Leisure businesswoman

Leisure businesswoman

Experienced businesswoman is not as important in choosing a place to rest, as its result. So it’s worth considering all the options for those few weeks, days or hours that you can devote to vacation. First of all, decide for yourself whether you want a large number of people around you. Secondly, consider what kind of climate is preferable to you. And finally, what exactly do you want from this vacation. By vacation we mean any free time – from a few hours to a few days. And the less time you have, the more thoroughly you should think through the pros and cons of the chosen pastime, so as not to get upset because of wasted time and, not less importantly, money. The most common form of recreation – travel.

Practice shows that the most common among the wealthy population traveling to foreign resorts. One can argue a lot about the preference of the Crimea, but Russians are still drawn away. The reasons are simple and clear: the exotic countries worry our imagination, accustomed to the cold and a little bored with the birch trees. Before you go on such a trip, you should take some precautions. It is unlikely to go to an unfamiliar country “savage”, it is best to take care of a ticket in advance.

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Rest of the business woman

To avoid getting into trouble, find out the address of a travel agency worthy of your attention through experienced travelers. This way, you will be sure that your trip will not end badly for you. With a personal conversation and browsing the catalog, you will be able to get acquainted with the features of the chosen country. Don’t forget that often the “little things” play an important role. Especially, such as the culture of behavior and communication (in every country it is different, especially the East), climatic nuances, language. It is also a good idea to at least casually familiarize yourself with the laws of the country, so as not to get into an unpleasant situation. As you can see, it’s a relatively troublesome pleasure. Traveling around our vast country is an option on the same subject.

Believe me, there are many wonderful places in Russia, which should be visited. In the end, you can fulfill the dream of his youth and spend a few weeks in the Urals. From this trip you will get no less pleasure than from the foreign voyage. Or travel along the Golden Ring, the “pearl necklace” of our country. Besides all abovementioned it is not worth to visit our immediate neighbors – neighboring countries and countries of former socialist camp. Firstly, cruises to these countries are much cheaper, which means that you do not have to worry about wasted money if you do not like the trip. Secondly, they do not gather a lot of holidaymakers, so that no one will stop you quietly wander the galleries and walk in the parks.

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Leisure businesswoman

As for Europe, the choice of the country should primarily depend on your goal. So, for example, if you want to get a first-class tan – welcome to Spain, Portugal or Italy. If you are more interested in the world’s cultural centers – France, Germany or Britain awaits you. And if you want to get away from civilization, go to Scandinavia. As you can see, there is a lot of choice. But there are times when you do not want to go far from home, or on it there is not enough time. What to do in this case? And then the world around you is rich enough different complexes of recreation and entertainment that will surely help you distract from the labors of righteousness at least for one or two evenings.

The easiest thing you can choose for yourself is to go to a country sanatorium. What good is this way to relax? First, you change the scenery, but at the same time stay up to date. If events require your immediate intervention, you can easily return to the city. Secondly, these resorts are open to visitors at any time of year. Stay there will not require a large monetary investment, but you are guaranteed three meals a day and (if you want) blissful solitude. The closeness of nature very beneficial effect on your psyche and give you new strength.

In medieval Alsfeld, the city of Little Red Riding Hood

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Rest of the business woman

People experienced in such affairs, said that for the complete removal of even a very serious stress enough week staying in a countryside resort. And thirdly, if you by trial and error find exactly “your” place, you absolutely do not need to buy a “cottage in the country” to be able to spend a few days a year alone in the fresh air. But it also happens that the solitude and you despise it. You want to spend the night in a cheerful company where no one will guess that you – iron lady superbusiness? You finally want to be among equals, those who are not interested in the state of your purse? And maybe meet a VIP man, next to whom you can feel like a weak woman?

Well, in this case, you can choose a decent place to rest. Let’s start with the night club. What can he offer you? In expensive club, where you, of course, and go, you do not risk to spoil your mood communicating with the new Russian nouveau riche. For one simple reason – it gathers a truly select society. In addition, no one will prevent you to dance to your heart’s content, without looking around, as everyone who will surround you – people of the same degree of importance as you. No less attractive, as a way to recover from a hard day’s work and a visit to the casino.

Here’s a place to release adrenaline, thrills and dizzying intoxication from a sudden win! The main thing here – know the measure and do not get carried away. Among other things, a casino is a classic vacation spot for the propertied class, which includes you. That’s for the casino sew elegant dresses in the style of “femme fatale” and invented a variety of stylish hairstyles. By the way, the casino is the place where you can wear your jewelry. But there, as well as in the club, it is best to go with a group of good friends or with an elegant gentleman. If you think that this is all possible options for your vacation, you are deeply mistaken.

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Rest of the business woman

If your nature is too refined to find a kind of charm in the disco noise of a nightclub, or if you are not such a gambler to visit a casino, perhaps you will find your relaxation in another? Maybe it’s classical music concerts and opera houses that await you. No style of contemporary music is known to compare to classical music. It not only conjures up images of fairy-tale beauty, but it also soothes. And according to recent studies of scientists, the classical works, listening to the concert “live”, have a curative effect, restoring the inner harmony, not only in the psyche but also in the entire human body.

Try it, and maybe the best cure for extreme fatigue for you will be this area of human culture?

It often happens that a busy person should make himself completely switch from the problems of harsh reality. Especially this statement applies to those who are internally afraid to be “out of the game” and therefore always in a state of extreme tension. Well, the most common, quite calm, on the one hand, and very romantic, on the other hand, the way to relax is to go to an expensive restaurant with your loved one. At least, held in this way the evening never leaves an unpleasant buildup of disappointment on the soul.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to relax. You do not have to choose for yourself only one out of the proposed. Vary, try, and look for yourself! After all, it’s in your spare time, not busy with super important things, you have a chance to express themselves and from another side. Now that you are not strapped for cash, you have a golden opportunity to try things that you couldn’t even dream of until recently. The world around us is wide and varied. And human life is long enough to at least try to visit more interesting, unforgettable places.

Best time to go to Morocco

A year without rest – and the business is “downhill”.

Entrepreneur Anastasia Marcipan was sure that first you have to succeed, and then rest and have fun. But when she realized that she hated her business, she realized that she had been working for a year without a break. In this article, she describes how the business failed, but once she learned how to rest, she was able to get back on her feet and launch three new businesses. Read tips on how you should organize your vacation.

This year we did not vacation at all – all the money was invested in the business, all the time went there as well

My business is a fairy tale. With elements of chorus and action movies, to be honest. My fairy tale began a year and a half ago, when we opened Marzipan Staff, a wood shop for Instagram, and Womenbz published an article on “How to Get Started”.

In that time, I was able to jump from the “I’m not capable of anything” worldview to “I can do EVERYTHING.” Along the way, there have been liters of coffee, hundreds of hours of sleep deprivation, and how many nerve cells have said “Bye-bye” to me I don’t want to think about.

Starting a business without knowledge or investment

I had never worked with wood before, never run my own business and, most importantly, didn’t really like or understand Instagram. But that’s where our clients lived, and that’s where our niche was vacant.

It was just a matter of learning how to produce the perfect product, putting sales on stream, learning Instagram and conquering my business Everest.

We started without any outside investment (and we had no money of our own) and without knowledge. A huge and unexplored world was ahead of us. It was scary. I felt like a baby in a world of adults, and this world was waiting for me to conquer.

If you too are an entrepreneur, you remember very well the “glorious” time of launching a brand. I was very jealous of people who had experience, money for start-up investments and, most importantly, topical education. The choice was simple: give up and go back to surviving terribly or start struggling.

Free time with my husband very quickly lost its romantic overtone – at the cottage or a movie we were always discussing work

Fighting for business.

I wrote a list of tasks:

  • What I need to research.
  • What I need to procure.
  • What I needed to learn how to do.

There were over 300 small and large tasks on the list. As soon as one closed, 10 more came in its place. Just when I thought I had solved one problem, it turned out that Instagram had changed something again and we needed to, too.

We’d come to work at 7 a.m. and leave at 1 a.m. I couldn’t sleep well – in my sleep, my brain kept thinking of problems and looking for solutions. Any meeting with friends turned into an interrogation – still having no money for education, I tortured my friends with hours of questions about their business: what, how, why?

At breakfast, sorted tasks by priority, lunch in the cafe necessarily accompanied by a working laptop. Free time with my husband very quickly lost its romantic flavor – at the cottage, in a restaurant or a movie we always discussed work, and if in the beginning this was fueled by primary motivation, very soon it began to wear me out. This year we did not rest at all – all the money was invested in the business, all the time went there as well.

I spent two weeks in bed. Then I just lay there, and then I started looking for reasons and solutions. And I found them.

A 6-day road trip through Australia

A turning point in my business and life.

One fine morning I realized I didn’t want to go to work. I couldn’t. I was tired of the endless tasks, not only mentally but also physically. It was as if the world had lost its colors, I began to get sick regularly, I stopped seeing the ultimate goal in a halo of divine glow. Because the goal is unattainable – I work so hard and feel as if I am stomping on the spot. Leave me here and do what you want with this business.

That morning was preceded by a pivotal month. We hired a permanent employee, planning to move the photophone assembly to him so that my husband could start making new items and expand the range. We hired an assistant for me – along with growing the business and finding customers, I also worked as a painter, responsible for decorating the merchandise. We were offered to expand leased space – the rent has risen by exactly ten times, but I was confident that we can pull it and be able to maximize the use of space.

And then it went the classic “trouble came – open the gate” – that month we did not have a single order, competitors began to look like hyenas, I had to fire my assistant, and when we were billed for the preparation of our premises … I ran into my office (a small desk with a laptop in the paint shop) and cried loudly. Packed my things and left. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I spent a year without any rest, and I wondered why I suddenly began to hate my wonderful business, why everything went wrong. Along with the necessary workaholism came the disease “I don’t know how to rest.

The belief that all entrepreneurs live this kind of life was unshakable. This is normal, because first you have to get your business on its feet, and then you can sleep, have fun, and enjoy life. And what moral right do I have to rest if we are not standing firmly on the ground, but rather floundering in the mire? We still have work to do, but then.

Consequences of the “I don’t know how to rest” disease.

  • Business ceases to bring joy.
  • You begin to get sick for no apparent reason-the body is looking for an excuse to make you rest.
  • The slightest task becomes a crippling burden.

During the last month I managed to go to the sea, meet the sunset on a yacht, cook barbecue at the cottage.

How to learn to relax? Force yourself to relax.

All entrepreneurs have gone through this disease. And only those who were able to defeat it, today delight you with their success. Looking ahead, I can say that thanks to proper rest, we have launched three new areas: for confectioners, for manicurists, and for all who love a beautiful home with hygge furniture. We started spending more time outside of work, going to the seaside without remorse and enjoying life. Doing what we started the business to do.

If you are a workaholic, you have to learn how to rest. You will literally have to force yourself.

Play with your fears.

Imagine running out of business energy. There will be no more inspiration. You will lose what you have worked so hard to achieve. You’ll lose because you won’t have fresh ideas that come only to a rested mind. Because you won’t have the energy to solve another problem.

2. Recognize your own humanity.

You can seem to everyone as a successful self-made woman, you can have Napoleonic plans and go to them ahead of the curve, but you will not make all the money in the world. You are not a machine, but a human being whose job is to live and enjoy life, not to participate in a self-created race with obstacles.

3. Delegate.

Of course, in the first stages of business you do everything and for everyone, because there is no “everyone” – just you, the business and ambition. But at the first opportunity, free yourself from the routine, which pulls out of you forces that you can direct in a pleasant direction for yourself. Don’t like doing the dishes? There are cleaners. Having a hard time managing your Instagram page personally? Hire a content manager.

History and architecture of the French Château de Courson

4. Don’t fool yourself.

The decision to vacation more often comes with self-deception. Is the suitcase packed at sea weighted down with cool business books? Convince yourself that your brain perceives a change of tasks as a vacation and switch from talking to your client to talking to your partner? Lunch at your favorite cafe is accompanied by the sorting of papers? At home you spend time on the phone during the TV series, answering your clients’ direct mail requests? You do not rest, you continue to work.

How should you rest to achieve success in business?

There are two kinds of rest: physical and mental. An adequate amount of sleep is the basis of physical rest, socializing with friends and “doing nothing” is an example of moral rest. However, both are critical. For a successful business, you need both a lucid mind, which only comes after a quality sleep, and a light mood that comes after a cool party.

How to rest properly?

During the last month I managed to go to the sea, meet the sunset on the yacht, roast kebabs at the country house, visit my girlfriend, accustom myself to weekend breakfasts at favorite places, read two fiction books and at the same time solve the problem of “summer off season”, purchase necessary carpentry machines for the workshop and recycle the sales funnel. Telling you how to vacation the right way.

1. Put rest in your planner.

From this day forward, rest cannot appear in your life “when you have a free minute,” because it never will. It is now a scheduled action in your planner. It is a priority. It cannot be rescheduled and must be done. Every Saturday morning I have breakfast at my favorite cafe, Friday night I go out with friends, at the end of the month I go to the countryside for a couple of days. Even if I am swamped at work or am in a bad mood.

2. Write a list of vacation ideas.

The things that bring relaxation and joy are different for everyone. Moral and physical. For some, it’s an evening at home with a TV show and a good meal. A visit to the masseur. A long evening jog. A nap after a picnic in the woods. A few hours of driving around the city at night. Meeting with girlfriends or relatives. This is your personal list, and here it is worth being honest: for example, I mentally relax after an hour on the streetcar. It seems strange to many people, but who cares if it’s my vacation?

3. Learn to unplug from work.

You won’t believe it, but it’s no big deal if you spend a day without your laptop and phone. Clients will take a break from your “buy-buy” and miss you, and if you’re afraid of missing out on an important offer, then explain to yourself that really “yours” isn’t going anywhere and will quietly wait until your weekend is over.

4. Create a place for yourself to relax at home.

More often than not, entrepreneurs “limp” at home. And once at home, instead of relaxing, they begin to shut down household tasks – washing dishes and cleaning up. Home is a great place to relax. Carve out some time to solve the cleaning problem with one call to a cleaning service, and create a resting place for yourself. My home is a shelter for abused animals. It has 39 cats and 6 dogs. My resting place at home was the balcony – I hung garlands there, bought cozy chairs and beautiful plants. If even I could create a corner of coziness, where I enjoy evenings with a book, so can you.

5. Travel and be filled with emotion.

For a long time I was under the illusion that vacation – it is very expensive. And then I found out how much a trip to Turkey costs. Traveling is a good vacation that brings a full recharge and a fresh outlook. You do not have to go every month to Bali, just look around – in any country there are many cool tourist cities, in any city there are activities that can give you unforgettable emotions. When choosing a place to travel, be clear about what you want to do – lie on the beach with a book or dance all night.

Winter Cyprus. Practical information

6. Relax daily.

Every day our brain processes a huge number of tasks, and you experience hundreds of completely different emotions. The basic rest for your body and mind is a full night’s sleep. A daily walk in the park, yoga, a bath with salt will take you no more than an hour, giving you a feeling of happiness in return.

7. Get plenty of rest.

We shouldn’t drive ourselves to the point where we want to run away from everything. But it is on the edge that we think about the fact that we need rest. Depending on your workload, decide how often you need a week or two of rest, not just an hour or two. Once a month? Once a season? Once every six months? Decide and schedule a full vacation.

If you have the question, “Why take so much rest?” catch the simple answer, “He who rests well, works well.” And you’re going to love it, I promise.

Experiences of other businesswomen

Vera Spiel , founder of Dessert Rose Confectionery

After a year and a half of working 24/7, I got tired. So tired that I wanted to close. I didn’t know how to say no to offers to work weekends and not take orders late at night. That’s when I decided that I was either making a change or closing the business.

I fundamentally changed the way I work: I set a clear schedule for communication with customers, made templates for messages that significantly reduced the time to respond, made a day off once a week, and delegated some responsibilities to employees. Now I am able to fully plan holidays and work, and understand that in the off season I can not take on single orders, and arrange a vacation for the benefit of not only me but also for the employees. Work should bring pleasure; otherwise there will be no professional growth. Without pleasure and growth business loses the right to exist.

Galiya Berdnikova, entrepreneur, founder of Womenbz

I share a story. The alarm clock sounded, and Marina opened her eyes. I wanted to stay in bed again and again. Not because she had not slept well, but because she had no desire to get up at all. The business left over from yesterday, along with the upcoming tasks, seemed to “weigh” her down. And in her head was spinning:

“What is all this for? Yes, I am achieving some of my goals, but they are not bringing me the joy I had hoped for. In favor of discipline and adhering to all those countless time-management rules, I gave up my favorite activities and even rest. And I can’t remember the last time I was just happy and smiling at the new day. “

The prototype of Marina’s stories serve both my story and the stories of thousands of my students. Some are constantly in the “fire” of tasks that should have been done the day before yesterday. Some people, trying to combine business with pleasure, do not finish one or the other (how many times have you quit the gym or dance class?). And someone constantly develops, works, but does not find time to apply this knowledge in practice, in Life, and therefore misses dozens or even hundreds of opportunities! There are many situations and problems, but they all boil down to one thing: personal effectiveness.

I don’t know how to manage time “right,” but I’ve put together my own personal efficiency tools that help me manage 6 companies at once, grow in sports, travel and live happily every day.

I’ve packed them into a fun and easy Game format, and I’m calling you to play with me!

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