Kiryat Yam: affordable and interesting vacation in Israel

Kiryat Yam – a small resort town in northern Israel

This small resort town is conveniently located along the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea, between the cities of Acre and Haifa. The area of the city is relatively small – about 5 square kilometers, where as of 2010, there are just over 36800 people.

The history of the appearance of this settlement began in 1941, when hundreds of immigrant families rushed to these lands. The first settlers, most of whom were Jews, and gave the village its name Kiryat Yam. Israel thus became a refuge for people seeking protection from the German Nazi regime. In 1976 the refugee settlement was awarded the status of a city, and later in the 90’s are actively started to move here from the former CIS countries.

The way to a quiet and comfortable life was not easy for the residents. In the early years of its existence, the city of Kiryat Yam was a vast sand dunes. Today is a dynamic, well-groomed, and what is important, green resort town.

Israel has long been considered a popular tourist country, but in comparison with its capital city of Tel Aviv, and such well-publicized resorts such as Eilat, Netanya and Bat Yam, the city of Kiryat Yam is not so widely known among vacationers. And for good reason: the main advantage of this town is accessibility. Well-developed infrastructure, beautiful well-maintained beaches, excellent shopping – all at affordable, and sometimes ridiculous prices. Is not it a dream?

Attractions and infrastructure of Kiryat Yam

Of course, the main attraction can be called the cleanest, well-equipped beaches. Here you can enjoy not only a lazy pastime, but also engage in active water sports. Snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, underwater fishing, and diving are all within walking distance.

Unfortunately, there are no outstanding historical and architectural monuments in the town, but if you want you can go to nearby Haifa. Just half an hour drive from Kiryat Yam and there is a magnificent panorama of Elijah’s Cave or the majestic ancient castle Atlit, which is considered a famous architectural landmark of Israel.

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For fans of shopping the town of Kiryat Yam suits best. Due to the fact that the flow of tourists here is small, you can be sure that in any store or souvenir shop you will be welcomed as a welcome guest. You can buy in the city everything you want – the products of local artists, fine jewelry, various souvenirs, oriental carpets, ceramics, leather, cosmetics and clothing, including brand names.

The main pride of the resort is the annual harvest of delicious fruits and vegetables, which can be purchased at the local bazaars almost for nothing.

Despite the fact that there are many shopping centers and restaurants in Kiryat Yam, this resort is not suitable for a noisy party (although if you want you can go to Haifa, where all sorts of entertainment presented in abundance), but for a leisurely solitary pastime, it is ideal. Here you can stroll through the manicured streets, visit the local library, which, incidentally, has books in Russian, drink a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe or just dream while looking at the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

An impressive portion of the locals speak Russian, so get into the history of the city, feel the local colors will not be difficult.

We can say that Kiryat Yam in Israel – it’s a great place for an unforgettable vacation, where a high level of service successfully combined with reasonable prices, and the magnificent local beaches will not leave anyone indifferent. The absence of noisy entertainment facilities favor a quiet family vacation or vacation with children. So if a vacation in hyped foreign resorts for many remains an unattainable dream, then Kiryat Yam – a fairy tale, which is easy to turn into reality.

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