One Day Excursion in Beijing, China

Beijing One Day Individual Tour

Individual tour, group from 2 people. You will not have to pay anything extra on the spot!

Come to Beijing, the 1 day tour is one of the most frequently requested tours of Beijing! Taking care of our tourists to get the most out of their stay in the Chinese capital, we decided to go beyond the format of the standard tour.

For our valued tourists we developed a tour program “Beijing in 1 day”. – You will not only visit the iconic places and attractions of Beijing, but you will see the historical monuments from the best angle. You will see sights that not all the locals know about!

And if you have your own vision of a tour to Beijing in Russian – write us, we’ll help you turn your ideas into unique and logical routes . Welcome to Beijing!

Features of the one-day tour to Beijing

  • You’ll visit the sights, avoiding the crowds: no need to wait for anyone
  • Explore secret corners of the Forbidden City, where groups don’t have time to go.
  • At the Temple of Heaven Park, you will discover a true, unattractive China and see how the elderly people of Beijing spend their time.
  • You’ll find out why Jingshan Park is called Wonderful View Hill. You will not see the Forbidden City like this anywhere else!
  • You will be accompanied by a friendly, professional Russian-speaking guide.

Program of the tour

Start of the tour at 9:00: Meeting with the guide at the hotel lobby. Beginning of the tour.


  • In the Temple of Heaven Park you will see elderly Chinese people gathering and playing cards and Chinese chess – get in touch with real, non-tourist China.
  • Authentic local cuisine – your guide will recommend a proven restaurant where the Chinese themselves eat.
  • Let your guide know if you have special dietary preferences or contraindications.
  • At the palace complex you can additionally visit buildings housing permanent and temporary exhibitions (price – $3 USD/person).

1 Day Beijing Tour

You will visit Tiananmen Square (Heavenly Peace Square) – the largest square in the world. During holidays or special events up to 1 million people can gather in Tiananmen Square at the same time.

Next, a tour of the Forbidden City: Called the Gugong in China, this is the largest and most famous palace complex in the world. The guide will show you the House of the Emperors as well as interesting places and secluded corners of the Forbidden City, which are not easy to find on your own.

After the Forbidden City you will go up to Jingshan Park . From the top of the hill where Jingshan Park is located, there is an incredible view of the Forbidden City. It is not for nothing that Jingshan means “Hill of Beautiful Views” in Chinese.

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Beijing Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Tiananmen Square

Forbidden City in Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing

In the afternoon you will visit the Temple of Heaven, a cult temple complex. Here the rulers of China communicated with the gods, and during the tour you will be able to visit this amazing place. You will stroll through a large beautiful park and see the elderly people of Beijing gathering and playing cards and Chinese chess Xiangqi .

Around 16:00-17:00 return to the hotel by comfortable transport.

If you want to visit sights not included in the program, or to extend the time of transport – your guide will help with everything you need.

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing

Jingshan Park Beijing

Jingshan Park, view of the Forbidden City

Evening Beijing

Ask your guide about what to do in Beijing in the evening – he will be happy to advise you on where to dine and what activities to attend.

The tour price includes:

  • Professional assistance from experienced travel consultants
  • Services of a private Russian-speaking guide
  • Comfortable vehicle with driver
  • Entrance fees and sightseeing attractions, listed in the program
  • Health insurance
  • Round-the-clock support and phone number in Russian

Trip to Beijing – good to know:

1) How to make a tour even cheaper? Gather your friends!

Invite your family and friends – the more people in your group the cheaper the tour!

2) Optional activities

Important: Optional activities are NOT included in the program and are NOT included in the price of the tour. The cost of admission tickets depends on the seats chosen.

  • Beijing Opera – Recognized National Treasure of China
  • Golden Mask Dynasty – Musical and dance show, acrobatic stunts and digital special effects
  • The Legend of Kung Fu – World famous show with a combination of kung fu, acrobatics and dance
  • Beijing Circus – A show of flying acrobats

Why China Highlights?

We strive to give tourists the opportunity to discover the “real China” – something you can’t see on a group tour. Tell us what’s important to you about your trip, we’ll help bring your vision of the perfect trip to China to life!

Personalized Tours

Our staff is ready to answer all your questions about excursions and extra services.

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One-day individual tours in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou and other cities will be actual for those who visit China as transit country, or who came on business and have some free time to see the main sights; our custom tours will be interesting for those who are not the first time in China. New offer: tours to Wuhan. The price of all tours includes: individual vehicles with a driver, services of Russian-speaking guide, entrance fees to museums and monuments.

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Description and prices of excursions in Hong Kong and Macau see on a separate page.

1) Private full-day city tour in Beijing (8 hours)

With a Russian-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

At about 9:30, leave your hotel for a tour of the main sights of China’s capital city. This tour will be of interest to those who come to Beijing for the first time and want to see the iconic, most famous places first of all. A walk through Tiananmen Square of Heavenly Tranquility, perhaps the largest square in the world. A visit to the Imperial Palace Gugun – the “Forbidden Purple City”. Introduction to the garden art of China: Beihai and Jingshan Parks. From the pavilion on top of the hill in Jingshan Park you can get an excellent view of the historical part of the city. Trip to the Temple of Heaven – Tiantan, a temple and monastery complex in central Beijing, which includes the only round-shaped temple in the city – the Temple of the Harvest.

Cost of an excursion with a Russian-speaking guide: Excursion with a visit to stores (tea-souvenirs, silk, pearls): 94 USD per person (for a group of 2 persons) Excursion without shopping: 135 USD per person(for a group of 2 people). The Gugun Palace is closed on Mondays.

2) Tour of the Great Wall of China (5 hours).

A visit to a section of the Great Wall of China. The most popular section is Badaling (about 80 km from Beijing), here you can walk along the wall, use the cable elevator and on the way back visit the tombs of emperors of the Ming Dynasty – Dingling. In Beijing on the way you can also see the objects built for the Olympics in Beijing – the unusual architecture of the Nest and Water Cube stadiums. You can choose to visit the Mutyanyu section of the wall: there are far fewer tourists and the wall itself has been less restored than in Badaling, the drive to Mutyanyu is a little longer.

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 148 USD per person for a group of 2 people (car ride). If you choose the Mutyanyui Wall section, the tour does not include a visit to the tombs of emperors. Funicular ride is paid on site (optional), the cost of the tour is not included.

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3) Combined intensive individual tour: “Beijing + Chinese Wall in one day” (8 hours).

The main sights of Beijing: Tiananmen Square, Imperial “Forbidden City” – Gugong Palace, a trip to a section of the Great Wall of China (Badaling).

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: Excursion with a visit to stores (tea-souvenirs, silk, pearls): 135 USD per person Excursion without visiting the stores: 180 USD per person for a group of 2 people (car trip). The Gugong Palace is closed on Mondays.

4) Individual Shanghai sightseeing tour (8 hours)

Excursion around Shanghai: Garden of Joy (Yu Yuan), an example of garden art in China. Working Jade Buddha Temple (Yu-Fosa). Drive to Pudong skyscraper district and climb the “Pearl of the Orient” TV tower, which offers beautiful views of the city. There is an excellent museum of Shanghai history on the lower floors of the TV tower. Lunch. A stroll along the Bund promenade with its European architecture more than a century old. Cruise along the Huangpu River, interesting panorama of the city from the water. Walk along Nanjing-Lu shopping and pedestrian street.

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 160 USD per person for a group of 2 people (car trip).

5) Individual excursion in Beijing “Museums of Beijing” (4-5 hours).

With a Russian-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

Around 9:30, check out of your hotel for the tour. Visit the Capital Museum . In addition to exhibits of varying ages of bronze, jade, porcelain, samples of painting and calligraphy, the museum presents an interesting exposition on the history of urban planning in modern Beijing. Continuation of the Beijing tour. Right in Tiananmen Square is the huge National Museum of China . This is one of the largest museums in China, and in the world. In the museum you can spend several hours.

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 170 USD per person (for a group of 2 people). Since museums entrance fees need to be ordered in advance, we have already included them in the tour price.

6) Individual Wuhan tour (8 hours)

With an English-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

Departure from your hotel for a tour of Wuhan, which became world famous in 2020. Stroll along the promenade of East Lake, which is especially beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Visit the Hubei Provincial Museum, which has a collection of more than 200,000 objects of art. It is one of the largest and most famous local history museums in China. Sightseeing the symbol of the city – the five-storey Yellow Crane Pagoda. View of the Yangtze River. Wuhan – a major river port on the great Yangtze . A cruise from Wuhan to Chongqing takes 6 days, from Wuhan to Shanghai takes 4 days. Since the Middle Ages, Wuhan has been a communal tea trade. You can go to a tea store on the central Jefandao Avenue. A guided visit of the dubious Wuhan seafood market, an outside view of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Cost of the tour with an English-speaking guide: 165 USD per person (for a group of 2 persons).

Yheyuan: Serene Tranquility Park, the Countryside Residence of the Chinese Emperors

7) “Author’s” full day individual sightseeing tour in Beijing (8 hours).

With a Russian-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

About 9:30 a.m. – check-out from hotel. We will not have time to visit everything in one day, but you can choose 2-3 places from the list that are most interesting to you.

The first place is Xiangshan – “Fragrant Mountain” . The most beautiful autumn landscapes with golden and purple leaves have long been a place where the capital’s residents and visitors have come to admire. Mao Zedong was also partial to the beauty of this place – his villa is located in the park. For the sixth Panchen Lama, by order of the Qing emperor, a Tibetan-style temple residence was built here. On the corners of the tall pagoda, covered with colored glazed tiles, bells ring in the wind. The views from the top of the peak of the Incense Smoking Place are amazing. Another attraction is Badachu – “The Eight Great Views” . The complex of Buddhist monasteries and temples in western Beijing attracts not only believers. From every bend of the road, picturesque scenery opens up. The alley of carved seals, the small museum of the largest carcass made of solid stone, the wall of “24 stories of filial piety” are quite interesting. All the temples are active, the pagoda of the largest, Linguan-si (Divine Light), holds the tooth of the Buddha. Here you can see monks, burning lotus candles, huge incense sticks as thick as a hand or incense spirals a meter in diameter, a wall with gold hieroglyphs “Heart Sutras”, sacred trees with wish-strings, statues of Buddhas, bodhisattvas and teachers – and much more. Third place: Red Snail Monastery – Hunlosy . The largest and most ancient temple in northern Beijing, built in the fourth century. The legend of the heavenly snail princesses is associated with the monastery. From Honglosa Temple, the road leads past a huge statue of the “laughing Buddha” Milefo to the “Garden of 500 Arhats” – five hundred statues of Buddha’s disciples, dressed in red velvet cloaks, stand between the trees on the sides of the road. Even higher are the viewing platforms, the temple of the bodhisattva of mercy Guanyin and the “Heavenly Gate” at the top of the mountain. You can go down by car on the monorail – or walk along the “Guanyin Road,” where 33 statues of different incarnations of the bodhisattva are placed on the steps. Thanks to ancient pine, gingko, and maple trees, the air here is clean and healing. And another excursion: Treasures of the Capital Museum . Jade, bronze, ceramics, household and ritual utensils, jewelry, weapons, money, clothes, statues – thousands of years of Chinese culture and history. One can take pictures freely here, unlike in temples and palaces. Panoramas, themed exhibitions, a specialized exhibition “Old Beijing”. The museum itself is an outstanding piece of architecture.

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Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 160 USD per person for a group of 2 people (car trip).

8) Private sightseeing tour in Xian: museums and architecture (8 hours)

With a Russian-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

About 9:30 – Departure from your hotel to explore the former capital of China. Museum of the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Excursion to Bei Lin Provincial Museum – Stel Forest. Walking tour along the ancient antique street of Xian – Wen Huajie (Culture Street). Walking along the city fortress wall. Visit to the Great Pagoda of the Wild Geese – Da Yanta. A visit to the Shaanxi Provincial Historical Museum is one of the largest museums in China. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum brings temporary exhibitions from different parts of China – see what will be there on the day of your visit, perhaps the themes will interest you (payment for temporary exhibitions is separate, on the spot).

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 160 USD per person (for a group of 2).

9) Individual guided tour of Guangzhou (4 hours)

With a Russian-speaking guide in a standard air-conditioned vehicle:

Departure from your hotel at your convenience to explore one of the largest metropolises of southern China. sightseeing tour in the old part of town: Yuushu Park, sculpture of “Five Goats”, Chen Ancestors Temple, sightseeing tour in the new part of Zhujiang and survey of the Canton TV Tower from outside (entrance ticket for the tower is paid at your request, about 35 USD per person, an interpreter guide is also needed).

Cost of the tour with a Russian speaking guide: 150 USD per person (for a group of 2). If your hotel is at the airport you will have to pay $40 USD for the transfer.

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