Kuwait: attractions, recreation with children

Family vacations with kids in Kuwait. Where to go, what to show your child


In Kuwait, vacationers with children should visit the local zoo Kuwait Zoo. It is located in a very beautiful park, which has an artificial lake with swans, the animals in the zoo walk around the spacious aviaries. In this zoo you can see rare predators, including brown bears and lions, and among the friendliest inhabitants it is worth noting giraffes and gazelles, which gladly accept treats from visitors. The zoo is quite large, and it is nice to walk around on a sunny day and relax in the shade of the trees.

One of the most romantic and attractive hotels in Kuwait, The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa, is located in the Hawalli area. It is set in a beautifully landscaped garden and offers couples a colorful and … Open

Among the amusement parks, KidZania Kuwait deserves top priority. It is an indoor amusement park located in one of the largest malls in the city. Children are offered rides on a bright little train and the center is equipped with an interesting playground and various game simulators. Nearby there are many interesting stores designed for children, as well as cozy cafes with a huge selection of sweets.

There is also a wonderful Aquapark, which is sure to please fans of water fun. This water park is quite old, but it has everything for an interesting holiday: huge pools with slides, comfortable terraces with sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun, as well as a cafe with a large selection of refreshments and specialties. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

Kuwait is famous for its first-class shopping malls and markets, the largest mall being The Avenues. It is ready to please all its visitors, this mall also has luxurious … Open

Kuwait Entertainment City is the most popular amusement park for many travelers with children. It is a big beautiful park with lots of colorful landscaping, sculptures, and rides. The main advantage of the park is that many of its attractions and playgrounds are free for the visitors. The park has many beautiful fountains, convenient walking paths, and the playrooms and rides available in the park are designed for children from the age of two.

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With older children, the entertainment center The Scientific Center is worth checking out. As you can guess from the name, this complex introduces young guests to the achievements of modern science and presents an interesting collection of natural science exhibits. Visitors can see fragments of prehistoric animal skeletons in the museum and there is a small aquarium on the territory of the center. Visitors of the center can see models of ancient ships and wooden boats, which the locals used hundreds of years ago. The science center is incredibly interesting, and children and adults alike will learn a lot.

Kuwait (El-Kuwait) is the capital of Kuwait, located on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kuwait (part of the Persian Gulf), the largest port in the country. The population as of 2005 is 32.4 thousand people. … open

The city has a decent selection of parks, so nature lovers will not have to look long for a suitable place to relax either. Al Shaheed Park is a great place to visit with the whole family and has a number of beautiful miniature lakes with fountains. Here you can stroll among exotic trees, feed the birds swimming in the lakes and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The park is very large, on its territory there are sports fields and special areas for picnics.

Kuwait It is interesting to visit the Bayan Botanical Garden with children. Part of its unique collection of plants and flowers is hidden under a huge transparent dome, you can see the rarest species of exotic plants from around the world. The adjacent territory of the Botanical Garden is notable for the variety of landscape decorations and fountains, next to which it will be nice to relax on a hot day.

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Map of all amusement parks

Amusement parks near Kuwait ♥ Amusement park ‘Hawalii Indoor and Outdoor Park’ Hawalli, 5.3 km from the center. On the map Photo ♥ Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park’ Salmiya, 6.9 km from the center. On the map Photo ♥ Magic Planet Indoor Park’ the Avenues mall, 8.5 km from the center. On the map Photo ♥ Kuwait Entertainment City’ Doha amusement park, 16.2 km from the center. On the map Photo ♥ Park ‘Kuwait Magic’ Al Mahbulah, 30.2 km from the center. On the map Photo

Map of all water parks

Water amusement parks near Kuwait ♥ Aquapark ‘Aqua Park’ Kuwait City, 3.5 km from the center. On the map Photo ♥ Water park ‘Messila Water Village’ Messila Beach, 15.8 km from the center. On the map Photo

Map of all aquariums

Oceanariums in Kuwait and nearby ♥ Oceanarium ‘Kuwait Scientific Center’ , 11.1 km from the center. Map Photo

Map of all Zoos

Zoos in Kuwait and nearby ♥ Zoo ‘Kuwait Zoo’ Kuwait City, 7.8 km from the center. Map Photo

Famous Sites of interest in Kuwait

Al Hamra Tower

View on the map: Distance from the center of Kuwait – 1.7 km.

When decorating the facade of the skyscraper were used special slabs of limestone, which have not only decorative but also practical function. They reliably protect the skyscraper from the effects of sunlight, so that even in the heat of the day there is always a pleasant coolness in the building. The main construction material for this elegant building is concrete, which was used for the construction of all the accompanying structures at a cost of more than 500 thousand tons. … Read all about it

Rentals in Kuwait

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All about the rest in Kuwait

Kuwait is probably one of the last countries where tourists come after visiting all Arab countries.

Kuwait is not a country with many ancient structures and remains of civilization. Tourists can come here to see local culture, people of this country. Here you can take a break from the large influx of visitors who attend local tours in huge numbers and take pictures en masse. That is why the Kuwaitis will not be enticed into their cafes, offer to visit the local mosques or buy an inexpensive souvenir.

In Kuwait, you can perfectly rest and relax on the local beaches. Since this country is bathed by the Persian Gulf, there are many hotels on the coast that are happy to offer their services. Also you can go scuba diving and enjoy the beauty of underwater world.

El Kuwait .

This is the capital city of Kuwait. Here there are many museums with historical treasures of this country. You can also visit the ancient mosques of Al Khalifa, “The Great Mosque” and others.

In this capital there are beautiful Kuwaiti towers, which height reaches 187 m. Also here there is located the palace of emir Old Seif Palace.

The islands, which are located near the coast are also part of this country. Thus, Failaka Island was inhabited by people back in the Stone Age. But now it is a large archaeological reserve, where you can visit the ancient temples of Azouk and Ikaros and many other ancient buildings.

El Ahmadi

Not far from the capital of Kuwait lies the rather young town of El Ahmadi. It belongs to a local oil company. And in the museum of this city you can see the whole history of the development of the oil industry of this city. Here you can also take a walk through a picturesque park.

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Al Jahra

This city is more remarkable for the locals. After all, this is where the Red Fort is located, which is now a kind of reminder of the victory over the Saudis. Near Al Jahra is the salt marshes, where the Nature Reserve is organized.


There are many lodges, among which the tourist can choose a suitable option based on financial possibilities. Hotel prices start at 10 000 rubles for a week of accommodation and meals. But there are more expensive hotels, where the conditions are more like European, and where you can easily plunge into comfortable conditions.

To rest comfortably in this country and without problems to see the sights is better to come here in the fall or spring. At this time there is no such annoying heat or vice versa rainy weather.


Hayran is 120 km from Kuwait and is a major holiday destination for many tourists. The conditions and service of local hotels is very pleasant. And the local hotels here are not much different from the Western. Especially like the areas near Salmiya, Ardiyah and Safata.

Lovers of unusual entertainment can visit the camel race or falconry.

And near Salmiya, you can take a sea tour and dive to the bottom, with those looking for pearls there.

Not far from Kuwait City you can visit the big park “Entertainment City”. Here all the rides, shows, and festivals are dedicated to Ali-0-Baba and Sinbad. You can visit various interesting zones, such as “The World,” “Arab World,” and “World of the Future.” And all this is framed by the green area “Regional Park”.

Tourists can also visit the “Green Island”, where there is a large Roman amphitheater. It can accommodate about 2,000 spectators. There is also a large number of entertainment, an artificially created lake, an observation tower, as well as a beautiful green area.

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In the local markets you can buy gold jewelry, Persian carpets, toilet water, as well as many themed souvenirs. In this case, you can feel free to haggle with the sellers and offer a deliberately small price. In most cases they will be ready to give in to you. But this rule applies only to market vendors. In shopping malls in Kuwait as well as in all stores the prices are fixed for everyone.

To rest comfortably in Kuwait, there is better to fly in the fall or spring. During this period there is no severe drought and rainy season.

Tours of the local hotels can be purchased at prices ranging from 10000 rubles for a week’s stay. If you want more comfortable conditions with additional services, then the stay at a five-star hotel will cost 25,000 rubles and more. On average the price for a day in many hotels is 6000-7000 rubles.

Many hotels have swimming pools, so almost in any weather you can swim and enjoy the local sun.

The largest number of tourists is observed in March, September and December when many tourists try to get away from winter frosts and celebrate the new year in a warm country.

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