Seefeld, Austria – cross country ski resort


Leutasch snowboarding: fanpark at the Kreithlift. Seefeld: snowboard hangout at Rosshutte, half-pipe (100 m) next to Rosshuttenlift.

Pillow is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (in good weather)

Cross-country skiing ***** (ADAC). The total length of trails for cross-country skiing is 250 km, of which 130 km in Seefeld. There is a ski school.

Ski schools and kindergartens. One ski school (about 120 certified instructors). One of the strongest ski schools in Austria.

Accommodations (locations)

  • Season: December 15 – March 15
  • Difference of heights: 1200-2064 m
  • There is a railway station

How to get there

Nearest international airports: Innsbruck (22 km, about 25 minutes by car from Seefeld), Munich (150 km, about two hours by car). The railway station is Seefeld. You can get to the station in Seefeld from Innsbruck by train from Innsbruck to Munich (ICE 960) in 40 minutes. From Innsbruck you can also get to the resort by bus. Olympiaregion Seefeld is located in the heart of the Alps, it is easy to get here by car from different directions. From Innsbruck you need to follow the A12 motorway eastwards to the Zirl ost exit, then 12 km northwards to Garmisch-Panterkirchen. From Munich, you will take the A95 motorway to the Eschenlohe exit and then follow the B2 freeway past Garmisch. In Clais you will need to turn right onto ST2542 to Clais and Elmau. Then near Mittenwald turn right onto ST2042/Partenkirchner Strasse, proceeding to the B2 and onto the B177/E533 straight on to Seefeld. The most convenient way to get to the airport is to book a cab transfer.

Reviews (13)

Inbruik is great, sunny, lots of snow, not many people, excellent slopes for medium-skiers, elevators are very fast, very nice panoramic view from the mountain, even non-skiers can go up, accommodation for every taste.

Stopped in Innsbruck for a couple of days and had a question to do some skiing. So we rode here. It took about 25 minutes. Parking in front of the elevator and a big one. At the top of the restaurants, there are children’s slopes, blue, red and black slopes, little snow, .

General Information

Seefeld has long been known as one of the best and most popular sports centers in Tyrol, offering a huge number of sporting opportunities to its always welcome and welcomed guests.

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Seefeld, Austria’s cross-country skiing capital, has hosted three Winter Olympics (in 1964, 1976 and 2012) in its endless flat skiing expanses, and the region’s unique infrastructure is built for major sporting events. It is flatland skiing is the region’s No. 1 sport. The proximity to Garmisch greatly expands the opportunities for skiing in the region.

One of the attractive sights in Seefeld is the chamber church of St. Oswald. The charismatic image of this place dates back to those glorious times when European artistic bohemians gathered here for the winter vacations. And even though those days are gone, Seefeld is still the same charming little charming little town it used to be.

Read more ” Seefeld has long been known as one of Tyrol’s best and most popular sports centers, offering a wealth of opportunities for the always eagerly awaited and desirable.

Seefeld, Austria’s cross-country skiing capital, has hosted three Winter Olympics (in 1964, 1976 and 2012) in its endless flat skiing expanses, and the region’s unique infrastructure is built for major sporting events. It is flatland skiing is the region’s No. 1 sport. The proximity to Garmisch greatly expands the opportunities for skiing in the region.

One of the attractive sights in Seefeld is the chamber church of St. Oswald. The charismatic image of this place dates back to those glorious times when European artistic bohemians gathered here for the winter vacations. And even though those days are gone, Seefeld is still the same charming little charming little town it used to be.

Seefeld – Austria’s winter resort for skiers and not only

Seefeld (Austria) – a fashionable ski resort, beloved by wealthy people and the creative elite. Seefeld is the perfect vacation spot for cross-country skiers, who enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the Olympic cross-country skiing trails. The slopes are best suited for intermediate skiers and beginners, who can learn at the best ski school in Austria. As for the alpine skiing and snowboarding aesthetes, who are looking for a variety of ultra-complicated slopes, you may be disappointed.

Seefeld, Austria

General information

Seefeld is an old Tyrolean village, known for over 7 centuries. It lies about 20 km north-west of Innsbruck on a high plain (1200 m above sea level), surrounded by mountains. A large part of the tourists arrive here from Munich, which is 140 km away.

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Seefeld is an old Tyrolean village

As a resort in Seefeld in Tyrol known since the XIX century, this picturesque village came elite audience to breathe the healing mountain air and improve their health.

Seefeld (see = lake, feld = field, German) owes its name to the Wildsee lake, which is surrounded by green fields and wooded slopes. The cozy streets with traditional Tyrolean houses occupy only 17 square kilometers, it takes 40-50 minutes to get around the entire town. There are about 3000 people, the official language is German.

1976 Olympics

As a famous ski resort in Austria, Seefeld twice became a place of the Winter Olympics. In 1964 and 1976 it was the host of the Olympic cross-country skiing competitions. It also hosted the World Championships in 1985 and is scheduled to host them in 2019.


Seefeld is a ski resort with cross-country skiing as a priority. The trails for them run for a total distance of about 250 km at an altitude of 1,200 m and run through terrain with different terrain. The skiers will find both wooded areas and open areas with magnificent panoramas of mountain scenery.

Seefeld piste map

In the vicinity of Seefeld there are 19 ski slopes with a total length of 36 km. The vast majority of them are easy slopes – 21 km, 12 km are medium ones, and 3 km are difficult ones.

There are free shuttles from Seefeld hotels to the ski lift stations, which are 5-7 minutes away. In the eastern part of the town there is a cable car that leads to the ski area Seefelder-Joch, the highest point of which is at an altitude of 2100 m. The slopes here are wide and gentle enough for beginners. The exception is a five kilometer long “red” slope with the altitude difference of 870 kilometers.

Recreation in Seefeld

In the southern part of the ski elevators are located, leading to a low mountain Gschwandtkopf, rising above the plateau at 300 m, The system connects Gschwandtkopf with Rosshütte peaks ridge up to 2050 m above sea level. There are slopes of varying difficulty – from “green” to “red”. To find out about the lengths and levels of difficulty you can go to: Seefeld, map of the slopes on the official website of the ski resort of Austria.

For skiing at night in Hermelkopf there is a two kilometer long lit slope with a difference of height of 260 meters. Directly in the town there are small slopes, ideal for teaching children. Seefeld – a ski center for learning to ski as children and adults, local school, which employs 120 qualified instructors, considered the best in Austria.

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Downhill skiing in Seefeld

In addition to the ski slopes there is:

  • A three-kilometer-long toboggan slope;
  • 2 skating rinks;
  • 40 grounds for curling;
  • A half-kilometer bobsleigh chute, on which you can go down with the help of cars.

There is a skating school and curling courses.

Ice skating

In the flatlands there are many trails with a total length of 80 km, on which you can hike on a snowmobile, enjoying the clean air and breathtaking mountain scenery.

In Seefeld there are almost no cloudy days. The winter season here lasts from December to March. There is always a lot of snow, but in case of its absence there are generators of artificial snow, which can provide snow coverage of 90% of the trails.


In Seefeld there is a funicular and 25 elevators, among which chairlifts and rope tow lifts prevail. They perfectly cope with the influx of fans of skiing.

Prices for ski passes in Seefeld

The cost of a ski pass is:

  • €45-55 for 1 day and €230-260 for 6 days for adults;
  • €42-52 for 1 day and €215-240 for 6 days for teenagers under 18 years old;
  • €30-38 for 1 day and €140-157 for 6 days for children 6-15 years old.

The multi-day ski pass applies not only to the slopes of Seefeld, but also to the nearby ski resorts of Austria Zugspitz-Arena, as well as the German Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

You can get more precise information by visiting the website: Seefeld Ski Resort official website https:


The infrastructure of Seefeld is excellent, it is one of the most status ski resorts in Austria. It offers luxury hotels, about 60 restaurants and as many clubs, indoor tennis courts, indoor pool, numerous saunas, spas, a cinema, a bowling alley, an entertainment center and an amusement park for children.


Here you can go horseback riding in the arena, to master such sports disciplines as paragliding, squash, curling. In the evenings you can have fun in discos or try your luck at Austria’s most famous casino.

Where to stay?

Seefeld is an Austrian ski resort with more than a century of history. It is used to a large number of guests, there are many options for their accommodation. You can stay here in hotels 3 *, 4 *, 5 *, as well as in apartments, which can be either modest chalets or luxurious mansions.

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4* room at the Parkhotel Seefeld

Parkhotel Seefeld

Double room rates at highly rated hotels and suites start at €135 per night including taxes. In five-star hotels the price of such a room is about €450 per day.

All hotels have free Wi-Fi, included breakfasts, all the necessary facilities, services and entertainment. Planning a trip for the winter season, you should book a hotel in advance, because the closer to the date of the trip, the less choice of accommodation becomes. And during New Year holidays the flow of holidaymakers is so great that there may not be any seats at all.

Besides staying in Seefeld you can also stay in one of the neighboring towns: Reit-Bai Seefeld (3.5 km), Zierl (7 km) or Leutach (6 km). Accommodation in them is cheaper, although such developed infrastructure, as in Seefeld, they do not have. Such accommodation is available to those who have a car.

Seefeld in summer

Although Seefeld belongs to the ski resorts, but you can have a great vacation in the summer. The picturesque summer landscapes of this mountainous area are as beautiful as the winter.

Seefeld in Summer

There are a lot of opportunities for interesting and active rest. Lovers of refreshing bathing can swim in the picturesque mountain lake or relax in the nearby open-air pool with warm water. The numerous hiking trails, which number in the hundreds, can be hiked and biked. There are trails that are accessible even to wheelchair users, who have all the conditions for a comfortable holiday in Seefeld.

Hiking tour in Seefeld

Vacationers are offered all kinds of outdoor games – tennis, bowling, mini golf. Experienced instructors will teach you the basics of these games. Horse lovers can go horseback riding or hire a horse-drawn carriage to travel around the surrounding villages with picturesque huts and restaurants.

Seekirkh Church


You can also do sailing, paragliding, rafting on the mountain rivers. And of course, if you come to Seefeld, its attractions can not go unnoticed. The main of them is the old church Seekirkh, which is a real ornament of the town. The church attracts by the beauty of interior decoration, although it is small, accommodates no more than 15 people.

A funicular ride is a great way to enjoy the view of the magnificent mountain panorama.

A trip to an alpaca farm is an unforgettable experience. These charming South American natives are well acclimated to the Austrian ski resort and delight visitors with their charm and well-groomed appearance. The two-hour tour includes a story about these exotic animals, as well as a walk and interaction with them. The friendly alpacas allow themselves to be stroked and cuddled, which brings much joy to children. The farm has a store with alpaca wool products.

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Visit an alpaca farm

Evening summer life at the resort is also diverse. There is a movie theater, multiple bars, restaurants and discos. The Closterbroich Hotel hosts concerts and theatrical performances in the nightclub. But the center of attraction is the famous casino, which attracts gamblers from all over Austria.

Also popular with tourists day trips to Innsbruck, Salzburg, the German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

How to get there?

The closest airports to Seefeld are Innsbruck and Munich. The distance from Seefeld to Innsbruck is 24 km, to Munich airport – 173 km. The ski resort is on the railway line connecting Innsbruck and Munich, so get here by train from these cities is not difficult.

Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport

From Innsbruck airport you can take a cab or public transportation to the train station and get on the train to Seefeld, which leaves every half hour. Travel time is no more than 40 minutes and the ticket price does not exceed €10.

It takes 40 minutes to get from Munich airport to the city’s central railway station. From there it will take about 2 hours and 20 minutes by train to Seefeld.

Munich Airport Taxi

A transfer from Innsbruck Airport to the hotel in Seefeld will cost at least €100 per car for 4 passengers. From Munich airport such a trip will cost 2-3 times more.

Seefeld (Austria) – a well-known ski resort, which will suit the wealthy people who are not looking for a variety of highly complex slopes, and want to enjoy an active holiday with maximum comfort and plenty of entertainment.

To appreciate the quality of slopes and snow in Seefeld, watch the video.

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