Skiing in Argentina

Skiing in Argentina

Argentina – it’s glaciers Andes, good skiing and combining skiing with interesting excursions. But the main “chip” of Argentine ski resorts is that the season here lasts from about mid-June to mid-October. Skiing in the summer for Russians are available except in Finland, and on the Kola Peninsula. And a trip to Argentina will help relieve his melancholy for winter and snow.

Ski resorts in Argentina

Argentine winter, which falls on the Russian summer, the southern spurs of the Andes are covered with steady snow. The infrastructure of the ski resorts is excellent, with everything from hotels to elevators maintained in very good condition.

Map of main ski resorts in Argentina

Skiing in Bariloche

The mountains near the town of San Carlos de Bariloche are often referred to as “Argentine Switzerland” for their extraordinary natural beauty, delicious chocolate and rich nightlife. The resort offers fans of skiing 47 slopes of a total length of 70 km on the slopes of Otto and Catedral, the altitude difference – 2388-1400 m. There is also the best in the country six-passenger cabin elevator. About half of the trails are of medium complexity, about a quarter are black. The resort also has snowpark with freestyle and snowboarding facilities. Accommodation is possible for all tastes. Some hotels have thermal pools.

Cerro Catedral is one of the first ski resorts on the continent, located at an altitude of 1030 m. It is directly adjacent to the Nahuel Huapi National Park, where skiers enjoy excursions. There are 53 slopes, about 60% of which are designed for middlings. The total length of the tracks is 103 km. The snow here is beautiful both at the beginning and at the end of the season, thanks to the powerful snow cannons. There are 40 modern elevators of all kinds in the resort.

Cerro Castor ski resort

Cerro Castor holds the proud title of the southernmost ski resort in the world and in addition the youngest in Argentina – it is just over 12 years old. Stable temperatures throughout the winter guarantee a fluffy and high-quality snow. It is considered the fastest snow cover and the longest ski season in South America. The altitude difference is 772 m with ski areas located at altitudes from 1,057 to 195 m. Cerro Castor has 19 runs and 20 km of off-piste trails. Approximately one-third of the slopes are green and blue, a quarter are red, and there are also 2 pro slopes.

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Skiing in Las Leñas

Las Leñas is a popular place for powder skiing, more than 17 thousand hectares are allocated for it. Those who are not ready to rush headlong into the virgin snow, are offered 30 slopes of varying complexity, served by 13 elevators. The altitude of the resort is 2240 meters.

Serra Baio ski resort

The Baio ski center is located 9 km from Villa La Angostura and is considered an ideal place for winter sports. It has about 20 km of slopes of all kinds, including snowboarding and plains skiing, as well as excellent hotel facilities.

Other ski resorts in Argentina

The resort of Chapelco lies near Lake Lakar and the Lanin volcano. One of the best ski resorts in the country is located 20 km from San Martin de los Andes, the tourist capital of Neuquén Province. Built with Swiss-style houses, Chapelco offers a wide range of facilities and hotels, and its restaurants are renowned for their cuisine.

Cawahu is located in the northeastern part of Neuquén Province, in the middle of the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of 1647 meters above sea level. Snow lies here 4-5 months a year and the total length of trails is more than 40 km. 18 km from Cawahu, at an altitude of 1900 m, is the famous balneological resort of Terme de Kopahu , built on the basis of the hot spring of the same name and is well known for its microclimate with pure, dry air.

The oldest resort in the country is La Joya, 15 km from the town of Eskel. Surrounded by the wonderful lakes Futalaufken and Menendez, the resort is part of the Los Aleres National Park. La Jolla’s pistes have been specially designed for skiers of all levels. However, its most distinctive feature is the huge freeride areas on the slopes of Mount La Joya and the glacier, plus a well-developed recreational infrastructure. You can also take the La Trochita Steam Train trip around the area, as well as excursions to Trevelin or the many national parks of Patagonia .

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The ski resort of Penitentes is located 167 km from Mendoza, right in the middle of the Andes and close to the international highway to Chile. The town itself lies at an altitude of 2580 m above sea level, and its 26 trails are located on the slopes of the peaks of Santa Maria, Lignas and Cruz de Cana, including 4 tracks with international FIS sports certification. To the resort area belongs more than 300 hectares of beautiful scenery and a half dozen hotels, villas and restaurants, making it one of the most versatile vacation centers in the country.

You can also visit the ski centers of San Antonio , San Bernardo , La Canaleta , Puente del Inca , Las Cuevas , Valicitos and Las Lecas . The skiing season here lasts from May to September.

Skiing offers in Argentina

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