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The 10 best Indonesian dishes to try

Indonesian cuisine is very interesting and diverse: it will appeal to connoisseurs of meat dishes, seafood, vegetarians and even sweet tooth. Let us tell you what dishes you must try in Bali and other regions of the country. From popular street food to soups and rice, we’ve compiled a list of the best Indonesian dishes to choose from with descriptions and photos.

Sate | Sate

satee indonesia

The most popular dish of Indonesian cuisine, the legendary street food that you must try in Bali. Appetizing miniature kebabs on wooden skewers for every taste. Satay is mostly made of meat, poultry, or seafood (try the shrimp – it’s unbelievably delicious!) with spices added. Vegetarians in Bali can have sake made from vegetables and tofu or fruits. For the more exotic, you can try cobra skewers, tortoise meat, lamb testicles, or even spiced veal skin. Satee is one of the top 50 best dishes in the world according to CNN. The appetizer is the most popular street food in Indonesia, so locals and tourists buy it at markets or outdoor eateries. Feel free to do the same.

Bakso | Bakso.

baxo food in bali

Another popular street food in Indonesia that every tourist should try. Bakso are meat, fish, or seafood meatballs, sometimes tofu. They are served in broth or as part of a soup with noodles, rice, or vegetables. If you choose to buy bakso in a mobile food cart, which are very popular in Bali, the dish will be “assembled” according to your wishes. You choose the type of meatballs, broth, and filling, and the vendor prepares the meal right in front of you, mixing foods from different pots. For vegetarians in Indonesia, try bakso based on fried tofu (bakso tahu goreng) without broth, but with vegetables and gravy.

Laksa | Laksa

laksa indonesian food

A very popular dish in Bali, which must try connoisseurs of spicy food and seafood. If you have eaten and managed to love the Thai tom yam, you will love it. Laksa soup is made of noodles with shrimp, fish, clams. And most importantly – hot peppers. Sometimes chicken is used instead of seafood. Often greens, some lime juice, and a boiled egg are added to the soup. CNN included Indonesian asam laksa soup (fish noodles) in the top 50 best dishes in the world, ranking it 7th.

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In supermarkets throughout Bali, you can buy a seasoning mix for making laksa soup. As well as instant noodles with the flavor of the national dish.

Rendang | Rendang

rendang on bali

Of meat in Bali, you should definitely eat the legendary rendang. Beef is the most common ingredient, but liver, chicken, and eggs are also used. Vegetarian rendang can also be found in Indonesia. Imagine appetizing pieces of beef or any other ingredient stewed in a spicy-spicy coconut milk-based sauce. The flavor is incredible! Add a little rice, fresh vegetables, and an egg and you have a hearty meal that will stay with you long after you leave Bali.

Take home a couple of bottles of Coke milk. This product in Indonesia is much cheaper than in Russia.

Nasi goreng | Nasi goreng

nasi goreng jakarta

The legendary national dish nasi goreng (fried rice) has long been considered a culinary symbol of Indonesia. There are many variations of nasi goreng: meat, chicken, shrimp, fish, tofu, eggs, and vegetables. They are all good in their own way. Rice is fried in vegetable oil together with “stuffing” and a little spices. Sometimes an egg is beaten into it. It makes a very simple, but incredibly tasty dish. It is especially good to try it in Bali with scrambled eggs and satay, washed down with the local beer. Take street food, it tastes even better.

Krupuk | Krupuk

krupuk indonesian food

The most popular Indonesian snack that every tourist should definitely try. They are appetizingly crunchy chips that can be made from flour (rice, bean, corn, or whatever) or based on powdered dried seafood. Sometimes they are generously sprinkled with aromatic spices, but more often they are eaten pure. In Indonesia you can buy this snack in supermarkets, markets, food trucks, and snack shops. It is also necessarily prepared in restaurants of national cuisine, even in the most expensive in Bali. Krupuk chips you can just crunch, and they are also worth trying with one of the local sauces. Indonesians themselves use the snack instead of bread.

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Buy a couple of bags of Indonesian chips as a gift for your loved ones. They’ll get you home in your suitcase just fine if you choose a bigger snack (krupuk is made both the size of a walnut and about the size of the palm of your hand).

Siomay | Siomay.

siomai balinese food

A very popular street food in Indonesia, which is also worth trying at least once in your life. This dish does not look too appetizing, but it tastes great. Siomay is Indonesian dumplings with fish. If you order this street food in a Bali eatery, it is usually served with a portion of potatoes, cabbage, and eggs. You can’t eat siomay without peanut sauce, which makes it delicious. The best siomay is sold by vendors in rickshaws and carts. You can see them from afar by the steaming steamer puffing up the heat.

Nasi uduk | Nasi uduk

nasi uduk

This legendary dish was invented on the island of Java and then spread throughout Indonesia. Today it is a favorite food of tourists and locals and is highly regarded in Europe (Asian restaurants often add nasi uduk to their menus). Be sure to try this national dish during your vacation in Bali. Just imagine: the legendary Indonesian long grain rice cooked in coconut milk with aromatic spices, lemongrass and pandanus leaves. It already sounds delicious. Now add to it a filling of meat, seafood, anchovies and peanuts, scrambled eggs or vegetables. A real gastronomic delight!

Martabak | Martabak

martabak balinese dish

A fried pie made of the thinnest dough with a mouth-watering juicy filling. Martabak is often made in Indonesia in the form of a large flatbread that resembles a puff pastry. But in the street-food shops in Bali, you can often find smaller, neater envelopes. The filling can be anything: eggs with onions, meat, or vegetables. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try the sweet martabak in Indonesia. This is just a fantastic dessert with a huge amount of chocolate, fruit, nuts, condensed milk or something else. In short, this street food will appeal to many, as the variety of toppings even in small mobile stalls is really impressive.

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Bubur injin | Bubur injin

bubur ingin dessert

The most famous dessert of the national Indonesian cuisine, which is a great success in Bali among tourists from all over the world. It is made with black glutinous rice boiled in coconut milk and cane sugar. The latter is not spared (in general, Asians love to make desserts incredibly sweet). Very often black rice pudding is served with fried bananas, mango or other fruits. A great choice for breakfast or as an accompaniment to a main meal. Be sure to try it – it’s a unique dish that is really great in Indonesia.

You can take home a pack of the famous black rice – it will come in handy for culinary experiments.

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