Shopping in England: fun and healthy

Shopping in London

Shopping in London: Shopping worthy of a queen

London attracts tourists not only with its history, but also with the opportunity to stuff their suitcases with clothes and other purchases. So what to expect from shopping in the British capital?

Britain is no longer a leading trading nation, but that doesn’t mean the streets of its cities aren’t pervaded by the spirit of commerce. London is still the fashion capital of the world, along with cities like Milan and Paris. You can’t get enough of the famous Burberry check and clothes from Ben Sherman and Paul Smith. Once you’re on the west side of the city, you can’t help but be amazed by the wealth of merchandise available to visitors on the Thames. There are malls, stores and markets with more affordable prices, not to mention other areas. Britain, like its capital, is not cheap, but that doesn’t diminish the love of shopaholics for it, especially during sales.

Sales in London 2022.

What would you do without a sale in the shopping capital of the world? They are held twice a year – at the height of summer and during the winter holidays. Additional sales, for example, during the anniversary of the company, also enough, but ordinary tourists find out about them difficult. So, you have to go with everyone else in the summer or in late December – early January, when the period of grand discounts begins, which are sometimes 50-75%.

Shopping etiquette

To be a shopper in London is pleasant – the service here is at the highest level, so you get one pleasure from shopping, if you close your eyes to the price. It’s not a problem to return the goods back to the store, you can even say the reason for return. If you have the receipt and the tags are intact, the item will be changed or the whole price will be refunded.

In stores of Great Britain you are allowed to try on any things you like (except underwear), no matter how many of them you have, while in other countries you can often take only three or four things to the dressing room. If the thing does not fit, you can order it – the purchase will be delivered to the address (within London) within a few days.

Some British shoe stores offer a very interesting service. At the entrance the clients are given a special coupon with a number and if it coincides with a number which will appear later on a display board (or the seller will name it), then the client is served out of turn – he is brought as many shoes as he asked to try on, until the choice is made. Russians might be surprised by this kind of service, but it helps salespeople to ensure that the client does not leave the store empty-handed.

It should also be noted that in Britain there are no intrusive sales assistants, they do not “stand over your soul” as it often happens in our country. If there is a need for advice, they will gladly help the guests of the store.

Tax refunds in London

Shopping in London: Shopping worthy of a queen

Tourists from Russia can make shopping hit the pocket a little less. For example, leaving the UK or EU countries, you can get a VAT refund – a tax that is charged at 20% of the cost of all goods, except for clothing for children, books and food. In restaurants, VAT is usually included in the price of the meal. The advantage of the system is that not only the purchases of ordinary tourists fall within its scope, but also the expenses of entrepreneurs.

The VAT refund is simple – simply keep the receipt (valid for 3 months from the date of purchase) and present it, along with the unpacked goods, to customs, where it will be stamped on it. Upon arrival in Russia, you can return the VAT in one of the refund points listed on the Global Refund and Tax-Free-Shopping sites. But there are some nuances. Firstly, it is necessary that the tourist has been in the UK for no more than 365 days in the two years prior to the purchase, and the EU has had time to leave as long as the receipt is valid. Secondly, the procedure is not supported by every store. It should also be taken into account that most of the stores where this system operates, set a minimum amount to be spent in order to get a VAT refund afterwards (about 25 pounds).

You can also use the Global Refund website to apply for a tax-free card, which will save you the time it takes to write a tax-free cheque.

The tax-free service helps reimburse companies and entrepreneurs who come to the UK. Specially for this purpose in London created a company Tax Back International, which and returns the VAT on behalf of the entrepreneur.

Shopping districts

There are some streets in London, which must visit every self-respecting tourist. They are not just shopping areas, but the most beautiful parts of the city. The West End deserves special attention and is home to world famous streets such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Jermyn Street, Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly, popular with writers and musicians.


One of Europe’s busiest streets between Marble Arch and Tottenham Court Road is Oxford Street. More than 200 million pairs of feet traverse it in a year, with three hundred stores and about 5 million square feet of retail space. The title of major shopping street came to Oxford Street in the early twentieth century, when Debenhams and Selfriges stores opened there, which are still in operation today. When you’ve tired of the hustle and bustle, you can head for the large department store area between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus. Oxford Street has expensive department stores as well as mid-range ones: Zara, Topshop, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, H&M and more.

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In the Oxford Circus area another equally famous street, Bond Street, intersects with Oxford Street. It included New Bond street, a short walk from Bond Street station, and Old Bond street (near Picadilly). It is a favorite destination for those shopaholics who are not on a budget. Here are the most expensive and upscale boutiques of world brands. But we must say that in some stores the prices are simply incommensurable.

Those who are not confused by high prices can easily go to Bond Street to buy clothes from Versace, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton. This is also where British fashion houses such as Burberry and Mulberry have their stores. The famous auction house Sotheby’s is located on the same street. For high-end jewelry head to Cartier, Tiffany, and Asprey showrooms. But the heart of Bond Street is the Fenwick department store, which occupies five floors.


Shopping in London: Shopping worthy of a queen

Carnaby Street was once the center of Swinging London. It was mentioned more than once in songs and films, for example in Michelangelo Antonioni’s Magnification. Nowadays the street is somewhat transformed, but its spirit has not lost. Carnaby street is filled with trendy boutiques, bars, and restaurants. For those who prefer urban clothing style, you can suggest stores Diesel, American Apparel, Puma. Close to Carnaby street are a few places that will also be of interest to shoppers: Newburgh Street, Foubert’s Place, Kingly Court. Although, unlike Carnaby Street, these are not what you would call central. It remains the best place to shop for shoes, sporting goods and vintage items. Speaking of prices, it’s a lot cheaper than Bond Street.


Regent street has a reputation as one of London’s most original streets. Here there are stores and boutiques, where you can find a variety of products: clothes made in Britain, toys, food, various fabrics and many other products. Even if shopping isn’t part of your plans, you can simply stroll down the street and admire the view of the elegantly decorated shop windows.

The highlight of Regent Street is the popular Liberty’s department store. And there’s a huge selection of toys to suit all tastes at Hamleys. This store is a paradise for kids.

Tourists who have visited London many times say that there are many stores in the nearby streets (Saville Row, for example). But the high prices, however, discourage many shoppers.


Knightsbridge is an area of London that is popular with shopaholics. Businesses rarely have an office here, but there are stores on almost every corner. The only thing that can stop fans of shopping – it’s high prices.

It is worth noting that shopping in Knightsbridge is very prestigious. There are two legendary department stores here (we are talking about Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols). According to experts, it is one of the best shopping centers of the UK capital. But do not indulge yourself in illusions – to make purchases here can only wealthy people.

The modern stores are located on the streets of Knightsbridge. So you can combine a stroll through the neighborhood with a shopping spree. Discover great brands and internationally renowned designers in the local boutiques.

On Sloane Street you can find Prada, Armani, Dior and more. Here you’ll also find the Peter Jones store, where you’ll find lots of interesting things. For exclusive lingerie, check out La Perla or Rigby & Peller.


Shopping in London: Shopping worthy of a queen

According to experienced tourists, the Covent Garden district is a must visit. In addition to shopping, you can find a lot of interesting things to do here. It is worth noting that this area of London is historically associated with commerce. During the Middle Ages, on the site of Covent Garden was opened a monastic market, which operated for several centuries.

One of the most unusual sights in Covent Garden are the mimes, who can be found literally at every turn. The neighborhood is the perfect place for shopping fans of all ages. Turn onto High Street and you’ll find French Connection, Mango, Oasis and more. For men, it’s a good idea to check out Diesel, Paul Smith, and other men’s clothing stores.

At Neal Street, you can find quality shoes that will last you for years to come. The stores Office, Foot Locker and others can be used to buy new shoes. To get to Neal Street you need to be near the Covent Garden subway station and turn left.


King’s road is a street that locals and tourists alike associate with the underground culture of the last century. Here you can visit the famous store of Vivienne Westwood, who is a recognized designer and punk fashion trendsetter.

On the street there are several popular boutiques French Connection, Benetton and others. You can also visit Levi’s and Johnsons stores here, where you can buy vintage American goods. These boutiques sell unique items made in the spirit of the 1950s and 1960s era.

Shopping aficionados should also definitely check out Ben de Lisi’s. This boutique carries stylish evening gowns for sale. For elegant headwear head to Philip Treacy. At Lulu Guinness’ you’ll find a wide range of handbags, many of them one-of-a-kind.

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Piccadilly is one of the most famous and popular streets in the British capital. However, shoppers are unanimous: Piccadilly loses to Oxford Street in some respects.

It is worth noting that Piccadilly Street, which connects Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus, has been known since the Middle Ages. However, in those ancient times it was called Portugal Street. In the 17th century it was here that Robert Baker moved, who very soon became famous as a merchant of “picadills” – special collars with serrated edges on a rigid base. The size of the piece was adjusted with a wide drawstring.

For several centuries, the street developed at a rapid pace: over time, new buildings appeared on it. Today Piccadilly is one of London’s main streets. Locals call it the cultural center of the city.

Tourists who want to buy tea, traditional sweets, dishes, gifts – perfume, jewelry – can go to Fortnum & Mason. Shopping lovers will not be able to pass by the popular Simpsons store. New books can be purchased at Hatchards and Waterstone’s supermarkets.

Shopping in London: Shopping worthy of a queen

Also worth planning a visit to one of London’s most modern shopping malls, Westfield Shopping Centre. On its territory there are 5 department stores: House of Fraser, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and others. In addition, at the full disposal of customers more than 260 boutiques, which regularly receive new arrivals. The stores have products from 15 countries for sale. The only drawback in this case is the location of the center, it is not in the heart of London. In this area there are very few historical sites and monuments, but here you can meet an army of fans of shopping.

To get to the mall, you can get off at Wood Lane or Shepherd’s Bush tube stations.

London Markets

London markets are no less popular among shoppers than shopping malls and department stores. It is worth noting that street markets in Europe differ from Russian markets for the better. The quality of service, service, hygiene – all these indicators are at the highest level.

It is noteworthy that most of the trading traditions were established during the Middle Ages. Modern people are still reverent to the heritage of the past, so when you go for a walk through the markets of the British capital, you can plunge into the inexpressible atmosphere of bygone centuries. You’ll find everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to antiques on the stalls.

There are plenty of food markets in London that locals and tourists alike love to visit. Gourmets will find everything they need to prepare gourmet meals. They sell unusual ingredients as well as ready-made treats and delicacies.

Experienced tourists are confident that you can make interesting purchases not only in expensive boutiques, but also in the markets of the British capital.


In London there are many places where you can buy gifts for friends and relatives, memorable souvenirs, clothes, accessories, antiques, etc. at fairly democratic prices.


A video guide to London’s major shopping districts

On the official website of the TV show “Head & Tails. Shopping” TV show’s official website, you can see the issue dedicated to shopping in London.

England: shopping in London and other cities

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But tourists willingly spend money here. In other cities of England prices are not lower, but almost no one leaves here empty-handed. The lovers of fashion and timeless classics, lovers of good beer and tea, fans of Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes – London, Manchester, Liverpool and other British cities are waiting for you to go shopping!

anglia london

The national currency of Great Britain is the pound sterling (see our converter for the current exchange rate to the ruble). We would advise you to change money at home. The conversion of the ruble-euro-pound is very unprofitable. Also do not change money in England. But if need be, go to the bank or official exchange office. It is best to estimate all costs in advance and take a card just in case. Cashless payment in England is more profitable than a cash withdrawal from ATMs (they take about two pounds of commission per transaction).

Shopping in England is expensive, so that the return of VAT is not unreasonable. Global Blue gives cashback on purchases from 30 pounds, and Tax Free Worldwide – from 50. To get your money back, you’ll need to take a receipt at the checkout counter, fill it out and show it to Customs. There are Cash Refund points at Heathrow and Gatwick, where you can get cash back in hand or have it transferred to your card.

So what can I bring from England?

Clothing and Accessories

Sale season in England never ends. London does not lag behind its European neighbors – it always joins the traditional post-Christmas and summer sales. However, some stores often have spontaneous sales at other times. So shopping in London can be lucrative at any time of year – you never know.

London’s leading malls and stores are centrally located. The best department store in Birmingham is the Bull Ring, in Liverpool it’s Liverpool ONE, in Manchester it’s Manchester Arndale.

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Fashion Around the World

If you are not limited in money, shopping in the capital of England will be pleasant and comfortable for you. Try Burberry, Monsoon or Paul Smith. Anyway, you know everything yourself – famous designers and brands don’t need an extra introduction. Look no further than London’s little-known designers. They offer bold pieces and set the trend for the world.

By the way, the prices for things by young and promising London designers are not too high. A shirt or blouse, for example, can be bought for 50-60 pounds, a bag for 30-40 pounds. And this despite the fact that many accessories are made in single copies. This, of course, does not apply to the world names.

There are good boutiques not only in London. If you have time, you can go shopping in the same York.

Shopping at Harrods

Harrods in London is one of the largest and most prestigious shopping malls in the world. People come here not only for shopping, but also just to gaze at the famous stores. What to say if the department store is the third most visited landmark of the British capital.

Especially popular are the Christmas department and the grocery store. In Harrods you can buy clothes, accessories, electronics, jewelry, sport and beauty products, nice things for home, souvenirs for every taste and much more.

Prices here, of course, are high, but that does not stop: daily attendance is more than 300 thousand people. If you are not limited in means, then by all means visit the shopping in Harrods. But for budget travelers, Harrods is at least worth the effort. Located on Brompton Road, Harrods is always packed with people with cameras.

shopping at harrods, london.

Shopping in Liberty

For the shopaholics amongst us, head to Liberty, Britain’s second most popular department store. Here everything meets the latest fashion trends. At Liberty they pay attention to trends: here you can buy designer clothes of the highest class. This is true not only for clothing but also for interior design. Classics lovers won’t be bored here either. In this department store you will find items from the best British and European manufacturers.

Expect to find few familiar brands in Liberty, because the department store specialises in rare goods. But of course, the prices are high. Sales in Liberty are infrequent, and discounts during them are almost imperceptible. The department store is close to Oxford Circus tube station.

Flea markets

Love vintage? Head for the Camden, Stables, and Portobello markets. Or feel free to visit any of the others. There is a wide range of all kinds of things, and among them you can find the real treasures. You’ll have to spend some time to find something worthwhile among the rubble. But the true “hunters” for the vintage know that it is worth it.

European brands.

If we’re talking about mass-market, it’s worth buying things in London only for those who are looking for something from the new collections. The choice here is so dazzling. But the prices are much higher than the European average. So if you are not a big fan of fashion and not searching for novelties, it is wise to refrain from shopping in London. Save the situation only on sale – if you are lucky, you can buy things at a 70 percent discount.

Look for stores of popular European brands on Oxford Street. You’ll find lots of them and they’re all enormous. Visit the largest Top Shop in the world. Even Kate Moss herself stops by the Top Shop to shop there. Visit Westfield London and its enormously popular mall.


If you’re the kind of person who thinks every man should have a perfectly tailored suit, buy one in London. There are many ateliers in this city, where tailors of different classes work. A mid-range tailor will charge about £500 for a suit. You’ll leave four or five times as much with a high-end tailor. Shirts, jackets, pants – any closet detail – can be tailored separately. The biggest concentration of ateliers is on Savile Row.

Also men should pay attention to London accessories. From England you can bring good status watches, ties or bowties, briefcases. If you are looking for a good gift for a man in London, look out for these things. Fans of classics in England have a lot to choose from.

Buy a scarf in London is already a classic. Love style and status? Then head to the boutiques of local designers. Love London’s scenery? Go to a souvenir store. Scarves in England, like umbrellas, are sold literally on every corner. The simplest ones cost about 5-6 pounds. For the exclusive have to pay 100 times more.


Women and girls in London should definitely visit accessories stores and buy fashionable jewelry in a classical minimalist or, conversely, avant-garde style. In England, there are a lot of own brands – you should definitely pay attention to them. If you go to Birmingham, go shopping in the famous Jewelry Quarter. It’s considered the largest in Europe and it’s located in the heart of the city.


Women and girls are advised to take high-quality British cosmetics from London. They are not the most popular in the world, but they are still worth checking out.

Beauty and Care

Visit Selfridges & Co. for the largest selection of products. It makes sense to buy both skincare and decorative cosmetics.

Popular choices include Bamford, ESPA, Elemis, Philip Kingsley, Neom Luxury Organics, John Frieda Collection, Margaret Dabbs, Nourish and others. Want something natural and flavorful? Head to Lush or The Body Shop. You are probably already familiar with their products, but you have a bigger choice in London.

Herculaneum is a magical and reborn city

If you’re looking for make-up, look no further than Rouge Bunny Rouge or Rimmel. For your friends, get the famous Tangle Teezer – it comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.


Would you like to spoil yourself? Or maybe you’re a man in search of a good gift for a woman in London? Then go straight to Penhaligon’s. They make perfumes for the royal palace. Or go to Miller Harris for a unique composition.


Buy all sorts of souvenirs in London on Oxford Street. It’s Europe’s longest shopping street. It’s also the cheapest place to shop in the entire capital.

souvenir from London

Visit Convent Garden Market. Here you can find souvenirs for all tastes. From standard model buses and tiny Big Bens, to bed sheets with a diagram of the London Underground or a Sherlock Holmes tube.

But shopping at the London Christmas Fair won’t be much of a bargain. The prices there are deliberately high.

Typical souvenirs

Cool Britannia (225-229 Piccadilly) is the largest gift store in Britain. It is worth a visit for every tourist. The prices here are not lower and not higher than elsewhere. A postcard is just under £1, picture frames and mugs £6-7, beer cups £8-9, a copy of the famous London bus £9-10 and a T-shirt with the British flag £40-50.

Souvenirs in London can also be bought in standard tourist shops. There is a large selection of tiny Big Ben, buses, telephone boxes, guardsmen and other souvenirs that tourists take from England most often. And also very popular are things that are somehow related to the royal couple. The portrait of beloved Diana adorns many T-shirts, umbrellas and mugs. Increasingly popular are the newly crowned princesses – their faces are everywhere.

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, head to Stratford-upon-Avon. Here you’ll find the biggest choice of Shakespeare-related souvenirs.

For kids

No need to think hard about what to bring back from London for kids – go to the Disney Store. It’s a chain store, with an outlet in nearly every major UK shopping center. Step into it – and you’ll get into a real fairy tale world. Here you can buy little things like magnets and trinkets, as well as toys, school supplies, furnishings and other beauty, which any child will love. These stores have tried to pay attention to all the popular Disney characters, so it’s easy to find your favorite character.

Oxford and Cambridge.

The best souvenir from Oxford or Cambridge is, of course, a diploma. But unfortunately you can’t buy it in these student cities. But clothes, worn by students of famous universities, you can buy. Buy sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps or backpacks with symbols of famous universities. They are sold in London too, but it is much more symbolic to bring them from Oxford or Cambridge.


For soccer fans in England there is plenty to do. If you can, you should go to Manchester – here and go to the National Football Museum, and buy souvenirs. There’s a huge selection of all sorts of cups, balls, clothes and other thematic things for tourists.

Soccer shopping is good not only in Manchester, but also in other English cities. There are many different themed stores all over the country. Especially popular are the official boutiques of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and the national team. You can buy uniforms, souvenirs with the autographs of players (both real and printed), posters, fan paraphernalia, etc.

Large selection of soccer souvenirs in the tourist shops, as well as in gift stores. You can even buy miniature figures of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney and other world famous English soccer players. There is also a huge selection of t-shirts, backpacks, scarves, beer mugs with emblems of local clubs.


Fans of the world’s most famous detective should head to 221b Baker Street. Can you guess why? It’s elementary, Watson! To avoid confusion tourists decided to put the best Sherlock Holmes-themed gift store here.

Why not bring back from London a pipe, a cape or at least a postcard of your favorite character? The reviews for this souvenir shop are very positive: while there are many Sherlock Holmes souvenirs sold all over England, this is the place with the most souvenirs.

baker street, london


What country is the famous street artist Banksy from? That’s right, from England. And that means that his fans should bring from London souvenirs with prints in the form of his creations. Check out the Unofficial Banksy Store (57a Portobello Road). Here you can buy T-shirts, mugs and other souvenirs with his paintings. A T-shirt with a popular print will cost you around £15.


For antiques in London, go to the famous Antiques Shop (13-14 Portsmouth Street). This place was described in a novel by Dickens, and today it fully corresponds to this image. Prices here, however, are inflated, as the place is very popular and is fully geared for tourists. But the choice is great and the atmosphere is amazing.

If you are a collector, you should definitely go to Christie’s or Sotheby’s. At Sotheby’s you can buy unique pieces of art. They sell unique items at high prices, and the range is pleasantly diverse. Budget tourists should also stop here – just for a tour.

The city of Kassel, Germany - fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and modern art

Harry Potter

In London’s bookstores, Potteromancers will find cherished books about the “boy who survived” in the original language. Souvenir shops all over England have a huge selection on the theme of the magical world of Harry Potter.

Those in the know go shopping in Oxford. Here you’ll find the Flaggs store: fans of J.K. Rowling will love it. And it’s also worth checking out the Harry Potter Museum in London for the chic Warner Bros. gift store. Here you can buy wands, Quidditch players’ uniforms, famous sweets from Hogsmeade, faculty scarves, and more.

It’s the one place in England where you can buy gifts for adults and children – it doesn’t hurt to bring home a piece of magic. True, the prices bite. Just a magnet will cost you £3-4, and the uniform will cost you a pretty penny – the prices start at £200. Yet the reviews on shopping in this magical London store are exceptionally rave.


Esoteric lovers should definitely pay a visit to 19-21 Cecil Ct. One of London’s most atmospheric bookshops, Watkins Books is located here. It’s not just books you can buy here. The shop specializes in mysticism, modern spirituality, the occult and other such things. This place has also become a tourist destination, so the prices here are high.

Umbrellas are sold in almost every gift store in London. Jokes about the weather in England have long been beaten, but these accessories are still in high demand among tourists. And why not? Buy an umbrella with views of London as a memento of the trip or as a gift to loved ones – beautiful, practical, symbolic. They cost about £12-15.

Want to bring home a special umbrella from England? Then visit the store James Smith & Sons. Here you can buy an accessory that with the slight movement of his hand turns into a cane or even a chair. The prices here are already higher: from 70 pounds.

↓ Use the form to find a hotel in London at a bargain price. You have great options in the heart of London! ↓

Food & Drink

For something tasty to bring back from London, you can visit the supermarkets or markets. The difference in price and quality is small. There is also something worth buying in specialized stores, and the same tea is sold on every corner.

Cadbury chocolates from England

In England it is worth to buy the famous cheeses. The most popular varieties are Cheddar, Cheshire, Stilton and Gloucester. It is best to buy them at the market. Well, do not worry about quality – even the most budget version of cheddar from the supermarket will please gourmets.

If you want to bring English cheese to Russia, do not forget about the customs rules: buy the product in original vacuum packs, and not more than 3 pounds per person.


As a gift to loved ones in England, it is worth buying a box or two of chocolates by Cadbury. Their most popular product is truffles with champagne. You can buy British chocolate in any supermarket. The largest selection of the famous manufacturer’s products is in the London store Charbonnel Et Walker.

The price for a small box of chocolates is about £3. A more substantial set will cost 5-7 pounds.

You can’t take such a souvenir from England as a present for children – you shouldn’t buy truffles (and even with champagne) for them. But figurines of fairytale characters you can look for. In souvenir stores and supermarkets there is a large selection of these sweets made of milk chocolate.

Yes, the famous jelly was invented in the U.S.. But if you have a real sweet tooth, we advise you to look into the shopping at the famous M&M’s World. This four-story store is completely dedicated to these delicious sweets. There is an incredible selection of sweets in all shapes and sizes. And souvenirs, of course, are also available. Do you want to bring back a sweet tooth or a child’s gift from London? Head to Leicester Square – you can easily find the store by its smell.

Ready to indulge in a bit of live-o-clock? Then you need a special tea. Ideally you should buy classic English brekfast, bergamot, or jasmine, but there are others too. It’s a crime not to buy tea in London. It will cost around £7-8 in a plain pack, and £20 or more in a gift pack. The most budget-friendly option is Twinings (the price of a box is about £3-4).

Buy a box with a picture of Big Ben or the famous Royal Guards – it’s very symbolic gift from London for loved ones. You can also find tea in tin cans with pictures of telephone boxes, the royal palace and other recognizable symbols of Britain in gift stores.

If you want to feel aristocratic, get a Wedgwood or Royal Dalton china tea set. Expensive but classy: make you feel like royalty.


For hard drinkers, get a bottle of London’s most popular malt whisky, Glenfiddich. Of course you should also visit famous London pubs to sample the best local beers – beers, ales, porter, lagers. Go home and buy a bottle or two of Taddy Porter, Old Brewery Pale Ale or the famous Guinness. Beer lovers will definitely appreciate such a souvenir from England.

beer in England

We hope you will find our shopping tips in English cities useful. We wish you a pleasant and profitable shopping experience! Do you have something to add? Feel free to write in the comments!

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