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8 incredibly beautiful parks and gardens in the Czech Republic, which are worth visiting

Where to hide from the heat, traffic and rush? Here is a selection of the most interesting parks and gardens in the Czech Republic.

8 incredibly beautiful parks and gardens in the Czech Republic, which are worth visiting

Parks and gardens are oases of nature, which man has created. You can come here to get away from the noise of cars and hustle and bustle, or to escape from the heat. Czechs are well aware of this, that is why the country has so many beautiful and well-groomed parks with elaborate landscaping.

Address: Valdštejnské náměstí 17/4, 118 01 Praha 1 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 07:00 to 19:00, Saturday to Sunday 9 to 19:00

The garden is a part of the Valdštejn Palace, the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic. Various events are regularly held there. This summer, for example, classical music concerts are organized every Thursday under the auspices of the senators.

The garden has three fountains, a pond, historical sculptures, but the most interesting and unusual thing is an artificial stalactite wall with grottos that serve as an aviary for owls. If you look closely, you can see the faces of people, animals and other creatures between the stalactites.


Address: Karmelitská 373/25, 118 00 Praha 1 – Malá Strana Opening hours: 10 to 19:00 (September to 18:00)

This is one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Prague, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It can be accessed from the Carmelite street on Malá Strana. The garden descends as a cascade and from its highest point it offers a magnificent view of Prague.

In the garden are regularly held various events – exhibitions, conferences, etc. You can check the schedule on the official website. You can see the garden in an hour.


Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10 to 18:00 (April, October) to 19:00 (May – September).

On the southern slope of Hradcany Hill below Prague Castle are the Castle Gardens, which connects the castle with Malá Strana. There are five gardens in total (Ledeburská, Malá Pálffyovská, Velká Pálffyovská, Kolowratská and Malá Fürstenberská zahrada).

All of them boast numerous terraces, staircases, pergolas and historical sculptures. It also offers a panoramic view of Prague. In an hour and a half you can walk through all the gardens, because they are connected to each other.

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Photo:, Ledebourg Garden Terraces

Opening hours : Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (October to 7 p.m., November to 6 p.m. – check website)

Just a few kilometers from Prague is Průhonice Castle Park, in which more than one fairy tale has been filmed. This is one of the most picturesque parks in Europe with an area of 240 hectares. It is located in a relief valley of the Botíč River. Included in the UNESCO list.

Opening hours : from 9 to 18:00

The Kromnerzige Flower Garden is a world class example of garden and park design. It was created at the turn of the late Italian Renaissance and baroque-classical style in the spirit of France (like Versailles).

The area of the garden is 300×485 m; everywhere there is a large amount of greenery, which gave bizarre geometric shapes. The garden is part of the Chateau de Cromnerges complex, listed by UNESCO.

Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In the greenhouse you can see plants that need a tropical or subtropical climate. In Lednica, such conditions have been created for them in the greenhouse. Even in winter, it is warm here. The greenhouse itself is also an attraction, but of a technical nature. It was built in 1843-45 according to the advanced construction technologies of that time.


Opening times : from 9:00 to 18:00 (glasshouses)

In Olomouc a large selection of greenhouses where orchids, palms, lianas, papayas and citrus trees grow and bloom. In Bezručovy Gardens you will find a botanical garden and a rose garden, in Smetanovy – a palm greenhouse and exhibition pavilions, in Čechovy Gardens – a playground. In total in the historic center of Olomouc, apart from the parks, there are four orangeries: palm, cactus, tropical and subtropical.

Admission (to all orangeries) is 70 crowns.


The park has the status of a national natural monument because of its well-preserved original appearance (it was founded in 1844). There are mainly North American trees growing here.

In total, the park has over 200 species of coniferous and deciduous trees. In addition to species from North America, you can find trees from Europe and Asia. A walk through the park takes about an hour.

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The most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic beckons travelers from all over the world. Here is a look at the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic, where the spirit of history is combined with modern attractions.

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1. Prague


Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic and all of Europe. The main attraction is the Prague Castle, which has long served as the residence of kings and later presidents. This ancient fortress has many gardens and palaces, as well as Zlata Street with tiny houses where alchemists lived. Tourists from all over the world marvel at the indescribable beauty of St. Vitus Cathedral. It is worth a walk on the Charles Bridge. It connects two parts of the city – Staro Mesto and Mala Strana. In ancient times it was part of the route of the royal road. The bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures, which, subject to a special ritual, make wishes come true. On the Old Town Square there is the Old Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock and the Týn Church.

Interesting to visit the Prague Zoo, where one of the pavilions recreated the jungle. Popular museums are Kafka, National, Alphonse Mucha, toys. You can spend a day at the Railway Kingdom or the Aquarium. In general, one trip to see Prague will not be enough.

2. Karlovy Vary

The most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic

This picturesque town in the Czech Republic is famous for its healing springs and is, above all, known as a first-class health resort. Many prominent figures of culture and art have rested here. The 13 geysers are distributed among five colonnades. Entering them and drinking their mineral water is free and available to everyone. However, it is better to drink the healing liquid under the strict supervision of doctors. All springs have a high temperature – from 32 to 70 degrees. Vacationers can enjoy the architecture, visit the art gallery, the Becherovka Museum or the City Theater. Every summer there is a famous film festival. In the vicinity is one of the most visited castles – Loket.

Cesky Krumlov


Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful small towns in the Czech Republic, located on the banks of the Vltava River and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is here that you can feel the spirit of the Middle Ages. The town has remained untouched by war and natural calamities, preserving its original tiled roofs and cobblestone sidewalks. The main attractions can be seen in a couple of hours, more time will be needed for museums and castles. The main square of the city is the Place de la Concorde. Krumlov Castle, St. Vitus Church are worth seeing. Synagogue, Town Hall, Regional Museum, art center Egon Chalet, wax museum. In June, tourists from all over the world come here for the medieval festival of the Five-Petalled Rose.

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4. Telc


Fairy-tale beauty Czech town Telč is situated only 160 km from the capital. Its second name is Moravian Venice. Three artificial reservoirs and a defense moat form the basis of the town’s layout. The houses are amazing with colorful facades and playful beauty. The first thing worth visiting is the castle Telch, which has been used repeatedly for the filming of films. It is considered a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Zachery and Graz square are among the most beautiful in Bohemia. There are museums, city hall, the Marianas Pillar, many churches and churches. In July, the city hosts the Festival of Mongolfiers, a festival of aeronautics.

5. Mikulov

Beautiful cities in the Czech Republic

The city of Mikulov is convenient to visit when traveling to Austria, Slovakia or Hungary. First of all it is famous for its vineyards and wineries. Therefore, a bottle of original wine will be a good souvenir. There are also architectural monuments. One of the famous is the 13th century Dietrichstein Castle. Today it houses the museum of local history. Unfortunately, many buildings, including the castle, were seriously damaged during World War II and were reconstructed. Worth visiting are the Goat Tower, the Kopecek Hill, the 16th century synagogue, and the Jewish cemetery. In the north of the town there is a unique nature reserve – the Turolde cave, over 1 km long. A beautiful panorama of the city can be seen from the rocky hills – Kozy Gradek and Holy Hill.

6. Brno


This is an important cultural and engineering center of the Czech Republic. There are constantly held congresses and festivals. One of the main attractions of Brno is considered to be the Špilberk Castle. After all, around it the ancient city grew up. It is worth visiting the town hall, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Church of St. John and the Capuchin monastery. The epicenter of city events is the Freedom Square, where there are many stores, cafes and souvenir shops. Interesting things to see are the observatory, planetarium, science and entertainment park VIDA, technical museum, Magen theater, Moravian gallery, museum of Roma culture and much more. The ideal place for exploring the natural beauties is the Moravian Karst and the Macocha Abyss.

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7. Ceske Budejovice


Another beautiful city in the Czech Republic, which is a cultural center and a major transportation hub. The best place to start the excursion is Přemysl Otakar II Square. It has long been the center of the city, where fairs, festivals and public executions were held. There are old houses on its perimeter. There is also the Black Tower, the Town Hall, the Cathedral of St. Mikuláš and the “Samson” fountain. In addition, Ceske Budejonowice is among the “beer” cities. One of the breweries produces the famous Budweiser beer, as well as Samson and Crystal. There is a museum of horse-drawn railroad, mountain museum and energy.

8. Liberec


The beautiful city, located at the foot of two mountain ranges and the Nisa River, cannot help but enchant. There are excellent conditions for fans of skiing. Also, nature lovers will appreciate the Botanical Garden and the zoo. Architecture lovers will be interested in the City Hall, the Church of the Holy Crucifixion, the Church of St. Anthony, the houses with transom masonry and much more. Popular with tourists and the top of the hill Ještěd, which is installed television tower. You can take a funicular up to the top and walk there for an unlimited time. For children will be interesting interactive place – Q Landia, where you can perform various experiments and learn about physical processes.

9. Tabor


The main pride of Tabor is considered the Hussite Museum. It contains documents, devoted to the movement of the Taborites. You can also visit its dungeons, which served in different years as a place for storing beer, a shelter and a prison. An ancient landmark is the Klokot Church and Jan Žižka Square. One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Botanical Garden. It grows crops used before the advent of chemicals. Tabor has the oldest artificial pond in all of Europe, the Jordan Pond. Originally created to provide the city with water, it has now become a great place for recreation. On the outskirts of town there is a music museum with a huge collection of records.

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10. Plzen


Among the most beautiful cities of the Czech Republic can be attributed to Plzeň, which is interesting for its architecture: it was built by the king on the plain. It was divided into quarters, and the streets intersect only at right angles. Start the acquaintance with the city from the observation deck of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. The Town Hall and the Western Bohemian Gallery have been preserved. There is the third largest synagogue in the world. Fans of ghosts and monsters will not remain indifferent to the museum of horrors, located on the Republic Square. There is also a museum of brewing, and the delicious drink “pilsner” is supplied to many countries. Nearby is one of the city’s popular bars, where fresh beer is always available. On the territory of the museum is the origin of the Pilsen Underground exposition.

11. Hradec Králové


“Queen’s Castle” attracts many tourists with its colorful houses, waterfront and picturesque parks. The best place to start your walk is through the cobblestone streets of Hradec Králové. On the Big and Small Square. One of the main attractions of the city is the Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. Recommended for visiting the church of Nicholas the Wonderworker, the White Tower, the Chapel of St. Clement, the Old Town Hall. The Metske Lazne Aquatic Center is very popular, because in the town there are no beaches, and it is not recommended to swim in the rivers.

12. Kutna Hora


Originally it was a mining town which turned into one of the richest and most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic. One of the main attractions is the Cathedral of St. Barbara. The Chapel of the Body of the Lord, the Silver Museum and the medieval mine, the church of St. Jakub, the Vlašsky Court are interesting to visit. A stone fountain on Reiskova Square is a symbol of wealth and grandeur of the city and its inhabitants. The ossuary located in Sedlica monastery is very popular. It is a chapel, the interior of which is made entirely of human bones. Not far from the city there is a medieval castle Žleby. It houses a working museum of the Middle Ages.

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