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Best excursions from Rimini in Italy.

Excursions from Rimini to Italy

Excursions from Rimini in Italy 2022: prices, reviews and description

On the Adriatic coast is compactly located one of the most popular and famous resorts in Italy – Rimini. In Rimini excellent sandy beaches and developed entertainment industry, excellent conditions for diving, and still this city will be a real find for fans of shopping. The history of Rimini has more than 2 thousand years, so you can not only have a first-class recreation, but also to get acquainted with the many ancient architectural and natural attractions. You will also be interested in excursions from Rimini to Italy, which regularly depart from the resort.

When you come to the resort, you can always both enjoy your vacation in Rimini itself and see other interesting Italian cities with numerous attractions. Day trips from Rimini are a great way to diversify your vacation and get to know the magnificent and enchanting Italy in 2022. Majestic Milan, romantic Verona, magnificent Rome, picturesque Florence, amazing Venice and many other cities are waiting for you!

Where to buy tours of Rimini in Italy in Russian

Many tourists, arriving in Rimini, do not just want to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to walk around Italy itself to diversify your holiday, and to see as much as possible interesting. But where to buy tours of Rimini in Italy in Russian inexpensive? Of course, you can try to find a travel agency in Rimini or trust the guide from the hotel, but you can get a classic “pig in a poke. And you can do much easier – order a tour on the website Tripster or Sputnik, where you will find the best tour offers.

All presented excursions from Rimini in Italy, as well as on the city itself, holds a Russian-speaking guide, so you can both admire the beauty and learn about all the sights interesting information. Clicking the link above you can see the current tours in 2022, you can learn the prices for them, find the best option and order tours on the day that suits you.

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Prices for sightseeing tours in Rimini in 2022

Each tourist, going on vacation, calculates its vacation budget, so the question of how much are excursions in Rimini – always relevant. Prices for tours in Rimini in 2022 depends largely on the duration of the trip, the number of groups and activities offered. Prices are listed in the description of each excursion and you can always find out how much the tour you are interested and choose the appropriate value and the route of the proposal.

The minimum prices will be for the “Trip to San Marino from Rimini”. Its price is €20 per person. The highest prices will be for the excursion “Venice and Verona” – €600.

Group excursions from Rimini

The most popular with many tourists are the various group excursions from Rimini, as the prices are traditionally lower than for individual excursions. In this case, in the company of the guide and other tourists you can see all the sights and visit places of interest to you. On Sputnik service there is a whole category devoted to group programs, which you can always find here. If you can’t find a suitable tour in this section, don’t be upset, because some suggestions were simply not put in this section, but they are! You can easily tell for yourself which of the offers are group and which are individual. If the price is listed for a tour, it’s individual, and if it’s for one person, it’s a group tour. Also it will be necessarily indicated in the description of the excursion itself.

Individual excursions in Rimini

Unlike group excursions, individual excursions in Rimini are given for a few people, and sometimes even for 1-3. Due to this fact, the guide will be able to give due attention to all participants walk and answer all questions. Moreover, when the tour group is a few travelers, they can ask the guide to change the route, as well as more time to devote to the study of a particular attraction. Comfort and convenience are the main advantages of individual excursions, but their cost is usually higher than the group ones. The best individual Sputnik offers are presented in this section. Here you can choose which excursions to visit in Rimini and order your favorite program.

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sightseeing tour from Rimini

Sightseeing tour from Rimini

A special category of the service are sightseeing tours from Rimini in Italy, because this format of excursions allows for a short time to see and learn as much as possible about the city you are interested in. Sightseeing tour from Rimini is a great option to get acquainted with the Italian color, history and culture of the regions. Follow this link to see current tour offers from experienced guides.

If you want to know more about Rimini itself, then the program “Rimini sightseeing tour” is ideal for you. A professional guide will tell you the fascinating history of the city, from the first Roman settlements in the area, founded before Christ, to the modern life of the famous resort in 2022 with numerous entertainment centers, hotels, bars, clubs, amusement parks and other tourist infrastructure. In just a few hours you will learn how to navigate the city, see its main “business cards”, learn where to rest and what to try. The tour costs €100 for a group of up to 4 people.

Bus tour from Rimini

Excursions from Rimini to Italy are quite popular, and many guests of the resort go to other Italian famous cities to admire their beauty. In most cases to move to another city using the bus, because this type of transport allows for minimal costs to bring to the destination a large group of tourists, and therefore the cost of the transfer on such transport will also be minimal. Bus tour from Rimini to other cities in the country or even outside of Italy allows tourists to travel in comfort and get acquainted with the incredible beauty and color of famous cities. If you are interested in a tour by bus, in this section you will find the best deals from Sputnik. Here you will also find out how much the tour costs and its itinerary.

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Excursions from Rimini to cities in Italy

Excursions from Rimini to cities in Italy

From Rimini there are regular excursions to other Italian cities, so you can always alternate a beach holiday with small trips and sightseeing to famous attractions throughout the country. Excursions from Rimini to cities in Italy for 2022 are collected in this section of Sputnik, but we’ll dwell in more detail on the most popular destinations:

Reviews for excursions from Rimini

As you have already seen, on Sputnik there is a large choice of excursions, and it is because of such a large choice, as paradoxical as it may sound, tourists may have difficulties regarding what to book excursions from Rimini in Italy. In this will help you reviews of excursions from Rimini, left by tourists who have already been in them. After reading the reviews of tourists, you will be able to form a final opinion about a particular tour program, as well as learn all the possible nuances of the trip or walk. Advice from experienced travelers will help you decide on the choice, and in the end get exactly the vacation you dreamed of.

Often tourists are happy with the excursions and professional guides, and only the weather can prevent you from truly enjoying your trip. So dress for the weather, do not forget about comfortable shoes, and you are guaranteed a memorable holiday!

The popular Italian resort of Rimini has long been a favorite holiday destination for many of our countrymen, who here have a great opportunity to enjoy a great beach holiday and explore the ancient sights. In addition, from this city leaves a lot of excursions throughout Italy, so you can interchange the traditional beach holiday with trips to Milan, Venice, Verona and other equally beautiful cities.

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