New York Botanical Gardens

New York Botanical Garden: Afisha Guide

The Botanical Gardens of New York: Afisha's guide

The Botanical Gardens in the Bronx is an amazing opportunity for New Yorkers to escape the stone jungle, available year-round. Read about all there is to see and love on the eve of spring, right now!

The New York Botanical Garden is not only home to more than a million varieties of plants, but also more than 100 acres of opportunities to breathe in fresh air, calm down, and find inspiration for yourself.

The New York Botanical Garden: history

The Botanical Gardens of New York: Afisha's guide

The little brother of the legendary Central Park is different in many ways. A mysterious find rather than a perennial favorite of tourists and residents alike. Opened in 1891, the garden is known not only for its green spaces, which include 20 acres of relict deciduous-coniferous forest, but also for the newly renovated Enid Haupt Greenhouse, which is remarkable not only for its millions of flowering heat-loving plants, but also for its spectacular Victorian-style architecture. With more than 100 acres, the New York Botanical Garden always has something to do in both snowy winters and hot summers. The garden was founded by members of the Botanical Society on the grounds of Bronx Park. You can still see some of the surviving structures of those times, such as the old stone mill. It was inspired by the London Botanic Gardens.

Green Universe in New York

The Botanical Gardens of New York: Afisha's guide

Today, the New York Botanical Garden consists of about fifty different plant collections from around the world, including tropical rain forests, cactus deserts and amazing old trees. There are greenhouses, alpinaries, a rock garden, azalea garden, cherry blossom garden, orchid garden, rose garden, lily pad and lotus pond, home gardening center and much more. Organized daily tours of the garden include a variety of programs to view its bounty.The garden is open year-round. It is not only an impressive attraction in the city, but also a major research base. It has two institutes: Ecosystem Research and Applied Botany. Also here is the laboratory of the pharmaceutical concern Pfizer, where they study plants.

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The Botanical Gardens of New York: Afisha's guide

Useful tips for visiting the botanical garden

  • If you are visiting the garden for the first time it is a good idea to ask the Information Center, which will be happy to explain the history of botany in New York, its significance, and the contribution of Enid Haupt, the heiress to the media empire.
  • Three gates lead to the garden: the Orangerie leads to the Visitor Information Center and the Orangery, the Mosholu Gate opens onto the landscaped park, and the East Gate conveniently leads to the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden.
  • The Orangery is a Victorian-era work of art. Inside, all visitors are traditionally greeted by a permanent botanical garden exhibit. There you can get acquainted with various green inhabitants of different parts of our planet.
  • The Peggy Rockefeller Garden has always been and continues to be a special attraction, presenting visitors with a dizzying collection of 650 varieties of roses.
  • For all those who are interested in wildlife and ecology, the conifer arboretum, whose inhabitants include 250 species of trees from all climatic zones – from the Wild West to Japan and Alaska, is also a godsend.
  • Regular classical and jazz concerts, thematic lectures and master classes, as well as many other exciting events are held in the Botanical Garden. Before visiting the Botanic Gardens for the first time, Afisha recommends that you explore its official website and choose something appropriate for your visit.
  • The botanical garden is open all year round and in winter is one of the most beautiful places for romantic strolls and conversations.

The Botanical Gardens of New York: Afisha's guide

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., weekend: Monday.

Admission: weekdays $20 adults and $8 children, weekends $25 and $10 respectively. Admission to the garden is free all day Wednesday and from 9:00 to 10:00 on Saturday.

Experience a huge part of our planet’s life without having to leave New York City!

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