Israel: The ancient pearl of the Mediterranean.

Galilee Christian. Nazareth

Visiting the holy corner of our planet, we touch the unsolved mysteries of the scriptures, feeling the special energy of these places.

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It is not without reason that Israel is said to be the bridge between the past, the present, and the future. The land of centuries-old history has preserved immortal monuments of historical heritage and uniqueness to this day, stretching them through the centuries. Visiting this holy corner of our planet, we touch the unsolved mysteries of sacred writings, feeling the special energy of these places.

We offer you an unforgettable expedition to the ancient Galilee, journey to the time of Jesus Christ and walk in the footsteps of his childhood and youth, plunge into the holy waters of the Jordan River, hear the murmuring of the stream, from which the Virgin Mary took water, and learn about the last battle between good and evil in the Valley of Armageddon.

Galilee is an ancient territory on the border with Lebanon in the north of Israel, bounded on the west by the Mediterranean Sea and the Isreel and Jordan valleys to the south and east.

Our first stop in Galilee is Nazareth, the third most important city for Christians, after Jerusalem and Bethlehem, where Jesus Christ spent his childhood and youth. One theory has it that Nazareth got its name from the Hebrew word “netser”, which means branch.

In ancient times an agricultural settlement serving as home to only a dozen families, among whom was the holy family. The significant Christian shrine in Nazareth is undoubtedly the Grotto of the Annunciation, over which the Temple was erected. In the vicinity of the city there are: the Sepphoris National Park – the parental home of Mary, the ruins of the Crusader fortress and other archaeological sites.

It is because of this that Jesus is called “ha-Notsri,” which means Nazarene. If you visit Nazareth during the winter holidays, you may be pleasantly surprised by the Christmas fair and the majestic Christmas tree, right in front of the Temple of the Annunciation.

Temple of the Annunciation

Thanks to the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helen, churches celebrating the major Gospel events were built in the Holy Land: the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

The modern church was erected in 1969 and is the largest Catholic church in the entire Middle East. On the lower level of the church is the grotto where the Virgin Mary is said to have been at the time of the Annunciation. One should pay attention to the frescoes that have come down to us from the past and have miraculously preserved their almost pristine appearance.

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Another unique feature are the frescoes, icons and images of saints donated to the temple from almost every corner of the world.

Armageddon Valley

Don’t be intimidated by the name, it’s not the end of the world yet. Although if it is destined to happen, according to Christian tradition it will happen at the foot of Mount Tel-Megido. The last battle between the sons of good and evil, which will meet in a fierce battle.

In ancient times, as a strategically important commercial and military settlement, Meggido was the dominant city-state in Lower Galilee. Today Armageddon is a national park in Israel, where visitors will find archeological discoveries: gates built around 1550-1200 years BC, the remains of a fortress, the structures of King Solomon’s time. For landscape lovers there is an incredible view of the city of Nazareth and the valley.

Jordan River

The most sacred waters of all Christianity, both Eastern and Western, in which Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist.

The Jordan River is 232 km. long and originates at the foot of Mount Hermon, flows through Lake Kinneret and flows into the Dead Sea. It is surprising that once the valley of the river was drowned in the rain forests, and in the coastal pools there were hippos. It is repeatedly mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. The river once separated the Promised Land, where Joshua led the Jews, who wandered after 40 years in the desert.

Today the river divides Israel and Jordan. Pilgrims and tourists from every corner of the world come to the river to perform ablutions in the sacred waters. On the Israeli side, the rite of baptism can be performed at the Yardenite complex.

Cana of Galilee. Tabha Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves

Cana of Galilee refers us to the miracle of the transformation of water into wine, where the Marriage of Cana of Galilee was. It is a small Arab settlement on the road from Nazareth to Tiberias. It is believed that a marriage consummated in the “Temple of the Wedding of the Lord” erected there would be the happiest and most secure.

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes is a Catholic church erected on the site where, according to Christian tradition, the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes by Jesus Christ occurred. The modern church stands where two historic churches once existed. In the complex of the church has preserved a unique mosaic of early Christianity, so the decoration and interior are made in a rather modest style, so as not to hide the beauty of the monument of history.

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Capernaum is an ancient city settled on the shores of Lake Kinneret. Literally translates “Kfar Naum”, the village of Naum.

Present day Capernaum is divided into eastern and western parts. On its territory, we have many ruins and walls of houses built of basalt.

There is also the White Synagogue and the Church of St. Peter. It is believed that this is where the house of the Apostle Peter was located. On the territory of the eastern part is the monastery of the Holy Apostles.

Lake Kinneret – the source of fresh water in Israel and the natural reservoir of the country, is also known as “Sea of Galilee”, the local population often jokes that Israel is washed by four seas.

An amazing fact is that Lake Kinneret is one of the lowest points on Earth (213 meters below sea level) and the lowest freshwater lake in the world.

Fans of picturesque corners of the planet will love this peaceful and tranquil place where the blue water surface meets the hilly beige plateau of the Golan Heights.

Not far from the lake is one of the four holy cities of the Jews – Tiberias.


  • drinking water
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • swimwear
  • comfortable shoes



  1. Group excursion with a sightseeing program.
  2. The tour is conducted by a licensed guide in Russian.
  3. Comes out guaranteed on a weekly schedule.
  4. The sites are visited in accordance with the approved program.
  5. Tourists gather from the central gathering points and hotels, located, as a rule, in several cities along the route of the bus.
  6. There are technical stops to connect the routes and to ensure that the sightseers have the opportunity to visit a toilet and a cafeteria.
  7. The tour program includes a lunch break.
  8. ! The price of tours does not include and payable locally: food
  9. ! On trips that include an excursion program children under 5 years are not allowed.


  • Upon cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the trip – full refund.
  • If a tourist cancels an excursion less than 2 days in advance – a 100% forfeit, if the tour is postponed – 50%.
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  • ! Specified start time of the tour is approximate. The exact time of departure will be sent in confirmation of order.
  • Tourists should arrive at the boarding place 10 minutes before the above mentioned time of departure.
  • Latecomers and those who are not in the excursion will not receive a refund.
  • The company is not responsible for lost things.
  • The responsibility for the availability of individual insurance policy falls on the tourist.
  • Tourists can wait for the bus up to 30 minutes.
  • Minor route changes are possible.
  • The company reserves the right to change the departure time for the tour, as reported to the tourist the day before.
  • The company does not sell tours with the specified seats on the bus.
  • Visiting holy places is allowed only in modest clothing. Open shirts, short shorts and skirts above the knee are not allowed (shoulders and knees should be closed), for women it is obligatory to have a scarf on the head when entering temples and other holy places.
  • Level of physical activity: 3/5



Days: Tues, Wed, Sat, Wed, Wed.
Start time: 05:30

From $56 per person (prices are in US dollars)

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Special offers and useful services in Jerusalem

Multiday Holidays in Israel

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day at the Dead Sea, Pesach in Eilat. Programs include group transfers from the pick-up point to the hotel and back, hotel accommodation at the resort, and meals. Seats are limited, do not miss your opportunity!

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Response: The resort town of Netanya (Israel, Central District) – Netanya – the pearl of the Mediterranean

Israel attracts me like a magnet. Once I’ve been there, I fell in love with this country, the country of the four seas. This review is about a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea, in Netanya. I have been there several times, stayed both in private apartments and hotels. Both booked through Israeli travel agencies. What are the differences? First of all, the food. At the hotel I had a room with breakfast. I could have had half board, but I thought it was too expensive. Apartments are rented without meals. In the room there is tea, coffee, sugar, cookies, kettle and an electric stove, which means you have to cook by yourself. But the living conditions in the apartment is better. Large plasma TV, a large bed, a large bathroom in jade colors, lots of towels, including for the beach, a very spacious closet, refrigerator, iron, hair dryer, toiletries, in a word, had everything you need for a comfortable stay. The hotel had neither a kettle nor a hairdryer. For boiling water we had to go down to the reception. But the minus was that to the beach it was necessary to go 15 minutes, and under hill, and to the city center 30, while the hotel was in the city center, in five minutes of a walk from a beach. Balcony was nowhere to be found. But the view from the window was amazing, and every morning you could see hang-gliders soaring in the sky over the sea. The price was the same – $60 per night, but the apartment for that price could accommodate 3 people, and it is beneficial if you are traveling as a family or company.

The first time I went to Netanya, I was met at the airport by the owners of the private apartment where I was staying. The transfer cost me $50. The second time, on the advice of my acquaintances, I decided to take the train to Netanya by myself, which leaves right from the airport every half hour. I studied the schedule on the internet at home. The trip takes 50 minutes. And from the train station to the hotel I took a cab. The whole trip cost me about 18 dollars. Netanya is a very beautiful city, not for nothing it is called the pearl of the Mediterranean. The length of the white sandy beaches is 14 km. All beaches are free, some of them installed simulators, there are volleyball courts, and even a platform for mini-football. The sea is very clean and quiet thanks to artificially created lagoons. The beaches in Netanya and loved surfers, especially in winter, when the water temperature 18-20 degrees. The beach will take you to a special elevator, the only such structure in Israel, which is a transparent speed booths with a capacity of up to 60 people. Netanya – a city-holiday with an endless promenade of embankments, smoothly merging one into another, decorated streets, numerous cafes and stores. Speaking of stores. If you want to buy Dead Sea cosmetics, it is better to do it here, because cheaper and a very large selection. This also applies to all kinds of souvenirs, including religious themes. If your purchase is more than $ 100, you can arrange a Tax Free to get back 16 percent of the purchase price at the airport. I did it without any difficulty. To feel the oriental flavor, be sure to visit the city market, and the prices are cheaper there. The convenient location of Netanya will help you to tour all over Israel. Distance to Tel Aviv just 30 minutes by shuttle, to Jerusalem – 2 hours by bus, to the Dead Sea as much. Excursions to Eilat on the Red Sea, usually for 2-3 days. In conclusion, what you need to know, being in Israel and Netanya in particular. Stores and public transport stop working around 15 hours every Friday, and resume their work only on Saturday night. Shabbat. This also applies to almost all the cafes. Also in Netanya the internet is very expensive. An hour at the internet cafe will cost $6. But hotels have free WI-FI. For calls both within the city and abroad, it is better to buy a card for a payphone. And these photos will help you get a closer look at Netanya.

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A view of Netanya and the Mediterranean Sea from the 5th floor of the former Carmel Hotel. Now it’s a private apartment.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Here’s such a beautiful road to the sea from “Carmel”.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

But climbing back up, oh, how hard. But ahead of us can already see the hotel.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

And this is the Mediterranean Sea from the Palace Hotel. Especially beautiful sunset.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

The streets of Netanya are beautiful at any time of day.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

And this is the famous elevator to the sea.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

On the snow-white beach in Netanya.

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Netanya resort city (Israel) photo

Would love to come back here again. And in conclusion, a few links, what is worth visiting in Israel. And there are hot springs in Israel too, and what a hot spring!

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