Montenegro: ski resorts

Montenegro ski resorts

Montenegro ski resorts

Skiing and snowboarding – these are great outdoor activities that can not only have fun, but also greatly improve physical fitness and health. Everyone is familiar with Austrian, French and Italian ski resorts, but no less worthy of attention are the ski resorts of Montenegro.

There are 2 big resorts on the territory of the state: Zabljak and Kolasin, each with its own features. Also there are such resorts as Durmitor and Bijelasica Jezerine. Let’s consider each in detail.

Kolasin .

This resort is located in the small town Kolasin. Its population is less than 5 thousand, but the locals are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and the town itself is incredibly cozy and beautiful. Kolasin is decorated with thick forests of gorgeous park, majestic mountains, and crystal clear rivers. The climate there is incredibly mild and pleasant. Also worth noting is the convenient location of the ski resort: you can easily get there by car, train or bus.

One of the most important advantages of Kolasin skiing resort is its safety. It’s provided not only by equipment and infrastructure, but also by peculiarities of the slopes.

Alpine skiing center is located on the grassy slopes without any rocks, steep precipices, or other natural dangers. In addition, the resort is protected from strong storms and winds.

The highest point of the mountain called Chupovi, to which the elevators lead, is located at an altitude of 1880 meters above sea level. And the foot of the mountain is at an altitude of 1420 meters. The main slopes are 5 km long, and all the downhill courses are 15 km long. The ski center is equipped with 2 chairlifts.


The ski center is located on 400 kilometers from the capital of Montenegro, but this distance does not prevent true connoisseurs of active winter holidays. Trails Durmitor have different lengths and levels of complexity. This means that both beginners and advanced riders will find a suitable slope for themselves. The most difficult track is 3 km long, and the elevation difference is 800 meters. The longest slope is 3.5 km long, and the shortest slope is 1.5 km long.

The main advantages of this skiing resort are affordable prices, specially equipped slopes for children and beginners, and the length of the season is 5 months.


Each year thousands of tourists from all over Europe head to Zabljak ski resort to enjoy the incredible natural beauty, fresh air and great skiing or snowboarding. The population of this town is not more than 2 thousand people. Zabljak is the highest settlement in the Balkans, as it is situated at an altitude of 1465 meters.

Slopes for skiing here are also diverse and well-equipped. In total, there are 3 ski centers on the territory of the resort, the most popular among which is “Savin Kuk”. The length of the best track reaches 3.5 km, and the elevator ascends to a height of over 2300 meters. In “Savin Kuk” there are 5 ropeways, including both rope tow lifts and chairlifts.

If you are interested in beginner’s slopes, the second ski center, Jarovaca, is a great choice. Simple, gentle pistes and the service of experienced instructors – it has everything for a safe introduction to skiing or snowboarding. The slopes are also illuminated for evening skiing.

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More advanced riders can have a good ride on the slopes of Maly Stutz Mountain. A variety of terrain and places for freeride are sure to please experienced skiers or snowboarders.

Bijelasica Jeserine

A ski resort with such an unusual name is located in a beautiful place in the national park. Two well-equipped slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. In Bijelasica Jeserine there are 5 ropeways. The highest point of the mountain is 1930 meters above sea level.

All ski resorts in Montenegro are carefully monitored for safety and improve their level of service. At any ski resort you will definitely find a competent instructor for alpine skiing or snowboarding, equipment rentals, hotels, bars, restaurants.

Features of rest on alpine skis

Every year more and more people decide to spend their vacation not on the beach, but at a ski resort, and there are many reasons for this. Active winter activities bring a lot of pleasure and are good for health. In addition, spectacular views of the mighty mountains, fresh air and acquaintances in the interests for many much more attractive than the ticket to the warm lands. However, it is important to remember that a ski vacation can be dangerous. And your safety completely depends on you, because the staff at the ski centers will not be able to fully protect you from injury.

So before you go skiing in Montenegro be sure to study the important recommendations.

  • Do not neglect the services of instructors . Many beginners think that skiing or snowboarding is very easy and they will get it right away. Or friends and parents decide that they are competent enough in the survey of training, and take over everything. However, most accidents on the slopes is due to a lack of technique and culture of skiing, which is just able to instill a competent instructor. In just a couple of lessons you will learn how to behave on the slope, you will master the basic techniques. This will save a lot of time.
  • Competently estimate their strength. If you are just a couple of days ago got up on skis or snowboard, choose a simple tracks with a marking and gentle roll out. You should not go skiing in the woods on unprepared slopes. This way you endanger yourself and the people around you.
  • Do not drive when you are intoxicated. Bars and clubs work even after the elevators are closed. Moreover, there is even a special term “après-ski”, which implies a rest after a day on the ski slope.
  • Choose appropriate clothing. Always dress for the weather and keep in mind that clothing for skiing is quite different from everyday clothing. On jackets and pants should always be a membrane that quickly removes steam and moisture without getting wet. Forget about the thick granny sweaters and wear technological pullovers of polartek or fleece. Follow the rule of layering: first the thermal underwear, then the pullover, then the jacket. Socks should also be special: long and reinforced in certain places.
  • Do not ride alone. Even large companies often share and ride separately. If you are on a simple prepared slope, it is not critical. However, going out alone on a freeride is definitely not a good idea.
  • Choose your equipment wisely. If you don’t know anything about skis or snowboards, ask a professional skier from a rental store or store. The equipment must be in good condition, suitable for your height, weight and skiing level.

This is the minimum advice that you should not neglect. This way you will make your vacation at the ski resort, not only interesting and rich, but also safe.

Now you know that in beautiful Montenegro you can not just go on excursions and buy souvenirs. More often choose active leisure and remember that there is no better souvenir from vacation than vivid memories and emotions.

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Learn more about the features of Kolasin ski resort from the following video.

About the ski resorts of Montenegro

Most of our compatriots perceive Montenegro as an optimal place for summer holidays. However, few people know that this country provides excellent opportunities for recreation not only in summer, but also in winter. Montenegro ski resorts are a real godsend for those who can’t imagine their life without skiing and snowboarding, because unlike the well-publicized slopes of Western Europe, Montenegrin skiing is much cheaper.

Montenegrin ski resorts

The ski resorts in Montenegro are a godsend for all fans of winter sports

The ski resorts of Montenegro – Zabljak and Kolasin – are located in the northern part of the country. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when planning a trip.


With the development of tourism infrastructure in Montenegro, Zabljak is becoming increasingly popular destination – both for Montenegrins themselves and for visitors from other countries. This tiny town attracts tourists with its unique location and suitable conditions for winter sports. It is situated at an altitude of 1465 meters above sea level and it is one of the highest points of Europe.

Zabljak - scheme of routes

Zabljak – ski slopes scheme

The nature of the town is worth of special attention: nearby is Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) – the highest point of the mountain massif of Durmitor, as well as the famous Black Lake with crystal clear water. Another natural landmark of Zabljak is Tara River Canyon, which is the second deepest after the famous Grand Canyon in Arizona.


In Zabljak there are different variants of slopes – both for beginners and experienced skiers:

  • 2 difficult (black);
  • 7 medium (red);
  • 5 easy (blue).

Their total length is 30 kilometers. In addition to skiing slopes there are several tracks for cross-country skiers. Their length is 12 kilometers.

There are ski tracks on three peaks: Savin Kuk, Stutz and Jaworowacz.

  • The height of Savin Kuk mountain is 2313 meters, the total length of trails is 3500 meters, the height difference is 750 meters. There is room for slopes for people of all skill levels: from beginners and children to professionals. Two chairlifts, 1 rope tow lift, and 2 children’s elevators are operating on the slope. The track is well illuminated, which makes it suitable for evening and nighttime skiing.
  • The total length of Stutz slopes is 2,630 meters. This place is perfectly suitable for skiers with medium level of training.
  • Jaworowacza is the best option for beginner skiers. The slopes are 800 meters long, and there are 2 rope tow elevators and 1 baby elevator. Javorovača is not suitable for night skiing, as in the winter it closes at 16.00.
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In January and March in Zabljak are held competitions that attract the attention of fans of skiing not only in Montenegro but also abroad. We are talking about “Winter Cup of Montenegro” and “International Para”.

Preparation of the slopes

Despite the fact that the slopes here are prepared with care, regularly checking and renewing them, some skiers still notice some stones on the slopes.

Duration of the season

You can ski on the three main slopes in Zabljak for about 120 days a year – from early December to late March. The biggest thickness of snow cover is usually observed here in February and early March: at this time it is about 110 cm. In summer you can go down the Debeli Namet track (300 m long), which is covered with snow all year round.

ski elevator in Zhablyak

Chairlift in Zabljak

How to get there

According to many tourists, the only drawback of Zabljak is its considerable remoteness from cities with international airports. To get here from Podgorica one has to drive about 120 km and from Tivat about 180 km. Most of the way is represented by mountain roads and serpentines, so the driver must be especially attentive while traveling.

Optimal for the trip – have a car, as the local public transport is far from ideal. If you don’t have your own car, you can rent one. The cost of renting a car varies depending on the brand, but on average the price of a week rental is 100-150 euros.

The cost of skiing

The price of ski pass in Zabljak depends on the duration of the pass: the longer it is, the lower the skiing cost is. However, if you purchase a long-term pass, you should know that if the weather is unfavorable, the elevators may be closed and the cost of the paid day may not be refunded. The price also affects the skiing period: in January a one-day pass for one person costs 15 euros, and in February and March – 13 euros, two-day skiing will cost 25 and 20 euros respectively, and ten-day – 100 and 80 euros.


The ski slopes in Zabljak have a medical center, emergency station, ski and snowboard school, equipment rental, café and internet café.

Equipment rental

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent it. The cost of rent depends on the equipment: boots, skis and ski poles will cost you 10 euros per day; the same set, but without boots, costs 5 euros. It is also possible to rent children sleds, the price of which is 5 euros.

Where to Stay

There are three- and four-star hotels in the town. All of them are located in the center of Zabljak (about 5 km to Savin Kuk and 1 km to Javorovac), so you can get to the slopes by car, bus or foot. Some hotels offer a paid shuttle service to the ski elevators. The cost of accommodation depends on the “starliness” of the hotel and the type of room. On average, it varies from 50 to 150 euros per room per night and includes breakfast in addition to accommodation.

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You can also rent a room or a separate cottage in the private sector. During the “hot” skiing season the prices range from 25 to 70 euros per night. Moreover you can stay in a hostel or a motel for 15-20 euros per night.

ski training in Zabljak

Training for beginners in skiing

Entertainment (après-ski)

Most cafes, konobs (small local restaurants) and bars are concentrated in the center of Zabljak, but you can also find places to relax after skiing on the slopes themselves. Local cuisine is served here: the menu usually includes a large variety of homemade cheeses and meat delicacies – prsut and Punjeni razhnici, cevapcici and pleskavica. In addition to authentic Montenegrin food, almost all restaurants and cafes offer international cuisine.

In addition to skiing and relaxing in local cafes, in Zabljak you can do hiking, winter safari and paraglider flights.

Kolasin .

Another resort that Montenegro’s ski infrastructure can please tourists is Kolasin. This tiny Montenegrin town is as popular among fans of winter sports as Zabljak. It is located at an altitude of 954 meters above sea level between the three mountain ranges – Sinyavina, Belasica and Komovi. One of the advantages of the Kolasin ski resort in Montenegro is that it is surrounded on three sides by mountains, so it rarely gets windy. Not far from the town you will find Biogradskaya Gora National Natural Park.

Kolasin - ski slopes scheme

Kolasin – ski slopes scheme


The ski slopes of the resort are located 7 km from the center of Kolaszyn. They are located on the slopes of Chupovi, Vilina Voda and Kluch mountains at an altitude of 1450 to 1973 meters above sea level, with an elevation difference of 523 meters. The total length of the trails is 16.5 km. All of them are marked as follows:

  • 3 difficult (black);
  • 7 medium difficulty (red);
  • 6 easy (blue).

Some slopes have artificial lighting, so you can ski here even at nighttime. There are 6 elevators (rope tow lifts and chairlifts) and the first place among them is occupied by a 6-seat chairlift Vilina Voda that is a pride of Kolasin skiing resort. It takes only 6 minutes to get up.

Two slopes in Kolaszyn are certified by FIS and are used for the international competition: in February there is the Montenegro Ski Fest.

Preparation of the slopes

The main advantage of Kolasinj slopes is grassy surface that reduces the chance to get injured or damage equipment. Of course, you can still encounter rare stones, but they are not very numerous.

ski elevator in Kolasin

Chairlift in Kolaszyn

Duration of the season

You can ski at Kolasin from mid-December to mid-April. If the snow cover is not thick enough in this period, you can use snow machines.

How to get there

Kolasin is situated rather far from international airports Podgorica (80 km) and Tivat (160 km), so you can reach it by car or shuttle bus. You can also take a train from Bara and Belgrade.

The cost of skiing

The price of a ski pass for one day for an adult is 15 euros, for children 11 euros, and for seniors 12 euros. A weekly pass costs 98, 70 and 77 euros, and a single payment for the whole ski season costs 400, 500 and 400 euros respectively.

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To create the most comfortable conditions necessary for active recreation, the ski slopes have the following services:

  • Ski depot, where you can leave overnight boots, clothes and skis for drying. This is convenient for those tourists who have no place to dry their equipment.
  • Ski school (the cost of instructor services is 25 euros per hour).
  • The first aid station.
  • A restaurant.

Equipment rental

The resort has a ski and snowboard rental shop with the following rates:

  • Economy skis will cost you 10 euros per day;
  • a set of premium ski equipment costs 16 euros per day;
  • the daily fee for a children’s ski set is 8 euros;
  • snowboard rentals are available for 10 euros per day.

Where to Stay

There are several hotels (three- and four-star), as well as chalets, private apartments, guest houses and cottages in the center of Kolashin. Accommodation prices range from 50 to 200 euros, depending on the level of service and the date of arrival.

Kolasin ski resort

Cafes and restaurants in Kolasin serve Montenegrin national dishes

Entertainment (après-ski)

There are cafes, restaurants and bars in the town that serve authentic Montenegrin dishes. There are also a couple of nightclubs where you can dance.

If you’re planning not only skiing but also exploring the local attractions, be sure to head to the Mokaca Monastery and Biogradska Gora National Park. In the monastery there are perfectly preserved buildings of XIII century, frescoes and icons of XVII century, and in the park you can enjoy the view of mountainous Biograd Lake (1094 m above sea level) and the abundance of unique vegetation.

When is the best time to go skiing in Montenegro? The beginning of the skiing season here usually coincides with the beginning of winter. So if you plan to ski or snowboard here, the best time to visit the country is from December to April. At other times, you can not do winter sports (except for a short descent on the track Debeli Namet in Zabljak, where there is snow all year round).

To sum up

Ski holidays in Montenegro are a great option for those who are not keen on the crowds of Western European resorts. So if you want to have fun skiing or snowboarding and not waste your time waiting in line for a chairlift, Zabljak and Kolasin are just what you need! Another important reason for choosing Montenegrin ski slopes is also excellent nature, a variety of slopes and very reasonable prices for ski-pass and accommodation.

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