Singapore from A to Z: useful information for tourists

Useful Information about Singapore

A first visit to Singapore always causes tourists a lot of questions – from purely organizational matters such as visas, tickets and hotels, to the little things about living and behavior in an unfamiliar country. And although a travel agent or a travel organizer usually takes care of most of these things, a lot of questions sometimes go unanswered. When you are planning and organizing your vacation on their own, we have to rely only on themselves.

Meanwhile, the knowledge of many nuances, the availability of so-called “useful information” about the country depend on both the quality of the future rest in it, and happy memories of the vacation. Therefore in this section of our site we have collected all the necessary information for your trip to Singapore, which will be useful both before and during the trip itself.

What a tourist needs to know about Singapore



Traditions and customs


Other Countries

Household matters

Entertainment and Leisure

Finding themselves in an unfamiliar environment of a foreign country, not every tourist can feel comfortable and easily find out all the necessary information on the spot. Most often the language barrier prevents, but even if there is no problem of mutual understanding, not the fact that the first encounter is a walking encyclopedia or will be long and detailed answers to your questions. There is only one way out of this situation – take care of everything in advance and know how best to rest and spend time in Singapore. Moreover, all of the above also applies to any other country in the world.

It is best to solve the problem with the language, at least at a minimum, without knowing the basic phrases and phrasebook at hand in an unfamiliar country to do nothing, expect to be everywhere to talk to you in your native language, at least naive. In addition, you should stock up on maps and travel guides, the benefit of it is now easy to do in electronic form. You must also solve the communication problem by activating roaming on your phone or buying a local SIM card when you arrive, and knowing the addresses and phone numbers of the Russian embassy and the emergency services would not be out of place. And everything else will depend on the recreation program that you choose.

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Beach Vacation in Singapore

Despite the fact that Singapore is located in close proximity to all the famous resort countries of Southeast Asia – Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, it has not yet gained fame as a popular beach destination. Although from a natural and climatic point of view here .

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

Jurong Bird Park – a bird sanctuary, which brought together all the most beautiful feathered inhabitants of our planet. And for all these birds here are created living conditions, as close as possible to their natural habitat.

Singaporean lifestyle.

In every city in the world, the population over time develops its own characteristic habits and lifestyles, specific features of behavior that unite all city dwellers, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, origin or social status. So .

Singapore from A to Z: useful information for tourists

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Visa processing time depends on the embassy, usually it’s 3-5 days. Also, depending on the embassy, the list of documents may include additional certificates and copies.

Ukrainian Customs

There is no need to worry about currency restrictions when entering Singapore – there are no restrictions on import and export.

Duty is not applied to the following goods:

    , spirits and beer – not more than a liter per person;
  • Up to 20 cigarettes (with an open pack);
  • Chocolate and any confectionery not exceeding 50 Singapore dollars (SGD);
  • other goods and articles of personal consumption not exceeding SGD 300 in total (except for passangers, for whom the amount is not more than SGD 150).

Chewing gum and any tobacco products need to be presented to customs officials at the airport.

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The following items are strictly prohibited: narcotics, weapons (real and imitation), counterfeit goods (any kind of counterfeit), psychotropic substances, medicines in commercial quantities, pornography, imitation coins and bills, meat in any form, animals and plants (including their products) which are in the Red Book.

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Ukrainian Customs

You will need permission to export the following items: weapons, poisonous substances, explosives, precious stones. When exporting jewelry (if the amount exceeds your own needs), you also need to get a permit. Not without it also when exporting medicines, video disks, telecommunications equipment, films (video or photo) from Singapore.

Importation of drugs is punishable by death. Importation of chewing gum carries a heavy fine or up to 1 year in jail.

Cigarettes can be brought into the country only if the customs duty has been paid (7 SGD per pack). Proof of payment must be retained until the end of the trip.

A special airport tax is usually included in the price of the ticket. If not, payment must be made at the airport. The amount is between S$8 and S$12. Exceptions are travelers who do not leave the transit area and children under 2 years old.

Hand luggage should not exceed 1 piece per person.

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Ukrainian Customs

Official language : Malay (Malaysian). Other languages other than Malay are Chinese, English, and Tamil.


Cards and cash are accepted in Singapore. Currency exchange can be done in almost any exchange office, the rate in them does not differ significantly. The only thing to keep in mind is that exchange offices are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


To save on travel, you can buy a card Singapore Explorer, which allows you to use buses without restrictions. Almost all tourist attractions and major hotels are connected by city trolley buses. If you want an exotic form of transportation, you can also take a bicycle rickshaw which usually costs a small fee.

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The main shopping centers are concentrated around Orchard Road and Tanglin Road . You can shop from 10am to 10pm.


Almost all bills in Singapore already include a service surcharge (10%), so it is not customary to leave a tip. At Changi Airport, tipping is completely prohibited. Though in general each vacationer decides for himself whether to encourage service personnel or not. The most common types of tips are left for hotel maids (2 SGD per day) and bellboys who help carry luggage to the room (1 SGD per bag).


You can find restaurants serving almost every cuisine in the world in Singapore. In Indian and Malay restaurants it is customary to eat with the hand – only the right hand. Chopsticks left on your plate are considered bad form in Asian restaurants – you’d better put them on the table near your plate or on the special plate holder.

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National Significance

Smoking is strongly discouraged in Singapore. It should be taken seriously as smoking in public places will result in a fine of 500 SGD.

Walking around the city, don’t be surprised by sudden appearance of festive processions or carnival processions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy peace and quiet – you can always find a quiet corner in the huge metropolis.

It’s almost impossible to see police officers in Singapore. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Most of the streets are equipped with video cameras, so the guardian of the law will appear on the scene within minutes. Crime is rare in Singapore, though. You can walk around here at any time of the day or night without fear of thieves or pickpockets. Even forgotten property is likely to be where you left it, waiting for its hapless owner.

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National Significance

At the entrance to the temples shoes must be taken off (you do not need to worry about its safety). Photographs and videos of images of Buddha should be refused, because it is forbidden. By the way, when you come to the homes of local residents, shoes must also be removed.

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You can drink tap water in Singapore, as it is meticulously treated.

You have to give up chewing gum to avoid being fined. There is a big fine for any kind of garbage – 500 Singapore dollars. The same fine is for crossing the street in a wrong place and for not wearing a seat belt. The fine for smoking is 1000 SGD.

You will be saved from a heat in Singapore by the conditioners, which are available practically in every building, for excursions it is recommended to choose clothes from cotton.

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National Significance


For long-distance calls you can use pay-phones, which can be found practically on every street. Then everything is as usual – a city code and a phone number.

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