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Excursions in Naples

Which excursions to visit on vacation in Naples and how much do they cost? 67 best excursions in and around Naples with Russian speaking guides: 422 most interesting sights and attractions, 15 verified tour bureaus and companies with excursions costing from 20 €!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anya and I continue my exciting travels around the world. On my travels, I visit the most interesting places and try out exciting activities to share with you relevant information and real impressions about them. Today, together with the TravelAsk team, I will help you choose the most-amazing excursions to Naples to make your trip unforgettable too.

Naples: what to do and see

Naples has been a dream of mine for a long time, and not only because of its history and the simply incredible number of attractions for a resort city. As I studied the information about it, I always sensed the special atmosphere that prevailed here: lively, free and somewhat romantic. Honestly, my expectations were not deceived: Naples is even better than you can imagine in your dreams.

There’s definitely something to do here, and I’m not just talking about the beach and the busy nightlife. It has an interesting old town and a lot of ancient sights, for example, as many as 4 castles from the Middle Ages. Not surprisingly, in Naples, offer many options for sightseeing tours, the average cost is about 15-20 euros. I also recommend to pay attention to outbound excursions, such as the Amalfi Coast and the islands of the Bay of Naples. Such excursions are understandably more expensive – about 30-50 euros, depending on the duration and itinerary.

Top 5 best excursions in Naples

I will tell you about the most popular excursions in Naples, which impressed me and, judging by the reviews, most tourists like.

Sightseeing walking tour to get acquainted.

Naples is such an interesting and multifaceted city that I’m sure you will spend more than a day walking its charming streets. Nevertheless, I advise you to take one of these walks with a guide who will introduce you to the history of Naples, its main districts and sights. With such a minimal introduction, it will make exploring the city in the future even more interesting. I prefer to take sightseeing tours right after I arrive, on day 1 or 2. So I can immediately orient myself in the city districts and ask the guide all the questions about other interesting for me places: if there is a friendly and professional guide, you can learn a lot of tips to save money and generally organize your leisure time more intelligently.

Of course, each guide has his own itinerary and his own tricks, so it’s impossible to say exactly what will be waiting for you on such a tour – you have to look at specific options. In most cases, however, all the routes take you through and around the Old Town and along the Bay of Naples. So you can see the Egg Castle, the Royal Palace, Umberto I Gallery, San Carlo Theatre, Piazza Plebiscita. It is also incredibly pleasant to walk along the promenade: from here you have views of the Bay of Naples and even of Vesuvius.

I try to choose excursions that include an informal part devoted to getting to know the non-parade sides of the city. For example, it is interesting to look at the ordinary courtyards – in Naples they are quite small and homely, for example, you can see the laundry hung on balconies or even on ropes between the streets. You can combine this route with a gastronomic journey – about this method I will tell more about a little further. You can see different variants of sightseeing tours in Naples on this page.

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The castles of Naples: in the footsteps of history

If you prefer tours with a historical bias, if you like architecture, art, touching of bygone eras and mysterious stories from the depths of centuries, you will definitely enjoy this tour. It is rich and deep at the same time, because it allows you to know all the twists and turns of Naples, literally touching history, because the tour will be dedicated to the castles, and the walls, as you know, remember everything.

For the most part, the tour will be devoted to Naples in the Middle Ages. In this respect the city is interesting, because then it was known as one of the most influential in Europe, the center of royal power and authority, where people flocked to, including the nobles, from all over the world. Surprisingly, there are 4 castles in Naples, each with its own history, architecture and decoration, reflecting different eras of different ruling dynasties of the city.

The oldest of them is Castel dell’Ovo, or “Castle of the Egg”: it’s here that the most logical to learn the history of the city. Today it is difficult to imagine that in ancient times there was only nature here, especially viewing the panoramas of the modern city from the observation deck of this castle. The next oldest is Capuano Castle, located near the entrance to the Old Town. It was built by King William I the Wicked of Sicily of the Norman Gottwill dynasty. While on the outside it is handsome and imposing, inside, thanks to its dark interiors, it has a dark but solemn appearance. The next fortress on the way is the castle Mascio Angioino, or Castel Nuovo: very colorful architecture, just like in the movies. By the way, an earthquake that destroyed almost the entire city in 1456 did not do any damage to this structure – we wonder if it is mysticism or skill builders.

The next part of the route involves entertainment: it will be necessary to take the funicular up the hill Vomero: great views will be waiting both on the way and at the top: the whole of Naples as if on the palm. Here is an unusual castle Sant’Elmo: its peculiarity is that it is built in the form of a six-pointed star. Nearby is the monastery of Certosa di San Martino: now a museum with an impressive collection of objects from the Middle Ages. If you have time, you can also take a walk in the Floridana Park, which is nearby. All the historical tours are collected here.

Legendary Pompeii

Perhaps in the annals of the world’s disasters, the city’s demise is one of those striking events that everyone has heard about, at least by the fringe of their ears. And although the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius occurred in the distant 1st century, when you are in these places today, it seems that through the centuries you can hear all the pain of this tragedy. Pompeii is not just an archaeological site, it is a real museum city where, despite the destruction, there are still traces of streets and important buildings. For example, during the tour you will be able to see the gladiator barracks, the Small and Large theaters – here performances are still held today thanks to the incredible acoustics. It was interesting to look into an ordinary house, which previously belonged to a wealthy townsman: even wall frescoes are preserved here. And in Pompeii you could see Roman baths, brothels, markets, the Forum, the temple of Apollo the god of the 6th century BC. In general, the tour is atmospheric and intense, and this place, like no other historical, makes you think about the eternal: time, the power of nature and the importance of man in all this.

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The magical islands of the Bay of Naples

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the incredible islands of the Bay of Naples, sung about many times in song and prose. They continue to fascinate even today: whichever of them – Capri, Ischia or Procida – you choose, I assure you that you will spend the day rich and with pleasure. In one day to visit all 3 islands is unlikely to succeed, and, in general, it is not worth trying. It takes about 5 hours to see Ischia and Capri, and not detailed, Procida can be seen in 2-3. If possible, I advise to go to all, but if you have to choose, my favorite is Capri.

This island has always been associated with luxury, success and a beautiful life. Well, it was originally popular for its beautiful nature and inspiring rocky seascapes. During the tour, you will be able to see sights both natural and man-made. Of the latter, of course, I can’t help but mention the villas: for example, the romantic Lysis and the unusual Ansel Munte. On Ischia, I recommend to go for a day or two, and not just for fun, but in one of the famous local wellness centers: more about that below. To see the options for out-of-town excursions from Naples, click here.

A fairy tale on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful places in the world. Surprisingly, in this case human activity has made the already stunning scenery even more atmospheric, thanks to the colorful little villages with colorful houses scattered here and there. Passing through this area makes you want to live the rest of your life here, and also makes you slightly envious of the people who live here. There are also interesting in terms of history towns. For example, Wagner, Lawrence, Fellini often stayed in Ravello, and Positano is associated with the names of Diaghilev and Stravinsky. Here are your options for itineraries along the Amalfi Coast.

If you are in Naples with children

To be honest, it seemed to me that Naples is not very suitable for holidays with children. At least, there aren’t many entertainments for young travelers. For example, you can go to a small zoo, and with the older kids – to the Zoological Museum. Especially curious the second option will be for those who are interested in dinosaurs and ancient history. As for theme parks, I can recommend Mirabilandia park with its house of horrors, land and water rides. Also not bad Aquarium Acquario di Napoli, by the way, the oldest in Italy.

Unusual excursions in Naples

As promised, I tell you about an unusual format of the excursion – gastronomic. As everywhere else in Italy, Naples is very delicious, but you have to know the places. For this, it is worth going on a tour with a guide, who will tell you where the locals prefer to eat. In contrast to the tourist sites, they are usually small cafes or restaurants, the appearance of unimpressive, but the budget and with an incredibly tasty real Italian food. You can’t do without the historical part of the tour. For example, I enjoyed a cup of genuine Neapolitan coffee in a small cafe, where Stendhal liked to spend time. Another must-see is the pizzeria, where the legendary Margarita pizza was invented. Gastronomic tours are collected here.

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Another unusual format is a visit to the Neapolitan churches. I’m sure it will be interesting not only for believers, but also for all visitors to the city, because each of them is interesting from a historical point of view. For example, you can enjoy authentic French Gothic in San Lorenzo, see the mausoleum of King Ladislao Durazzo in San Giovanni a Carbonara and even the tomb of Vlad III Dracula in the church of Santa Maria La Nova. You can choose an unusual tour here.

If you want to see the city in the evening

Naples doesn’t fall asleep at all in the evening: on the contrary, it becomes though not as crowded, but much more noisy. There’s always something to see in the historic center: the colorful crowds, and the sights that change their appearance because of the lights. If you want to have fun and eat out, there are plenty of neighborhoods for that. For instance, there are lots of bars and small clubs in Chiaia. The atmosphere is calmer in the Mergellina neighborhood, but there are plenty of cafes and street food stands. Party hard in Bagnoli: Local beaches are often chosen for open-air discos. And you can also go on an easy evening excursion: options here.

If the weather is bad in Naples

If they promise bad weather for the next day or two of your vacation in Naples, I advise you not to waste time and take a trip to the island of Ischia. It is known primarily for its thermal springs, the water which helps with diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and in general, make it possible to improve health and strengthen immunity. This is the perfect place for a complete relaxation: choose a good spa hotel with a wellness center and thermae – and disconnect from all the earthly cares, taking care of your body and leaving it in the hands of local experts. After such a vacation in Naples, I returned a completely different person: a complete reset, inner harmony, and the desire to move mountains. And really enough just 1-2 days: when you return it seems that you’ve been on wonderful Ischia for much longer.

Another option for bad weather is shopping. And for it you can go with a stylist and guru to the local boutiques. Even if you pay for his services, you can save a lot of money by visiting stores with bargain prices. You can find similar options here.

Choosing the right tours: Tips and tricks

There’s so much to do in Naples that no matter what tips you read before your trip, you’ll still encounter something unexpected – however, this is one of the main parts of any trip. Still, I’ll try to share a little of my observations to help with excursions and leisure activities.

  • I advise to buy a guest card. There are several types: for 3 days and a week, just for Naples or for the whole region of Campania. If you’re not in town for long and don’t plan to travel to the islands, take the 3-day card. It’s more advantageous than all the others because it includes free public transportation. It gives you free admission to the first 2 museums, the rest – for 50% of the cost, so in the first place I advise to use it to visit the expensive museums.
  • It’s possible to get to the islands on your own, the ferries leave constantly with a difference of several dozen minutes. For example, I sailed to Ischia from Calata Porto di Massa.
  • It is better not to buy excursions on beaches and from lone promoters: fraud is not uncommon.
  • You can go to a branded kiosk, however, excursions in Russian will have to look for.
  • The most convenient way to buy tours – order via the Internet. Proposals from the Russian private guides and companies a lot, prices in all about the same. In order to be more convenient to compare, I advise to use reservation services, which gathered proposals from different sources. For example, there is one on our site on this page.
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Naples is a city where you definitely want to return. So even if for one visit you will not have time to see it all, do not worry: a good chance that you will see Naples more than once in the future.

Italy Naples – review

Is the Covid over? Let’s go to Naples! Impressions from the Italian south. How do they treat our people here? How to get here, what do you need to do?

Hi all! A week ago I returned from my little vacation in Italy. This time it was chosen the southern destination. Many of my friends were interested not only in the magnificent scenery, but how to get there, what documents are required, and in general, how Russians are treated here. I will try to tell you about everything. Craving for a free trip to European countries, I, as soon as I learned about the opening of Italy to tourists, immediately began planning a trip there. Naples! Why not? I’ve been to Italy three times, I saw and knew some things, but I didn’t go as far as the south. In addition, from Naples you can get to Capri Luhari and to the postcard-perfect Positano. I will try to tell you briefly about the organizational points

The information is current as of 04.06.2022.


Since March 1, 2022, Italy began accepting documents for tourist visas. Due to the pandemic, the acceptance of documents was suspended.

Set of documents was the same as before: certificate of employment, photo, insurance, airline tickets, bank statements and hotel reservations.

There were difficulties with the last two items. If previously it was possible to provide a statement from the deposit, now you need an account statement with the movement of funds over the past 3 months.

It’s also fun with the hotel. Most of them require card data to confirm the reservation. But the problem is that our bank cards are not currently accepted in Europe. So I had to sweat it out until I found an option with full payment on the spot.

How to get there

Due to the well-known events in the world, there is no direct flight connection between Russia and Europe. But there is always a workaround. Yes, long, expensive. But love is worth it, right?) The best way is to fly first to Istanbul, and then to the desired city.

I had cash dollars, which I exchanged for euros. I don’t see any other way to do it that works. Yes, I know there are firms that make foreign bank cards, but I’m not so traveler that I have a need for it.

That seems to be it for the basic organizational issues. Now about the city.

Naples is unlike anything I have seen in Italy. This was clear already on the flight)))) Airport is almost in the center of the city, a prominent volcano and ugly houses.

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I have to be honest, I wanted to go to Naples in order to go further. For example, to Positano, which very often flashes in inspiring pictures on social networks. Or Capri, with its touch of luxury. There is a ferry from Naples several times a day to these places.

What else is remarkable about Naples?

First of all, this city doesn’t sleep! I’ve been in via Toledo both in the morning and in the evening – it’s always equally crowded, something I haven’t seen in Europe before. The second thing is the number of young people. Due to the high life expectancy and low birth rate, Italy is sometimes called the country of old people. But here, in the south, things are different)))

I can characterize the city itself with one phrase: unfriendly. Lively crowded street of Toledo, and lots and lots of narrow streets from it – for some reason it made me feel sad.

The promenade with a lot of restaurants overlooking the sea. And the beaches, which are not there, but still manage to swim)).

It’s a sea town, and the air here is incredible. It really smells of freedom, sea breeze and travel. There’s a lot of oxygen, it’s not as stuffy as in the summer in Milan. And as an apotheosis of unpretentiousness is such a majestic and incredible Umberto I gallery with the stores that are not working. Yes, so shopped, so shopped))) but it’s really beautiful.

What to do in Naples? Yes, there is! A lot, delicious and varied!

Naples is an ideal place for a gastronomic tour. Here pizza is the real thing, because this is the city where it was born! Pasta here is also the most genuine. And pastries… by the way, did you know that there is a local delicacy baba – almost the same as our rum baba? I did not know))

And these prices are a joy to behold! Especially compared to the prices in northern Italy. I took a picture of one restaurant’s menu page.

And there is one more place must-visit – pizzeria Da Michele! In general, in Naples there is no place with bad pizza, everywhere it is excellent. But Da Michele is the most famous place. Ever seen the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”? This movie was shot here))

For a desire to touch the beauty and taste the famous pizza you must be prepared to stand in a queue for about an hour and a half. Above the entrance there is a sign with the number, and when yours comes up, you can settle down and wait for your beautiful pizza.

There are only four types of pizza, and one of them is a mix of two types. Well, to try them all at once))) well, also pleased with the prices – 5 euros each.

It’s hard to call Naples Italy. Everything is a little different here, from the dialect to the cleanliness of the streets, or rather the lack thereof. Many people frightened me about the high crime rate and warned me to be careful with my valuables. This advice I followed, so no unlawful acts against me have not met.

A little more about how Russians are treated. Great! Italy lost a decent percentage of our tourists during the pandemic. Of course, I did not shout in Russian in the street and did not wave my passport. That is, was an adequate person), and adequate people are adequately treated.)


I would advise to go here for lovers of romance at sea, good food and freedom. If you are a fan of civilized and combed-out Europe, this place will be a shock for you, as it was for me.

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