Monas National Monument

National Monument in Jakarta

National Monument or Monas Independence Monument is a tower 132 meters high (almost 50 floors) in the center of Independence Square, one of the main symbols of Indonesia. It was built between 1961 and 1968, opened to the public in 1975. From the architectural point of view it is nothing special, except that it is interesting from an engineering point of view, but you can not miss it, because Independence Square itself is a must-see when visiting the city.

The most interesting thing here for tourists is the observation deck at the height of 115 meters where you can see a stunning view of the city. You can see all the skyscrapers of the city, the business center and shopping malls. For observation there are binoculars. The platform is open, without glass.

To get to the top, you need to buy a plastic ticket at the ticket office and go through the turnstile on the tunnel. Through it you will get to the historic Independence Museum at the base of the tower, and you can not stay here long, it is of absolutely no interest to tourists. Then you will have to go up again to the base of the monument, and there you will find a line for the elevator. The elevator allows about 10 people upstairs every 10 minutes. To go down to the top, you also need to stand in line for the elevator. On weekends and holidays there is a huge line, you can stand for hours.

Jakarta National Monument

Jakarta National Monument

Opening hours : You can see the outside at any time, it is beautifully illuminated at night. The museum and observation deck is open from 08:00 to 16:00 every day except Monday. Also the observation deck is open from 19:00 to 22:00 on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Closed every last Friday of the month.

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Entrance fee / ticket price : entrance to the complex and climb to the observation room is 40,000 rupiah ( 161.67 rubles, see Indonesian currency and exchange rate).

How to get there : The National Monument is located in the heart of the city in the center of Independence Square (National Monument on the map). Nearby is a major transportation hub and Gambir railway station, and the tourist area and Jalan Jaksa Street is 2 kilometers away on foot.

National Monument Panorama

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National Monument (Jakarta)

National Monument

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has many interesting sites worthy of tourist attention. It is here that Medan Merdeka is located, a square considered one of the largest in the world. Its center is the National Monument, which is both a monument to the independence of the country and the embodiment of male and female – lingam and yoni.

Phases of construction of the National Monument

This 132-meter tower is on the list of national monuments of the country. Its construction took place in three stages. The construction of the National Monument began in August 1961. A total of 284 piles were driven for it, one of which was installed by the president of the country, Ahmed Sukarno. The other 386 piles served as the foundation of the building which now houses the Historical Museum.

The second phase of construction of the National Monument was delayed due to insufficient funding and a failed coup attempt. Before construction was completed in July 1975, the National Museum was erected next to the obelisk.

Features and significance of the National Monument

The obelisk has a cyclopean shape, with a viewing platform on top. Its height is 117 m, and the area of the platform on which it is installed is 45 square meters. At the top of the National Monument there is a sculpture in the form of fire – “The Flame of Independence”. Bronze was used in the creation of the torch, which was covered with pure gold. The total weight of the precious metal is 33 kg. The main part of the obelisk was cast from Italian marble.

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The monument serves as a reminder of how hard Indonesia got its sovereignty and how many hardships its inhabitants had to endure during the war with the colonizers.

Many scholars see the National Monument as representing the philosophy of Lingam and Yoni. The tower itself is a symbol of the pistil (masculinity), and its bowl-shaped platform serves as a symbol of femininity.

National Monument at night

Interior of the National Monument

Despite such a simple form, there are many halls inside the monument. On its interior walls are cement reliefs on which are carved fragments of important events for Indonesia that occurred during the Singhasari Empire, European colonization, and Japanese occupation.

Inside the National Monument are the following objects:

  • The National Historical Museum with dioramas showing different periods in the country’s history;
  • Independence Hall, which houses the original Declaration of Independence, a bronze statue of Indonesia’s coat of arms, and other state symbols;
  • an observation deck accessible by a special elevator.

To the north of the obelisk is an artificial pool, the water from which cools the museum’s air-conditioning systems. It also serves as a decoration of Merdeka Square. Next to the National Monument is a statue of the country’s hero, Prince Diponegoro. Italian sculptor Cobertaldo worked on its creation.

Jakarta National Monument observation deck

How to get to the National Monument?

The monument is located in Jakarta in the heart of Merdeka Square, next to which pass Jl. Medan Merdeka Utara and Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat. You can reach the National Monument from any part of the city. You can take a cab or bus #12, 939, AC106, BT01, P125, and R926. Bus stops are located along the perimeter of the square. At 400 meters from the monument is the metro station Gambir, which is included in the route of most city and intercity lines.

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