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Review of Holiday in Azerbaijan

Once upon a time many years ago I first visited Azerbaijan. At that time it was one of the republics of the Soviet Union, a backward province with a dirty town and undeveloped infrastructure. And recently I went there again. To see what’s new? New.

Impressions and delights more than expectations!

Identity, beautiful country, wonderful nature, kind hospitable people, low prices, a variety of attractions.

“‘What, having traveled around the planet, You’ve learned a long-haired wind, Seen this, seen that. But why hurt yourself? You have not seen Baku yet! If you have not seen Baku, What have you seen? What?” Hello.

Excellent places for recreation, for all kinds of tourism.

Beautiful, delicious, informative, warm sea, reasonable prices, friendly locals, almost no language barrier.

Good afternoon! A week ago my husband and I returned from a trip to Azerbaijan. We stayed in the country for 10 days. We stayed in a family room in a nice hostel in the center of Baku. We came back with the conviction that we will definitely come back here again.

Excellent holiday, suitable for families with small children.

Good day! I stayed with my family in Azerbaijan this summer in July (peak of the heat) with my family (my wife and 3 year old son), I have been to Baku before (on business trips) and I have an idea of where we are going.

Azerbaijan is a country of contrasts.

I want to tell you as much information as possible. We arrived in Baku. It is ideal to get to the city by bus. Exchange some money at the airport: take small 5 and 1 manat each (the rate of 1 manat-40 rubles at the end of September 2018), buy a card.

An amazing country full of surprises.

variety of climatic zones, landscapes, sights, hospitality and friendliness of locals, many know Russian

I know people spoiled by the best resorts, who after a trip to Azerbaijan miss it more than the coast of Italy, Spain and Cyprus. They recall with warmth the incredible beauty of nature, friendliness and hospitality.

Journey through the places of Sherlock Holmes

Exceeded all expectations

Rested only a few days, but the rest remembered for a long time)))) Very nice clean well maintained town, which impressed even the experienced traveler with its culture and architecture. High beautiful houses, colorful streets, cultural attractions, food, atmosphere, the sea -.

Azerbaijan has become very modern, but .

Beautiful modern cities, the presence of seaside resorts and hunting areas, delicious food, good conditions for shopping

Bad ecology, transportation and language problems, underdeveloped tourist infrastructure, quite high prices for almost everything

I was born in this country and lived there more than half of my life, so I’m not writing about it by hearsay. Although I have nostalgia about it, but it’s mine, personal, and for others.

For tourists only.

Good day, dear travelers. I want to write a really useful review about the rest in this country, because I myself have lived here all my life. In Azerbaijan you can relax in Baku. But here in the capital is everything.

Azerbaijan is a place of contrast

If you suddenly decide to visit Azerbaijan, do not go through Dagestan. A lot of wasted nerves, time and money are guaranteed. This road is mostly used by traders for goods in Baku, so.

It’s a beautiful and unusual country.

Once upon a time traveling through Georgia by car with my parents, we decided that we would make our way back home through Azerbaijan, having visited Baku at the same time. The scenery on the way across the country to the capital did not shine with variety, mostly.

I love this city! I’ve been living here for 10 years).

I’ve been living for about 10 years in this hole in my opinion. The infrastructure of the city is terrible as well as the tourism. The people are of course very friendly and welcoming to tourists. I advise everyone to visit the Maiden Tower, the old town. В.

Places every person should visit

Azerbaijan is a country of lots of sunshine!

Azerbaijan is a country of lights. I would like to offer you our beautiful country Azerbaijan (capital Baku). The main richness of the country is its people, hospitable and kind, open to communication with everyone who wishes to visit Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is very beautiful.

Beautiful, crazy and pleasant!

Azerbaijan, I am from here. I want everyone to know how wonderful it is here, the capital city-Baku is only the beginning, its districts, the nature of this country is something wonderful: “Guba, Nabran, Gabala, Lankaran, Sheki, Shamakhi. “These are the places which.

A very beautiful country.

I visited the capital of Azerbaijan-Baku a year ago and frankly speaking I did not think that this city is so beautiful. The climate in the city in the summer is so hot that most residents and tourists are out on the streets in the evening when it’s hot.

The climate is good, the food is great and the people are friendly.

I have lived for half a century in Azerbaijan, in Baku, and, of course, I can tell you a lot about life in these parts. What attracts tourists to these places? Of course the warm Caspian Sea and the velvet yellow sand.

A magic city!

Hi friends, I decided to tell you about my vacation in Azerbaijan, namely in the capital of this country-Baku. I went there 2 years ago and I was fully delighted! Variety of architecture, contrast, beautiful landscapes. All this is possible.

Perfect trip) and even 3 times is not enough, I would like to go there again in summer).

I myself am Azerbaijani, but I live in Russia. I have not been in my homeland for a long time. And in 2014 I flew))). Yes, I flew to my relatives, but for me conducted excursions) Azerbaijan is not so big.

Bright, rich, beautiful country.

Friendly people, calm mentality and responsive people, a lot of antiquities and interesting beautiful places.

The 10 most beautiful cities in Mexico

Azerbaijan is a rich country, although the inhabitants do not live very well, in the last couple of years have made roads and now you can easily take a car and travel around the ridges of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains, but there you need to be careful. Tk.

Tale City, Dream City!

I vacationed in Baku twice. First time in 2015 and it was love at first sight. The city is very beautiful, clean, people are hospitable, friendly. The cuisine is the most delicious. No one can cook as tasty as they do.

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