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Seychelles for many people associated with luxury hotels, incredibly high prices and fabulous nature. I agree with only the latter, it’s time to break the stereotypes We always plan our beach vacation in advance, 5-6 months in advance. This year the plan was to fly to Thailand or Zanzibar.

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Hi all! My husband and I have been talking about life on a yacht for a long time, but the idea to go on such a trip came by chance. I came across an advertisement for a yacht tour in the Seychelles. The promises looked amazingly tempting and the price tag was amazingly adequate.

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Greetings to everyone who stopped by my travel review! I finally finished it! You didn’t stop by for nothing, as it’s about my and my husband’s solo vacation to the Seychelles in the summer of 2017.

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Hi all! I want to leave a review about one of my best vacations in life – vacation in the Seychelles… Generally Seychelles and Maldives have always been my dream and here, it came true. I spent 9 nights on the island of Mahe and also visited the island of Praline and La Digue. Tickets and hotel booked separately.

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Due to the closure of the borders of many countries, googling, found a country with open borders, which for some reason is not included in most reviews of available countries for tourism now. 1) Seychelles now has direct Aeroflot flights with very convenient overnight flights both there and back.

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I will describe our trip to Seychelles, Eden Island, for New Year’s Eve 21-22. Maybe it will help others not to get in touch with dishonest people and thus ruin their vacation. Since we were going to go on vacation for seven people (including three young children) we were only looking for a villa.

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I want to share my vacation in the Seychelles! Namely, as we have independently planned his vacation in a place where we usually go with a lot of money. Well first of all we bought tickets 9 months in advance. We chose a flight with a connection in the Emirates. In our case it was Abu Dhabi.

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We wanted to visit the Seychelles for a long time. We decided to fly there in October, because according to reviews this is the most favorable time. We flew with Etihad with a connection in Abu Dhabi. Seychelles greeted us with overcast weather and light rain. At first we were upset, but after an hour, the sky was blue.

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Hello everyone, I do not know what made me write a review of the Seychelles, probably the fact that it’s been 2 years and they do not give me peace, it is a paradise to visit. To write a review of the trip in my opinion is very difficult, so I will not go into details, write complicated names of hotels and beaches.

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My dream came true! On our honeymoon we went to the Seychelles! Seychelles is a little piece of paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We approached the question of choosing a place for our trip with full responsibility.

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Hello, dear readers of my page! I want to share with you and show you the places where you can buy inexpensive gifts from the Seychelles (in the form of spices, drinks, clothing). In order to buy presents, we came to Victoria, the capital of Seychelles.

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The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean and officially part of Africa, they are inhabited by Creoles who speak a Creole language very much like broken French, the inhabitants are lazy and jealous, the women are all alstuhi and dress either like cheap vaudeville characters or Harlem prostitutes,…

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Curie Island is a small island in the Seychelles archipelago, its entire territory is a national park. It is closest to the island of Praslin, where we stayed on our second trip to the Seychelles.

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We visited the island of La Digue during a vacation spent on the island of Mahe. It was a day excursion. This is my fourth Seychelles review after I covered the islands of Mahe, Praslin and Curiosity. La Digue Island is a small island in the Seychelles archipelago.

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Praslin island, probably the second most visited island in the Seychelles archipelago. Here we stayed on our second trip to Seychelles. After arriving on Mahe, we needed to get to Praslin Island (family of 7).

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This is a review of the island of Mahe, Seychelles. I visited the Seychelles and the island of Mahe in particular back in January 2010. And now, almost 9 years later, in December 2019, I returned to this beautiful place: the Seychelles.

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Bird Island ! That’s a truly unique place for sure. If you find yourself in the Seychelles, I recommend the tour to Bird Island! We got there by a small plane of local Seychelles airlines. There is also a ferry to the island from Mahe, but the travel time is 6-8 hours, which is quite tiring.

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Omusi Guesthouse is located on the island of Praslin, at Côte d’Or, Anse Volber beach. It is located on the grounds of the local Museum of Seychelles life, hence the name From the airport you can get in three ways: – cab; 20-30 minute drive, 400 Seychelles rupees (about 1,200 rubles) – shuttle…

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First of all, I liked the fact that we spent 4 days in this hotel completely alone. We had a “private” pool and the entire area at our disposal. What could not but please. We got to the hotel by electric car for 150 rupees. We rented it at the tourist office at the port.

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Good afternoon to all travelers! Today I will tell you about Kempinski Seychelles Resort 5 in the Seychelles. We were at this hotel in April 2015, so memories are still fresh.

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This was our fourth mini hotel we visited on our honeymoon, and comparing it to the others I gave it a 4. But visiting La Villa Teresa left only positive emotions! And if we didn’t have anything to compare it with, the hotel deserves 5 points.

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A small modest town that the whole world learned about in 2014. From humble regional center to the capital of the Republic. Is there life in Lugansk, what to visit in the city, what to bring from the city with you.

Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to Lugansk for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I’ve lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

All about vacations in the Seychelles.

Reviews of vacations in the Seychelles

We tell you about the peculiarities of holidays in the Seychelles in 2022. Learn about the weather, beaches, prices for tours, tickets, hotels, food and entertainment. How do they celebrate weddings on the islands? Can I save money when I travel?

Exchange rate: 1 Seychelles rupee (SCR) ≈ 5 RUB.

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When is the Seychelles vacation season?

Thanks to the warm tropical climate, Seychelles is pleasant to vacation all year round. The weather is good, and there are no sudden changes in temperature. The sea water is heated to +26. +28 ° C, and the average air temperature is +25. +32 ° C and humidity of 80%.

Tourists come to the tropical islands in any month. However, according to reviews, the best time for recreation in the Seychelles is considered the dry season from June to September and the quiet off-season – May and October. Least of all holidaymakers during the wet season – from November to April.

Weather in Seychelles by month:

20 of the world's most beautiful city waterfronts
t air, ° C t air, ° C Rainy days
January 30 28 11
February 31 28,5 8
March 31,5 29 7
April 32 30 7
May 31,3 29,5 8
June 30 27,5 5
July 29,5 26,5 2
August 28,5 26,5 4
September 29 27 7
October 30 28 8
November 30,5 28,5 10
December 30,5 28,5 13

Map of Seychelles beaches

Best Beaches and Islands

On the island of Mahe is the most popular beach Beau Vallon . It is 3 km long and is covered with white soft sand. Along the coast stretches a chain of stores, cafes, and several diving centers. According to reviews, it is a good place for family holidays in Seychelles and water sports.

Surfers love Anse Intendance, a beach in the southwest of Mahé. The coast in this part of the island is not enclosed by a coral reef, so large waves and storms are formed. Picturesque and comfortable beach on the island of La Digue – Anse Cocos, and on the island of Praslin – Anse Lazio .

The most expensive beach for the rest of the Seychelles is spread out on the small island of Frigate. Service here is affordable only for very wealthy tourists. Along the beach strip grows a forest, the shade of which saves resorts from the heat.

Holiday in Seychelles

Beach Grand Anse. Photo: @mece /

Beaches of the island of Mahe.

A complete guide to the beaches of the Seychelles islands

Seychelles tour prices in 2022

How much does it cost to vacation in the Seychelles? For the 2022 season, tour prices are high. A trip for two people lasting 10 days with departure from Moscow and accommodation in a 2* hotel will cost 158 thousand rubles. A tour with accommodation in a 3* hotel will cost 160 thousand rubles, in a 4* hotel – 178 thousand rubles, and in a 5* hotel – 183 thousand rubles.

The all inclusive program on the islands is only offered at 4* and 5* hotels, but there are few of them. Prices for an “all inclusive” vacation in Seychelles in 2022 are prohibitively high – from 340 thousand rubles in the high season for 7 days. Tours with meals “full board” are cheaper, but still expensive – from 200 thousand rubles in 4 * and 5 * hotels.

Not surprisingly, most tourists choose accommodation without meals, with breakfasts or stay at hotels with the option of “meals to the room”.

Hotel Prices

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Holidays in the Seychelles are not for everyone. Hotel prices are 2-2.5 times higher than in the resorts of the Mediterranean or Egypt.

The cost of standard room for two in the high season in popular resorts, in $:

Smallest cities of Switzerland, interesting for travelling
Victoria Mahe La Digue Praslin Frigate Island
Guesthouse 100 90 115 100
Hotel 2* 115 100 130 120
Hotel 3* 140 140 200 140
4* Hotel 260 250 300 200
Hotel 5* 350 350 550

Ticket Prices

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Holidays in Seychelles in 2022 turns out to be costly not only because of expensive accommodation, but also because of high flight prices. During the peak season air tickets from Moscow to the island of Mahe and back for one person cost from 36 thousand rubles. For flight to the island of Praslin pay even more expensive – from 39 thousand rubles.

Food prices in Seychelles in 2022

The average bill for breakfast and lunch in a budget cafe for two is 600 SCR. For this money tourists are served a meat or fish dish with rice, vegetables and a drink. For dinner at a cheap restaurant, excluding the cost of alcohol, pay 1200-2000 SCR. A big mac set at McDonald’s costs SCR 210. Room service for a couple of sandwiches, two bowls of soup and drinks is 500-700 SCR.

Food prices in Seychelles in 2022:

  • A portion of freshly cooked fish from street vendors – 50-60 SCR;
  • octopus salad – 60-100 SCR;
  • main course at a restaurant – 300-500 SCR;
  • pizza – 160 SCR;
  • coconut nougat – 80-100 SCR;
  • cup of cappuccino – 50 SCR;
  • a glass of wine – 150-200 SCR;
  • coca-cola, 0,33 l – 20 SCR;
  • ice-cream – 15-20 SCR.

Food in Seychelles is expensive because only a small part of the island nation’s land is suitable for agriculture. Buying at markets is a little more profitable. Prices of products in stores in Seychelles:

  • bread – 12-15 SCR;
  • rice, 1 kg – 25 SCR;
  • a packet of macaroni – 12 SCR;
  • eggs – 40 SCR;
  • evaporated milk – 25 SCR;
  • milk, 1 l – 30 SCR;
  • yogurt – 7 SCR;
  • fish, 1 kg – from 60 SCR;
  • cheese, 1 kg – 196 SCR;
  • sausage, 1 kg – from 50 SCR;
  • chicken, 1 kg – 85 SCR;
  • vegetables, 1 kg – 30-80 SCR;
  • potatoes – 25-30 SCR;
  • bananas – 40 SCR;
  • papaya, 1 kg – 50 SCR;
  • lime, 1 kg – 35-40 SCR;
  • coffee can, 0,2 kg – from 100 SCR;
  • bottled water – 20 SCR.

Prices for alcohol in Seychelles:

  • local beer, 0.5 l – 20-30 SCR;
  • imported beer, 0,33 l – 30-40 SCR;
  • a bottle of wine – from 100 SCR;
  • rum – 300 SCR;
  • whisky – 550 SCR.
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At the fish market. Photo: / SeyBrew island beer. Photo: yashima / / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Prices for tours and entertainment

Entertainment programs are offered in travel agencies and directly in the hotels. According to reviews, during holidays in Seychelles tourists enjoy evening cruises, going on sea fishing and neighboring islands. Vacationers are in demand:

  • Mahe bus tour – 780 STC;
  • Air trip to Bird Island – 3600 STC;
  • St. Anne’s Marine National Park – 1,320 STC;
  • Praslin island ferry – 1700 STC.

Those partial to outdoor activities choose:

  • sea safari – 1700 STC;
  • fishing for half a day – 7,700 STC;
  • helicopter flight over the islands – from 5000 SCR.

Snorkeling and diving . Holidays in Seychelles can not be imagined without diving. According to reviews, snorkeling is slightly inferior to the Maldives, but the islands and picturesque coral reefs are considered among the best places in the world for divers. Visibility exceeds 30 meters, the ocean is home to over 900 species of fish and fifty varieties of coral.

Annual monsoons affect the quality and transparency of the water, so during the wet season, diving in the Seychelles is almost impossible. The best time for diving is April, May and the first half of fall.

The most popular diving sites in Seychelles are Aldabra, Silhouette and the shark spot “Marianna” near the island of La Digue. Divers also like Dragon’s Teeth, Blanchiseusse, Malgache Bank, Recife Island and the underwater rocks of Trompeuse and Biter.

The best snorkeling spots in Seychelles, according to reviews, are Sainte Anne National Marine Park, Anse Sunset Beach and the wave-protected Anse Royale Beach on Mahé.

Approximate prices for snorkeling and diving in Seychelles in 2022:

  • individual dives – 850 SCR;
  • package of 5 dives – 3900 SCR;
  • night diving – 1000 SCR;
  • Half-day boat rental for snorkeling – 7000 SCR.

Wedding and honeymoon in Seychelles

Tropical islands are great for weddings and romantic getaways for two. You can choose a symbolic wedding or a formal registration. Newlyweds like celebrations with exotic flowers on the beach, romantic candlelight dinner, live concerts under palm trees and pleasant spa treatments.

Newlyweds prefer to stay in small hotels on the coast, where there are no large crowds. Many choose cozy gesthouses near picturesque beaches.

Prices. An offsite wedding ceremony or wedding in a hotel costs from 60 thousand rubles. The price depends on the venue, hotel, date and included services.

Prices for vacations in Seychelles

Almost every picturesque beach on the planet is accompanied by a local wedding agent (Photo: Pexels /

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