Narnia, Belogorie, Netland and 8 more magical worlds you’d like to visit

Narnia, Belogorie, Netland and 8 more magical worlds you’d like to visit

World of the Veil

The World of the Veil is a fantasy series about the adventures of teenagers in a world full of dangerous adversaries, ancient artifacts, and forbidden knowledge. Through loyalty and betrayal, love and hate, each of them must come to understand their place in this world.

Etayne’s Journey.

After Oblivion, a catastrophe that destroyed entire planets, human civilization is on the brink of collapse. Everyone survives as best they can. A young hacker, a former student, and an army veteran embark on a long journey on Etain, a mysterious ship from the distant past.

Guardians of Magical Worlds.

In the True World live wizards and unicorns, there people fly dragons and build castles out of the crystal tears of magical birds. The True World is ruled by children, born of the oldest magic. And sometimes they have to solve not childish problems.

Books by Julia Ivanova

Julia Ivanova’s stories can be scary and funny at the same time, they will cheer you up and make you think, scare you or take you to another world full of magic and adventures. No matter which book in this series you choose, get ready to immerse yourself in a fairy tale.

The Illusion Workshop

In the unpredictable world of magic, even a sharp sword can fall apart as a skillful illusion. Heir to the throne of Drow Thunder follows a path of self-discovery, growing up and learning to wield his power in order to preserve this fragile magical world.

Children of the Iron Kingdom

It is not easy being the children of Koshchei, the immortal sorcerer and ruler of the Iron Kingdom. People are unfriendly, their father is cruel, and how can they resist their father’s will? Kidnap the beautiful Princess? Give up his horse in exchange for the fulfillment of a wish?

Tales by Mikhail Klimov

Mikhail Klimov’s fairy tales, kind, simple and clear, will entertain a child of any age. They can be read with parents or with younger siblings.

Poems by Nadezhda Shemyakina

How many friends does a horse have? What makes a sheep a fashionista? What secrets does the butterfly have? Why doesn’t the mother grow? Answers to these and other questions in verse form waiting for you in the books by Nadezhda Shemyakina, “How many friends a horse?” and “Why is mom not growing?


The adventures of Nastya, Varya, Yaroslava and Zhenya continue – by popular demand the authors have finished writing the continuation of the stories of their friends, which you can read on our site completely free!

The Adventures of Rona the Crow

Good fairy tales by Nadezhda Yakushenko for primary school children will introduce readers to Rona the crow, an inquisitive inhabitant of a magical forest who constantly gets into trouble, but comes out of it with honor and benefit for herself.

Poems and Tales

Elena Ganaeva’s children’s tales in verse immerse readers in wonderful fantasy worlds, but also raise understandable and important questions about friendship, life and relationships.

Maria Bychkova’s fiction

Fiction is always with us. If you look closely at the world around us, you can see and aliens from outer space, and time travelers, or even just a witch living next door to you.

Maastricht, Middelburg, Marken. Interesting cities in Holland, Netherlands

Natalia Averkyeva. Out of the series

In this section you will find works by Natalia Averkyeva, which may someday have a sequel. Or not.

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9 Places We Wish We Could’ve Been

This news story was posted on: 2015-01-28 We often say that we “immerse ourselves in the world of books. And sometimes it can be understood quite literally – the book opens us a new world in which the most incredible miracles are possible, the strangest animals exist and the most exciting events take place. We offer you, along with us, to remember the 9 most amazing fantasy places we would surely like to visit. Ah, if they really existed and you could go there for a couple of days, spend a vacation there, or even buy yourself a cabin to live out your old age in peace (yes, fantasy places can be peaceful!).

The Emerald City from The Amazing Wizard of Oz We are, in a way, lucky because most of us know two emerald cities, one from the original book by Lyme Frank Baum and the other from the adapted translation by Alexander Volkov. But in any case, to travel down the yellow brick road and arrive in a shining emerald city, isn’t that a dream! The main thing is to avoid the Flying Monkeys and not to forget your goggles, lest the glow of the city dazzle you.

The Garden from Anne of Green Mezzanines The first novel by Lucy Maude Montgomery (also known as Anya of Green Roofs Farm), is worth a visit. A fictional town in Canada is worth a visit because where else can we catch lobsters and enjoy life on a small farm. Maybe we’ll even get to catch Anne Shirley (just don’t tell her she has red hair, please!).

Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter books You knew our top wouldn’t be without this place. It would be incredibly interesting to see the castle itself, the Gryffindor tower, the Great Hall, and even Myrtle’s weepy toilet. They say we could visit Alnwick instead, a castle in the north of England in Northumberland County where some scenes for the Harry movie were filmed, but we’d rather wait for an invitation to Hogwarts, hope remains.

Narnia in the Chronicles of Narnia book series If you have a closet in your house, a trip to Narnia won’t be difficult for you. Amazing talking animals, gnomes, the East Sea, the castle of Care Parval, and surrounding territories like Orlandia or even Tarhistan. There is a lot to see in Narnia, the main thing is to try to get there before the Last Battle.

Alice in Wonderland The world created by Lewis Carroll is mesmerizing, although we’d hardly want to settle down in it forever – dissolving Cheshire cats and the reign of the Worm Queen are not the most tempting things in the kingdom, if you’re trying to find a peaceful place to grow old. But to visit the Mad Tea Party, to enlarge, to shrink, to play croquet and to learn about pudding – could you find a more fun vacation activity? If you happen to see a white rabbit, remember, it’s only just beginning!

Discover Guves in Crete

You can’t go to Middle-earth on vacation, because if you don’t, they’ll lose you at school. The continent described by Tolkien will have to be explored far and wide, it will take at least a couple of months! After all, you can not confine yourself to a visit to Gondor, must see the Shire, to visit the people of Hobbiton, then look into the inn “Prancing Pony” and be sure to see Rivendell. But once you’ve visited the Elves of Razdolah, you can’t leave without seeing Lothl√≥rien or Erebor. Fans of the dark arts await Isengard and Mordor, though we’re not sure if they take tours there. And if you’re serious about buying real estate – indeed, where else to grow old if not in the Shire, in a cottage with a garden and a round door.

Neverland from the Peter Pan books Netland, Neverland, Neverland or Neverland Island – whatever you call it, a wonderful island would be a great vacation destination. Unless, of course, you can relax and not worry about harmful mermaids, cunning crocodiles and, of course, Captain Hook (by the way, “The captain’s skin is dead pale, black hair curled into curls, falling over his shoulders, his eyes a forget-me-not color,” is if girls in the audience want to lose sleep for other reasons unrelated to fears).

Camelot from the King Arthur novels Camelot is said to have been located in the north of England, though it is in Winchester in The Measurement of Arthur and already in Wales in The History of the Kings of Britain. But whatever the case, the castle should make a terrific impression. Maybe we’ll even get to sit at the round table!

The Village of the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss is known for great children’s books and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is no exception. At first glance, you might think that the only thing the residents of the Grinch care about is presents. But then you notice that the spirit of Christmas is no less important to them. Note that it’s best to visit this place on Christmas Day, too. Unless the Grinch decides to steal it again.

The most interesting fantasy worlds we’d like to visit

Which of us has not once dreamed of finding ourselves in some other magical world, where so much is new and unexplored.

Earthsea (Ursula Le Guin)

The magical world of Earthworld is an archipelago of many islands inhabited by humans and various mythical creatures. In the West of this world live dragons, in the East – kargs, in the South – sea people, who swim in the sea year-round on huge rafts. Earthworld is divided into islands of the Inner Sea and the Limits. No one knows what lies beyond the Limits. It is speculated that there may be a huge continent beyond the Northern Frontier. There are no gods, no cults, and no single religion in the world of Earthsea. But the magic of True Speech works there: every object in reality has a true name, and whoever knows that name can control the object. In all the world of Earthworld, only the white-haired, blond barbarians of the Kagard Empire in the northeast, know no magic.

Indonesia: what you need to know before you go

Narnia (Clive Staples Lewis)

According to legends, Narnia was created by Aslan, the Great Lion, the God who is the creator of the entire universe. The veneration of Aslan is the true religion of the Narnians. The world of Narnia includes several different states and kingdoms – Narnia, Orlandia, Tarhestan, Telmar, the East Sea and other lands. The inhabitants of the world of Narnia are very diverse. It can be both people and dwarves, and animals, many of which can speak. Also there are witches and some mythical creatures, for example, centaurs, fauns, werewolves and others. By the way, the closet is not the only way to get to Narnia. In addition to it, the forest between worlds, a cave on one of the islands, a stone door on the hill behind Eustace and Jill’s school, and a picture of the sea lead to Narnia.

Dreamland (Howard Lovecraft)

One can only enter this land from the real world by dreaming. On the border of wakefulness and slumber exists a cave of flames: the abode of the bearded priests Nasht and Kama-Taha. From here, seven hundred steps lead down to the Gates of Deep Sleep and, once past them, to an enchanted forest inhabited by Zurgas. The Land of Dreams is beautiful and dangerous at the same time, especially for inexperienced “dreamers. As Lovecraft’s stories suggest, Dreamland is not one person’s subjective world, one person’s fantasy. It exists equally for all the characters from the world of dreams who enter it. This place is characterized by freedom of movement, but it is unknown how our time corresponds to the time of the Dreamland.

The Circle of the Earth (Alexander Zorich)

The story of the Circle of the Earth begins with the arrival of two High Entities (analogues of the gods). The world turns out to be too small for the two super-entities, and a war begins. During the Primordial War, almost the entire population of the world is divided between the two camps. The Hummer, one of the Entities, completely destroys the opponent, and the Second’s name is consigned to oblivion. Since then he has been referred to as The One Whom Hummer Stripped of Significance. Hummer himself fell into a state on the verge of non-existence and lost his ability to directly influence the world of the Sun Forever. The last thing he had time to do before going to sleep was to install a veil that was impassable to mere mortals, dividing the Circle of Lands in two. The eastern, continental part was called Sarmontazara. The western part, where after the Initial War only a dozen large islands and several archipelagos remained, was named Blue Alustral.

A visit to Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy

Middle-earth (John R.R. Tolkien)

The world in which the events of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and other works of Tolkien take place. The author himself has repeatedly noted that Middle-earth is not some parallel magical world, it is located on our Planet, or rather was in the distant past. The third era according to Tolkien ended about 6,000 years ago. It is assumed that the vicinity of the Shire is the current Northwest Europe. Middle-earth is a vast continent with a long coastline in the west, gradually going away to the southeast. The shores of Middle-earth are washed by the Great Sea. The continent is cut in two by a ridge called the Mglist Mountains. The area covered by the map, one of which Tolkien himself created, is a rectangle of approximately 2,000 by 1,400 miles. The area of land roughly corresponds to Europe.

Pandora (James Cameron)

According to the world of the Avatar universe, Pandora is a satellite of the planet Polyphemus, a gas giant class planet orbiting a star, A of the Alpha Centauri star system. But despite the fact that Pandora is a satellite, it looks more like Earth than the Moon. They have similar size, atmosphere composition, appearance, even continents and islands surrounded by seas of the same blue color. However, Pandora’s paradisiacal appearance is extremely deceptive. The nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere is very dense, and its high carbon dioxide content quickly leads to unconsciousness and death. In addition, the atmosphere also contains another poisonous gas – hydrogen sulfide, which is constantly released by numerous active volcanoes of Pandora. In addition, poisonous plants and wild animals pose a great danger to humans.

Alagesia (Christopher Paolini)

Alageisia is a huge continent with a diverse climate and topography, home to a wide variety of creatures like humans, elves, dwarves, Urgals and dragons, and Razzaks. Some inhabitants of Alageisia are its natives (dwarves, dragons, and gray people). For example, humans, elves, and urghals migrated here long ago from other places. The terrain of Alagesia is very diverse. It is dominated by mountains, but there are also plains, forests, and even desert. To the north there is a large, dense forest, Du Veldenwarden, with rare humps and lakes. To the southeast are the giant Beor Mountains. To the west, the Mountain Range stretches almost flat, and beyond it the sea. At the heart of Alageisia is the vast Hadarak Desert, Alageisia’s largest geographic feature.

Azeroth (Warcraft Universe)

The world of Azeroth is the birthplace of many races, including elves, humans, dwarves, taurens, goblins, trolls, dwarves, and dragons. At the time of its birth, Azeroth was blessed by the titans. The world of Azeroth consists of three main continents, as well as a number of small islands located near them. Nordscale lies to the north, Kalimdor to the west, and the Eastern Kingdoms to the east. Once, all of these continents were part of one large continent known as Kalimdor, in the center of which was a huge lake called the Source of Eternity. At the end of the Ancient War, the well was blown up, and the huge continent split into three continents and groups of islands that still exist today. The Forbidden Sea washes the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms to the east, the Hidden Sea lies to the west of Kalimdor, and between the continents lies the Great Sea, centered on the giant Whirlpool that was created when the Source of Eternity exploded. The Whirlpools have been raging here since the Great Schism ten thousand years ago, and no natural end to their existence is in sight.

Calabria Vacation Reviews

The Land of Oz (Lyme Frank Baum)

According to the author’s own maps, the world of Oz is divided into four main areas: the country of the Miguns (Yellow), the Gillikins (Blue), the Gillikins (Purple), and the Quodlings (Red), where Glinda rules. In addition to the witches themselves, there are many other people with magical powers living in Oz. The country itself, according to the author’s descriptions, is located on a distant unknown continent in the middle of an impenetrable desert, but, apparently, still on our planet. The story of this world is as follows: the good fairy Lurlina was flying over an unusually beautiful and rich country, which she liked so much that the fairy decided to make this land magical, leaving one fairy of her retinue to rule it. However, for reasons unknown, the country was long ruled by Pastoria, the father of the fairy Ozma. Then the country found itself divided – the north, south, west, and east had their own fairies, while Pastoria was left with one Emerald City. When the Wizard of Oz crashed his balloon, the inhabitants mistook him for a great wizard, and Pastoria was overthrown. For fear that Ozma might claim the throne, the Wizard gave Ozma to the evil sorceress Mombi, who turned her into a boy. For years, Ozma lived in the north in the land of the Gillikin, unaware of her origins. But as a result of the sorceress Mombi’s defeat of Glinda, Ozma assumed her true form again and began to rule the country. Ozma is much loved by her subjects, but she tries to rule discreetly so as not to offend those who have never heard of her. The fairy lives in a beautiful palace surrounded by a garden.

The Flat World (Terry Pratchett)

Flat World is some fantasy planet that, as the name implies, is shaped like a disk. This world has its own laws of physics: light moves slowly here, magic is material, and the rainbow has eight colors. Anything is possible in this world; what we think of as myths are true there. The flat world rests on the backs of four elephants, held by the giant turtle Great, A’Tuin, floating through outer space. This world is populated by different races: trolls, dwarves, elves, golems, vampires, werewolves, zombies, all of whom not only coexist in this world, but also fight for their rights and equality in employment

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