Siam Ocean World Aquarium in Thailand

Siam Ocean World, the largest oceanarium in Southeast Asia

Siam Ocean World is a landmark in the city. The size of the aquarium in Bangkok is larger than a soccer stadium. The total volume of aquariums is 5 million liters, which is home to more than a hundred varieties of underwater inhabitants. The interior design allows you to feel a part of it.

Siam Ocean World Oceanarium.

A visit to the Bangkok oceanarium Siam Ocean World is part of the entertainment program and serves an educational function. Special programmes and guided tours in downtown Bangkok enable visitors to learn about aquatic life and to gain a deeper understanding of the ocean’s inhabitants.

Oceanarium Inhabitants

Walking the halls of the Bangkok Aquarium, it’s impossible not to notice a giant spider crab. These arthropod species are the largest in the world. The spider crab’s natural habitat is the ocean floor of Japanese waters. They can reach up to 12 feet in size.

Next up at the Bangkok Oceanarium is the giant Pacific octopus, a long-lived species compared to others. The animal is capable of living four years. The size fits its name – up to 30 feet. A feature of the giant octopus is its ability to copy the colors of various objects on the seabed due to the special pigment cells.

In Siam Ocean World Bangkok you can find African or spectacle penguins. The Bangkok aquariums have recreated the climatic conditions they are used to in Africa.

Here you will see eagle fish or stingrays. Fish with flat bodies, eyes and mouths on opposite sides of the body naturally inhabit temperate latitudes. Dwelling in shallow water near the shores of bodies of water, they can grow up to 6.5 feet and can weigh about 300 kilograms. The lifespan of an eaglefish usually does not exceed 20 years.

At the Siam Ocean World Aquarium in Bangkok, you can contemplate some of the ocean stars. There is even an opportunity to touch some of them under the supervision of an instructor.

Sharks, jellyfish, penguins, frogs, seahorses, and many other animals are among the inhabitants of the aquariums in Bangkok.

Zones and Aquariums Center

The entire oceanarium area houses 60 aquariums divided among seven main areas. Each of the aquariums is home to a variety of members of the animal kingdom.

In this area, visitors are introduced to creatures of extraordinary beauty that, at first glance, seem strange. Here you will see blue crayfish, octopus, nautilus, crabs, etc.

The Deep Reef is considered the most spectacular oceanarium in Bangkok, occupying two floors. It is interesting to watch the life of mollusks, reef fish, admire the different corals that shimmer in bright colors. In addition to looking at the underwater inhabitants, you can catch the diver show. Three times a day (at 12, 14, 15 o’clock) divers go to the aquarium to feed the animals, thereby entertaining the tourists.

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The inhabitants of the depths reside in the third part of the Bangkok Oceanarium. Tourists will meet seals, turtles and other representatives of the ocean fauna. This part also includes a cave room, which is home to tarantulas, spiders, blind cave catfish, large fish in aquariums.

The planned Bangkok tour of the Siam Ocean World Oceanarium includes a visit to the fourth room. It is presented to visitors as a tropical part of the forest. There is an artificial waterfall, vines and water. In the aquariums calmly flows its own life of unusual amphibians and amphibians.

The next zone is home to furry animals and penguins. They are interesting to watch, and you can also become a spectator of the show. Daily at 11:30 and then at 15:30 otters and water rats show their dance, which for a piece of food can cheer tourists. At the aquariums in Bangkok shows with penguins, and sometimes you can do their feeding.

The largest by area is the room of the open ocean. Only here in Bangkok, in Siam Paragon Oceanarium you can see a maze of mirror tunnels. This area is populated by hammerhead fish, stingrays, large sharks, and other huge fish.

At Siam Ocean World there is another small area reserved for jellyfish. It resembles a large space, in the middle of which is a spacious couch. It is designed for visitors to relax while they can look at the jellyfish in the aquariums and listen to relaxing music.

Entertainment at the aquarium

Upon stopping by the Bangkok Oceanarium, visitors can choose from several entertainment options. There are tickets available for additional Siam Ocean World attractions such as guided tours, film screenings, and museum exhibits.

Shark Encounter

The most extreme attraction of the oceanarium in Bangkok is the encounter with sharks. Despite the realistic name, this kind of leisure is quite safe. Those wishing to plunge into the reservoir with sharks given a special equipment, which will protect in unforeseen situations.

If swimming near sharks does not entice, you can choose a body of water with peaceful fish and just feel like a diver, considering the nature of the underwater world. For those who do not want to plunge into the water, provides another leisure – a boat ride in an aquarium with a transparent bottom. Thus you can consider the underwater fauna, while feeling completely safe.

Fish Peel Treatment

Visitors to the Oceanarium Siam Ocean World in Bangkok offers not only excursions, but also the opportunity to try on a beauty treatment. A popular treatment at the Bangkok Oceanarium is the Fish Peel. It can also be experienced in a regular beauty salon, but the Bangkok Oceanarium will give you a very different look around you. While the fish work on their beauty legs, visitors will watch the beauty of the aquatic world and its unusual inhabitants through glasses of large tanks embedded in the walls.

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Additional Entertainment

The Oceanarium offers a wide range of activities for visitors besides a stroll through the aquarium.

Browse the exhibits in the Siam Paragon Museum in Bangkok. Here wax replicas of famous personalities await you. The price of the exhibit is included in the combined admission tickets.

Madame Tussauds Museum

A visit to the cinema in the oceanarium will be useful for both parents and children. This type of entertainment will allow you to feel a part of the underwater world. The movie can be seen by those who have purchased a combined entrance ticket to the aquariums of Bangkok.

How to get to the oceanarium

Siam Paragon Mall

Siam Paragon

The Oceanarium is located within Siam Paragon, Bangkok’s largest entertainment center. Once inside, there are signs in English to help you get your bearings.

The mall itself can be reached by public transport in Bangkok – the subway, bus, or cab service. The subway option can save you time – Siam Station has direct access to Siam Ocean World Aquarium.

Bus #73

If you want to use the public bus, you should know that you can get to Siam Paragon Aquariums in Bangkok by taking Numbers 73, 40, 54, 48, 5, 12, 6, 15, 23, 21, 48, 16. You will not miss the stop – it is so called Siam Centre. The bus is the cheapest way to get around the city (the fare ranges from 6 to 25 Baht and depends on distance).

You can also take a metered cab to Siam Ocean World Bangkok. This type of cab will be a cheaper option compared to a fixed price cab in Bangkok. The first two kilometers will cost you 35 baht ($1), each subsequent kilometer costs 5 baht (40 cents).

Operating Time

The Aquarium and its aquariums are open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. The last group of visitors run no later than 8 pm. To go through all the rooms of the Bangkok oceanarium and see the show would take at least 4 hours.

Ticket prices

Before your tour, ask about the season price of the Bangkok Oceanarium.

  • An adult ticket that includes only a visit to the aquariums costs 990 baht at the ticket office.
  • Admission for children (3 to 11 years) – 790 baht.
  • Buying e-tickets on the official website of Siam Ocean World, you get a savings of 10%. So the cost will be 890 baht and 710 baht.
  • Until 12 noon on a weekday, you can visit the Bangkok Oceanarium at a 25% discount. Adult ticket is bought for 745 baht, children – for 595 baht.
  • Visiting the Bangkok oceanarium in the evening, you can save even more. Buying a ticket through the website with the condition that your entertainment begins after 17.00, will be cheaper by 35%. A voucher for adults can be purchased for 645 baht, for children – for 515.
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Siam Ocean World also has a combination fare. The first includes an admission coupon, a tour of the Madame Tussauds exhibition, a movie in the 4D-cinema, a treat of popcorn, a ride in a transparent boat.

  • Cost at the box office is 2,820 baht and 2,420 (children).
  • Including website discount – 1490 and 1290 baht.

The second package, in addition to a walk through the aquariums of Bangkok, a ride on a transparent boat, a coupon for the exhibition of Madame Tussauds, provides tourists with an exclusive souvenir – a personal hand of wax, as well as a book about Siam ocean world.

  • Standard prices are 3,380 and 2,980 baht,
  • Discounted prices – 1890 and 1690 baht.

All the latest information regarding opening hours and prices for aquariums in Bangkok, see the official website of the oceanarium –

If you are interested in a tour of Siam Ocean World, please visit the Siam Ocean page on the web.

Useful Tips for Visitors
  1. It’s best to visit the Bangkok oceanarium on weekday mornings. Not only will you get away from the heat, but you can also avoid the crowds – as there are few visitors at this time.
  2. At the entrance to the Siam Ocean World Aquarium, you’ll be given booklets with show schedules and feeding schedules for the oceanarium animals. Often they coincide, so you need to choose what is interesting right away to be able to see everything.
  3. Before visiting, it is worth reading reviews about the oceanarium in Bangkok, from which you can learn useful experiences of tourists.
  4. Use the Klook app to buy discounted oceanarium admission vouchers and show coupons.
  5. To save yourself from waiting in line at the entrance to Siam Ocean World, buy your tickets online at the oceanarium website.

When going to Thailand, the oceanarium in Bangkok should definitely be included in your travel plan.

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Bangkok Oceanarium (Siam Ocean World)

Siam Ocean World World in Bangkok

The Siam Ocean World oceanarium in Bangkok was considered the largest in Southeast Asia until 2012 when S.E. A. Aquarium, built on Sentosa Island in Singapore. Sea Life Bangkok Aquarium occupies two levels of the Siam Paragon Shopping and Entertainment Center.

An area of 10,000 square meters accommodates tanks with a total capacity of more than 5 million liters. This is enough water to fill two Olympic-class swimming pools.

The inhabitants of the ocean depths and shores are kept in conditions as close to natural as possible. There are more than 30,000 representatives of fauna including fish, mammals, reptiles, rodents and birds.

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Layout and infrastructure

The area is divided into zones, each showcasing biodiversity from different areas of the world’s oceans.

The first to greet visitors is Rocky Hideout . The giant spider crab is astonishing in size – almost 3 meters wide. The poisonous dogfish, or rockfish, of the pufferfish family is eye-catching with its ball-shaped torso and Dalmatian-like spotted coloration. The Pacific octopus moves leisurely, periodically pressing their tentacles with suction cups against the aquarium glass. Moray eels have a second pair of jaws, which during the hunt extends from the throat and grabs prey with their sharp teeth. This anatomical feature of the monster has repeatedly been used to embody images of alien monsters in sci-fi movies, although it is of quite terrestrial origin.

The next small room is called “Shark Walk” . Everyone can walk on the transparent floor and see the toothy predators swimming underfoot.

“The Coral Reef is housed in a 6-metre-high tank with a convex front deck. You can watch the life of the ecosystem from two floors, each with benches with padded seats. In the wild, corals require clean, warm water and plenty of sunlight for photosynthesis to develop, so colonies form in the shallow waters of tropical seas. Swarms of bright exotic fish scurry among the graceful structures made up of polyps and algae. Their predatory relatives are housed in separate aquariums. One of the most photogenic is the striped winged fish with fan-like fins that hide spines of deadly poison. Next door are the tanks with sea anemones and clownfish, which have become popular with children’s audiences thanks to the “Finding Nemo” cartoon.

“Weird and Wonderful is a cluster of unusual creatures that not all viewers can identify. Information can be gleaned from the displays with drawings and brief descriptions of each species. Since the rooms are semi-dark, the tables are backlit for easy reading. In addition to rare and poorly studied specimens, the zoo collection includes cuttlefish, squid, eels and blue crayfish.

Siam Ocean World World in Bangkok

“Seahorse Kingdom” resembles a zoological quest, with participants having to discern the masters of disguise. It is only by looking closely at the seaweed that one can see the living organisms exactly imitating the plants among them. A film telling about the habits of these amazing creatures is shown on the screen. Flounder also knows how to blend in with the environment, burrowing into the bottom ground. Crabs have also mastered the art of camouflage, attaching polyps and sponges to their shells. At the end of the exhibit is a cylindrical aquarium that has become home to the Australian bull shark and a host of nautilus. The ancestors of cephalopod mollusks inhabited the ancient ocean 500 million years ago. The rapid evolutionary development of organisms at a time when the entire planet was covered by water is what scientists have called the “Cambrian Explosion.”

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Moving on to the next room, guests of the oceanarium find themselves in the Tropical Rainforest. The space with the suspension bridge is designed like a jungle with hanging vines, lush vegetation and a waterfall. The greenery is mostly artificial. The forest atmosphere is complemented by sound: croaking frogs, singing birds, chirping cicadas. Arapaima, a freshwater fish native to the Amazon, capable of breathing atmospheric air, zoologists call relict because of its archaic morphology. The weight of large specimens reaches 300 kg. Otters live in a separate spacious aviary, lizards, spiders and snakes live in a terrarium.

You can touch starfish and holothuria in the Rockpool Contact Pool. One of the aquariums has an original vantage point – a bottom dome that you can climb up to your shoulders inside.

“Rocky Shore is the realm of stingrays and penguins native to Africa and South America. Nearby is a playground for children.

The Ocean Tunnel with stingrays and sharks gives the illusion of diving into the depths of the sea.

Installation Shark Shipwreck simulates the site of a shipwreck. The authors of the project gave the interior a national flavor. Among the blocks of stone you can see the sculpture of a giant with protruding from the mouth fangs. A sea witch in female guise is trying to reach with her hand for the mermaid and the prince playing the flute, standing on the other side of the glass. These are the characters of the poem “Pra Apkhai Mani”, their statues can be seen in all cities and provinces of Thailand. The most famous work that became a classic of Thai literature and translated into many languages, the poet Soonton Pu wrote in the XIX century, inspired by stories from mythology and heroic epic.

A fascinating spectacle awaits visitors in the next darkened hall – “Sea Jellies” . Hundreds of jellyfish slowly and smoothly move in the aquariums, illuminated by LED lights. The process of contemplating the pulsating translucent creatures is accompanied by soothing melodies. Seated on comfortable sofas, you can relax to chill-out music and admire the curious creations of nature for a long time.

The last exhibit room of the Penguin Ice Adventure is dedicated to Papuan penguins. The population is native to Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands.

When reviewing the oceanarium in Bangkok, tourists often call the Glass Bottom Boat Activity (350 baht) a waste of money. In reality, it is not a boat with a transparent bottom, but a platform with a rectangular viewing window on the floor. During the 10-minute ride on the surface of the pool passengers see not so much sea life as the people passing through the tunnel. Other disadvantages include the lack of lockers for belongings and the chaotic arrangement of the aquariums.

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