Norway. Journey to Oslo

Trip to Oslo on your own – prices and plan

In this article I will tell you what you can see in Oslo in one, two days. What museums to go to, what is worth seeing and what you can skip, is it worth buying the Oslo Pass. I will orient you to the cost of public transport, parking costs. And share my impressions of Oslo and its museums. One or two days to see Oslo is the most suitable period, more can only be endured by ardent fans of the Scandinavian style.

Oslo has a population of only 600 thousand people, and by Russian standards, it is not a big city. The center is quite compact and can easily be bypassed on foot. It is no secret that Oslo is a very expensive city, so I will not recommend expensive attractions, only the most interesting, authentic and if possible on a budget. All prices in this article are given for 2022.

Currency of Norway

The currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone, the official designation NOK.

Currency symbol Cost
10 NOK 60,17 Russian roubles
10 NOK 36,89 Ukrainian hryvnias
10 NOK 2,55 Belorussian rubles
10 NOK 1 euro
10 NOK 1 US dollars

At the rate of the Central Bank on 02.09.2022 11:30

Cards are accepted everywhere, not only in Oslo, but also in villages and microscopic campsites.

Oslo Weather

Oslo is a city where you need to have a plan A and a plan B, as the weather can bring surprises. In the case of bad weather, you can spend time in the many museums of the capital of Norway, and if the sun shines do not miss the moment and give themselves to walks in the fresh air. Weather in Oslo is changing every 15 minutes and no one can give you any guarantees.

St. Petersburgers will feel in Oslo, just like at home – damp, windy and dank and not predictable. Oslo is exactly the same latitude as St. Petersburg. But Muscovites and residents of continental Russia will be most likely to freeze from the unaccustomed to the almost 100% humidity.

How to get to Oslo

Among our people are popular two methods to reach the capital of the country of fjords – by plane and by car. As a rule, a lot of people who come to Oslo are going to go on a trip to Norway. Because in this country, all the most beautiful and decent located not in the capital. But if you find yourself in Oslo is worth to give it a day or two.

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By plane

Airplane tickets are relatively inexpensive.

12 great tips on how to find flight tickets in a separate article “How to buy cheap airline tickets to Europe” – a detailed step-by-step guide. You will learn how to use all the features of search engines.

By Car

It is not possible for a mere mortal to leave the Russian Federation by car through the land border for the purpose of tourism. But you can for treatment, for example, for this you need to buy a voucher to a sanatorium.

The trip to Oslo by car will take at least two days. You have to take a ferry across the Baltic Sea. If you are traveling from St. Petersburg, the cheapest option could be the day ferry Naantali – Kapellskär (FinnLines company), if you want to sail at night, it is better to choose Turku – Stockholm ferry. Read our review of Viking Lines’ many ferry trips (Turku – Stockholm). The ferry journey from Turku to Stockholm on its own costs not great from 45 EUR 45 EUR = 2700 rubles 45 EUR = 1663,13 hryvnia 45 EUR = 114,92 belarus 45 EUR = 45,04 dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia at 02.09.2022 11:30 per one way car-pack with cabin. During high season the price can go up, but dinner costs from 33 EUR 33 EUR = 1980 rubles 33 EUR = 1219,63 hryvnias 33 EUR = 84,27 Belarusian rubles 33 EUR = 33 EUR 33 = 33,03 dollars At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 02.09.2022 11:30 . From St. Petersburg to Turku 543 km, from Stockholm to Oslo 527 km. Roads in Scandinavia are excellent, there are few cars.

Muscovites and residents of Central region are more convenient to use the ferry Riga – Stockholm. From Moscow to Riga 920 km. Flights to this destination are made by Tallink & Silja Line, and the trip will bring you incomparable pleasure, and the feast on board is guaranteed. Car Package with cabin from Riga to Stockholm starts from 161 EUR 161 EUR = 9660 rubles 161 EUR = 5950.33 UAH 161 EUR = 411.15 BYR 161 EUR = 161.13 USD at the Central Bank exchange rate of 02.09.2022 11:30, but do not forget that the main source of income of ferry companies is the expensive food on board.

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Oslo for motorists

Entrance to Oslo is paid. In Oslo, there are 2 rings, entry into each of them is paid separately, the tariff for a passenger car is 22 NOK 22 NOK = 132 rubles 22 NOK = 81.15 hryvnia 22 NOK = 5.61 Belarusian rubles 22 NOK = 2.2 euros 22 NOK = 2.2 dollars at the rate of the Central Bank at 02.09.2022 11:30 . This is the entrance to one zone, i.e. entrance to the center through 2 zones will be 44 NOK 44 NOK = 264 rubles 44 NOK = 162.3 UAH 44 NOK = 11.21 Belarusian rubles 44 NOK = 4.39 euros 44 NOK = 4.39 dollars At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 02.09.2022 11:30 . From 6:30 to 9:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00, i.e. during rush hours, the fare for one zone increases to 28 NOK 28 NOK = 168 rubles 28 NOK = 103.28 UAH 28 NOK = 7.14 Belarusian rubles 28 NOK = 2.79 euro 28 NOK = 2.8 USD At the payment acceptance point you need change money or pay by card, no big bills will be taken.

The Norwegian authorities offer to register your car in the autopass system so that the toll is taken automatically from the linked card. There are pitfalls here. If you do not know your way around the city, you can accidentally cross the toll border several times, and each time you will be charged money. And that’s not all. Diesel cars are charged more.

In Oslo there are widespread private and municipal parking lots. The rules and costs of parking depend on who owns it. Municipal parking lots in the city center are divided into zones and are definitely paid from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. In some places parking can be limited in time, you need to have a parking watch.

On average the cost of parking in Oslo is in the intervals 30 NOK 30 NOK = 180 rubles 30 NOK = 110,66 UAH 30 NOK = 7,65 Belarusian rubles 30 NOK = 2,99 euro 30 NOK = 3 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 02.09.2022 11:30 – valute summa=”60″ valuta=”NOK” ] per 1 hour, or 150 NOK 150 NOK = 900 rubles 150 NOK = 553,3 hryvnias 150 NOK = 38,23 Belarusian rubles 150 NOK = 14,97 Euro 150 NOK = 14,98 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 02.09. 2022 11:30 – 150 NOK 150 NOK = 900 RUB 150 NOK = 553,3 UAH 150 NOK = 38.23 Belarusian Rubles 150 NOK = 14,97 Euro 150 NOK = 14,98 USD At the rate of the Central Bank of Russia on 02.09.2022 11:30 a.m.

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Public transport in Oslo

Public transport in Oslo is well developed, but the prices are hard to call it humane. It is best to buy tickets from vending machines, 7-eleven stores, special kiosks.

Single ticket bought in an automatic machine, kiosk (valid for 1 hour on any transport) Adult 39 NOK 39 NOK = 234 rubles 39 NOK = 143,86 hryvnia 39 NOK = 9,94 bel. RUB 39 NOK = 3,89 EUR 39 NOK = 3,9 USD At the CBR exchange rate as of 02.09.2022 11:30 USD Child / Senior citizen 20 NOK 20 NOK = 120 RUB 20 NOK = 73,77 UAH 20 NOK = 5,1 BYR 20 NOK = 2 EUR 20 NOK = 2 USD At the CBR exchange rate as of 02.09.2022 11:30

Holidays in Oslo (Norway) – reviews

What about Holidays in Oslo (Norway)?

Friends, everyone who reads my reviews, remember the description of a trip to the Scandinavian Peninsula. I have already told about Stockholm, without observing the chronology of events described my trip to the Fjords. Today I will tell you about Oslo . A little later I read.

My impressions are very mixed. It is unlikely I will return here.

Hello friends! Last summer we visited the wonderful country of Norway, the land of fjords and waterfalls. Our trip began and ended in the capital city of Oslo, but we had little opportunity to see this city on the tour.

An unforgettable Norwegian experience.

This is the very center of the city. There is not a huge variety of museums and attractions. But still, something can be found. There is in the city of Oslo Royal Palace. Akershus Castle. Cathedral. City Hall. But the main impressions are the famous fjords.

A city where everything inclines to a quiet pastime

A quiet city, without the hustle and bustle, where you can combine sightseeing, walks in the parks, and even relax by the sea

Despite the fact that I liked the Oslo (read about the capital here ), I think it’s not quite right to talk about vacationing in this city. First of all, I think of Oslo as a tourist city, a city of excursions.

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How to go to Oslo and see everything economically – practical tips!

Hello all! For a long time I wanted to write a review about how I went to one of the most expensive cities in the world – Oslo. Since I’m a budget tourist, people like me might find this review useful. I always do.

The largest economic center.

I have long wanted to go to Norway. I bought a tour to Oslo and went on a trip with other tourists. We arrived in the city late at night and checked into the hotel “Skandik”. In the morning we went to the buffet. What.

Oslo or how to spend half my paycheck in a weekend. Part one.

Weekend in Oslo. My sister and I are avid travelers. If you don’t have a car – no problem, if your sneakers are worn – no problem. As they say, who cares what sneakers you are wearing, as long as you walk in them in Paris.

The pleasant atmosphere of Oslo

Our introduction to the capital of Norway began at Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park in the early morning. Many Norwegians go for a jog in the park in the morning. Also in the park there are few benches, so many sit directly on the grass.

Europe in the northern format.

I wanted to go to Norway for a long time. I was embarrassed by notorious high cost of the country, fjords and northern lights. As a result, the conflict of aspirations reached its climax by the summer of 2015, and I still bought plane tickets and booked accommodation. The trip was planned for.

A typically Scandinavian city.

I was in Oslo in September 2013, flew here from Denmark, I spent a total of two days in the capital of Norway, the main destination was the city of Bergen. After picking up my luggage from the conveyor belt, I began.

Cozy town

I visited Oslo in April. The first impression I was impressed by nature, I was surprised by the many green meadows, trees and mountains on the way from the airport to the hotel.

A delightfully magical city with interesting architecture and infrastructure.

Oslo is an ancient city with a long history and rich culture. In ancient times the city was home to the well-known Viking tribes, who left behind a large number of various values and antiques. Oslo has a unique nature.

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starting point for travels in norway

Oslo. how Short and a little ridiculous it sounds. . it is from the capital that all cruises and bus tours begin. A day here would be enough. My acquaintances live in Norway so I’ve been through the capital several times. First.

Oslo and the biathlon in Holmenkolen.

Two years in a row attended biathlon races in Norway (Holmenkolen). Why this particular location? It’s a short flight. It’s convenient to get to the stadium where the race takes place. Why only twice? Expensive, despite my love of the sport.

Oslo – my first love

I fell in love with Oslo at first sight. I came to live here in August and immediately ran to see the city. Small, nice and neat. Cozy cafes, stores, subway, streetcars, buses, everything is clear, easy and uncomplicated. But. For.

Not bad, but better to go in summer.

In any case, the journey through unexplored places is a pleasure. On the whole not bad, but I want to warn travelers about rest in the winter. It dawns late (by about 11-12 am) and darkens early (at 4 pm), very cloudy and.

Cool resort.

Good afternoon. In this review, I will tell you about a wonderful place Oslo. I will tell you right away that Norway is in the top 5 most expensive resorts, but there are free activities here too. The first where you can go completely free is.

This is not Russia, there are other rules.

Arriving in Oslo, the first thing that prompted a question, and how to speak and ask anything without a knowledge of Norwegian? Simple – here, almost everyone knows English. It was a pleasant surprise and made life very easy. Getting acquainted with the map took place.

If you’re planning a trip for the Christmas vacations, choose Norway, it’s great!

Christmas market, wonderful nature, parks, restaurants with your favorite seafood, and if you like sports, you should go during the World Cup in Holmenkolen skiing or biathlon. Walk the narrow streets of Oslo in the evening and soak up the

A city for the rich.

The city is very beautiful, especially the downtown area has all sorts of designer sculptures. I especially liked their sweaters because they don’t let water and dirt in. And the cheeses there are amazing. I did not want to go there, don’t think about it.

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