Ski resorts in Norway. Kvitfjell

Description of the resort.

Kvitfjell is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Norway. Built for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994 the resort is still booming. But Kvitfjell, with its first-class slopes, miraculously manages to avoid the crowds of tourists. It is a true oasis of peace and quiet. Kvitfjell, located 45 minutes north of Lillehammer, guarantees snow from November to April. On both sides of the mountains you will find hotels, cottages, apartments, bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as ski slopes and rentals. Kvitfjell is a real find for both experienced and beginner skiers. Excellently prepared slopes at an altitude of 854 m include the easiest green areas, as well as Olympic level slopes. Kvitfjell is not accidentally called the “kingdom of speed” because it is here that the annual World Cup slalom and Super G events are held, as well as biathlon competitions. You can have a great holiday in Kvitfjell as a family or with a fun group of friends – skiers and snowboarders. Kvitfjell will give you a lot of pleasure! Skiing season is from late October/early November to April.

Map of the slopes

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Number of elevators

Number of trails

children’s ski areas – 2 tracks with artificial snow – 85% lit tracks – 2,6 km maximum vertical drop in the resort – 854 m the highest point – 1039 m above the ground the longest descent – 3500 m total length of trails – 29 km 6 springboards

Renting of equipment

Equipment hire shops at Quitfjell. Qualified personnel always offer the best things for slalom, telemark, snowboarding. Cross-country skis, snowblades, snowshoes and sleds are available. There is also a great mountain store in Quitfjell with a wide variety of products where you are sure to find what you have been looking for for a long time. Here you will find products from well-known brands such as: Kjus, Sweet, Orage, Five Season, Hestra, Kombi, Scott, Carerra, Dakine, Smith, Uvex, Cross, Oakley, Kari Traa, Ulvang, Bavac, Leki, Komperdell.

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Ski pass price

number of days 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days
adults (16 years and older) 370 NOK 665 NOK 930 NOK 1140 NOK 1340 NOK 1525 NOK 1695 NOK
children (7-15 years old) 295 NOK 520 NOK 695 NOK 850 NOK 1005 NOK 1140 NOK 1275 NOK

bought in Kvitfjell, valid at other resorts in the region can be purchased at the ticket office behind the hotel, on the piste side, next to the equipment rental.

Children under the age of 7 can use the elevators free of charge (with helmet).

equipment hire

skiing kit (skis, boots, poles, helmet)

*Prices for adults are set according to the level of skiing.

Ski school

In the center of Kvitfjell there is a ski school, where the ski skills are taught at the highest level. By the way, there are Russian-speaking instructors among the staff, which will make the process of getting acquainted with the wisdom of skiing much easier. The school offers both group and individual lessons. For individuals there are special lesson packages that entitle you to a certain discount depending on the number of lessons booked. The ski school offers lessons at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Various styles are offered: classic, telemark, carving, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. For thrill-seekers there is a special course with an experienced instructor. The course is only for groups, subject to advance reservation. Don’t miss the chance to become an even better skier!

Other activities

The activities at Kvitfjell Resort are quite varied. In addition to skiing you can go sledding, sled rally, rock climbing, paragliding, horseback riding, ski trips and much more. There are team games Kvitfjeljada. In Kvitfjell, you’ll find great food and restaurants where you’ll find everything from delicious to gourmet food with great wine from the wine cellar. There is also a nightclub. Among other things, you can always book a sightseeing tour of Kvitfjell or an excursion with a visit to Kvitfjell Mountain.

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Highlights of the resort

In Kvitfjell there is a special area for children called Kvitriket. Here are held skiing lessons, as well as special competitions, contests and programs for children. Especially for the little ones there is a safe belt elevator. When the kids get tired, they can be taken to the Bamsebo children’s house. Here, children can watch cartoons, draw and read, or just play with their new friends. Adults can also come to the children’s cottage.

How to get there

The nearest airport is Oslo (about 200 km). Then take a bus or train to the station Ringebu, then a cab 10-15 minutes. Cabs can be booked in advance when booking accommodation. How to get to Oslo (by car): 1. – Vyborg – Finnish border (Torfyanovka), 226 km 2. Finnish border – Helsinki-Turku highway E18, km 188/345 3. Helsinki/Turku – Stockholm, overnight ferry 4. Stockholm – take E6 road to Favang to Kvitfjell.

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Quite often tourists put an equal sign between Norway and the concept of ski resorts. That’s not quite true, but if anything, skiing here will go down a treat. And if that’s the aspect of your holiday that interests you first and foremost, pay a visit to Kvitfjell, one of the ski resorts in snowy Norway.

General information for tourists

The name of the village means “White Mountain”. On the map of Norway resort Kvitfjell is located 50 km north of Lillehammer, on the banks of the river Gudbrandsdalslågen.

Kvitfjell on a map

This ski resort is considered relatively young. Moreover, it is most often flattered as one of the most progressive and modern ski destinations. Kvitfjell was built for the Olympic Games in 1994, and since then it has become a favorite place for the Norwegian sports elite. In particular, this is due to the fact that the local slopes can develop a high rate of downhill speed. However, there is also a place for family recreation, and skiing for beginners who started snowboarding or skiing for the first time. The resort is also notable for holding an annual biathlon competition and a few stages of the World Cup slalom.

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Gentle slope

What does the Kvitfjell ski resort offer?

The village is located at an altitude of 1025 m. Approximately 80% of the slopes here are covered with artificial snow. A total of 9 elevators are available here, including children’s elevators. There are 21 tracks of different complexity levels with a total length of 29 km, 2 of which are illuminated at night. Height difference is 854 meters.

One of the lifts

The western slope of the village of Kvitfjell is used as a snow park, which is equipped with ski jumps, boxes, rails, and other elements. In addition, the resort has a children’s skiing area. It is equipped with everything necessary for both sports and recreation, including a children’s room Bamsebo. For ski-cross there is a track of 650 m long.

Ski trail

A ski pass for 6 days will cost you $47, children ages 7 to 15 are $41, and kids under 7 can use the elevators for free.

Among other activities, Kvitfjell offers its guests horseback riding, dog sledding or sledding, paragliding, rock climbing, and quad bike safaris.

Ski area at one of the hotels

Hotels and restaurants

A quick and tasty snack can be found at the White Mountain Bar and Tyrihans Café, both located on the western slope of Kvitfjell. At the very top is Koia après-ski bar and Toppen Thai restaurant.

Tyrihans Restaurant in Kvitfjell

Among the best hotels in Kvitfjell is Gudbrandsgard Hotel. Among its undeniable advantages are the close proximity of one of the ski elevators and slopes, sauna and spa, rental ski equipment. The Kvitfjell Alpinhytter and Kvitfjell Hotel are also not bad options for accommodation.

Gudbrandsgard Hotel Kvitfjell Alpinhytter

How to get to Kvitfjell?

You can reach the village by train from Oslo, having followed to the station Ringebu, and then using a cab. The trip will take about 3 hours. Trains leave daily, in the morning.

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