Museum of Cat in Minsk. A place that will not leave you indifferent

Museum of Cat (Belarus, Minsk) – reviews

Review of the Cat Museum (Belarus, Minsk)

This year we managed to get out to Minsk only once. We decided to see the festive decoration of the city and to visit a museum at the same time. On the way, I accidentally told my son that there is a museum in Minsk.

The funniest museum in Minsk and all of Belarus.

Museums of cats in the former Soviet Union are not too common, I had one in Minsk in May. At the metro station “Grushevka” I admired the pear in the lobby and went towards the museum, there.

Immediately a bunch of SEALs and there’s the Museum of Magic.

Walking around Minsk, we stumbled upon such a wonderful museum. There’s also the Museum of Magic. Both names sounded intriguing, and although I usually do not go to museums, here I could not resist. The exhibits were delightful in their laziness.

Interesting for kids and adults alike.

For a long time I noticed this place, but I thought there was nothing to pay money for cats. After my cat was gone, and hers for the kitty, I decided to go with the kid.

This is not a museum!

Good afternoon, on our next visit to Minsk, we stumbled walking through the center, at this place: how not to go? But there was no way. There was a fee for admission. On Russian.

Life is not the same without cat (walk around the city, part 3).

The announcement of the museum opening created a furore and interest in the life of the city and its residents. It opened in early September and I did not miss the opportunity to go there. Although, to tell the truth, the word museum.

A cat house in the center of Minsk

Hello, dear readers! Today I will leave my review about the Cat Museum in Minsk. The museum is located in the center of the city and it’s very convenient because it’s not far from the main places of interest. We went there purposefully, because we were in Minsk.

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I left with a bad feeling.

Hello, everyone. For a long time I wanted to tell you how we went to the Museum of Cats in Minsk at 23 International St. This is a place where you can contact with the fluffy things, as well as take one of them home. Cat u.

Disgusting, stinking cat cat burglar.

It’s not a museum, it’s a disgrace! Animal advocates, have you no shame?! Dirt, dust, stink, cat urine on the floor. The interior is in the style of an Indian bum, with appropriate ornaments on the walls and tulle. There are cat litter toilets everywhere for some reason, which.

Interesting, but it could be better.

In fact it is not a museum but a real cat cafe – the format of the place where you can eat something, drink coffee and at the same time pet different colored cats. And kids can also play with kittens. It’s very topical, for example.

Cramped and poor.

Completely by chance we got into this museum. We were walking in Minsk, the weather was cold, my mother wanted to have a cup of coffee, and we went to a cafe.

The main disappointment of the day.

The cats CANNOT be taken on hands. There are no purebred cats in general There are very few cats Even the cookies are unreasonably expensive

Came to the cat museum at 23 International St. I was with my child. The impressions are horrible. Very smelly, but that can be forgiven, animals after all. The price for two people came out 16 rubles, which is not cheap. At the entrance to us.

Furry cats.:3

In 2017, my husband and I found out about the Cat Museum and decided to go there (it was still on Grushevka), and we didn’t regret it. Since then we have been going there periodically, and soon we hope to get there again. At the first.

Fluffy World.

During our vacation in Minsk, we wanted with my husband to visit some unusual museum. We chose this museum because we both love cats. We have a cat at home. The museum is on the third floor of the old one.

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It’s horrible!

The Cat Café is located on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. As soon as I opened the front door, the smell immediately hit me in the nose. No, the smell. The horrible smell of old cat litter. Well, I think, okay, whatever. The whole time upstairs.

Not bad

One day I stumbled upon the Cat Museum. This is a small room in the center of Minsk. Admission costs 10 rubles per adult. In fact, a strange feeling: on the one hand, it’s a place with lots of cute cats you can.

Nothing special.

Been to this institution with my family. The idea itself is original, but the execution is rated 3. Did not see a special variety of felines. Daughter, of course, liked to stroke the cats, but no more. The room is not enough. A couple of rooms. Furnished somehow not.

Gas chamber.

Walking through the center of Minsk, saw a sign “Museum of Cat”, could not afford to pass by. Very interesting! I have a soft spot for pets, from time to time I visit cat shows and shelters, but I have never been to the Cat Museum. Mixed.

Immerse yourself in a homely atmosphere.

The staff is friendly, the space itself is clean and pleasant to be in. The cats are all well groomed and friendly. You can have a great time there with the kids, a play area is prepared for them, they are definitely


Today, on May 30, I took my second-graders to the Cat Museum, and we liked very much: gorgeous cats, and a very comfortable atmosphere in this stunning by impression unusual contact house of cats, and most importantly, love and care.

Museum of a Cat in Minsk

Cat Museum in Minsk

The unique for Belarus Museum of Cat appeared on the map of Minsk not so long ago – in 2015. In its format, it is more like a cat café. There were no analogues to this institution at that time in Belarus.

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The museum has changed more than one residence. Originally it was located on Dzerzhinsky Street, but has recently moved closer to the center and is now located at 23 Internatsionalnaya Street.

You’ll know you’ve come to the right place because of the small sign, which says “Museum of Kata” in Belarusian. Then you’ll be guided by the “cat’s footprints” – they will show you the way to the main exhibits.

Before you’re going to meet furry inhabitants you should disinfect your hands with a special solution. In this way the workers of the Museum of cat in Minsk protect their pets from the infection. Then there will be a short briefing from which you will learn that it is forbidden to pick up tailed cats. Despite the warning, many visitors neglect this rule – the temptation is too great.

The museum’s cat team consists of 18 furry animals. It’s headed by the director and a pet of the public – Donut cat. All the animals share a homeless past and are brought here from the street. Before facing the audience, the cats are vet-examined and vaccinated. The exposition is regularly replenished with new “exhibits”. You are allowed to take any of the cats you like home – the facility welcomes it. You can choose a new four-legged friend from the catalog, which presents animals from other shelters.

Cat Museum in Minsk

Ticket price to the Museum of Cat in Minsk

  • The entrance ticket for an adult costs 10 Belarusian rubles and is valid for an hour.
  • Child and student tickets will cost 8 rubles.

If you belong to this category of the population, present a document of identification at the entrance. Each visitor receives a free drink and small sweets at the cafe.

Part of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to the maintenance of homeless animals and the purchase of food. If you want, you can volunteer to help the museum with food.

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Cat Museum in Minsk

Reviews about the Cat Museum in Minsk

Most visitors of the cat museum do not consider the time spent in the institution to be in vain. From the positive note the contact with the animals, the good purpose of the staff and their courtesy. Come here are advised to fans of pets and always with children – they come to a delight from the seen exhibits.

Those who leave bad reviews about the institution, usually argue their position with the high cost of tickets (for a large family gets expensive), the smell coming from the animals and the lack of thoroughbred inhabitants.

Cat Museum in Minsk

Opening hours

You can visit the animals any day of the week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., except Monday. Try to schedule your visit for weekdays – it’s crowded on weekends. Which in turn is fraught with reluctance on the part of the cats to make contact. The animals hide or prefer not to get out of their houses.

Cat Museum in Minsk

What else to see

The Museum of Cat in Minsk occupies three rooms, the walls of which are decorated with paintings and photographs depicting furry inhabitants. They belong not only to prominent artists, but also to ordinary visitors. You too can join the number of authors and depict something of your own. Naturally, the work should be devoted to the four-legged pets. Facility staff will give you all the tools you need to create.

After admiring the thematic sculptures, which are exhibited here as temporary and permanent items, move on to the games. Guests are invited to play cat and cat puzzles. And maybe you will be interested to know what are the games “Cat on the Wall”, “Cat in Boots”. Fans of reading can thumb through the books devoted to cats.

Your impressions of the Museum of Cat in Minsk would be incomplete without visiting the cat cafe. One of the rooms is equipped under it. Here you can treat yourself to a free cup of tea or coffee and try candy. Contrary to the name, the tailed inhabitants are not allowed here.

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Facility’s guests are offered a small bonus that fans of Harry Potter will appreciate – a visit to the Museum of Magic. It is located nearby.

Cat Museum in Minsk

How to get there

In the Belarusian capital transport accessibility is well developed. That is why it is easy to get to your destination. You can do it by metro, buses, shuttle buses, car or cab.

Metro: the nearest station to the museum is “Kastrychnitskaya” (“Kastrychnitskaya”). The station is just 300m from the building. Go northwest on Oktyabrskaya Square/Engels St. towards Internatsionalnaya St. Then turn right onto Internatsionalnaya Street. Go straight ahead until you see the pink building.

By bus: You can take bus number 1, 69, 119c. The stop is called “Liberty Square”. From there to the destination is 160 meters. A little further is “Oktyabrskaya Metro Station”. The bus number 100 arrives here.

By mini-bus: 1056 and 1119 go to “Ploschad Svobody” stop; 1063-TK, 1064-TK, 1076-TK, 1118-TK, 1119-TK, 1151-TK, 1152-TK, 1280-TK, 1318-TK, 1547-TK go to “Oktyabrskaya Metro Station”.

Walk: if time permits, take a walk on foot. There are many places of interest in the central part of Minsk. You can start from Troitskiy Suburb, a picturesque old quarter on the bank of the Svisloch River. It’s only 14 minutes walk from the sight to the museum at a moderate pace.

By car: from one of the terminal stations, Uruchie Metro Station, it’s only a 16-minute drive. The best and fastest route is along Independence Avenue and Engels Street. The object you are looking for is on the left side.

Cab: you can call a car bypassing the dispatcher using Taxify, IQ-Taxi, Taxi Next, Prosto Taxi, Taxi City, and other apps.

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