Kos, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

Kos, Greece. Where is it, when to go and what to see?

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Guidebooks are not stingy with flamboyant epithets in descriptions of Kos. But when you strip away the hullabaloo of advertisements, Kos is a wonderful family vacation spot.

Clean villages scattered around the island, stunningly beautiful sandy beaches, azure sea, healing thermal springs, a variety of architectural monuments – all this creates a surprisingly cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which attracts travelers from all over the world.

Choosing Kos among the best resorts in Greece, you can be sure that it won’t disappoint. Our review will help you choose the right resort for your holiday with children on Kos.

Kos on a map of Greece

Kos is one of the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago in Greece, washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea and is located 4 km from the southwestern coast of Turkey. The island itself is small – 40 km long and about 10 km wide, the coastline is 112 km long. The capital of the island is Kos.

It is worth finding on the map, where Kos is located, and you can create a first impression of the climate of these places. Even if the island can not be called a land of eternal summer, but the summer that lasts six months, is also not bad.

Holidays with children

Holidays on Kos are chosen for many reasons: the quiet atmosphere, comfortable hotels, great beaches. For the most part, this is true. For example, the tourist infrastructure of the island is at a high level.

Kos hotels are not just comfortable to stay in – many are designed for tourists with children, and therefore have all the conditions for young guests. Hotels often provide the organization of children’s leisure: on Kos, where the choice of entertainment is small, it is very important.

The hotels of Kos widely use the “all inclusive” system, besides in restaurants often equip the corner where you can heat up food for infants. But if you’re traveling with a child who eagerly tries different foods, you can have lunch and dinner in colorful tavernas – Greek cuisine abounds with light and healthy dishes. But the statements about the greenery, tranquility and beaches contain some inaccuracies.

Firstly, despite the advertising declarations that the island is the greenest in Greece, we must admit that it loses a little, but still in this to such resorts as Corfu or Halkidiki.

Mostly greenery and even coniferous bushes are located in the mountainous part of the island, but along the sea the landscapes are a bit “bald”.

However, there is another argument in favor of a holiday with a child on Kos: it is one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Greece. On the island, you will not find large industrial enterprises, and a large number of natural parks and nature reserves, once again convinced that nature is exceptionally curative here.

Secondly, apart from quiet resorts on the island, and there are very noisy – such as Kardamena. This resort is great for a holiday with an active teenager, but with an infant there will be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of peaceful places on Kos.

Thirdly, the beaches – diverse and luxurious – are blown around by a strong wind. Sometimes it makes waves on the sea (which windsurfers are very happy about). The wind blowing from the sea, creates a feeling of coolness, but the sun at the same time scorching mercilessly.

Holidays on Kos with children, plan visits to the beach only in the morning and evening, do not forget about hats and a good sunscreen.

Note that there is almost no entertainment for children on Kos. Schoolchildren may be bored here, but the kids are fine. Although if you use our selection of family entertainment and excursions, the holiday will be interesting and rich. Perhaps one of the most unpleasant moments of the holiday can be mosquitoes, so we recommend bringing the necessary protection.

This resort is an excellent choice for a budget holiday (in comparison with other Greek islands, here you can choose a good family hotel for quite reasonable money), as well as it can be recommended to those tourists who are planning not too rich tour program, but prefers spending time on the beach.

When it’s better to go

Summer, and with it the holiday season on Kos, begins in April, when there is still snow in temperate latitudes, and ends only by November. A trip to the Greek island will make those who long for warm sunshine happy: in May you can sunbathe, and in June – bathe.

In May and June, before the heat, the island is good to rest with the child. True, the sea may not yet be warm enough for swimming, but walks along the coast are also good for health.

By the way, with the purpose of health-improving rest you can come right before the opening of the season on Kos – in April. At this time the island is green, the air is fresh, and the rare rains only contribute to the renewal of nature. The only problem that may arise is the need to fly to Kos with a connection. Direct flights to the island usually run only in May.

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July, August and first half of September are not the best time for family vacations. The reason for that is both the heat and the influx of tourists. It is worth waiting for the Indian summer to enjoy the warm sea and half-empty beaches. Often the weather allows you to rest on Kos until the end of October, but by the end of the season the number of direct flights is drastically reduced.

There is no definite answer when it is better to go to Kos, but in favor of the September holidays speaks the fact that the island gathers a rich harvest of fruits – apples, pears, grapes in autumn. At this time you can buy fresh honey and unusual jam… made of tomatoes.

Weather and Climate

About the climate of Kos just enough to say two words: a typical Mediterranean. It means that from May till October, you can roll from side to side on the beach and swim in the warm sea.

The average annual temperature on Kos is +21 ° C. During the winter months, the temperature rarely falls below 10-12 ° C, and in summer the temperature easily passes the 30 ° C mark. The heat on the coast is softened by the north winds of Meltemi – but in the center of the island it is a real scorcher in summer.

Spa season on Kos opens in April. Even though the calendar is only in the middle of spring, but the air is already warming up to +21 ° C. In May you can expect an increase in temperature to +26 ° C, and only the cold sea prevents planning a vacation with a child in this month.

In June, thermometers show +30 ° C, and in July and August the temperature rises to +40 ° C. At this time you should not count on the refreshing rain – the situation is saved only by a cool breeze and the evening decline in temperature: with sunset the air cools to +20-23 ° C.

But the best vacation on Kos with children begins only in September, when the air temperature is kept within +30 ° C.

The velvet season is considered to be from the second half of September to the end of October, when the heat subsides, the sea remains warm, and the rains are still rare. At this time, it is possible to come to Kos with a baby and not be afraid of the acclimatization difficulties.

In November, the daytime temperature is still high, around +20°C, but the rainy season begins and lasts till March. The low season is a good time to plan your vacations on Kos and make hotel reservations, because good rooms are sold out long before summer.

Sea temperature

May on Kos is surprisingly good: not hot, fresh, sunny, green. And yet, at this time of vacationers is much less than in June and September. This is partly due to the fact that by the end of spring the sea has not had time to warm up. And what a beach holiday without swimming?

But in June the water temperature is already +22 ° C. In July and August, the figure is even higher: up to +23-24 ° C. Despite the hot weather, the Aegean Sea is not indulging with very warm water, although sometimes the sea temperature rises to +25-26 ° C. The water is very warm in September – not below +24 ° C. If October is nice, you can swim for a month, because the sea keeps the temperature +22 ° C.


Hotels in Kos offer a variety of meals, from “breakfast only” to “all inclusive. Each of them has its own advantages. In all-inclusive hotels you do not have to think where and what to feed your child.

Usually you can choose porridges, soups, vegetable, meat and dairy dishes for children eating from the adult table. Some hotels offer an adapted menu for children, while others offer a children’s menu (often fast food). It is very convenient if the hotel restaurant is equipped with a corner for cooking baby food.

If you are interested in national cuisine, it is more pleasant to have lunch and dinner outside the hotels. Many Greek dishes will appeal to children’s tastes, especially the pastries. For breakfast we recommend ordering the traditional Kossian pie Katimeria, which resembles a bagel with cheese filling, lavishly covered in honey syrup.

Perhaps you prefer to eat at home and cook your usual food. All resorts of Kos have mini-markets, and in some places, markets, where you can buy fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. The largest selection of stores is in the capital of the island, so if you vacation on the outskirts of Kos, you can always buy the necessary products. On Sunday, some stores may be closed.

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The only form of public transport on Kos are buses. Three routes within the capital and a dozen intercity routes are enough to get around the entire island and reach the main resorts and major attractions.

When planning a trip always pay attention to the schedule: some buses don’t run at weekends, others, on the contrary, run only on Saturday-Sunday. The schedule is available at bus stops and on the official Kos website.

The fare for public transport on Kos is 1.20 euros, tickets for children will cost 0.60 euros. The price of travel increases if you buy tickets not at the ticket office, but from the driver. On intercity buses the cost depends on the distance. Children under 6 years of age ride for free.

In addition to comfortable, air-conditioned buses, several open-air tourist trains are running on Kos – you can take them to Asklepion, Tigaki, visit the outskirts of the capital.

Sometimes it makes more sense to order a cab to get around Kos, for example, so you don’t have to take a shuttle from the airport. Also, cycling is very popular on the island. The two-wheeled vehicle can be rented at any resort. There are bikes with a child seat or a special cart for the child. The rental price usually includes a safety helmet.

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What to do

Holidays with a child on Kos are first and foremost about peace. Calming rustic landscapes, the air shivering with heat, the steady murmur of the sea – is there any activity to be had here? But if dads and moms are ready to lie lazily on the beach, the kids usually need a change of activities. So, it’s worth thinking ahead about what to do on Kos with a child.

If you are planning to stay in a family hotel (and there are many of them), most likely, in addition to a comfortable room you will get to use the playground, mini-pool with slides, a club for children. Animation programs, children’s discos, creative activities – in a good hotel it is easy to find something that will be interesting for your child.

You can have a great time with children in water parks. The Lido Waterpark, one of the largest in Greece, is located in Mastikhari. Its varied slides appeal to the cautious and the adventurous alike, and even adults will want to play in the children’s pool. Aquis Marine Aquapark in Tigaki is very small but its pools can be used when the sea is too rough. The water parks open in May and run until October.

It should be noted that on Kos is not always easy to find a shady park where you can walk with a child. It is good if the hotel has a landscaped area. If not, you can go for a day trip to one of the green areas of the island – to the nature park near the village of Zia or to the Peacock Grove in Plaka.

Equestrian and bicycle rides are also popular on the island. For example, from Tigaki and Marmari you can go to the salt lake, which is located between these resorts. In addition, there are traditional activities – go-karting, paintball, golf.

By the way, during a family vacation on Kos, it is worthwhile to read with your child the myths of Ancient Greece – especially those that take place on the island. One of the myths says that the island got its name from the giant Kos, who found refuge on a piece of land in the Aegean Sea. Also with Kos are the legends of Hercules.

The Sea and the Beach

The beaches of Kos are not alike: pebbly and sandy, white, golden and almost black, long and tiny, crowded and empty.

Tourists are rarely limited to the beach near the hotel and want to visit different places – and the trip is worth it. Today you can sunbathe on a sandy beach of the southern coast, tomorrow to admire the windsurfers in the north of the Kos, and the day after tomorrow to dip into the thermal waters in the east.

The beaches in the resort towns and villages are usually well equipped. For the use of sun beds and umbrellas you must pay, but you can lay out for free by the sea on your own towel. Outside the resorts are many wild and very beautiful beaches, although to get to them, you need to rent a bike, car or cab.

Sandy beaches on the south coast are the best for a vacation at sea with children, although there are no major resorts in these areas. Beaches in the west are slightly less good for a holiday with a baby, as the sea in this area is colder than in other places.

The northern sandy beaches are extraordinarily picturesque, and the only hindrance to swimming may be a strong wind. East coast of Kos is covered with pebbles – but exactly the beaches here often get “blue flag” for purity and safety.

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However, other beaches in different parts of the island are also highly awarded. And to feel comfortable on the pebble beach, it is enough to buy protective slippers. The quality of beach holidays on Kos is influenced by the sea wind. In the northern part of the island, where the wind is particularly strong, install special protective screens.

But there is a category of people who are happy with such weather conditions: wind and kite surfers come to Kos in summer to do their favorite thing. There are several windsurfing stations on the island, the largest being at Kefalos. There are excellent conditions for getting your first lessons.

The coasts of Kos are not suitable for swimming, but hotels usually try to equip the adjacent beach. Stony bottom is cleared and the bottom lined with bags, so the sea is safe to go even toddlers. Most of the boulders in Kardamen, so vacationers try to go to the neighboring, more comfortable beaches.

What to see

Tourists know the sights of Kos by countless. But which of them is worth showing a child? Perhaps it is worth visiting everywhere – the most interesting objects of the island are not similar to each other.

The easiest way to see the main city of Kos is a sightseeing tour. You can take a tourist train on the way, but it is much better just to go for a walk.

Take your time strolling through the old streets so you don’t miss the main things: the Hippocratic sycamore, the mighty fortress of the Joannite knights, the ruins of ancient buildings, and the archaeological museum.

There are interesting places for children everywhere. In the fortress you can see the tombs of the knights, in the archaeological museum – pompous marble statues and simple agricultural tools, in a Roman odeon – to sing something quietly, surprised by the acoustics, and under a plane tree – to read the oath of Hippocrates, not being confused with the names of ancient gods.

Hippocrates, a native of the island, is also associated with other attractions. The most unusual of them is Hippocrates Garden in Mastikhari . This is what is really worth visiting on Kos with a child: the cultural center, styled as an ancient Greek settlement, offers fascinating games-excursions for children.

Here you can see how the houses were decorated two and a half thousand years ago, what a children’s room looked like, what clothes the inhabitants wore, what they drew on amphorae and pithos. A walk through the garden, where next to the exquisite flowers grow medicinal herbs will be a good ending to the tour.

An indispensable answer to the question of what to see on Kos is the Asklepion. Before going to this archaeological reserve, it is useful to read the myth of Asclepius: the legend explains how Asclepius learned to heal people and why the staff wrapped in a snake is a medical symbol.

During the Hippocracy Festival, which takes place on the island from July to September, Asclepios puts on colorful shows.

And next to each resort there is its own old fortress, which can be reached by cab, bike, or even on foot. From Kardamena you can go to Antimachia (linger there to visit a very beautiful ethnographic museum), from Marmari – to the village of Pili, from Kefalos – to the Byzantine castle.

During holidays on Kos with children we recommend to go on marine excursion, not just walk along the coast, but sail to one of the islands of Dodecanese archipelago. School children will find a trip to the island of Nisyros a real adventure, where they can listen to the breath of a sleeping volcano and look into the crater, where the heat blows.

Although the list of things to see with children on Kos is short, each excursion will leave good memories. To cement them, check out the souvenir shops for useful souvenirs of the fortress, Hippocrates’ plane tree, or the volcano island of Nisyros.

Kos is near the coast of Turkey, and from the island there are ferries to the port of Bodrum. The trip will take you only 50 minutes, but the program of rest will add interesting excursions. You can visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology and the Dolphinarium with children.

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Kos travel guide


Holidays on the island of Kos are quite different from those on the other islands, not to mention mainland Greece. To begin with, there is an international airport on the island. Charter flights fly to Kos from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Kazan. The main airlines that have charter flights to Kos island airport are Aegean Airlines, Ural Airlines, Transaero, Sky Express, Tatarstan, Kuban Airlines. But the main peculiarity is that charter flights are not scheduled, but are made when the destination is full. Charter flights for larger destinations are more predictable, it is more likely to settle in time to occupancy by voucher time. And here you can not have time, no one will not claim. Although, such horror stories I have not heard. My wife and I vacationed in early September, when the “high season” was still in full swing. We flew there and back on Aegean Airlines, and there and back with no flight delays. Maybe we were just lucky. The scary part starts next. From October to May (approximately), you can only get to Kos by connecting flights, with a connection at one of the airports in continental Greece. Once, however, a long time ago, and not on this route, I encountered this problem, then it was, simply, unavoidable. Thinking back on it, I try to avoid connections. So far, so good.

Hippocrates Airport is located at Antimachia. From the island’s capital, Kos, it is about twenty kilometers away. This town is, in principle, the only one, who… read in full

What money should I take with me?


On the island of Kos, as elsewhere in Greece, the main currency is the euro, and they need to go there with them. It is best to have cash and not bank cards. Plastic will take you only in large stores and some cafes. As explained by the Greeks themselves from Kos, in some cases, they refuse to pay the customer with a bank card, even if they have the appropriate equipment. The reason for refusal can be formally any: the terminal is broken, there is no connection with the bank – you name it! In fact, they lose up to 15% of the purchase, giving it to the bank. So if you decide to buy a pack of cigarettes and that magnet – the payment on the card you probably won’t accept.

As for rubles, there are not many exchangers on Kos, and they are mostly concentrated in Kos town itself, and not all will be willing to accept rubles.

When traveling to Kos, as well as when traveling anywhere else, a simple rule works well: keep a few small bills to pay for cabs and buy, for example, coffee at the airport, which, incidentally, is very good there.

Food and Drink


Who has already had the luck to rest on Hippocrates Island, as the locals call their island, could not fail to remember the cuisine of the hotel, where they mostly ate, the range of national cuisine, an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Greek salad made from coarsely chopped vegetables, quite available at home, has a savory taste, unattainable in our country. It turns out to be all about fresh olive oil, pressed from olives, maybe growing nearby. Plus, the aroma of Greek spices. Perhaps it also comes from this island.

Not for nothing, I began my story with this comparison. The salad is a simple dish. But if you think about it, the basic set of ingredients used to make our food is almost the same everywhere. So what is the “zest”, the zest that makes the cuisines of different countries so different? It turns out that in the manner of cooking, in the amount and variety of spices, in the art and mood of the chef, and your mood, too. And it’s also an unusual way of looking at the properties of foods. Have you ever tried tomatoes in sugar syrup in Russia? If you have, it’s from those who have already been to Greece. A sort of tomato jam. Delicious. But something, even a little, some nuance is missing. Agree that the full national flavor of the national dish, you can taste, only in the homeland of the national dish. I read the phrase and was surprised at its pretentiousness. But there’s no other way to put it. I think you will understand it. As an example, try the same tomatoes in syrup. Come home and make them. They will remind. read completely.

What excursions are worth visiting on Kos?


Greece is an amazing country. It is friendly to its guests, and Greeks are hospitable and optimistic. Being in Greece, you feel the warmth of the sun, the sea and the people around you. The island of Kos fully follows the traditions of Hellas. Despite its small area, the average density of attractions is probably the highest in the country. Kos is also called the island of Hippocrates and the Garden of the Aegean. It is located between the islands of Kalymnos and Nissyros. Its abundance of greenery and extremely mild climate, combined with the opportunity to enjoy sunshine almost all year round, has turned Kos into an internationally recognized tourist resort. But the resort, however, is a bit peculiar. The territory of the island is 295 sq. km. Is it a lot or a little? Offhand, it is not very easy to imagine. Then, imagine for yourself a square with sides of 17 kilometers. This is the area of Kos. Except that it is not square, but stretched 45 kilometers long and varying from 2 to 11 kilometers wide. Kos is the only big city, as well as the island’s capital. Large is also a strong word. The population of the capital is about 15,000 people. To the other geographic names, “town” is more appropriate name – village.

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Now turn to the main subject of the story, excursions. There are three main types of excursions. The first is sightseeing, all over the island, with visits to some popular attractions and the town of Kos. You will get acquainted, of course, superficially, with the whole island, make for yourself. read completely

What to see on Kos?


Kos is a small but very picturesque Greek island of 290 square kilometers. The island is washed by the waters of the Aegean Sea. More than 30,000 people live on the island, and an equal number of tourists come to Kos every year to enjoy the beauty of this luxurious island, to improve their health, to watch flamingos, to climb mountains or just to lie on the beach. Kos has been inhabited since ancient times, since the 11th century B.C., and therefore, the island still has monuments and buildings of those times, which are of interest to tourists. So, here is what you can see on Kos.

The temple of Asklepion.

This wonderful temple was built after the death of the great Hippocrates in 357 BC. On the lower part of the cathedral one can see the ruins of the porticoes and walls, in the center of the cathedral – the altar, dedicated to Apollo, on the upper terrace – the temple of Asklepios. In general, the temple is pretty well preserved, and visitors can even view the ancient statues. It is interesting that the temple used to be considered a hospital – doctors and priests practiced Hippocrates’ methods of treatment and patients came to this temple from the farthest corners of the country. As we all remember, the symbol of medicine, the snake (the one in the shot glass), is generally the symbol of the cult of Asclepius, whose representatives were practicing medicine in the temple. And they chose this sign because they often used snake venom to heal (although this is also a half legend, and someone gives other versions of the deciphering of this symbol). Nevertheless, the temple is very.

What to buy?


The island of Kos is not of particular interest to fans of professional shopping. By this concept I mean the following: go to some country, like Turkey or Egypt and “shop” there to the maximum. And then offer your acquaintances or friends, to pay for the trip, a kind of shopping tour. It will not work here. All manufactured goods are sold at European prices, light industry is not observed on the island. The only thing the island produces is what grows on it. Vegetables, fruits, olives, yes, you can buy it cheap. Especially if you get to Kos in season. Summer and fall on Kos is just a fruit festival. But olive oil is sold all year round. I am not a big expert in this matter, but our family has its own expert in olive oil – my wife. It can be taken in unlimited quantities. And, now, for the third time we have not returned from Greece without this delicacy. Of course, olive oil is now sold in Russia too. But in plastic bottles, according to my wife, “something is mixed in, something is not right”, and in branded tin cans it is much more expensive than in its homeland. And they counterfeit everything here, from brand-name drugs to brand-name alcohol. So I return from Greece loaded like a camel.

Going on a shopping trip, it is necessary to remember that in Greece there is such a concept as “siesta”. It lasts from 13 to 17 hours. It is everywhere throughout the country. And in Kos, some stores even work only until lunch. Only siesta does not apply to large.

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