Recreation at Australian resorts.

Australian resorts

Australia can offer almost any type of holiday – from passive beach holidays to scuba diving aboard luxury yachts, from walking tours to multi-day treks through deep forests of eucalyptus thickets, from visiting iconic landmarks to wellness programmes in health resorts. When planning a visit to the green continent, it’s up to you to choose what you want to do and how you want to spend your time.

Australia is very conveniently located in terms of climate zones. There is no freezing winters and prolonged rain, and snow can be found only at the tops of the mountains. Going to Australia at any time of year, you can choose a suitable climate and weather conditions, especially since the seasons here are the reverse of the seasons of the Northern Hemisphere, that is, when it is winter in Russia, Australia has a hot summer, and when we have a cool summer, Australia has a moderately warm winter. And another thing to understand is that wherever you go in Australia, you will find friendly people, comfortable hotels and high quality service.

Seaside Resorts

The Gold Coast is Australia’s premier beach resort and an internationally recognized seaside resort. Its 42 kilometers of sandy beaches from Sydney to Brisbane form the Gold Coast with small seaside towns and all manner of holiday activities. The center of water tourism is the Gold Coast, which has grown to include nearby Binley, Logan City and Brisbane. Almost the entire population of coastal towns are involved in the tourism business and here you can realize any dream.

Australia's Gold Coast

The constant, gentle swell of the ocean makes for perfect surfing conditions, attracting professionals and amateurs from all over the world. In quiet lagoons and bays you can find secluded beaches for a quiet holiday with the family, alone with nature. On the waterfront there are many cafes with a variety of cuisine, amusement parks and attractions, shopping galleries and recreation areas. Visitors can also take all sorts of trips inland to explore the region’s rich natural beauty and Aboriginal culture and history. Boat trips are available on the Gold Coast’s many canals and boat cruises are available along the coast. The Gold Coast’s tropical humid climate allows it to be visited at any time of year, with the hottest months being December to January.

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Sunshine Coast is a wonderful seaside resort just north of Brisbane. It has a hotter climate than the Gold Coast. The beaches are very popular with the Australians themselves. In terms of comfort and entertainment, Sunshine Coast is in no way inferior to Gold Coast.

The Great Barrier Reef is a coral reef that stretches 2,000 kilometers along Australia’s east coast and is home to small and large islands of sandy beaches and unspoiled wilderness. Some of the islands have mini-hotels where you can spend your vacation in solitude. On others, tourists are brought for a few hours for walking, swimming, diving. Near some islands in the ocean are built floating platforms with modern infrastructure for comfortable rest – swimming pools with sea water, cafes, delivery points for equipment for diving and swimming. At Barrier Reef Visitors Area, you’ll find boats and yachts both big and small, with decks that offer superb views of the reef’s coral brush and animals, as well as open-ocean swimming and fishing.

Coral Islands on Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Cairns, Port Douglas are small towns on the east coast of the mainland, with charming sandy beaches along the way. The cozy atmosphere of provincial towns combined with amazing nature and first-class service ensures a great vacation and good mood. Trips to the Great Barrier Reef, boating and yachting, rafting and road trips inland, as well as visits to attractions, exhibitions, nature reserves and much more await the curious tourist who decides to spend their vacations in these cities.

Perth is an Indian Ocean city on the west coast of Australia. Here are the magnificent white sand beaches, mysterious Rotnest Island with wild beaches and extraordinary nature, very different from the rest of the nature of the continent. It is worth a trip for seeing the unusual rock formations, petrified forest and endless fields of colorful plants. Giant red gums and ancient giant trees stand out.

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Island resorts

Fraser Island is a unique resort, a natural World Heritage Site. It is the largest sandy island in the world. Paradise on earth – the cleanest sandy beaches, clear freshwater lakes, eucalyptus forests growing out of the sand, a wealth of fauna and flora. In addition, the most modern facilities, which correspond to the level of a first-class seaside resort, are created for vacationers.

Lizard Island is considered Australia’s most exclusive island resort. The island is located in the north of the Great Barrier Reef. It offers a fabulous vacation for romantic couples – snow-white secluded beaches, a variety of recreation, great food. The seclusion of holidaymakers is guaranteed by the hotel’s capacity – 40 villas, which can accommodate no more than 40 couples. Children are not allowed on the island.

Fraser Island

Heyman Island is an island located in the northern group of islands along the BRB. Mesmerizing tropical nature, snow-white beaches, birds of paradise singing. First-class hotels offer a full range of accommodation and entertainment.

Heron Island is an inhabited coral island in the southern part of the CBD, measuring 800 by 300 meters. The main kinds of entertainment on the island are diving and snorkeling. There is a unique glass underwater room, through the walls of which you can easily observe the life of marine flora and fauna. Hotel island can accommodate a maximum of 200 people. The island is home to rare species of birds. Around the island there are green turtles, more than 700 species of tropical fish and ¾ of the coral species of the entire Great Barrier Reef.

Ski resorts

Ski resorts in Australia operate only in winter – June-August and are located in the mountains of the Australian Capital Territory and the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania.

The resorts in New South Wales are home to some of the highest trails in the world. In the city of Kiandra, where the first ski resort in Australia was opened, most of the pistes are focused on the average skiing level, but there are pistes for professionals and snowboarders. There are several ski resorts in the Tredbo Valley. Here is the longest ski track in the country and the high resort slope, and for athletes there is a railroad. Tredbo resorts are more suitable for confident and professional skiers.

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Australia's ski resort Trebdo

Victoria has the largest number of ski resorts built in the country. For downhill skiing, the resorts at Mount Buller and Falls Creek are more suitable, the former being considered Australia’s best resorts.

In the Australian Capital Territories, the Corinne Forest, near Canberra, the Franklin and Ginger Mountains are suitable for skiing. The Brindabella Mountains are popular spots for downhill skiing.

On the island of Tasmania, the main ski resorts are on Mount Ben Lomond near Launceston and on Mount Mawson in Mount Field Park, 90 km from Hobart.


Australia’s spa resorts are concentrated around mineral springs and offer a great range of recovery, revitalizing and cosmetic procedures. The most popular destinations include the state of Queensland, Daylesford Region and Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, and Springwood in New South Wales. Combining massages, beauty and rejuvenation treatments with specially developed dietary cuisine and walks in ecologically clean areas will provide not only tangible visible effects, but also strengthen your health and improve your mental equilibrium.

Australian Spas

Mountain resorts

The Blue Mountains of Australia got their name from the visual effect when viewed from a distance – the blue haze which paints the forests that cover the mountains in a gray-blue color. This haze is composed of essential oils released from the leaves of more than 90 species of eucalyptus. The air in this forest is truly healing. There is an eco-resort Volgan in this place on the territory of the nature reserve.

Blue Mountains


The best places to dive off the coast of Australia are the Great Barrier Reef. The diversity of coral thickets and the unique diversity of fauna of these waters are deservedly recognized the best in the world. Every diver dreams of visiting these waters and seeing with their own eyes the unprecedented beauty of the coral reef underwater world. Here you can see the largest number of species of live corals, swim with endangered species of turtles, keep rays, white sharks and other inhabitants of coral gardens. And in November, all the surprises and magic of Australian diving is added to one of the wonders of the world, which is rarely seen – spawning corals. On one night all the corals on all the reefs of the BRB begin spawning, and you can watch this miracle by going on a night dive.

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Coral Reef off the coast of Australia

Another unique place to dive is Ningaloo Reef, located along the North Western Cape in Western Australia. This is the longest inshore reef. Because of its remoteness and isolation from the populated part of the country, the water area of Ningaloo Reef has remained virtually intact. Corals, whale sharks, mantu rays, and humpback whales with their calves can be seen breeding here, and the number of turtles living here exceeds the density of the GBR.

For thrill-seekers, cage dives are organized near Neptune Island in South Australia to watch great white sharks. Another interesting place for diving in South Australia is near Kangaroo Island. Here, in addition to the diversity of the underwater world, you can explore the remains of shipwrecks.

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