Pratumnak – Pattaya’s green corner of tranquility

Pratumnak Hill Pattaya

Pratumnak Hill Pattaya

At the southern end of bustling Pattaya there is a cozy, quiet neighborhood called Pratumnak. It is located on a green hill between Jomtien Beach and central Pattaya. “Hill” in English means “hill”, so the name of the area is often added to the term. People from Russia love to come here, almost all signs are duplicated in Russian. Pratumnak Hill is especially popular with couples with children, because the sea is the cleanest on this coast, well-developed infrastructure and no noisy nightlife.


The main street of the area is called Pratamnak (Phra Tamnak). It leads to Buddha Hill and the Lookout Point and continues to the pier which takes the ferry to Ko Lan.

Ko Lan Island Tavaen Beach

There are no sidewalks on this street, but there is traffic, so it is difficult to move on foot. On the smaller streets off the main street, there are sidewalks, and cars are almost never driven. There are many massage parlors, stores, and bars concentrated here.

There are two markets in Pratamnak area, one for locals and one for tourists. In the tourist market you can buy a variety of things for recreation, food. Here is equipped with a special recreation area with cozy tables, a stage with music. In the evening, the coast is quiet and peaceful. There are no bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the sea, but they are on the hill. Climbing one of the stairs, you can have dinner and admire the excellent evening panorama.

Pratamnak Market

District Hill is considered the most prestigious in Pattaya, not without reason, is the residence of Her Highness the Princess of Thailand. Pratamnak, in comparison with Central Pattaya, has several advantages:

  • the sea is much cleaner;
  • the beach is isolated by high cliffs, it rests mostly guests nearby hotels;
  • does not pass near a busy road;
  • a lot of greenery;
  • on the Hill are three interesting attractions, which can be reached on foot in 15 minutes;
  • The views of the sea from the Hill are spectacular;
  • A wide variety of accommodations, bars, stores, restaurants, and massage parlors;
  • Quiet and comfortable, allowing families with children to relax.


With all the advantages, in reviews, tourists name the main drawback of the Pratumnak area – problems with transport. There is no public transport, so you have to use a cab, scooter or walk on foot. The hilly terrain and hot, humid climate makes it difficult to travel on your own. To get to the center of Pattaya on foot can be achieved in 30-40 minutes, to Jomtien Beach on a good walking path, laid out in the shade of trees, – for 15 minutes. Motorcycle cab costs from 50 baht, cab, equipped with air conditioning – about 150 baht. The nearest low-cost sunteo stop is 1.5 km from the hotels, and the road goes uphill.


As in the rest of Pattaya, Pratamnak rents accommodation in many houses close to the shoreline. In the gestas, you can rent a room for 400-900 baht per day or from 10 thousand baht per month. Such rooms are studios located on bustling main streets. Families with children prefer to live on the side, more quiet streets. There are condominiums with nice one- and two-bedroom apartments. The cost of living is 16,000-25,000 baht a month. The sea from the window of such condominium is not visible, but in the courtyard may be a common pool.

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The best hotels are located on the beach, on the first line. Each has its own area and access to the beach. The two largest hotels are the closest to the sea, right on the beach – Adriatic (Adriatic Palace) and Ban Hard U Thong Condominium. Then come the smaller hotels, followed by the only hotel with a water park – Pattaya Park.

Dongtan Beach Pattaya Tower Pattaya Park with Slides

A good three-star hotel Golden Cliff is located on the northern part of the beach on a beautiful hill. It has two swimming pools, sauna, and a good restaurant. Two five-star hotels Royal Cliff and Sheraton are located directly on the shore, in Cliff Bay. Both have their own beaches, which are well cleaned.

Many Russian tourists vacation at the Adriatic Hotel. A huge building with a terrace is located on the shore. Among the advantages of the Adriatic is a good location right at the footpath, a swimming pool, a beautiful view from the window. But reviews say that the hotel is quite old, the service is not very good, the water in the pool is muddy.


Pratamnak is considered one of the best beach areas in Pattaya. There is a lot of greenery, there is no traffic noise, the atmosphere is quiet. The width of the sand in some places reaches 20 meters. Tourists can sunbathe in the shade of trees, which is impossible in Central Pattaya. The sand is fine, the sea entrance is shallow, the water is quite clean.

The beaches near the hotels Cosy Beach, Pattaya Park, Adriatic Palace are free, and are always crowded. Wandering sellers offer all sorts of stuff, you can eat in a cafe or restaurant. The sand is regularly cleaned of debris and offers paid deckchairs. Much cleaner closed beaches near the hotels Royal Cliff and Sheraton, they are equipped with free sun loungers. On the beach of Royal Cliff you can pass only through the hotel, outsiders do not go there.

Pratamnak Beach

The beach is divided into several parts, the most important of which are Pratumnak, Dongtan beach, Cosy Beach, beaches near the hotels Asia Pattaya and Pattaya Park. The hotel Asia has a cozy little beach, where there are not too many people. According to reviews, the cleanest of the beaches near the restaurant “Kabachki and Condos”. Only longtime residents of the area and the guests of the nearby hotels know about it. There is very little space, so occupy sun loungers should be in the morning. Sun loungers here are paid, the bottom is sandy, the shore is well cleaned by employees of Hotel Asia.

A small (500 m) public beach Pratumnak Beach is the most popular and accessible. The shore is flat, 20 to 40 meters wide. On this beach overlooks the main, 5th street of Pratumnak. Where the road meets the beach, there is a large open area without trees. On either side of the platform you can find shade under the trees or umbrellas set up near the sunbeds.

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Pratamnak District, Pattaya

If you walk to the left, along the shore between the trees stretches landscaped path, then behind the ridge begins the territory of Dongtan Beach, behind it – Jomtien.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya

Dongtan Beach in Pattaya clean beach

On the right side of the beach is almost wild. It looks neglected, there is trash on the shore, there are sharp stones in the water. There is a large gazebo where it is nice to sit in the evening, but you should not stay on the deserted beach late at night, because in this respectable area there are robberies of tourists.


The beach, located near Pattaya Park Hotel, is considered Russian. Tour operators organize accommodation for tourists from Russia exactly in this hotel. In the Pattaya water park and on the beach there are all conditions for a dynamic holiday: an amusement park, an observation tower, water slides, children’s and adult pools, golf club, diving center.

Pattaya Park Water Park

Pattaya Park Pattaya Aquapark children area

Pattaya Shark Aquarium

Elephant Village Pattaya elephant show

Elephant Village Pattaya

The water park can be accessed through the hotel or from the beach. The price of admission ticket 100 baht, the passage of children under 80 cm is free.


Pratamnak area has several important Pattaya attractions within walking distance – the Big Buddha, the Main Viewpoint, and the Chinese Temple. All these sites can be visited for free.

Pattaya Chinese Temple

On Pratamnak Hill is View Point, where the vast majority of the beautiful views of Pattaya were taken. Here is a monument to Admiral Prince Krom (Jumborn), who is highly revered in Thailand. To this sacred place Thais bring fresh flowers. Here it is forbidden to smoke, eat and even drink, to be in open clothes. On the hill is a small cozy temple Wat Khao Phra Bat. In front of the pagoda are statues in honor of each of the days of the week. A monk at the temple can give tourists an individual blessing ritual.

Pratumnak View Point

Pratamnak Hill with an observation deck is closer to the sea and there is another nearby Buddha Hill with a statue of the Big Buddha.

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya

Big Buddha Hill Pattaya temple

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya

It is installed so that it is visible from all parts of the city. Constructed a concrete statue of the deity in 1977. Originally the statue was white in color, now covered with gold, which gave reason to call it “Golden Buddha”.

The great teacher is depicted in the lotus pose, the highest point of the statue is 15 meters above ground level. In addition to the Big Buddha there are smaller Buddhas, a total of 15 statues. At the top of the hill leads to the staircase, which contains 120 steps. At the top of this staircase descends on both sides of the mythical snakes Nagi.

Right by the parking lot of the tour buses that bring tourists to Buddha Hill, there is a small place that not everyone knows about: the Chinese Garden. It is a cozy green corner with an abundance of metal statues, small fountains and ponds. In the ponds live carp and small turtles. It has a very pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

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Pratumnak Buddha Hill

Pratamnak area – one of the most prestigious in Pattaya. It is especially popular among Russian-speaking citizens. It has everything for a comfortable holiday: a quiet atmosphere, clean beaches, a wide range of housing, attractions and entertainment.

Hotel Asia Pattaya 4 * (Thailand, Pattaya) – Green corner on Pratumnak

We stayed 10 days in Hotel Asia Pattaya in November 2019, it was my first trip to Thailand. Went with a friend – and Pattaya was chosen not least for the opportunity to go on excursions to Bangkok and Cambodia. Although, of course, the beach holiday was also of interest. In Russia it was a cool summer, so we could not even swim in the local rivers. We hoped to compensate in November.

composition in front of the hotel

Composition of plants and stones in front of the hotel

At first sight (and even earlier – when we looked at the photos on the Internet) we liked the hotel. Externally, aesthetically everything is done very competently, pleases the eye. However, the idea of not making balconies next to the sea in the hotel is quite controversial. :) Well, they built it that way!

facade of Asia Pattaya hotel

The room is beautiful and spacious. The beds are comfortable and there is a small engraving above the bed.

room bed

The room could have been called very comfortable, if it were not for a number of minuses that somewhat spoiled the impression. I will list them point by point:

1. Perhaps the main one is poor soundproofing. You can hear everything that happens in the toilet next door. When someone is going on a tour at 5 am, you wake up with them. It’s noisy from the street, too. We had windows overlooking the golf course. But on the left side of the street was a motorcycle parking lot and a pretty party cafe. There was noise from there almost every night. Thailand has single glazing, the windows don’t protect against noise. 2. For some reason there is absolutely nowhere to dry towels, swimming trunks, etc. Balconies in this hotel has no, in the bathroom instead of strings tiny dryer, which at most you can hang one towel. In this room, the inscription “do not hang wet clothes. And where, my friends, to dry bathing suits, swimming trunks, etc.? :) they mostly had to dry on their own, because there is no place in the room. But sometimes our maids found our swim trunks hanging on the bedside table handle. Treated with understanding. 3. Only one outlet per room. I mean, somewhere else were hidden outlets, but they are tightly closed by nightstands, tables, in general, you can not get to them. So if you put the phone to charge, then the tea is no longer warm.

To be fair, I will describe the pluses. 1. The rooms have a kettle and a set of cups. Bring a cup and hide the kettle will not have. 2. Every day they bring two bottles of water and bags of tea and coffee. This is done every day, not as in many hotels in Turkey, depending on the mood of the maid. And even if we didn’t drink the water, new bottles still came. 3. Housekeeping is good, thorough, towel and linen are changed regularly. The maids themselves are very sensitive and polite and friendly. Our room was on the ground floor and the lounge was on the ground floor.

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The most pleasant thing about Asia Pattaya is its area. It’s large and well-groomed, beautiful trees, a lot of decorative elements.

green area

The first few days of our vacation most of the sun beds were empty.

angel composition

Around a lot of figures and floral arrangements – everything creates a feeling of a holiday.

hotel installation

Other than delight, I can’t say anything about the grounds of the hotel. Everything is VERY well maintained, stylish, and with a view of the sea.

Further down the stairs you can go down to the beach.

staircase to the beach

The beach, however, is not a hotel beach, but a public beach (Pratamnak beach).

People who went to Phuket, rated the beach skeptically, but I was delighted. Sandy, gentle entrance to the water, large area and relatively few people! And all this is 3 minutes from the hotel!

Pratamnak beach

Yes, sun loungers are already paid.

beach chairs

But you can swim and go upstairs to the hotel and relax on the sun beds there. And you can take a beach towel from the pool at the hotel, go with him to the beach and put right on the sand.

Towels are given against a signature, they must be returned during the day.

By the way the pool, by the way, is also quite good, but we didn’t bathe in it enough – what for, when the sea is nearby.

As for everything else. Breakfast at the hotel was more or less satisfactory, although with a lack of variety. I personally lacked oatmeal and cocoa.

buffet and restaurant

Few potatoes, almost no cheese (in general, with dairy products in Thailand is not very). I liked the omelet, which is cooked on a griddle in front of you, for which a queue lined up. And very tasty pineapple!

It was annoying that breakfast ended at 10:00. (Of course, many fellow citizens will say – you do not go to sleep in Thailand! :) but when you go every other day on excursions with lifting at five in the morning, so you want to sleep it off!

The hotel has free wi-fi, but very slow. Hardly managed to write to my mom on watsapp, only once a picture was sent. Internet sites like wikipedia did not open at all. Tried different places, it did not differ much. Strangely enough the wi-fi was good on the green area next to the hotel.

On the 2nd floor in the lobby are washing machines, where you can wash for 50 baht. And there are several ironing boards and irons nearby, which I think you can use for free. From the same lobby has access to the view terrace.

2nd floor terrace

It is decorated as well as the green area below.

decorations on the 2nd floor terrace

Potted flowers, little flowerbeds and funny statues – all tastefully done!

From here you can go down to the pool by the stairs.

Now a little bit about the area where the hotel is located. It’s called Pratumnak and is located in the south of Pattaya, jutting out into the sea in the shape of a peninsula. It is quite a secluded area, which is both its advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, there is not as crowding of houses as in the center. A huge golf course, wide streets, lots of greenery. Few cars and motorcycles.

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There are small stores, pharmacies and massage parlors along Soi Street 4 leading up to Pratamnak Hill.

Pratamnak Street Soy4

View of Soi Pratamnak Street 4.

stores on soybean street4

The neighborhood is colorful, pell-mesh are modern high-rise hotels, 3 – 4-storey apartment buildings and shacks locals (especially interesting in this sense look side streets – the eclecticism is amazing).

But to get from here to the center, you have to walk all the way down the street, and then another 5-7 minutes to the right along Pratamnak Street, quite noisy, to the intersection with Tapraya. Only there is the nearest tuk-tuk stop. This way in the heat takes more than 20 minutes on foot! There is no closer public transportation.

So if frequent trips to the center, shopping, evening entertainment are important, Asia Pattaya is not the hotel for you. (Or be prepared to pay for a cab).

On the other hand, the area has its own attractions. From Pratamnak Street, you can get to the Buddha Hill (worth going there at least once – great place!) The turnoff is here:

The turn on the hill to the Buddha statue

From there you have to go up a little to the right, and soon such beauty opens up:

Buddha statue

In addition to the Buddha himself, there’s also an observation deck at the top, and a gorgeous park with a pond and small monuments nearby.

Another vantage point is to the left of Pratamnak Street, the ascent to it begins at the traffic circle.

Other places worth mentioning nearby is Dongtan beach, which stretches for 2 kilometers and turns into Jomtien beach. You can get there from nearby Pratamnak Soi Street 5. Along the entire Dongtan is a pedestrian zone with beautiful trees. (The area is not well maintained everywhere, but overall not bad).

Dongtan beach in the evening

And a tip by the way. Going to Thailand, take a mat or mat (or buy one when you arrive). There are almost no benches in town. Locals come to the beach with mats and there they sit. There they also have dinner. The seats will be actual too.

In summary, the hotel Asia Pattaya is suitable for lovers of beach holidays and excursions. For independent travel around the city the hotel location is unfortunate. If the Pattaya City Hall let the tuk-tuks at least along Pratamnak Street, it would be much easier!

As for the room, it’s better not to save, as we did, and take a room with a view of the sea. And in that wing of the hotel, which is further from the street. Otherwise, we can only thank the hotel staff for their hospitality and a good holiday, which is true, because of the excursions and trips turned out so active that after it was necessary to rest more.

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