Myanmar’s 10 Impressive Sights

Myanmar – Sights

Myanmar Sights

The breathtaking nature of Asia is here in all its glory: the northern part of the country is populated by mountain ranges while the coastline is a veritable paradise. But it’s not just the stunning beauty of Myanmar that makes it seem like an archaeological reserve, it’s the sights too. Ancient Buddhist temples are an unusual collection of values and cultural heritage, and when you look at them you feel something completely incomprehensible.

There are many sights in Myanmar, and it is almost impossible to list them all. Even just talking about some of them could take hours. Therefore, we will try to summarize very clearly what is worth seeing in Myanmar in the first place.

  1. Bagan . The ancient capital of the country is also called the City of a Thousand Temples. Perhaps Bagan (Pagan) is the most important attraction in Myanmar. Today there are 2229 places of worship. The most famous temples are: Ananda Temple, Shwezigon Pagoda, Tabinnyu Temple. All of them have been preserved in their original form, although they now look a bit shabby.
  2. Shwedagon Pagoda . The golden heart of the country. A whole complex of pagodas and temples, in the center of which is a huge gilded dome. At the height of it is just under 100 meters, and its spire is crowned with a sphere of solid gold, diamonds and other precious stones. According to legend, this place holds ancient relics of the four Buddhas. It is the center of religious pilgrimage and spiritual life of the country.
  3. Chaitiyo Pagoda, or the Golden Stone . Another sacred place for the people of Myanmar. On top of the mountain in the most incomprehensible way balances a huge block of stone. According to legends, it does not let it fall hair of Buddha, which is stored at the base of this structure. Around the circumference of the stone is lined with gold leaf, and on top of it rises a stupa 5.5 meters high.
  4. Inle Lake . The second largest lake in the country. It is located at an altitude of 1400 m above sea level and is simply amazing. In the center of the lake is a temple on stilts – the Monastery of the Jumping Cats, and several villages are scattered on the shores. Here you can learn about the life and traditions of the indigenous people of Myanmar.
  5. Mahamuni Pagoda . Another deeply revered temple in Myanmar. The pagoda houses a 4-meter statue of Buddha, which is also the oldest. According to legend, Gautama Buddha himself was present at its creation. Characteristically, women are not allowed to touch the statue, and the men as a sign of honor are modeled on it plates of gold leaf. In addition, the Mahamukhi Pagoda contains a unique gong weighing almost 5 tons.
  6. Mingun City . There are several of Myanmar’s most valuable relics, and it is not even possible to single out just one of them. Definitely worth mentioning Mingun Patodoji Pagoda, which was supposed to be the largest of its kind, but because of a terrible prophecy, the construction was stopped. Mingun is also home to the largest functioning bell in the world. Its weight is more than 90 tons. And then there is almost the most beautiful temple of Myanmar – Shinbyume Payah Pagoda. It appears before us in white color, and every detail carries some implication. In the center of the pagoda rises the sacred mountain of Mera, which is surrounded by seven undulating ridges.
  7. Taung Kalat is another wonder of Myanmar. It is a mountain of volcanic origin, on top of which is a Buddhist temple. It is accessed by a staircase of 777 steps. The top of the mountain offers wonderful views of Bagan and the surrounding area.
  8. Monywa City . On this list, it combines such Myanmar landmarks as the thirty-story Buddha Building, the Garden of a Thousand Bodhi Trees, and the Tanbodhi Pagoda. By the way, next to the first is a huge statue of the reclining Buddha 90 meters long. Inside is an entire gallery with images that illustrate the religious representation of hell and heaven, but in the Garden is actually a lot more trees and next to each – a small figurine of Buddha. It looks very impressive.
  9. Pindaya Caves . Another pilgrimage site. In the caves collected about 8 thousand statues of Buddha. The locals thus tried to protect them from the encroachment of the Burmese army, and over time, this place has become a shrine. At the entrance to the caves is a pagoda of Shwe U Min, and its stupa reaches 15 meters in height. In addition to religious shrines, you can also admire the natural features – stalactites and an underground lake.
  10. Tattooed women of the Chin tribe . Perhaps the last item on our list will not be a religious shrine or even a natural wonder at all. Today they are old women with face painting, because 50 years ago there was a ban on this kind of tradition. Chin women were famous for their beauty, so they were stolen by men from other villages. Hence the tradition of painting girls’ faces to diminish their beauty. Every year there are fewer such women, and they can be found in the villages of the Lemro River Valley.
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Each town of Myanmar holds some unique corners with luxurious views, rich history and mysterious legends. Of course, most of them have a religious meaning and sometimes seem monotonous, but this is not the case. The sights of Myanmar amaze with their luxury, and the locals amaze with the breadth of their soul.

Most tourists, planning a beach holiday in Myanmar, stop at two resorts – Ngapali and Ngwe Saung. Both have a well-developed infrastructure, comfortable hotels on the coast and chic restaurants of the national cuisine. So which resort to choose? Our following review will help you with that.

When planning a trip abroad, one of the main issues that tourists face is the issue of a visa, especially when it comes to such a country as Myanmar, which has only recently been opened to European tourists.

Surprises and delights the beautiful country of Myanmar. Rich in sights, it attracts tourists from all over the world like a magnet. In our next article we will tell you about the most interesting excursions in the mysterious and enigmatic Myanmar.

Among the many countries with a fascinating history, culture, folk traditions and unique nature, of particular interest to tourists is the mysterious Myanmar – a state located in western Indochina. Read about the most curious and unusual facts about the country in our article below.

Myanmar’s 10 Impressive Sights

Myanmar (Burma) is a country worth visiting for travelers who want to combine a beach vacation with the exploration of interesting culture, ancient temples and cities. Myanmar has the cleanest beaches of the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, a friendly population, many Buddhist temples and relics and reasonable prices for accommodation and food:

1. Pagan (Bagan) Travelers who dream of exploring Buddhist temples, stupas and pagodas should definitely visit Pagan, an ancient city that once had more than 10,000 temples. The city, formerly the capital of Burma, is the country’s main attraction and at times seems like a magical place.

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10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar - Photo 2

10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar

2. Chaitthiyo Pagoda Known as the Golden Stone, the Chaitthiyo Pagoda is a famous pilgrimage site in Mon State . The pagoda is not very big – its height is just over 7 meters. What is surprising is its location – the pagoda is built on top of a gilded granite boulder that overhangs the abyss.

3. Shwedagon Pagoda Shwedagon is the most sacred of all pagodas in Burma. Its second name is the Great Dragon Pagoda, and it is located in Yangon and is an impressive sight. The 98-meter-high structure is several centuries old and is covered with various precious stones and metals. When in Yangon, it is worth a visit to the pagoda, remembering to cover the feet and shoulders as a sign of respect for the Buddha.

4. Taung Kalat Monastery Taung Kalat Monastery is one of the most spectacular places in Myanmar, as the monastery sits on top of a sheer cliff and offers truly stunning views of the surrounding plains. The monastery can be reached in 30 minutes of moderate-paced climbing. As you walk, you’ll have to overcome a small army of drink-selling locals and monkeys scurrying about.

Myanmar's 10 Impressive Sights - Photo 3

10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar

5. Inle Lake This freshwater lake is located in the town of Nyon Shue in Taunji Township. Inle is one of the top tourist destinations in Myanmar because of its natural beauty. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets on the shores of the lake as well as explore ancient stupas.

6. Mrauk U Mrauk U is a very significant and fascinating archaeological site. A visit to the complex is an opportunity to see ancient structures and pagodas, as well as the real Burmese way of life, which is based on Buddhism.

7. Ngapali Ngapali is the premier beach vacation destination in Myanmar . The resort town is located on the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State, and its main feature is idyllic palm-fringed white sand beaches and a coast full of traditional fishing villages. The peak season is from November to March.

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10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar - Photo 4

Myanmar’s 10 Impressive Sights

8. Shwenando Monastery The name of this monastery translates to “Golden Palace” . It was built in the mid-19th century and is the only surviving building from the former royal complex. The site was used by the king for meditation and was later donated to the monks. It won’t take long to explore Schwenando, so it’s worth stopping and admiring the details, which look absolutely stunning.

9. The Irrawaddy River connects the famous cities of Mandalay and Bagan with Yangon . It is the longest river in Burma which is interesting to explore as part of a cruise, which will be a real adventure. Sailing on the Irrawaddy River, you can see the friendliness and friendliness of the people and the fact that the country is almost untouched by civilization.

10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar - Photo 5

10 Impressive Sights of Myanmar

10. Shemawdaw Pagoda This huge pagoda is located in the city of Bago and is often referred to as the Temple of the Golden God. You will have to pay a small fee to enter the main gate, but the structure is very beautiful and well worth it. You can visit the city of Bago on your way to Yangon.

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