Spain’s 5 most famous festivals

Spain’s Most Interesting Festivals

Spectacular processions, colorful costumes, an unforgettable festive atmosphere – these are the Spanish festivals, which tourists seeking to get to this country. Thematically, they are divided into national, religious and regional. Mass religious festivals include the celebrations of Holy Week, All Saints’ Day. National festivals are held on the Day of Discovery of America by Columbus, and include the Corridor Festivals and popular carnivals. Carnivals, festivals and processions take place in Spain all year round, but the most grandiose events take place in summer.

Carnival in Tenerife

Carnival in Tenerife is one of the most popular Spanish carnivals, not inferior to the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This holiday is held on the eve of Lent and gathers thousands of tourists wishing to take part in this celebration of life in Tenerife. The main principle of this carnival is the removal of all moral prohibitions that believers must observe during the rest of the year. The entire holiday lasts for a week, with the main celebrations, including the election of the queen, held in the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but in other cities of the island there are also festive parades, parades and mass festivities. The festivities end with the burning and burying of the Sardine, a rite somewhat reminiscent of the burning of the effigy of Winter in Russia.

Running of the Bulls

One of the most extreme festivals is held annually in the quiet, peaceful town of San Fermin. The Running Bull Festival, which takes place in early July, gathers thrill-seekers in this town. The festivities begin with an upward lighting rocket, after which fighting bulls are released onto the town’s streets. Their route is to the bullring in the center of the city, where the bullfighting takes place.

Everyone is welcome to run along with the bulls. The runners dress up in torero costumes and try to get away from the furious animals. The originality and uniqueness of this brutal entertainment caused the high popularity of the festival, a kind of advertising it made Ernest Hemingway himself, who described this festival in one of his novels.

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Seville Fair

Two weeks after the Catholic Easter, Seville holds a grand agricultural fair which has long been a colorful festival with fiery national dances and Spanish Guitar songs, traditional bullfighting and other traditional Spanish entertainment.

La Tomatina festival

The city of Buñol, located in the Spanish province of Valencia, annually holds one of the most spectacular and fun festivals – La Tomatina. The holiday lasts for a week, but tourists are especially attracted by its finale – the famous tomato battle, for which they come to this city. For this battle, more than 100 thousand tons of tomatoes are brought into town. Early in the morning they are brought to the central square of the city in huge multi-ton trucks. The battle begins with a shot of tomatoes from the city cannon. The fight lasts for exactly one hour, after which a second shot signals its end. By this point, the streets are covered with a layer of tomato slurry up to your ankles. Special machinery leaves the streets and in a few hours there is no trace of the old bacchanalia.

Fire Fest in Valencia

At the beginning of March the religious festival of the Falla is held in Valencia, with many rituals and festive processions in national costumes, ending with the burning of the Falla and the offering of flowers, which are brought to the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin from all over Valencia.

Balloon Festival

A huge balloon festival takes place in mid-July on the outskirts of Barcelona. Participants compete in a speed and distance ballooning festival. Anyone can take a ride in a balloon. For this, it is necessary to sign up in advance with the organizers and pay a certain amount.

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