, yacht races, gastronomic events and other festivals that are always a lot of fun for residents and tourists alike.

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From the local airport you can easily get to the city center, the most expensive (about 30 USD) will be a cab ride. Twice as cheap is a ticket on the high-speed train, which arrives … Open

One of these pleasures is, of course, surfing, which can be called synonymous with Australia. It’s like skiing in Norway or ice hockey in Canada – the little people of the kangaroo country can put up a good fight with the rest of the tourists. With everyone going surfing, it’s not surprising to see so many offers to “catch a wave” on the beaches. And you can windsurf, kitesurf or just surf all year round. The most popular beaches are Bondi and Manly.

Sydney skyline

In addition to surfing, Sydney offers diving. The clear, transparent waters are just right for exploring the rich flora and fauna of the Pacific. One of the most popular places for it is Botany Bay. The most intrepid divers wander into the “ship graveyard” near Belambi Reef. Divers are thrilled to see the wreck of the Adelaide. But the most daring are waiting for the Shark Cave (Manly Beach) – but only experienced divers can try this opportunity. Absolutely everyone can try shark diving at OceanWorld Oceanarium (same Manly area).

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Cruises are no less popular. In Sydney they are represented by Sensational Sydney Cruises Pty Ltd, Sydney Harbour Tall Ships and Captain Cook Cruises. Those interested in Aboriginal life will enjoy the Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Cultural Cruise. Those who appreciate luxury and style will enjoy Ucruise Sydney and Vagabond Cruises. Oz Whale Watching and Ocean Extreme offer dolphin and whale watching, and Eagle Rock Adventures is a great option for those who want to canoe and kayak. Most cruises and boat tours depart from Manly.

Sydney Harbour Bridge by Rodney Haywood It is simply impossible to arrive in Australia and not go surfing. Neither is it possible not to see the southern continent’s most famous animal. In Sydney, you can do so at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Blacktown. In addition to seeing kangaroos, visitors

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