Maldives: Siinu Atoll

Hotels Sihinu Atoll (Maldives)

Wow. Paradise on Earth. Dreams come true. We really enjoyed having the villa next to the snorkeling area. The kids love it. Thanks to the luxury escapes, giving all inclusive internet for 5 days. The staff was friendly and very good service.

Luxury resort hotel, with very friendly staff beautiful place. Good food, best for snorkeling and diving. Lots of dolphins during sunset n Cool live music. Great place to be ! Best

We came for our honeymoon. We were moved to a tree house which is spectacular ! The food and drinks are delicious ! We took the all inclusive package which is so worth it. There are deep pockets if you go without it. They were so kind to decorate our villa for our arrival for our honeymoon and I feel special the whole time. The staff is very friendly and happy all the time. This.

Fantastic hotel! Nice people(always very accommodating), great seafood! Simple but challenging rated 3 golf courses! Awesome bungalow with sea views!

Wonderful resort. I came here with my husband and our daughter. We stayed in the villa on the water which was huge. We spent 8 days there. They provided us with 3 bikes for our villa. We went out to restaurants, swim on the beach, go snorkeling. The coral at this hotel was incredible. There are many types of coral, as well as huge corals. We found black sharks, sea turtles, many.

Beautiful outermost island of the archipelago of amazing marine in a really beautiful place. We had a fantastic vacation. All the food was delicious and especially loved the swimming and mango daquaris.

Great hotel, located on the ocean and tucked into the greenery. Of the activities: there is a large pool, gym, table tennis, volleyball court, billiards and bicycles. The food is varied, every day incredibly tasty desserts. On the plus side – friendly staff. On the downside, a long flight from Male. About 1.5 hours. If you are not daunted by this, then I would definitely recommend it.

I liked it: The hotel area is clean and constantly monitored for its cleanliness. They clean palm trees from excess vegetation and cut coconuts to prevent accidents. There are hand sanitizers throughout the property. All staff wear masks. There is a good COVID-19 prevention effort. Four bottles of drinking water are put in the room every day. The room has a hair dryer, a kettle, and a safe.

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The ocean is majestic and huge in its horizon. The understanding that you are on the atoll, you do not come immediately – after a trip on a moped to the reserve. The population – very friendly nice people. The shores of the ocean at the atoll are a little. littered, it’s a shame. The hotel is small, cozy, and beautiful. Staff – very nice, everyone is happy to see you) Cuisine – for all tastes, very high quality and expertly prepared.

The hotel is very very clean and the staff is very nice. Free bicycles, you can ride around the atoll. The hotel is not for foodies, you will not be hungry, but the choice is not great.

The hotel is beautiful, it’s really a paradise, even by Maldivian standards. The spa is great, the dive center is great. But there are nuances: 1) The food is very good, but far from wonderful or amazing. The average level of Turkish all-inclusive. For this level of the hotel – a clear discrepancy. 2) For some reason there is no exact information on how to get from Male. So, the hotel is in the very south of the archipelago.

Thank you for the vacation! Thank you for everything. Ocean, food, accommodation, for service Zeeshan and Aydin, any question solved within 5-10 minutes, always in touch.

I had a holiday from March 6 to March 13 at garden ville all was excellent food very good, very beautiful nature, perfect spa, all on the highest level, many tourists from different countries have 2 russian speaking staff very nice girls thank them always help in everything ✊ AYADA will miss us.

You will need 3 things: – Patience, because it takes +/- hour and a half to get here from Male, and the staff is slow as hell – The Crystal package, because you regularly saw those who had not bought it complaining about nuances in the prices and the constant “errors” in the bills – Earplugs, because the volume of the fans can only compare with a night on the runway. Overall.

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26 nights on an island paradise! We got there quickly, the staff met us in Male and put us on a domestic flight (1 hour flight) and then a 25 minute boat ride. Everything on the island was awesome: stunning reef, insanely delicious seafood, good rooms. Thanks to all the staff, all very kind and positive! Our butler Nattu a special respect And of course the manager Ismail! You were very attentive to us.

The most amazing trip of my life. Best place for a honeymoon. Treated my husband and I️ like royalty. Made sure we had a delightful honeymoon. We had champagne on arrival, breakfast in bed, unlimited food and drink, and an amazing view from our villa over the water! Zeeshan was our butler and was the absolute best! You have to ask for him. Thank you for our honeymoon gift.

The island of course is a bit far away, but well worth it. There’s a cool house reef, nice water villas (we were in #161) with a nice bathroom , good service and delicious food. Once a week (not enough of course ) there is live music in the main bar. The island is only 800m long and has dense vegetation due to which, you don’t have to walk under the sun for breakfast/lunch/dinner. There is still a part of the island.

Beautiful place, everything is top notch. Personalized service, very friendly staff, manager Sherzod – helped always and very promptly, respect! The food was delicious, the drinks were excellent, and the AI concept fully justified itself. We had a lot of things to do with our hotel. For 4 people and two children (4 and 8 years old) – the room was big and we had enough space for everybody. Out of the minuses – blowing air conditioning on the sides of the room.

We were at this hotel, everything is top notch and the main thing is the reef…the reef is insanely beautiful and has a lot of animals, even saw a shark babysitter Turtles, sharks, rays, a million different fish…in short the animals are like in sharm.We want to come back here, even a bonus we were allowed 1 night more in the suite to live thanks so much to staff and hotel owner, place is paradise.

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Great hotel, good house reef, lots to see in it (turtles, sharks, moray eels, octopus and a variety of fish). All villas are detached, not bad in size, with spacious bathrooms. The main restaurant is Amaya Food Gallery, with an excellent buffet, the choice of food there is awesome! Always fresh grilled fish, vegetables, an assortment of fruits and sweets. The service is good.

A heavenly place that makes you happy every minute. Great staff, helpful, attentive, and almost out of sight. Room cleaning 3 times a day and the impression that the rooms are tidied by themselves. Perfect order all over the island at all times. The restaurant is delicious, so is the bar. The hotel gave us a wedding gift – dinner on the beach. Very impressed, we still remember.

Addu Atoll.

Addu Atoll

A fabulous scattering of islands of different sizes – atolls – the Maldives are famous for. A great place for a first-class holiday is one of these Maldivian atolls – Addu, almost entirely covered with flowering shrubs and banana palms. The atoll has a second name – Siinu, but most often it is used just Addu. Wonderful service, excellent beaches with airy sand and clear water, comfortable hotels, local cuisine and water activities of Addu Atoll in the Maldives, certainly deserve attention of every tourist.


Addu is a piece of paradise in the Maldives, represented by 23 different islands scattered across the Indian Ocean in the shape of a huge horseshoe. In fact, only 6 islands are inhabited, the rest of the land is very small, but ideal for an absolute communion with nature. From north to south, the atoll stretches for 14.5 km, from east to west – 18 km. The total area reaches 15,7 square kilometers. Being the most southern atoll of all Maldives’ archipelago, Addu is almost on the equator, in 478 km from Male. In the center stretches a turquoise lagoon.

Among all the placer of tiny islands of Addu the largest are:

Especially popular among tourists is the southernmost resort of Addu Atoll – Gan, quite unlike the other islands of the archipelago. Here, among the banana and coconut palms, bearing fruit all year round, reigns a true tropical paradise. Tourists find on the island quiet fishing villages, diving center, boatyards, and everything you need for a comfortable stay. In addition, Gan has its own airport.

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One of the beaches

Climate of the archipelago

A monsoonal subequatorial climate prevails on the territory of Addu Atoll. November to March is the dry season, from June to August, when the southwest winds blow in, it is rainy. The weather is hot throughout the year. The temperature ranges from +24°C to +30°C. From January to February is a bit cooler, but the thermometers will not fall below +17 ° C. The temperature maximum is from April to May, but does not exceed +33 ° C.

Nature on the atoll's islands

Attractions of the atoll

Historical sites and architectural monuments in the Addu Atoll are very rare. The ruins of an ancient temple on Fua Mulaku Island fall into this category. But the natural attractions here are a huge variety. Very rich underwater world, in the waters of the atoll grow unique brained and branched corals, and at a depth of about 30 m lies sunken British oil tanker. In addition, on one of the islands of the atoll bathes a small freshwater lake, which is beloved by red and orange parrots.

Panorama of the atoll

Entertainment and Recreation

The most popular activities for tourists in Addu Atoll are diving and snorkeling. The Blue Lagoon is perfect for beginners as there are no unexpected dangers or underwater currents. Experienced divers will find more exotic places. On the island of Gan is a diving center Diverland – here tourists can always rent special equipment. On the territory of the atoll you can find secluded places for swimming with fabulous scenery. For vacationers organize trips on a boat with a glass bottom to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the Indian Ocean.

Fun for divers

Accommodation and Stay

Several comfortable hotels are located on the island of Gan. One of the two three-star hotels, Equator Village, is considered the most affordable. Each visitor, having a rest within the walls of this hotel, receives a certificate of crossing the equator. J Resort Handhufushi is distinguished by its first-class service. The price for a double room starts at $120, but the hotel is extremely popular with visitors. Another great option for accommodation is Shangri-La Maldives Resort & Spa, which is part of an international chain of luxury hotels. The Aquaventure Manta Lodge is considered more economical.

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Equator Village

Cafes and restaurants

Travelling through the expanses of the archipelago, tourists can find catering facilities on each of the major islands. The few restaurants on Addu Atoll serve Indian, international, Asian and Maldivian cuisines. On the island of Gan is a cozy restaurant in the French style – Le Bistro de L’Ossau. Culinary masterpieces of local chefs can be tasted at Palm Village and Quench Restaurant. Open-air tables for romantic dinners are offered at Delifresh.

Breakfast at the hotel

Those who like to store while vacationing in the islands of Addu Atoll will not be disappointed. There are quite interesting souvenir shops, street markets and stores, where you can always pick up gifts to loved ones. Popular among tourists enjoy the coconut monkeys, colored shells and sarongs, real shark jaws and mats made of palm fiber. On the shelves of local stores you can find a wide range of t-shirts, bags and toys with national symbols. However, keep in mind that any product on the islands of the atoll is very expensive. Of course, you can haggle, but the maximum you’ll get is $2-3.

Maldivian Souvenirs

There is an international airport on the island of Gan, which receives both domestic flights from the capital and charter flights from Europe. Through the two major islands that make up the Addu Atoll in the Maldives – Gan and Hitadu – there are highways. There are no buses here, so the public transport functions are performed by local cabs. The four islets adjacent to Gan, which are connected by causeways, can be accessed by bicycle. Mopeds and bicycles are the main means of transportation on the atoll. You can also rent a dhoni or a speedboat.

Water Taxi

How do I get to Addoo?

The fastest and most convenient way to get to the atoll is by plane on local airlines. From Hulule International Airport, which is located in Male, flights are operated by several airlines. Light aircraft ATR-72 fly daily. The flight takes about 1 hour. A round-trip ticket costs about $280. You can also reach Addu Atoll by water. Depending on the type of boat, you can choose from $100 to $400 per day.

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