Munich, Germany is the center of Bavaria, with many historical attractions

Munich sights – 10 must-see places to visit in the city

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  • Main sights in Munich city center – photo and description
  • Munich sights you should also visit
  • A visit to the BMW plant in Regensburg
  • The best sights near Munich
  • Description of Munich for the tourist going to the capital of Bavaria

Munich, with its centuries-old history, is the heart and capital of Bavaria. It is home to many beautiful parks and ancient churches, majestic castles, museums, and modern cultural treasures. To explore all the attractions of Munich, you will need more than one day. In this article, I will show you the 10 main places that you must visit in Munich.

Main sights in Munich city center – photo and description

It is best to start your journey from the very center of Munich – the world-famous Marienplatz Square .

This is a place where history and modernity of the Bavarian capital intersect, where the Christmas market is located every year and where numerous festivals and celebrations take place. The Marienzeule is at the center of the square: at eleven meters high is the statue of the mother of God, blessing the Christ Child. The sceptre and the crown symbolize the faith and hope of Bavaria.

Munich's Marienplatz square

At the northern end of Marienplatz there is Munich’s most important landmark, the New Town Hall, which was built relatively recently in 1905. Today it is the seat of the mayor, has over 600 employees and its historic halls are open to tourists.

Throughout the year the 85 meters high tower of the New City Hall offers a magnificent panorama of the old part of the city and of the whole metropolis. You can get to the observation deck with the help of a special elevator.

Several times a day at the New Town Hall in Munich there is a wonderful chime of bells and on the balcony of the tower for tourists and residents a wonderful show of 32 puppet figures in human size.

Munich's Frauenkirche and New City Hall

The east side of Marienplatz is occupied by Munich’s Old Town Hall, one of the city’s ten landmarks, which dates back to the 14th century. Its facade is plainer, but the interior is impressive, particularly the wooden decor of the festive hall on the first floor.

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What to see in Munich with children? The Toy Museum Munich, founded in 1983, is located in the Old Town Hall Tower. Models of animals, dolls and toy roads are of interest not only to children but also to adult visitors.

Old Town Hall and Toy Museum

Another attraction at Marienplatz in Munich is the Fischbrunnen Fountain, built in 1343. It is interesting that it works even in winter, for this purpose, the water in it is specially heated.

Must see places in Munich

Not far from Marienplatz you will see St. Peter’s Church.

The name of this Munich landmark is “Alter Peter” in German, which sounds like Old Peter. It is famous for its ancient bells and clocks, and on its 91-meter-high tower is an observation deck that offers a wonderful view of Munich and its surroundings.

The history of St. Peter’s Church dates back to the 12th century, and four of the church’s eight bells were cast in the 14th-17th centuries. The main relic is the Baroque altar by the Asam brothers. In the church you can see the relics of St. Munditia, encased in a glass coffin. Today they look a little creepy, but in an earlier era the saying “memento mori” (remember that you are mortal) was quite relevant.

Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Just a few steps from the city’s main square, Marienplatz, at Platzl, lies the world-famous Hofbräuhaus München, the largest beer hall in the world. For over 400 years it has been a magnet for Munich residents and tourists from all over the world, a place where people of all nations, ages and all social classes meet.

The building was built in 1589 by Duke Wilhelm V as a brewery on the grounds of Munich’s royal residence.

Today the Hofbräuhaus München can seat over 3,500 people at a time. Its main hall, the Schwemme, was formerly intended for brewing equipment; today it is a visitor’s room for up to 1,000 people.

The Hofbräuhaus in Munich is open daily from 9:00 am. Images of this Munich landmark, photos with the names of the halls are familiar to many beer lovers.

Hofbräuhaus Munich Beer House

The Hofbräuhaus Munich has, of course, its own personal pride – delicious beer: the classic Hofbräu Original pale beer with an alcohol content of 5.1 percent embodies the special atmosphere of an old pub, and its refreshing sharp taste and unique aroma made it world famous.

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The excellent Bavarian beer is combined here with white sausages of their own making. Their original flavor gives them spices and a recipe that is kept in strict secrecy.

In addition to beer there are other culinary masterpieces: knuckle with crispy crust, roast pork, various dumplings and for dessert – apple strudel and Bavarian cream. For lovers of Bavarian cuisine, this place is heaven on earth.

Hofbräuhaus Munich

A Munich Old Town would not be complete without mentioning the Odeonsplatz .

The most famous landmarks of Munich are here: the Arch of the Military, the aesthetically beautiful Theatinerkirche, Munich’s oldest café Tambozzi. It’s also the site of the Royal Residence with its art galleries.

A must-see in Munich

The majestic facade of the Theatinerkirche (St. Cajetan’s Church) stands at the center of Odeonsplatz.

The building was erected in the late 17th century, its architecture is in the style of late Italian Baroque. Besides the two high towers and the mighty dome, the interior is particularly impressive: it is decorated with ornate moldings and white columns with Corinthian elements.

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From the steps of the Arch of the Military Commanders you can admire Munich’s famous Ludwigstraße. A great view of the Odeonsplatz can also be seen from the Tambosi Café, one of the oldest in Germany. It is located in a building that King Ludwig I ordered built back in 1775.

Tambosi Café Munich

Not far from Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz is one of Munich’s landmarks – the Frauenkirche church.

Since the 15th century it has been Munich’s main landmark and a symbol of the city.

Built in 1525 by the Munich builder and architect Jörg Halspach, the building is over 109 metres long, 40 metres wide and 37 metres high. Its towers, whose domes resemble the shape of an onion, are 100 meters high.

What to see in the Frauenkirche in Munich

The southern tower offers a breathtaking view of Munich, right up to the border of the Alps. As ordered by the city council in 2004, no buildings taller than the towers are allowed to be built in this area. At the moment the south tower is closed to the public due to renovations.

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In the vestibule of the Frauenkirche you can see a footprint on the floor, referred to as the “footprint of the devil”. According to legend, the devil argued with the architect of the church, but lost and turned into the wind in an attempt to destroy the building. Even today, you can still feel the gentle breeze here.

Despite the fact that the Frauenkirche was built in the late Gothic style, it has a more festive and bright finish. The cenotaph of Ludwig IV, ruler of Bavaria, is strikingly opulent and luxurious. The memorial to the great Wittelsbach is richly decorated with bronze figures and icons, and the Great Emperor’s Crown is on top.

Munich sights you should also visit

What Munich is famous for is the famous Königsplatz, a place where classicism, antiquity and modern art are successfully combined. Here you’ll find the Glyptothek München, where ancient Greek and Roman statues are on display. In the State Museum of Ancient Art one can see ancient jewelry and ornaments from the Wittelsbach collection.

In the summertime it is always possible to relax on the lawns nearby and enjoy open-air concerts.

Royal Square Munich

Munich today and its sights are just as impressive as its historic sites. For adults and children alike, a visit to the BMW district is an educative and engaging experience. The BMW complex includes the BMW Museum, the BMW factory, the headquarters and the showroom (BMW Welt) of the brand.

The BMW Museum in Munich was opened in 1973 and embodies all the dynamism, sportiness and elegance of the brand. There are more than 125 original exhibits about the history of the BMW brand. There are 26 themed areas covering 5,000 square metres, all of which represent aspects of the fascinating history of the BMW brand.

The state-of-the-art BMW Welt is the new showroom and at the same time the BMW Show Room, attractions, and advertising space.

You can see the production of cars with your own eyes by visiting the BMW plant in Munich, one of Europe’s most famous car brands, and its engines from the inside.

A visit to the BMW plant in Regensburg

We have close contacts with BMW and our blog about Munich and Bavaria offer you the opportunity to visit the annual BMW plant in Regensburg (120 km away from Munich) and to see the complete assembly line of BMW vehicles. You can find out more about the tour here

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BMW Museum & Offices in Munich

Which other sights are worth seeing in Munich? The German Museum for Natural Sciences and Technology (Deutsches Museum), the Allianz Arena (home stadium of FC Bayern Munich) The Bayerische Oper, the Alte Pinakothek, the Schlesheimer Museum for Aviation – Munich’s landmarks are far from complete.

The best sights near Munich

Attractions near the city center are also worth paying attention to.

Nymphenburg Palace Munich, surrounded by a beautiful park, is only 6 kilometres from the heart of the metropolis. Here you can immerse yourself in the Bavarian monarchy during the reign of Ludwig I.

The interior furnishings of the palace are absolutely breathtaking in their opulence and beauty. The most famous are the three-story high Stone Hall and the Gallery of the Beauties of King Ludwig I, where one can find the portrait of Lola Montes, as well as the room where the Bavarian fairy tale King Ludwig II was born.

Nymphenburg Palace Munich

Nymphenburg’s famous park begins in strict French style right at the grand staircase, but most of it is a landscaped English park. Its small rows of trees, canals, cascades and bridges, extensive network of roads, small pavilions, artificial lakes, many figures and statues – create the feeling of a fairy-tale forest at any time of year.

For an extra fee, you can take a ride in a real gondola on the canal of the palace park.

Curious visitors, connoisseurs of art and nature can explore the museums of Nymphenburg: Museum of Nature and Man, Museum of porcelain and, of course, the museum of carriages.

A well-known landmark near the city center is the Olympic Park Munich. From the observation deck of the Olympic Tower offers unparalleled views of Munich and its surroundings and, when the weather is good, the mountain peaks of the Alps.

The tower with its antenna is 291.28 meters high, making it the tallest building in Munich.

Olympic Stadium Munich

You can dine and admire the view of Munich at the revolving restaurant “181”, located in the Olympic Tower. The glass-walled restaurant spins on its axis in 49 minutes. At the restaurant with author’s cuisine you need to reserve tables in advance.

You can use the website of the restaurant “181” to book a table here.

181 TV Tower Munich Olympic Stadium

Many visitors to the Olympic complex are also attracted by the Rock Museum Munich in the tower, where you can see many famous rockers and artists such as the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Madonna, Deep Purple and many more.

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Description of Munich for the tourist going to the capital of Bavaria

Munich’s rich historical past, sights, museums, cultural traditions, and modern attractions have long made the city a mecca for tourists.

Whether old architecture, fascinating parks, modern art or cafés and pubs, the Bavarian capital city offers interesting and enjoyable places to stay for all tourists.

Hofbräuhaus Oktoberfest in Munich

Munich is said to have been founded in the 8th century and for centuries it has been the capital of Bavaria. It is the seat of the ruling Wittelsbach dynasty.

Today, Bavaria’s capital of 1.4 million people is not only Germany’s third largest city, but also a cultural and historical center. The most famous festivals and celebrations, which attract visitors from all over the world, take place here: Oktoberfest, Tollwood – winter festival, Christmas fairs and many others.

Bavaria has a mild climate, the temperature during the winter does not usually fall below -5 ° C, so even in winter tourist attractions are often visited in Munich. In summer it is rarely hotter than +26 ° C.

Oktoberfest in Germany when

Before starting your trip you should decide on the sights you would like to see in Munich. Start with the historical sites of Munich’s old town.

After examining the sights of the main town square – Marienplatz and examine all the architectural monuments within 1 km from it, you can move on to the new part of town, and then visit the outskirts of Munich.

You can reach the outlying sites by public transport. Another option is an organized individual author’s tour through Germany, designed for 3-7 days. The sights of Munich will be possible to examine in this case, taking into account your specific wishes and preferences.

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