Predjamski castle embraced by the rock. Slovenia


Welcome to Slovenia, one of the safest countries in the world. Postojnska Jama is the only place in the world where you can admire with your own eyes a pearl of the underworld and meet a baby dragon. Here, as in the big world on the surface, you can find towering mountains and babbling rivers, but there are also vast underground halls. This place is a constant magnet for explorers and the cradle of speleology. When visiting the Postojnska Jama Cave Park, you should not miss the unique medieval Predjamský Castle, perched on top of a 123-meter cliff.

The queen of the underworld

Welcome to the most fascinating and largest open-air cave in Europe! During a tour in the 24-kilometer long underground system you will feel the captivation of the underground world and use the unique underground train of Postojnska Jama.

The largest cave castle in the world

From the magical depths of Postojnki Jama, journey to the legendary world of knights . Predyamský Castle – the second must-see site in the park – is a true medieval wonder, standing on top of a rock for 800 years . Its unique location has earned it a place among the ten most amazing castles in the world.

Mysterious baby dragons

In the vivarium you will have the opportunity to see the superheroes of the animal world that inhabits the eternal night of the caves, including the European proteas, creatures that people for centuries have believed to be baby dragons.

Karst Formations – As It Is

The award-winning Karst Exhibition boasts an interactive display of underground karst formations and details the history of cave formation.

Spend the night in a unique park

Take the opportunity to spend a few days exploring the attractions of Cave Park without rushing. Located in the heart of the latter, the Hotel Jama will surprise you with its modern design, maximum comfort and boundless hospitality. It is also an excellent starting point for exploring other locations in Slovenia and neighboring countries. Book your seats and enjoy the unique views of the Postojnska Jama Cave Park.

Which mountain should be considered the highest of the unconquered by man?

Tickets to Postojnska Jama Cave Park

The beauty and splendor of Postojnska Jama Cave Park will undoubtedly make you remember it years from now. Cave tour, which includes a ride on the underground train and walking on the equipped trail, will take one and a half hours. Cave tours are open to visitors of all ages, including families with young children. A visit to the park will be even more unforgettable if you decide to complement your tour to Postojnska Jama with visits to attractions in the vicinity of the cave. Choose one of the combined offers and be surprised by more for less!

Save your time

Save time by avoiding queues and getting only pleasant emotions from your time spent in the cave park “Postojnska Jama” by buying your tickets online in advance. We recommend that you purchase tickets at least one day before your visit. On the day of the visit, you can also avoid the queues by purchasing the so-called Fast Track tickets for the next tour. Fast Track tickets are only available at the park ticket office.

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