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Many thanks to Katerina for the tour. We were with small children. Katya was very understanding of our organization and pace. For the pastry shop at the Monastery, a special thank you in general. It was a delight. In 3 days with the tour you will know and go through more than in 3 days of walking by yourself. Definitely recommend!

Interesting tour of the main sights of Palermo. The 3.5 hours flew by unnoticed. Very interesting story. Ksenia was a professional, and I recommend her.

We met Inna the day of our arrival. We wanted our guide to be not only an expert in history, but also to introduce us to the region. Inna is just such a person! Her mission is to make tourists fall in love with Sicily at first sight. Inna is a wonderful storyteller. She loves Sicily, knows many interesting stories and legends. Inna took us around amazing places, showed us where the tastiest Sicilian dishes are, gave us lots of practical tips, without which our further stay in Sicily would not have been so comfortable. Inna wrote down for us where to be sure, what to try, in what city, what to see, where to stay. The meeting with such a person is an absolute gift. I recommend everyone who wants to get acquainted with Sicily informally and feel its color and taste to go straight to Inna.

We found out a lot about Palermo and loved it even more.

The tour is wonderful and the locations were not banal. We liked it very much. Ksenia answered all questions about the life of citizens. Highly recommend it.

Xenia, thank you so much for a wonderful day! You are a treasure trove of information and a wonderful storyteller! Our whole tour went in one breath. We did not expect to see so many beautiful and interesting places. Ksenia has both historical and current information and was able to answer all our questions. We are looking forward to our next trip to Palermo and will definitely take another excursion with Ksenia!

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Thank you very much Catherine, the tour is very interesting, informative, moderately saturated and necessary to understand an unfamiliar city! Catherine also provides answers to all questions in addition to the tour, shares, useful for tourists, information,

We were on the tour as a family with two children 9 and 10 years old. It was very interesting for everyone. Xenia tells not only the historical facts, but also about today’s daily Sicilian life. It was a shame that the time flew by quickly and we had to go back. We would have loved to go with Xenia again.

Thank you for the wonderful, interesting and informative tour, my three children and I listened and watched in fascination for 4 hours. Katerina is a wonderful narrator, she knows how to adapt stylistically to the audience, in our case – to the children and adolescents, winning the attention of listeners by one hundred percent. This professionalism commands great respect. I thank Katerina from the bottom of my heart and of course recommend her as a guide!

Thank you! The tour is very interesting, the guide Xenia is very easy, pleasant girl with excellent knowledge of the Palermo ! I would recommend her with pleasure!

We went on this tour about a year ago. Impressions are still fresh and pleasant. Quite dense and informative tour. From absolutely unusual impressions – visit to the mayor’s office. I have not been anywhere, where you can get in the office of the mayor like that :) It was our last excursion on vacation, by that time I realized an unusual thing – each guide has a little bit of his own stories about the mafia, stories, legends and versions of events. It is very unusual to realize that each story may have been laden with speculation, but has a real basis in fact. And from the way each of the guides about it forms a very voluminous and versatile impression of this phenomenon. Thank you Katerina for a pleasant tour and for the formation of our unusual perception of this trip.

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About a year ago we visited Etna. Despite not the coolest weather we got a lot of impressions and new information. On the way to the volcano we learned about the history of the island as a whole, from the car window we saw some significant points of interest. Really enormous and concentrated story, which, nevertheless, will be useful on the way back. Unfortunately, my wife could not go up to the craters, but thanks to Inna, who continued the tour for her at the beginning of the cable car, I was able to climb above the clouds to the volcano, where I had a great time, and my wife was also not bored, learned a lot and had a great time. We really appreciated it. On the way back was able to listen to stories that relate more to the local mentality (to understand it was useful to recently received information about the history of the island), learned a little about the mafia, its footprint in the film industry. Erudite guide, competent speech, broad outlook, charisma. Thank you Inna for sharing it with us :)

Great tour. Loved the structure of the transitions, which is parallel and somewhat off the main hiking trails. What’s interesting, this tour was the first one on the trip, it was already after sunset and left the most pleasant impression of the city, although the day later it did not seem as cool to us :) Extremely competent and positive guide, Maria can tell you everything, from local history to the sweets. On the tour we learned about the highlights in the history of the city and Sicily in general, tasted conolly and just had a great time in the cool of the evening. In addition, it was very interesting to hear about how a person with our mentality was immersed in the local color, delved into the history, traditions. It’s been a year, but there are fond memories from the vacation and the particular excursion. Thank you very much!

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I liked the tour, presentation of information. As if we were told secrets inaccessible to others ;) Inna is an excellent guide. The time flew by with her.

We really enjoyed the evening sightseeing tour. It didn’t take us 6 kilometers to get there. We managed to cover a mixture of several cultures. Palermo at night is fascinating. It would have been perfect to stop at a small restaurant for a Sicilian meal.

Private guides in Palermo

My name is Caterina, I have been living in Palermo since 2007. By training I am a specialist in the organization and provision of tourist services, I am a licensed tour guide in Italy. Since 2013 I have been doing my favorite thing: telling travelers about the history of this wonderful island, its traditions and culture. Sicily has long been native to me, so I will try to open for you this island from the most interesting sides, fall in love with it once and for all and, of course, make your vacation as comfortable as possible. See you soon!

I am a TV producer and I have been living in Sicily for many years. Every day this island never ceases to amaze me with its diversity! I would love to tell you about the incredible history of Sicily, about the local cuisine and where to taste it best. About the beautiful beaches and picturesque spots and the islanders themselves – the mysterious Phoenicians, the Norman kings, the rich aristocrats, the treacherous mafiosi and the brave prosecutors who are not afraid of them!

Good afternoon, my name is Inna and I have lived in Sicily for over 17 years. I will be glad to show you this amazing island as it is, with its history, culture, legends and memories. I believe that the work of a guide is a vocation and I treat this profession with love, openness and responsibility. I am very happy to meet my compatriots, because we always have something to laugh about together ;)

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My name is Maria, I live in Palermo and I work in tourism for more than 15 years. I work with historical and cultural associations, I write articles about the city and the island and I introduce Sicily to travelers as a guide-translator. I like to show not only iconic, but also unusual places that are not included in classic tours and that even the residents themselves have never heard of. My goal is to introduce travelers to the rich history of Sicily and to pass on my knowledge and love to anyone who is visiting the island for the first time or returning with a desire to learn more about it!

Popular excursions in Palermo

Top excursions in Palermo in 2022

Hundreds of travelers come every year to experience the local sights. Exciting tours of Palermo take place in the fall and are led by professional guides who know all the most interesting places of the city. They will show you lookouts and unusual locations, tell you about famous architectural monuments and advise you where else to go in your free time.

Which tour to choose

Among the unique routes travelers can find programs for all tastes. For example, educational routes for children with visits to interesting museums or interactive games-quests that take them through the main sights of Palermo. There are also options for active holidays, such as unforgettable journeys in the surroundings of the city with rich hiking and beautiful views.

The 138 reviews of other travelers will also help you choose a group or individual excursion. There are fall itineraries, so a walk or trip can be picked up for any convenient time. Also, when ordering a tour on the Tripster website, you can consult with the guide in advance and ask him all the details.

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