Sunbathing in Fiji.

Fiji’s top 10 all-inclusive resorts

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 332 islands in the South Pacific. It is about 2/3 of the distance from Hawaii to New Zealand. Fiji’s beaches are so mesmerizingly beautiful and unspoiled that they attract romantics and honeymooners from all corners of the globe. Many travelers go to these tropical shores to bask in luxurious outdoor spas surrounded by tropical nature. Some of Fiji’s best beaches are on the remarkable Coral Coast and the Mamanuca group of volcanic islands. Those wishing to vacation on Fiji’s tropical beaches will have to choose from many all-inclusive beach resorts. This article will help you make your choice.

10 Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa *****.

The luxurious Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa occupies a slice of the coastline of Vitu Levu Island and is located on the Coral Coast near the town of Korolevu. The hotel has its own beach. It offers three outdoor swimming pools, five great restaurants and a fully equipped spa complex. The rooms have satellite TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and furnished balconies or patios with ocean views. Nearby are Namatakula Beach and Kula Eco-Park. Guests have the option to book eco-tours and excursions or just stay on the resort and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, tennis, windsurfing, volleyball and mini golf.

9 Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa ****.

Want to pamper yourself during your vacation? The secluded beachfront Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa, near the sand dunes of Sigatoka, is perfect for you. Guests at the resort can not only enjoy treatments in the luxurious spa complex with views of the beautiful garden, but they can also order a massage in their room or treat themselves to a massage treatment on the hotel’s private beach. There is a swimming pool with bar, two restaurants and cafe. The rooms have air conditioning, hydromassage shower, refrigerator and furnished balcony. A wide range of beach activities, including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and kayaking. You can also take part in a yacht cruise or hiking trip.

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8 Koro Sun Resort ****

The all-inclusive Koro Sun Resort is nestled near the “hidden gem” of Fiji, near Savusavu. It features two restaurants, two outdoor swimming pools, a water slide, a fitness center and a fully equipped spa complex. The hotel is surrounded by rainforest and ocean. In-room amenities include air conditioning, minibar, overnight bed making, and a private balcony or patio. A wide range of beach activities, including water skiing, sailing, fishing, tennis and volleyball. You can also go horseback riding and take part in a birdwatching excursion.

7 Vomo Island Resort *****

Vomo Island Resort is a beach resort with a white sand beach and turquoise water, located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Fiji archipelago. Vomo Island Resort offers elegant villas with garden, mountain or ocean views. Guests enjoy world-class dining, spa facilities and a Kids Club. The beautifully decorated guest villas are comfortable at home. Golf, snorkeling, tennis, a champagne picnic and eco-tours to the nearby turtle sanctuary and marine reserve are all available.

6 Vatulele Island Resort *****

The Vatulele Island Resort is especially popular with honeymooners and romantically inclined tourists. The hotel is famous for its complex of private villas designed in the form of traditional Aboriginal huts. Couples can enjoy an intimate setting in an individual villa with its own piece of beach. The villa features air conditioning, room service, an ice bucket to cool wine and hammocks. Amenities include access to a restaurant, swimming pool, wine cellar, and massage rooms. A wide variety of beach and water activities are available to guests, as well as romantic picnics organized by hotel staff.

5 Matangi Private Island Resort ****

Matangi Private Island Resort is a beach resort on Matangi Island that offers exotic lodging options in the form of tree houses and beachside “burees” (as they call traditional bungalows). The tree houses are surrounded by a tropical forest, and bungalows are on the beach with white sand and crystal clear blue water of the ocean. Amenities include a bathtub, jacuzzi tub, outdoor showers, hammocks, beach towels and the opportunity to enjoy freshly baked sweets daily. Direct access to the beach. A variety of beach and water activities including swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.

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4 Likuliku Lagoon Resort *****

Likuliku Lagoon Resort is located on the beautiful volcanic island of Malolo, in the Mamanuca Island Group. Targeting honeymooners and couples, the resort offers guests accommodations in unique “bura” (bungalows) built right on the water, on stilts. The hotel complex resembles a traditional Fijian village with wooden houses with thatched roofs. The exotic resort has a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, beach bar and video library. Each bungalow has air conditioning, ceiling fans, a refrigerator and a balcony. In addition to beach and water activities, guests can take part in helicopter tours or explore caves and visit nearby historic sites and the Fiji Museum.

3 The Wakaya Club & Spa *****

The Wakaya Club & Spa is a private island resort surrounded by turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and majestic cliffs. The resort offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in all of Fiji. The tranquil setting and high level of service. Guests stay in private bungalows just steps away from the ocean. Each bungalow features a lodge garden and outdoor verandas, oversized bathrooms, a bar, elegantly decorated interiors, room service and high-speed Internet access. There is a restaurant, fitness center, swimming pool and spa complex. Recreational opportunities include all kinds of beach activities and water sports, tennis, croquet, golf, picnics on the beach and nature hikes.

2 Nukubati Island Resort *****

Nukubati Island Resort is a secluded tropical beachfront resort where tourists can relax in luxurious surroundings and enjoy surfing, snorkeling and whale watching. The resort is all-inclusive. There is a restaurant, spa complex, beauty salon and stores. Rooms feature premium comfort, high-speed Internet access, and balconies with ocean views. Residents can enjoy windsurfing, sailing, volleyball, hiking and eco-tours.

1 Namale Fiji Islands Resort *****

Namale Fiji Islands Resort is a beach resort nestled by the Copra Shed marina in the beautiful town of Savusavu. The resort specializes in catering to adult tourists and offers individually furnished and decorated villas with hydromassage showers, with stylish toiletries, in-room massage (optional) and balconies with garden or ocean views. On-site amenities include a sumptuous restaurant, two outdoor swimming pools, a golf course, sports center and spa complex, and gardens with lush tropical greenery. Namale Fiji Islands Resort is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Fiji. A wide variety of activities, from swimming and snorkeling to kayaking, bird watching, horseback riding and bowling.

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Sunbathing in Fiji.

This small island nation is nestled in the southern part of the boundless Pacific Ocean. The name Fiji is a distortion of Viti, which James Cook, who discovered these islands to Europeans, translated into English as “Fiji. This is how he designated these islands officially, putting them on the map, and this is how they are still called to this day.

Sunbathing in Fiji - Photo 2

Sunbathing in Fiji.

Islands of Fiji is an archipelago consisting of volcanic and coral islands. The capital of this state is Suva. New Zealand is separated from this population center at 1800 kilometers, and the U.S. state of Hawaii – at 4570.

Fiji includes 337 large and small islands. Of these islands, only one-third are inhabited. Of these, the first largest is Viti Levu, while the second is Vanua Levu, the first has an area of more than 10,000 square kilometers, and the second has more than 5,000. In general, it turns out that these two islands occupy 6/7 of the entire territory of the state.

Sunbathing in Fiji - Photo 3

Sunbathing in Fiji.

Fiji is famous first of all for its remarkable blue lagoons. Here are the purest rivers, and the local hills are covered with evergreen forests. Of course, the civilization is felt here, but the nature is not affected.

Some of the more famous islands of the archipelago.


The southern coast is the most interesting. It is here that Savusavu, the capital of the island, is located. On the coast of this town is a picturesque harbor. Local coral reefs just beckon for diving. No wonder divers from all over the world come here, attracted by the underwater beauty.

Sunbathing in Fiji - Photo 4


Taveuni Island

This island is the third largest. It is the most popular with honeymooners and nature lovers. From the main airport you can fly to this island in an hour and a half. Rainbow Reef is located between this island and Vanua Levi. This reef is a famous landmark of the island. Taveuni has eight beautiful waterfalls. Two of them drop into the ocean.

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Sunbathing in Fiji - Photo 5

Taveuni Island

Benga Island

This island has preserved the rich traditions of the Fijian culture. You won’t find a single car here, but there are nine indigenous villages. One such village is the only remaining home in the world of the people, many of whom can walk on fire, unless you count Bulgaria. It is on Benga that people know the secret of that mysterious ceremony in which a person can walk on burning coals with bare feet.

Fiji Sunbathing - Photo 6

Benga Island

The nature of this island is pristine and beautiful. This place can be called a tropical paradise. The plants and animals that are found here are striking in their exotic diversity.

For example, Benga is the habitat of the Fijian iguana. This animal is almost impossible to find elsewhere. This island is also home to rare birds. An example is the Pacific frigate and the parrot “kadavu”.

Fiji Sunbathing - Photo 7

Benga Island

The nature of this island is pristine and beautiful. This place can be called a tropical paradise. The plants and animals found here are astonishing in their exotic diversity.

Benga Island

Climate of Fiji

Fiji’s climate is striking in its variety, but in general it is oceanic tropical. This climate is characterized by interseasonal changes. This mainly refers to precipitation and the amount of rainfall that the islands receive. In this region, the rainy season falls during the summer months (for the southern hemisphere), November to April, and the winter season (May to October) is the dry season. But whatever the seasons, Fiji is associated with eternal summer. After all, even in colder months it can be from 23 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Fiji Sunbathing - Photo 9

Climate of Fiji


In the state of tourism is the industry that develops the fastest, but it is not yet developed much enough. For example, in Fijian hotels can accommodate about fifteen thousand people. Mostly there are New Zealand and Australian tourists. European and British tourists account for only 10 percent of attendance.

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Fiji Sunbathing - Photo 10


Tourism employs more than forty-five thousand Fijians. This industry provides the largest inflow of foreign exchange.

The uniqueness of nature and culture, and the beach tourism facilities themselves also attract tourists. Fiji can be called a paradise for lovers of diving, surfing. The island attracts sailors, rafters and kayakers.

Fiji Sunbathing - Photo 11


Opportunities for Russians

If a Russian decides to visit Fiji, he will not need a visa. This will be if the period of stay is assumed not to exceed 120 days. A person must only have a passport with such period of validity, which would be more than 6 months, at the time of departure from the country, and a return ticket. Naturally, a person must have enough money for the time of his stay in this tropical corner. Subject to these conditions, the tourist can get a visa at the airport.

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