Island of Fuerteventura, Spain – an unforgettable experience in the Canary Islands

First impressions of Fuerteventura

Flew from Tenerife to Fuerteventura, rented a car and went to see the best beaches on the island. Are you with us?

Our iron horse

Our iron horse

We flew from Tenerife to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) with Binter Airlines. The plane failed to take off and we were returned to the waiting room. Then after a couple of hours they found a replacement and we flew to Fuerteventura late.

Check out my report on my trip to Tenerife North.

The rented Jeep Compass was waiting patiently for us in the parking lot. We decided to take a more manageable car from rental company Plus Car (I wrote about them here). It cost about €42 per day with full insurance, which for four people is quite an affordable amount to drive offroad and in the mountains. Looking ahead, I say that it is not worth the money, just ponzi.

As usual, we rented accommodations through AirBnB. We took a nice villa in the middle of the island in Celeta De Fuste with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and pool for just €93 for 4 people. It came out cheaper than the hotel. Take a look at the panorama above. Here’s the villa’s page.

I can not wait to see the legendary beaches of Fuerteventura.

First disappointment

Lena is not happy with the beach.

Lena is not happy with the beach.

The closest beach to us is Playa del Costillo (See the map for all the beaches of Fuerteventura). We got caught at low tide. Bared ugly rocks, and the water in the bay was knee-deep. And we did not take coral slippers, do not want to hurt your leg on the first day.

We had a chance to lie and sunbathe. We took a beach umbrella from the villa, but could not stick it deep into the sand. The Spanish grandpa came to our aid with a stone to push it deeper. The umbrella was put up, but the wind was not happy and ripped the umbrella out. Then Grandpa took a bag, filled it with rocks, and hung it from the umbrella for weights. The umbrella skewed. We decided to lie without the umbrella.

Home of Sherlock Holmes: London.

The second beach is a bumpy one.

The beach is beautiful but stony.

The beach is beautiful, but rocky.

There are some cool hotels very close to our house. Judging by the map, there are beaches there. Let’s go take a look. Hmm, solid rocks! Where do people swim?

A small lagoon.

We don’t give up, we comb the whole beach. We come out to a small artificial lagoon. It’s beautiful and there are almost no waves. This beach is called Sheraton Beach.

Almost desert.

Cacti instead of flowers.

Cacti instead of flowers.

After Tenerife, the whole island looks like the Sahara Desert. No trees, no flowers, no grass. Lawns and flower beds are decorated with cacti and thorns. The more desert, the more beautiful the sea. We noticed that back in Egypt.

To the South in search of the best beaches.

Tarajalejo beach.

The roads in Fuerteventura are usually boring and monotonous. But here we are again on the sea. The first decent beach in the village of Tarajalejo. Almost black volcanic sand with pebbles. Sometimes there are naturists. Chased through the hills, on a dirt road.

Costa Calma Coast.

Great Beaches in Costa Calma

Great beaches in Costa Calma.

Came to a wonderful place called Costa Calma. For the first time we saw a lot of people on the island, before they met only one at a time. There are many great hotels here, check out the selection on RoomGuru.

Next time I would choose this location or further south. The beaches in this area are wonderful, the sand is soft, and the sea is turquoise in color. Fabulous.

More and more nudists.

There are more and more nudists

I have nothing against nudists on the beach, but if it embarrasses you, you should not go to Fuerteventura. Here it is the norm on almost all beaches. You should not be embarrassed about it. Or maybe you yourself have dared to sunbathe in an Adam costume? Write in the comments.

Kitesurfer’s Land.

Playa Barca

An even wilder and more alluring beach is Playa Barca. An endless shoreline that goes into a huge lagoon with Playa del Salmo beach. It floods at high tide and leaves a small sandbar. It must be very beautiful.

Amsterdam is the face of the Netherlands

A little water sports?

A little water sports?

The wind is particularly strong today. We got a lot of sand. It’s a good time to go kitesurfing. The lagoon is the size of a huge field and has several kite schools and a bar. It’s the best place to stand up on the surf and feel the power of the wind by doing a couple of stunning kite jumps.

People take walks on the endless beaches

People take walks along the endless beaches

Couples young and not so young stroll along the beach. We found a little shelter from the wind and sunbathed for a while. I didn’t dare get into the huge waves by myself, even though the water was warm.

If you want to become a novice nudist, you can go even further and hide in one of the many coves among the rocks. You’ll get sunbathing in peace and get an even tan all over your body. I’d like to, but I’m not ready yet.


The day comes to an end. Finally, a few evening photos:

View of the Costa Calma

A view of the Costa Calma.

Desert Landscapes

Wrinkled mountains.

Bye everyone!

In the meantime I’m going to watch the sunset in the pool. I’ll stretch myself with a swim before going to bed. It’s very convenient that almost all pools in the Canary Islands are heated.

I highly recommend the Canaries this fall and winter. Forget about men in crimson jackets and rich Russians. The Canary Islands are an affordable, inexpensive vacation for the whole family. Here you can find inexpensive accommodation. And what a cheap food here! It is 2-3 times cheaper than in our Perm restaurants.

Interested? Welcome to the comments below and check out my guide to the Canaries.

6 reasons to fall in love with the island of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the smaller islands of the Canary archipelago, located just 100 kilometers off the coast of Africa and recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve of World Importance. It’s amazing how this island, which from an airplane window seems to be made only of sand and waves, can harbor many wonderful phenomena that it begins to happily reveal as soon as guests take their first step on its soil. The island is a vivid mix of nationalities, landscapes and inexplicable charm, which the locals themselves explain the warmth of soul and hospitality. If you think that life on a small island is rather monotonous, Fuerteventura will definitely dispel this myth by making every day special. Here are six reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura and dive headfirst into the ocean of adventure. Be careful, there is a chance of staying there forever!

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6 reasons to fall in love with the island of Fuerteventura

6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

The lack of high mountains and the ocean everywhere create a mild climate with endless sunny days and a lack of heavy rainfall. And the wind, which is the eternal companion of the island and assistant to windsurfers, helps to soften it even more, diluting the African influence. This makes it possible to walk around in light clothing, sunbathe and swim in the Atlantic Ocean almost all year round, without getting pampered by the heat. Lying on the beach, trying to remember what time of year it is is quite common.

Waves that anyone can become a conqueror of

6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

The island is famous for attracting surfers from all over the world, because here there is no need to wait for the moment when the wind picks up and you can get up on a board, going to meet the waves. There is always wind here! For those who admire the windsurfers and want to ride the waves freely, on the beaches are schools of windsurfing and kitesurfing, where professionals are ready to reveal their secrets to beginners and teach them the basic rules. The most famous is the René Egli school, located on Sotavento beach with its own lagoon, where students with all levels can safely learn the basics of surfing. It’s also possible to rent the necessary equipment.

50 shades of sand

6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

The island, whose sandy beaches stretch for many kilometers, is undoubtedly a great place where you can admire all the shades of the sandy world. Golden sand shaded by flecks of black pebbles can be found at Costa Calma beach, white sand at Corralejo, Barlovento and Sotavento beaches, marvel at the originality of black volcanic sand at Tarajalejo beach. The wind blends the sand from different areas, creating unique shades and often a sandy haze that envelops the mountains. Another striking feature of the island are the sand dunes, part of a nature reserve near the fishing village of Corralejo (Las dunas de Corralejo). The wind blows the sand into fantastically beautiful landscapes that constantly change their shape, making everyone believe that they are alive.

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6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

The whole territory of the island is a unique biosphere reserve, which is protected by UNESCO. A huge part of the island is occupied by untouched nature, rich in a variety of species of animals, birds and plants. Natural parks, mountain areas, caves and the depths of the ocean are one area where life thrives in all its natural beauty. For example, Las Cuevas de Ajuy Cave is a magical place where you can see the hidden part of the ocean deep within. The black sand, volcanic scenery, the sound of the ocean and the power of the walls of lava create the perfect atmosphere for philosophical reflection and exciting adventures. As you walk around the island you may meet charming inhabitants of natural parks: wild goats, squirrels and donkeys. Local squirrels are known for their curiosity and sociability. A few nuts, an outstretched hand, and contact with nature is established!

The charm of small villages

6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

The small size of the island determines the miniaturization of the villages and towns on the island. Each village has its own incredible charm: the rich historical heritage of Betancuria, nestled in a volcano crater, the narrow streets of El Cotillo, smelling of paint with white and blue houses, just five fishing lodges of the smallest village Majanicho on the ocean. What unites all these so different wonderful settlements is the noise of the ocean, which can be heard everywhere, and the friendliness of the inhabitants. You can feel their cordiality in any local bar, where everyone discusses the latest news, a rich catch and a soccer match. Here, with a cup of coffee or a glass of beer you will be told funny stories and given a lot of smiles. The famous island bar Canela in Lajares delights all guests with a cozy atmosphere and daily concerts of different styles of live music.

  • Address: Calle Coronel Latherta González Hierro, Lajares.
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Gastronomic delights

6 reasons to fall in love with Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is famous for its goat cheeses, and the best place to taste them are the local farms that produce cheese from fresh milk. There are many such farms on the island, but the most popular is Finca Pepe, in the municipality of Betancuria. This is where visitors come, not only to buy fresh, fragrant cheese for breakfast, presented in different kinds and forms, but also to walk around the farm itself in the company of the hospitable owner to see the process of making products.

  • Address: Granja la Acaravaneras, Betancuria.
  • Contact: +34 617 243 304;

The cuisine of the island is varied and rich with fish and seafood dishes and, of course, with the famous Canarian mojo sauce. You can go for culinary delights at the authentic fish restaurant La Vaca Azul on the old pier in El Cotillo. Savour grilled octopus with mojo sauce, famous seafood soup and other local dishes on the terrace overlooking the ocean.

  • Address: Calle Requena, 9, Cotillo.
  • Contact:

And meat lovers can safely go to Los Pinchitos, a popular restaurant among locals, serving the island’s most delicious roasted and braised goat meat, combined with vegetables and good wine.

  • Address: Calle Coronel Gonzalez del Hierro, 29, Lajares.

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