Molokai Attractions

Molokai Attractions

Hawaii, the 50th state of the United States, is located in the Hawaiian archipelago. According to research by modern scientists, the archipelago is still growing slowly, and we may see more islands forming in the future. Now the fifth largest island is considered to be Molokai Island, which occupies 673.4 square kilometers. It is 14 kilometers northwest of Maui and 45 kilometers southeast of Oahu. Most of the islands in this group are composed of two volcanoes, and Molokai is no exception.

The two constituent volcanoes differ significantly in area, the Western one is only 600 meters, but the Eastern one is almost twice as big and is 1515 meters.

Molokai Island is considered to be the most typical island of Hawaii in the archipelago. If you want to imagine its nature, remember the third part of the famous “Jurassic Park. – The high cliffs were filmed right here. But that’s not all! Another record belongs to the island – the longest reef in the United States, stretching for 40 km, is also located here.

The western part of the island is located in the lowlands, it is very dry and the soil is almost absent. Coastal dunes Moomomi – almost the only intact area. This part of the island is located in the national park of the same name.

The eastern part – is a zone of volcanoes and high plateau. The highest peak is Kamakou, which is 1525 meters high. This area is covered by a dense tropical forest, which annually receives up to 7000mm of rainfall. There are a huge number of representatives of flora and fauna (more than 250 species of rare plants and several species of birds).

The capital of the island is Kaunakakai. It seems that time has not touched it at all, the city has kept its appearance since the 19th century and still gives the impression of a cozy seaside town. Many travelers visit it precisely because of the lack of particularly developed tourist infrastructure. Here it is minimal and that is why you can enjoy untouched civilization landscapes, unpretentious surroundings and communication with the friendly local natives.

It is also known for its colorful stores, the Moalu Falls and Mount Kamakou. History buffs will surely be interested in the foundations of ancient royal buildings and the local museum. You can also go to a small theme park located on a 500-acre plantation called Coffees of Hawaii.

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The Kalaupapa Peninsula is strikingly beautiful. In the National Historical Park, the view of the rocky coastline and 600-meter cliffs is breathtaking, and the premises of the old leprosarium inspire some unconscious sense of dread. From the observation deck at 1,080 meters, the view of the ocean, the cliffs and the waterfall is breathtaking.

Guides often recommend that you start your journey around the island at the observation deck to plan your next excursions, see the famous Moomomi Beach, the ancient religious center of Liilopae-Heiau founded by the tribes of Polynesia, the Moomomi Dunes Reserve, Reserve, home to five unique plant species, Papohaku beach, over 6 km long and considered the longest and most deserted in the entire archipelago, the cattle farm Maunaloa-Molokai Ranch, which occupies one-third of the island and a private resort town.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that people who prefer exactly the sea holidays on the coast should not come here. Most of the shores of the island or mud, or covered with huge stone teeth, and only the southeastern part of Molokai abounds with excellent beaches.

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Molokai sights – what to see in 2022. A complete guide to the iconic places

One of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands, a true paradise for lovers of wildlife, walks in the uncharted tropics and serene relaxation on a spacious beach. You won’t find a single modern building, movie theater or shopping mall here, the island retains an ineffable atmosphere of antiquity. Even if you walk around the entire island, you can’t find a single building that’s taller than a palm tree.

One of the islands of the 50th state of the United States, Molokai is a great place to relax. And not alone, but with the whole family – the kids will definitely appreciate spending time in a place that … Open

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Because the resort is rather peculiar and not appealing to all travelers who are used to seeing civilization in all its glory around, the rest here is quiet and secluded. Even in the largest city of the island transport is considered a real rarity, and traffic lights on the roads and never was. The modern tourist will be amazed by the absence of the usual neon signs, large buildings and modern shopping centers. Stores here are small, but the choice of goods will delight variety.

Once on the island, you feel as if you are transported to half a century ago, so unhurried and simple life here. Much of the island under the beach area, and the beaches are quite deserted and quiet, holidaymakers are very little. Such quiet places are quickly adopted by fans of fishing, many also prefer underwater hunting. Copyright

Molokai restaurants will be appreciated by lovers of Hawaiian cuisine, as well as those who are partial to exotic treats. Kaunakakai, the island’s capital, is home to a great little restaurant with a … Open

Kalaupapa Park, located in the northern part of the island, is considered a historical part of the island. It was once a colony for lepers, although the sick are no longer brought here, the area is still closed. You can enter this part of the island only with a guide. Another noteworthy place, perfect for a secluded stay, is Palaau Park, offering mule rides, local waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes. Molokai is an unspoiled corner of nature.

The island has many amazing natural sights, with the picturesque Pali Coast at the northern end of the island. Here travelers can see the highest coastal cliffs in the world, some rocky formations stare upwards of 1,200 meters. There are interesting walking tours through the picturesque area, and the most affluent travelers can rent a helicopter and admire the cliffs from above.

Molokai is rightly considered the “most Hawaiian” of all the Hawaiian islands, and is ideal for experiencing the national culture of the indigenous people. Surprisingly hospitable and …

A very interesting hiking route is the road that runs through the Halawa Valley and leads to the town of Hana. There are many interesting natural and historical sites near this road, with rushing small rivers, fish rich ponds and the oldest Christian church on the island, which was built in 1835. There are many natural vantage points throughout the valley, and there’s also the beautiful Moaula Falls. It is located in a hard-to-reach rocky area, to get to this waterfall can only be on foot, the duration of the hike is about an hour and a half.

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Fans of unusual activities will have the opportunity to visit the historic Purdy’s Natural Macadamia Nut Farm, which has been owned by the same family since its founding. This farm grows macadamia nuts, whose oil is now an important component of many cosmetic products. As many years ago, today the processing of nuts on the plantation is almost entirely by hand, guests of the farm are invited to participate in the harvesting as well as the processing of the nuts.

Molokai is characterized by the abundance of historical and natural attractions, one of the main sightseeing sites is located in the eastern part of the island. It is the church of Damien’s Churches, which … Discover

The island is home to Coffees of Hawaii, a factory that produces high-end coffee. Once upon a time, the areas where the coffee trees are grown today were home to extensive pineapple plantations and a pineapple processing plant. When the plant closed, it was decided to build a new one in its place, and since then, local professionals are engaged in the production of high quality coffee, which is now known throughout the world. Tourists are invited to walk around the extensive coffee plantations, watch the work of the plant, as well as visit an excellent souvenir store and choose memorable souvenirs in the thematic style. There is also a small café on the vast territory of the plant, where visitors are offered to try different varieties of fragrant drink.

Cultural attractions in Molokai

Molokai has an abundance of historical and natural attractions, and one of the main sightseeing sites is located in the eastern part of the island. The Church of Damien’s Churches is a complex of two separate buildings. The Catholic churches were founded on the initiative of a Belgian priest, Father Damien. In ancient times, the church served as a hospital for the islanders, and lepers were brought here.

The building has been perfectly preserved to this day and is located in the heart of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. The latter is also an important attraction, and walking through the park is a must on any sightseeing program. Nature lovers will also love Halawa Valley. It stretches along the coast and includes a variety of “natural scenery.

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The valley has deep caves, impregnable cliffs and plains from which you can endlessly admire the panorama of the coast. There are also several beaches in the valley, which are very popular with fans of water activities. The most mysterious attraction of the island is the Sanctuary of Iliiliopae Heiau.

A few centuries ago, there was a huge temple in its place, which in the 13th century served as the main religious site of the island and a place of worship. Today, travelers can see only ruins on the site of the beautiful temple. However, inquisitive tourists never cease to be attracted by the prospect of visiting the site of witchcraft rituals and ceremonies. More about cultural attractions

Molokai Recreational Activities

Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai is an ideal vacation spot for eco-tourists and those who wish to devote their vacation to beach activities. The most famous and popular with travelers is Papohaku Beach. It is located on the western part of the island and is the largest beach in Hawaii, but for bathing is not the best. The beach is very choppy, so it is favored by picnickers, hikers and morning joggers.

In the capital is no less picturesque beach Pali Coast, it is perfect for the whole family. The beach is fully equipped for a comfortable pastime and sports activities. Lovers of secluded recreation will like the beach Dixie Maru. It is away from major cities, so vacationers are not as many as in the capital.


On the outskirts of the capital is a harbor Molokai, which has become a favorite place for fishermen. Here you can rent all the necessary equipment, including a boat and gear, for vacationers conducted as day and night trips to fishing spots. Those who want to visit the picturesque natural sites should visit the park Palaau. There are a huge number of hiking trails through its territory, there is a specially equipped picnic area and several important attractions.

Near the south coast of the island is the famous Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove, which was planted in the mid-19th century. A thousand palm trees were planted specifically to protect the sacred lakes from drying up. It is forbidden to enter the grove, as the threat of falling coconuts remains, so travelers are encouraged to enjoy the view of the natural landmark from afar. More on the attractions

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Molokai attractions for families with children

Three mile beach end

One of the islands of the 50th state of the United States, Molokai is a great place to have a great vacation. And not alone, but with the whole family-the kids will definitely appreciate spending time in a place full of beautiful parks, beaches, mountains-the most beautiful natural attractions that blend in wonderfully with the green landscape of the island. The activities include horseback riding tours, water activities (diving, surfing, water sports).

So, the kids will be happy Molokai Mule Ride tours, through which they can ride on horses. Such a holiday will be remembered for a long time – which is not surprising, because you can also ride along the beach or the park – and it adds a certain amount of charm to the family trip. It’s also interesting to visit farms on Molokai Island, so you can experience a very pastoral and relaxing atmosphere. One such farm is Kumu Farms, where you can learn about how healthy foods are made. It can be found in the center of the island, near the Molokai Airport.

Just beyond the door

Another interesting farm is Halawa Tropical Flower Farm. This is a very picturesque flower farm located in the east of the island next to the Muala Reservoir deep in Halawa Valley. It is completely free to visit, but you can also make a donation. Here you can learn a lot of new information about exotic flowers and the work of the farm over the years, and there are also tours of the waterfalls. And for the kids, it will be nice to try fruit cocktails.

One of the best beaches on Molokai Island is Murphy’s Beach, which has long been beloved by divers. From here you can see Maui, another island in Hawaii, and watch the turtles. And, of course, swimming in the azure waters of the Pacific is a pleasure, it is definitely worth trying out. It is located in the south of Molokai. Another interesting beach for the whole family is called Kepuhi Beach, and it is located on the west coast. It is ideal for fishing (it has a lot to offer) and for walking, especially during sunset. At the end of the beach you can find a picnic area, and have some family fun here. This is one of the most popular beaches on the island, so it is usually always crowded. More children’s attractions

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