Sightseeing tour of Bergen, Norway

Sightseeing tour of Bergen, Norway

Once in Bergen, you won’t miss its main attraction by any means. Bruggen, the ancient Hanseatic harbor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is painted in full view of the harbor. The very first houses in the city were built here.

Håkons Hall and the Rosencrantz Tower

Håkons Hall is almost 750 years old: this castle was built by King Håkonsson as his own residence with a particularly imposing banqueting hall. When the king married the Danish princess Ingeborga in 1261, two thousand guests were invited.

KODE Museum

Bergen Art Museum, now KODE, is located in the heart of the city, on the shore of the Bergen Lake, right across from the city park. There are four of its buildings, which since spring 2013 have been referred to as “KODE-1”, “KODE-2” and so on.

Fish market

Bergen’s fish market has long been as much a landmark as the Hanseatic promenade. So it’s not a market in the traditional sense of the word, where local housewives go in the morning. It’s as much a tourist attraction as any of the city’s museums.


The Edvard Grieg House Museum is not just a “house” and not just a “museum.” Trollhagen is a complex in a small area that includes several objects. The most beautiful thing about Trollhagen, of course, is in the summer. The garden is blooming and green, and the concert hall has a great program.

Floibanen Funicular

Bergen’s Fløibanen funicular railway is famous all over the world, although it’s not entirely clear why. Although no, it is clear: Bergen is located on the hills, and even a simple walk around the city gives the tourist a useful, but not always pleasant aerobic exercise.

Not too meticulous tourists come to Bergen, seeing in the photos those very “houses” – the embankment of Bruggen, a World Heritage Site. And meanwhile, Bergen is declared a city of European culture not only for the houses. The Bergen region, the “Gateway to the Fjords,” offers its guests a combination of natural beauty, cultural leisure and interesting urban entertainment. And Bergen itself can be called a big city with the charm of a small one.

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From Bergen all sorts of tours of the fjords, ranging from microtours on the coastal waters for a couple of hours to full trips to Hardanger and Sognefjord.

The first layer of Bergen’s must-see attractions you’ll find in and around the harbor. These are Bruggen itself, the famous fish market (expensive and totally already touristy), and the Hansa Museum. There is also a tourist bus stop and a tourist information center – a modern squat rectangular block, you can’t miss it.

Walk to the right of the harbor (if you face the sea), along Bruggen and past the recognizable paired towers of the church of Mariakirken, you’ll reach the Rosencrantz Tower and Håkons Hall. Both are part of the old Bergenhus fortress, and when you turn off the promenade into the city, you can climb up a low hill to the fortification of Sverreborg. You can take good pictures here. Further up the promenade you can walk to the Fishermen’s Museum and the curious waterfront area of Skuteviken, not a touristy place, though the 17th century wooden houses on stilts are roughly the same age as those in Bruges. Many private boats are moored here, and you can negotiate a boat trip with the owners.

To the left of the fish market is the more industrial and less interesting part of the harbor. Walking this way, you will reach the modest Nykirken Church and then the Bergen Aquarium. The way back around the promontory takes you to another old fortification, the Fredriksberg.

Once you’ve explored the coastal strip, it’s time to move on to the second tour of Bergen’s attractions and head inland from the harbor. Here you’ll find the 17th-century Church of the Korskirken and the 12th-century Cathedral, the Leprae Museum and a pretty lake, lined with the Grieg Congress Center and three buildings of KODE – the National Art Gallery, Bergen’s main museum and not the least of Europe’s museums. A short walk uphill and you’ll see the beautiful Johanneskirken, whose spire is higher than others and visible from everywhere. The church can be viewed from the inside (photos only without flash), and there are literally natural and cultural history museums in the neighboring buildings.

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Finally, it’s time to move on to more distant routes. You can take the streetcar to the Florida stop and the neighborhood of the same name, where the quite modern-looking Technology Center is located. Or you can walk there through a park filled with college kids. You can also walk to Flayen for the panoramic view of the city from the hill, also through a park with some good viewpoints along the way. But it’s a walk uphill and quite long (although Norwegians easily run up and down in the morning as an exercise), so it’s better to take the cable car. Finally, you can, and indeed must, go to the Grieg House Museum, which is in the suburbs, and for the music, and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

And of course, do not forget that from Bergen are all kinds of tours of the fjords, ranging from micro-tours on the coastal waters for a couple of hours, and up to full day trips to Hardanger and Sognefjord.

Bergen city tour (Norway) – reviews

My review of the tour in Bergen (Norway).

Today I decided to write about the city of Bergen, where I went in early August. I was there only a few days, so by no means claim to the completeness of my impressions. I have, of course.

A walk through the city, where the residents are born with umbrellas

the famous Bruggen promenade, the panoramic view from Mount Fløyen, the town hall and churches, many museums, beautiful houses, sumptuous food at the fish market, amazing nature

Good day dear readers! After a short break, I want to continue the story of his travel adventures in a fabulous Norway. After visiting themed tours in cities such as Oslo and Stavanger, and taking a boat ride.

The peaceful atmosphere of a Nordic city is inexpressible

Greetings to all who have looked at my page! Today we are going to Norway again. Previously I wrote about the Norwegian city of Ålesund , about the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, and now it’s time to take a walk through.

Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen, Thailand: things to see and do

A cruise day in Bergen!

After visiting Copenhagen and the insanely beautiful Geirangerfjord , we went in the direction of the old capital of Norway – the city of Bergen. My mom praised it so much that I was expecting to see something special, and ended up being a little disappointed. И.

Norway’s old capital surrounded by seven mountains.

Abundant attractions, museums, theaters and entertainment. Good hotels, mind-blowing nature.

Bergen is still cool in May. Knowing that there are far more rainy days in this old city of kings and composers than sunny ones, I hoped that at least one of the 5 days in town would be sunny.

“A city … where/the music of Grieg bears from/all the street cafes, where/the colors are/the South bright and the people are/the North restrained. “

Bergen, with a population of about 280,000, is the former capital of the Norwegian state, which lost that title seven centuries ago. It is located in the western part of the country on the North Sea coast. Its founder is thought to be.

Vikings, trolls, interesting promenade, beautiful views

Good afternoon, dear friends and readers of Otzovik! When I was a little over 20, my supervisor said that I was a Viking. Of course, I wanted to visit Scandinavia – to learn more about my “breed”)). Finally.

Bergen – a cozy city with a hint of antiquity, the gateway to the kingdom of the fjords

Hello friends, kind regards to all! I wanted to tell you about a recent visit to the Norwegian city of Bergen, where we returned two months ago. As you know, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and its former capital. There are no tourists here.

Beautiful sunny Bergen and Mount Fløyen. A lot of pictures.

I was sure that this site is already a lot of reviews about Norwegian cities, but it turned out that such a beautiful city like Bergen devoted only a few reviews. So I want to tell you and show you the Bergen as I saw it.

Argentina - the island of spinning eyes

City-tale, the city of dreams. Photo walk in the rain.

Amazing city with mystical, inspiring and inspiring views, fish market with a wide variety of seafood, unforgettable impressions and photos

Bergen. Nice, caressing to the ear name. This city has long beckoned to me just by its name alone, and when I first saw its photos on the Internet, I promised myself I would definitely visit it as soon as I go to Norway. To live in.

The most beautiful city, the birthplace of Edvard Grieg. The city in which I am now in love!

What an amazing thing. Bergen is a city, as the locals say, in which it rains 300 days a year. It must be true. After all, not for nothing is considered that Bergen is one of the rainiest cities in the world.

Not impressed at all.

In general, it was my first trip to Norway. We went with friends, a big partying ever-drunken company. I don’t know what we wanted to get out of Bergen: peace, tranquility, aesthetic pleasure or a new experience. We got it.

Beautiful city, friendly citizens. Fascinating architecture, which leaves no one indifferent.

Good food, beautiful nature, impressive architecture. The friendly citizens. Many interesting places for entertainment and recreation. Comfortable hotels, that’s the most important thing.

There are some fast food places that do not have very good service. Expensive souvenirs, at least for those who earn the minimum wage.

Went to this city last year. I can say with certainty that I was impressed with the beauty of the city. Beautiful homes and friendly people. Very good food in almost all the restaurants. I wanted to go to Norway for a long time.

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