New Zealand’s Best Adventure Activities

New Zealand adventure tours for thrill seekers

There are so many things to do in New Zealand. There’s Maori culture, Lord of the Rings tours, stunning scenery and relaxing hot springs. But what is always a picture are the exciting New Zealand Adventure Tours

New Zealand Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekers: New

Exciting New Zealand Adventure Tours

If you want to fulfill your adrenaline ration for life, visit New Zealand! If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, be sure to add these activities to your budget. You won’t regret it!

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The best New Zealand adventure tours are.

1. Steer the Stunt Airplane.

This is probably the most unique thing I will ever do in my life! I actually took control of a stunt plane joystick and flew upside down and all around.

[responsive video ID = “mQGVqWtys1I”]

With U-Fly Extreme, you’ll have the most glorious experience of your life, flying high into the sky, diving through the air and riding the roller coaster, hiding your head from the shame of your limp.

This is the best adventure tour in New Zealand!

To learn more about our Stunt Plane experience, check it out here.

2. Sky Dive Lake Taupo.

New Zealand adventure tours for thrill seekers: adventure tours

Time to go skydiving!

Dave did jump at Abel Tasman, but the people at Skydive Abel Tasman were not too friendly, and even though our jump at Taupo was canceled due to high winds, we wanted to give Sky Dive Taupo a signal.

They picked us up in the limo and were so friendly and professional that we really regret not being able to jump.

What we love about them is that you can choose your own soundtrack to your video for the jump.

But I know you can’t wait to see the skydive, check out this beautiful Abel Tasman jump where you can see both the North and South Islands.

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The Taupo people seemed to really care about their customers and making your skydiving experience special.

They were as frustrated as we were that the weather didn’t cooperate. Normally people can have one more day and jump the next morning, but we had a busy schedule with the Flying Kiwi and had to move on.

But at least Dave had a good jump with Abel Tasman. He didn’t like jumping with them, they just didn’t have the warm and friendly Taupo feeling.

Abel Tasman felt more like an assembly line where Taupo felt like good friends. Watch Dave’s jump here!

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3. Whitewater Rapids Class 5 Raft.

This New Zealand adventure tour completes all tours! If you want an unforgettable rafting experience, take this tour with Rangitata White Water Rafting.

New Zealand Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekers: New

The ultimate aquatic adventure.

Faced with icy, icy waters and top-notch Class 5 rapids, you’ll have bragging rights for years to come.

You’ll put on your drysuits and wool suits to protect the cold air and water from your fragile skin, but nothing can protect you.

You’ll get wet, and a quick splash of your face before you head into the rapids won’t exactly help prepare you for the breathtaking waves you’ll encounter.

Don’t worry, you’ll soon be floating in the water and sailing through your small rapids as you backstroke, admiring the gorgeous scenery.

For more White Water Raft Descent check out the original post.

4. Swim with Dolphins.

It is truly a magical experience to be approached on your own volition to have a dolphin swim through your legs and coil around you.

They see through you and seem to understand everything about you. Most people swim with dolphins in Kaikoura, but doing it in the Bay of Islands is special.

[responsive video ID = “G9Di0567K7U”]

There aren’t as many dolphins in these bottle-noses, but there aren’t as many people either.

Also, you don’t have to wear a wetsuit, which allows you to be more accessible to the dolphins. They can feel your connection more without the barrier of neoprene.

It’s also a very environmentally friendly tour. It doesn’t affect the dolphins’ way of life, they’re not chased, and if they have a baby in the pod, you’re not allowed in the water.

But when you are allowed, you go in and let nature do its work. If the dolphins want to, they will come to you. See our full post on our dolphin encounter

5. Queenstown Paraglide.

If Bungy Jumping and skydiving are too much for you, there’s an amazing event happening at the top of the gondola elevator in Queenstown.

New Zealand Adventure Tours for Thrill Seekers: New Zealand

Paragliding over town.

You can jump in tandem with G-Force Paragliding and fly high in the sky with views of the city, lake and mountains.

The flight lasts about 15 minutes and you will see the most spectacular views of the mountain range, so wonderful they call it remarkable.

Make sure your guide knows that you will be doing some maneuvers.

You’ll be swinging almost upside down and side to side, feeling the overload doing its job. See our full experience here.

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6. Bungy Jump.

If you’re up for it, you should try bungy jumping in New Zealand. This is where it was invented after all.

AJ Hackett is the grandfather of Bungy (and yes, he’s spelled Bungy, not Bungee – he patented the name!), and his jumps can be found everywhere.

The most famous is the Nevis Bungy jump, the third largest in the world, and you’ll shudder when you jump from it.

You must take a small cart to a suspended platform in the middle of the gorge at 134 meters (400 feet), where you are strapped in while music rattles to lift you up for the plunge. Not for the faint of heart.

Check out more of the jumping experience here.

There are so many things to do in New Zealand, it’s almost impossible to pack it all in one trip, but we did our best.

From hiking across the Tongariro Crossing to the Firefly Caves, to hiking on Fox Glacier, to cruising Milford Sound, New Zealand is the perfect place to travel, especially for adventurers!

For more information, visit Flying Kiwi for land tours. We were in New Zealand with Flying Kiwi almost a year ago and have been traveling all our lives taking part in adventures around the North and South Island.

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20 adventures in New Zealand that won’t leave you indifferent.

Just recently we wrote a piece about experiences and experiences that can only be had in New Zealand. Today’s selection includes not only unique but also simply exciting experiences on this island. In addition to the purely textual descriptions, we add impressive videos of each type of entertainment. We think that after watching at least some of the material, you’ll want to be in the frame yourself and be the main character.

1. Walking the Best Trail in the World in New Zealand

One of New Zealand’s most spectacular hiking trails is 33 miles long. The walk takes you through wild rainforest, mountain peaks, and fjords from Te Anau Lake, as well as the famous Milford Sound.

2. heli-biking in New Zealand

New Zealand is a haven for a lot of extreme and sometimes even spooky sports. In fact, you can add the prefix “heli” (helicopter) to any sport and most likely already have one on the island. In this video in particular, the extreme guys use a helicopter to climb one of the coolest mountains for biking in the Queenstown area.

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The helicopter appears in the second minute of the video.

3. Ride a gondola up to bike down in New Zealand

Another dizzying attraction in New Zealand is the only place where you can ride your bikes up the mountain in a gondola (1,400 feet or 427 meters high) and then begin the high-speed descent. At the top starts a bunch of trails and wonderful views, and the road down is full of speed and adrenaline.

4. heli-surfing in fjord country in New Zealand

The most beautiful places on the planet are the least accessible. That’s probably why they still retain their charm. Fjordland is one of those places, but if you dream very hard about it, a helicopter will get you there even with a surfboard.

5. Watch the All Blacks team perform Haka in New Zealand

We wrote about the All Blacks rugby team in the previous article, but today we want to add a video for you to appreciate the effectiveness of their performance. Perhaps after watching the video you’ll want to see their game and dance live.

As a reminder, haka is a ceremonial military dance designed to intimidate the enemy.

6. Paragliding in New Zealand

New Zealand has a huge number of peaks and valleys, so for paragliding enthusiasts this is the ideal place. Of course this applies to those who know how to fly themselves or are willing to fly with an instructor. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of heights, it is worth watching at least the video of professional “flyer” Brooke Whatnall when he makes a long flight from Queenstown Skyline gondola.

7. Jet-skiing in New Zealand

New Zealand isn’t the only place where you can ride a machine that looks like a scaled-down version of a jet ski and start racing through the waves. But it is one of the best places on earth for it.

8. Kiteboarding in New Zealand.

Also sometimes referred to simply as kiting. The idea is that you stand on a board (kite), hook yourself to a parachute that blows in the wind, and begin to “float” over the waves, performing various jumps and tricks. Extreme, dangerous to your health, but very adrenaline-pumping and exciting. Even just watching it fascinates, not to mention direct participation.

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9. Maorski Barbecue in New Zealand

It’s worth visiting Rotorua to try meat cooked according to a traditional Maori Indian recipe called Laying a Hangi. It is a way of cooking lamb in greens in a pit filled with hot coals. Watching it made me hungry….

10. Pack rafting in New Zealand.

This type of “vacation” would suit those who are willing to go deep into the interior of New Zealand and test themselves. Basically, it looks like this: you take a raft, which puts in your backpack (pak), plus something else inside (like a camera) and head out into the wilderness. An example is in the video below. If it catches on, it’s time to go to New Zealand.

11. Swing on the highest swing in the world in New Zealand.

Let’s say this swing, though at first glance you might confuse it with bungie. They are located near Queenstown and are called The Nevis Swing. Height – somewhere around 160 meters. Anyway, watch the video, it even made my stomach go up in my throat.

And yes, before the trip take all the change and phones out of your pockets.

12. Rowing on Lake Tarawera in New Zealand

Another unusual spot in New Zealand is Tarawera Thermal Lake. The water is heated by volcanic activity beneath it. The water can be heated to over 100 degrees. So take care of your hands and feet, and go for a swim.

13. Traveling on the roads of the country in New Zealand

One of the classic ways to travel, moving along the roads from one place to another, checking out all the interesting places along the way. And since you’ll encounter just about every type of landscape on earth along the way, you can be sure you won’t forget this trip.

14. Orbing in New Zealand

Orbing or zorbing is when a person climbs into an inflatable round construction and starts moving around in it, similar to a hamster. It’s fun to watch, fun to participate, the main thing is not to break your neck.

The video, unfortunately, has a lot of extraneous material (especially at the beginning), so you can skip a minute or two.

15. Freediving and scuba diving in New Zealand

Freediving differs from scuba diving in that you dive without scuba gear. It requires training, but there are no problems with nitrogen in the blood. The video shows two freedivers hunting off the coast of New Zealand. It’s almost like an aquarium in terms of saturation, but incomparable in feel.

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16. Luging in New Zealand.

Some of the names just don’t have a translation, unless it’s live. Luging is a kind of bobsledding, but without the ice. You ride on a sort of sled and then accelerate using gravity.

In Latvia, a simplified version of this “ride” is called rodeļi.

17. Hiking in the Tongariro Mountains in New Zealand

The most famous and best place in the country for a day hike. If you look closely at the scenery in the video, some you will recognize as Middle-earth from Lord of the Rings. But the recognition of this place came long before the movie was made.

18. Climbing Mt. Cook in New Zealand

Mount Cook or Aoraki (in Maori) is the highest point in New Zealand and is considered a real challenge for climbers. And yes, this is exactly where the mountain overlooks the sunny beach.

19: Trout Fishing in New Zealand

If you have an angler in your family, you know how much talk there is about catching fish. Trout are also one of the coveted trophies. Now you know that if you take an angler with you, you can send them here and go bungee jumping yourself.

20. Stargazing in New Zealand

If you even look up in the city sometimes, you know that the stars are dimly and poorly visible because of the bright lights of the city. New Zealand has the largest “Celestial Reserve,” a place where there is no artificial light and the sky is seen in pristine clarity and brightness. It’s an incredible sight, so take a couple of hours a night to contemplate the stars.

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