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Comrat (Moldovan Comrat , Gagauz Yeri ) is a city in southern Moldova, the capital of ATU Gagauzia (Autonomous Territorial Unit Gagauz-Yeri).

It is the largest city by population, the most important transport hub, and political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the Gagauz autonomy.

Comrat is located in the central part of Bujakian steppe, at Ialpug River.

The administrative center of Comrat district. Comrat has a special status in the administrative division of Moldova – it’s a municipality.

The distance from Comrat to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau is 92 km, 230 km – to Odessa, 500 km – to Bucharest, and about 1600 km – to Moscow.



Ethnic composition of the population:

  • 70% – Gagauzians,
  • 70% – Gagauzians, 10% – Moldavians,
  • 10% – Russians,
  • 5% – Bulgarians,
  • 10% – Russians, 5% – Bulgarians, 5% – other nationalities.


The first official mention of the city dates back to 1789. Comrat was founded by settler colonists: Gagauzians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews and other nationalities.

In 1812 Bessarabia (together with Comrat) became part of Russia. In 1820 the Comrat cathedral was founded.

In 1906 the peasants of the Comrat village of Bender district started to struggle for the division of the landed estates, arrested the local officials and proclaimed the Comrat republic, which lasted only 5 days. This uprising was suppressed by the tsarist troops.

Comrat received the status of the city in 1957.

In the times of the MSSR the following factories were functioning in the city: a butter factory, a wine factory, a concrete goods factory, a carpet factory with Moldavian national ornament. The population was 22 thousand people in 1970, and 26 thousand people in 1989.

In 1991 the National University was opened in Comrat. The first rector was Ivan Christioglo. At the beginning were introduced 16 subjects in Russian language, as well as subjects in Gagauz, Bulgarian and Moldovan languages.

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In 1995 by decision of the population of Gagauzia, Comrat became the capital of the autonomy.

For the first time the coat of arms of Comrat was approved by the Romanian authorities on October 1, 1932. It was a shield surmounted by a silver crown with three towers and a horse in the center. The current version of the coat of arms of the capital of Gagauzia was approved by the Municipal Council in July 2005. Authors: À. Kopcea and À. Ivarlac.


The food processing industry is the basis of the city economy.

There are several big wineries in Comrat and its suburbs.

There are factories functioning in Comrat: there is an oil refinery (JSC “Arnaut Petrol”), cannery, butter factory, and distillery.

Other industrial enterprises: factory of reinforced concrete products, furniture factories, sawmill, production of plastic windows and doors, slaughterhouse, transport organization.

In Comrat there are several supermarkets of national chains Fidesco and “MOLDCOOP” each, as well as Ukrainian chains Fourchette and “Green Hills Market”. [1]

Wine Route.

Wine tourist routes, starting from the capital of the republic, cover almost the entire country. Many travel agencies conduct wine tours. The southern route passes through Comrat.


  • The Orthodox Cathedral of St. John, built in 1820
  • Local history museum, the basis of its collection consists of archaeological finds. The permanent exposition of the museum is devoted to the Gagauz history and culture.
  • Gagauz Art Gallery
  • Turkish Library named after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  • The Alley of Gagauz Glory
  • Monument to the heroes-liberators (sculptor Dubinovsky)
  • Monument to the soldiers of Afghanistan (sculptor A. Karachoban)
  • Lenin Monument
  • Tankmen Monument

Famous natives

    (born in 1938) – Russian ethnographer, historian and Turkist. (1857-1928) – Russian bibliographer, philologist, ethnographer and historian. (born in 1941) – figure of the Gagauz national movement, the first Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Gagauz Republic. (1910-2008) – chief architect of Bendery, an Honored Art Worker of the MSSR. (1913-1956) – Romanian and French writer. (born 1938) – figure of the Gagauzian national movement. (1923-2012) – the Moldavian and Israeli Turkic Gagauzologist, the first translator of the full text of the New Testament into the Gagauz language.
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Twin Cities

  • Erzsebetvaros (Hungary), (Turkey),
  • Küçüköy (Turkey), , Pendik district (Turkey),
  • Tatlisu (Cyprus).



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  • Localities by alphabetical order.
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  • Settlements of Gagauzia
  • Cities of Moldavia
  • Municipalities of Moldova

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Comrat – city, c. Gagauz district, Moldova. The town was formed in 1957 from the villages Stary Komrat and Novyi Komrat, known since the 19th century. Geographical names of the world: Toponymic … … Geographical Encyclopedia

COMRAT – (Comrat), a town (since 1957) in Moldova, on the Ialpug River, near the Comrat railway station. Population 24,000 (2004). The center of compact settlement of the Gagauzians (see GAGAUZI). It produces food and carpets. University. Historical and Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Comrat is a town, center. Gagauz District, Moldova. The city was founded in 1957 from Stary Komrat and Novy Komrat villages, known since the 19 c. The eikonym is derived from the Turkic tribal name konrat (kongragp, konynrat, kongyrat).

Comrat is a town (before 1957 a village), center of the Comrat district of the Moldavian SSR, 7 km from the Comrat railway station. The town is situated at Ialpug River (inflows into Ialpug Lake). 22,000 inhabitants (1970). Plants: butter factory, wine factory, ferro-concrete product….

Comrat is a town (since 1957) in Moldova, on the Ialpug River, near the Comrat railroad station. In 1989, Comrat had 26 thousand c.c. residents. The center of compact settlement of the Gagauz. Food industry, carpets manufacture. There is a university. Historical museum of regional studies.

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