Resident Evil: The Most Evil Places on Earth

The nastiest monsters in the Resident Evil universe

The Resident Evil series is one of the most recognizable in the gaming industry. Much of the credit goes to the interesting script and unique universe, but we shouldn’t forget about the horrific abominations born of viruses and parasites. Many of the creatures on this list were memorable to gamers for a long time.

Cerberus (Resident Evil)

The Doberman breed dogs in Project Cerberus look like someone sanded them with sandpaper with fierce ferocity. Cute critters with bulging insides and protruding bones first appeared in the original Resident Evil, where they tore apart Joseph Frost of S.T.A.R.S. and then drove the rest of the Alpha team into an unhappy mansion.

Although there will be other mutant dogs in the Resident Evil games, the Cerberus appearance scene is considered by many fans to be one of the scariest and most memorable.

Doctor Salvador (Resident Evil 4)

In Resident Evil 4 Leon had to face a lot of hospitable citizens from Spanish province, but most of all he remembered the redneck with chainsaw and head sack. This toiler of the village possessed a fortunate reserve of health that allowed him to ignore even repeated shots to the head, and could decapitate old Leon with a single blow.

The sounds of the roaring chainsaw haunted gamers’ nightmares for a long time to come.

Ripping Carcass (Resident Evil: Revelations)

This creature first appeared in Resident Evil: Revelations . After a T-Brain virus leak aboard a cruise ship, a local communications officer locked himself in a warehouse, where he eventually turned into a greasy, slimy something with a saw instead of an arm and a slug head. It took a lot of nerve and ammo for Jill Valentine to subdue the rampaging creature before it smeared the girl with thin mincemeat on the deck of the ship.

Evelina (Resident Evil 7)

The dusky military geniuses envisioned Object E001 to be the perfect next-generation biological weapon, capable of destroying the enemy without engaging them. While transporting this wunderwaffle to another laboratory on a ship, it spins out of control, kills the crew, and the ship is wrecked.

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Innocent little girl Evelina could control the minds of her victims, give them amazing regenerative powers, and turn them into creepy-looking pasta monsters. In reality, the object E001 was a giant, ugly monster of gray-black mold.

Regenerator (Resident Evil 4)

Perhaps the most insidious and annoying enemies in the entire series. These toothy beauties can regenerate lost limbs in seconds, and are virtually invulnerable to firearms. To pacify these monsters, you had to use an infrared scope to find parasites on their bodies and shoot them.

Regenerators were not very agile and simply followed the player, but since most of the battles with them took place in confined spaces with many dead ends, getting away from them was not easy.

Lisa Trevor (Resident Evil)

The daughter of the architect of that very mansion was kidnapped as a little girl by the Umbrella Corporation. For years the unfortunate child was abused and subjected to horrible experiments. Over time, Lisa turned into a horrible monster, obsessed with searching for her own mother. From the faces of those who especially resembled her mother, Lisa ripped off her skin and put it on herself. Cute, isn’t it?

Margaret Baker (Resident Evil 7)

The head of the Baker family, Jack, was unpleasant in his own way – chasing the protagonist around the house with a shovel and tormenting him with his insistence on not dying. But what really horrified him was his charming wife Margaret.

This aunt with a bad temper knew a lot about human fare, commanded insects and mutated at a certain point into a horrible creature with long limbs and a wasp’s nest in the crotch. A very disgusting sight.

Revenants (Resident Evil: Revelations 2)

These freaks look like piles of flesh and various pieces of iron, crudely glued together with pus, snot and steel staples. The frightening appearance is perfectly complemented by the extremely unpleasant and wheezing sounds made by these creatures as they try to hunt down and tear the player to shreds.

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U-3 (Resident Evil 4).

The scariest, but by no means the most difficult boss in Resident Evil 4, nicknamed simply “It.” This repulsive hybrid of a mix of human, reptilian, insect and Las Plagas parasite genetic material tries to eat Leon in the underground mines. After a brief game of tag, Leon defeats the creature with a flare gun and a trusty knife.

William Birkin (Resident Evil 2).

William Birkin was behind some of Umbrella’s worst atrocities and in particular the disaster that occurred in Raccoon City. This gifted virologist created the G virus, which he later injected himself in an attempt to save his own skin and a lifetime of labor from the Alpha group.

G will return in the Resident Evil 2 re-release, and judging by the many trailers, will hunt his daughter Sherry relentlessly and nightmare Claire Redfield.

Nemesis (Resident Evil 3).

The list wouldn’t be complete without this handsome man, whose snow-white smile graces the cover of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis . Nemesis is the name of the parasite that infected Tyrant from the second part. As a result, the resulting symbiote has greatly increased intelligence, and it chased Jill Valentine through the streets of Raccoon City with enviable tenacity, trying to complete the task of eliminating all members of the S.T.A.R.S. Special Unit.

The monster was highly unpredictable, suddenly appearing at the most inopportune moment and simply refusing to die, mutating into something new and more horrible each time. The only way to pacify Nemesis was to use an experimental railgun, and not immediately.

Now it’s your turn: write us in the comments which Resident Evil monster scared you the most!

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