Postcard from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contest: share a tip – and get the postcard from Amsterdam!

However you look at it, experience is always a good thing, especially when travelling in a foreign country. What’s more, for me Holland is not a “foreign country” anymore, and I make new discoveries almost every day. So I had an idea: what if each of us shared our valuable experiences and findings from our trip to Holland? I’ll send the authors of the top three tips a postcard straight from Amsterdam!

Contest: share a tip - and get a postcard from Amsterdam!

These are the prizes I have prepared for you:


Postcard with the Amsterdam houses at Spui Square


A postcard with the Rijksmuseum and the boat passengers in the red light district.


Postcard with a cat and cheese at the Florist Market

How the idea for this contest came about : like everything else in this blog, it was inspired by life itself. For example. All the tickets to Keukenhof Park say that they are not valid after activation. And before the flower parade, we discussed for a long time in the comments, how to get out of the park and come in again… There was no information anywhere: neither on the tickets, nor on the official website. And then, a couple of months later, Tatiana told me a tiphack, knowing which, you can go to Keukenhof at least 100 times a day!

Similarly, a month ago I was flying to Minsk, already anticipating, how many people would gather near the vending machines at Schiphol … And it turned out that you can check in for the flights of KLM and partner companies at the vending machines, which are located not only on the 2nd, but also on the 1st floor of the airport. There’s usually nobody! My friend Inna and I were passing by and we decided to give it a try – and it worked! Goodbye, lines and leisurely passengers! :)

Win a postcard from Amsterdam!

So I had an idea – after all, similar situations when you suddenly managed to resolve some situation, occurred to almost everyone. So let’s share this experience!

Jolly Casablanca - the economic center of Morocco

What you need to do to take part in the contest: share your tips and tricks in the comments to this post which helped you to save money, time, or nerves while travelling in Holland, open doors which are usually closed for others, get new impressions, or take great pictures without crowds of tourists. Any useful advice within the limits of law and morality is welcome :)

What the winners get: one day during a visit to the Naval Museum, I noticed the adorable Mingface postcards. Today I went back to the museum, bought three postcards, showed them Amsterdam (which means they didn’t just lie in my bag, but also got charged with the spirit of the city and will definitely ask for them back and drag you along with them :))) – and gladly send them to the authors of the three most useful tips.

Postcard from Amsterdam

Contest timing: tips and tips and tipshacks posted in the comments to the post from July 21 to August 7, 2016 will be accepted for participation. During the day of August 8, I’ll choose the winners, post their names on this page – and as soon as I get the return addresses, I’ll send postcards and greetings from Amsterdam :)

Anyway, no forced likes, reposts, or other commitments – just share something that might be helpful to other travelers, and you’re in! :)

So, it’s time to sum up the results! Many thanks to everyone who took part in the contest! And the winners are:

  • Anna with her advice about Lebar cards and parking
  • Anastasia with advice about check-in luggage
  • German with tips about luggage lockers in museums and train travel.

Congratulations to the winners! Please send your mailing addresses to and I’ll send you the prizes you deserve :)

Contest: share a tip - and get a postcard from Amsterdam!

I sincerely wish you victory and a speedy trip to Amsterdam!

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And stay tuned! More to come!

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