Indonesia So Many Faces

Indonesia. So bright and so diverse!

Land of a Thousand Islands – Indonesia. Country, which was a Dutch colony for a long time and absorbed the basics of European culture, but at the same time, such Asian-colorful, country, in which an amazing way intertwined Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism; country, where one million metropolises and untouched nature coexist. Each island of Indonesia is like a small state, with its own structure, culture and nature. Once you arrive in Bali you immediately forget that somewhere far away over the equator it is snowing and take surfing lessons instead of the usual snowboarding.

In Bali, everyone will find something to his liking. The best place for recreation is Kuta and Legian. Filled with shops and cafes during the day, at night, the streets of Kuta and Legian become a gathering place for young people from all over the coast. There’s an unbridled sense of fun and light-heartedness until the early morning hours, and as the sun rises, the coastline becomes teeming with wave-walkers. The high waves have long made Kuta a surfer’s paradise.

Just 20 minutes by cab and you enter the realm of serene and calm beaches of Nusa Dua. Many kilometers of coast with the cleanest sand and turquoise sea neighboring luxurious hotels. Well-tended streets of Nusa Dua, immersed in gardens with exotic flowers, well-equipped hotel beaches and the measured flow of life leave no one indifferent to rest in comfort. Neighborhoods of the Bali Collection Shopping Center, located in Nusa Dua, for hundreds of tourists have become more than just a place of active shopping. In the evenings, many tourists come here to enjoy the cuisine of different countries and listen to live music. And lovers of dishes from fresh seafood can safely go to the coast of Jimbaran. Dinners on the ocean on the background of the extraordinary beauty of sunsets – these moments will be remembered for a long time! The most exotic place in Jimbaran Bali – morning fish market. Lovers of local exotics get up before sunrise and stroll along the beach. There you can see many fishing boats returning with the morning catch. Despite its proximity to the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Jimbaran has an atmosphere that allows you to enjoy all the charms of a quiet holiday.

The central part of the island of Bali fascinates with the identity of the people living there amidst the incredible beauty of nature. The Batur Volcano is a must-see: the vantage point on the rim of the crater offers spectacular views! This place is sacred to the islanders, and for tourists it has become one of the main attractions of Bali. It takes just over an hour to reach the town of Ubud, the heart of the island’s cultural and spiritual life. Ubud is radically different from the coastal resort area of Bali. You won’t get bored visiting Ubud. The town is surrounded by picturesque rice paddies and there are many temples and craft centers in Ubud. There are many rivers around the town where you can go rafting with friends or family, or kayaking. Ubud is known for its dance and music shows, which are part of the traditional culture of its inhabitants. The town’s special atmosphere is perhaps its main attraction, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the aura of Balinese culture.

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A trip to the island of Lombok, which can be reached by boat or by plane is no less exciting and colorful. Compared to Bali, Lombok is not as well-known to tourists and therefore still retains its pristine appearance, and the people of the island still live their centuries-old way of life. Even the nature on Lombok is different from Bali’s since the island belongs to the Australian climate belt. The center of tourism in Lombok is Sengigi, where the hotels offer the highest level of service. Also in Sengigi there are small restaurants and cafes, working mainly until midnight. The island of Lombok is of volcanic origin, so most of the beaches have sand in shades ranging from black to deep gray. Near the island of Lombok are tiny coral islands Gili. Clear turquoise water, where you can see schools of bright fish, snow-white coast and amazing silence – you will fall in love with Gili once and for all!

The multifaceted Indonesia is unique in every way. For some it will be remembered for its beaches, some will long remember the atmosphere of carelessness and fun, which is famous for Kuta, and for someone it will remain forever in the memory as a vivid mosaic of such different and colorful episodes. But one thing is certain: Bali is a place where you want to come back again and again.

Nature of Indonesia, December 8 – 20, 2022

A bright and full program, where we will visit 7 very interesting islands in Indonesia: Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Flores, Komodo, Rincha, and Padar. There are virgin equatorial forests and their inhabitants in Tanjung Puting National Park, the most spectacular waterfall in the country – Tumpak Sewu, Martian views of the ancient crater Tenger, amazing Ijen, as well as unforgettable days on Komodo Island among the dinosaurs’ peers…

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Komodo Varan

On this trip we will capture the cream of Indonesia, see the simple life of the locals of Java, Kalimantan and Komodo, marvel at their warmth, hospitality and open smiles.

Day 1

Arrival in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Getting to know the participants of the trip. If there is time after the arrival we go to the city.

Day 2

Morning flight to Pangkalan Bun, island of Kalimantan. Then a short transfer to Kumai on the bank of the Kumai River. There we start our journey through Tanjung Puting National Park.

We will travel along rivers among the dense jungle in a traditional boat called a klotok. It is a rather large and comfortable boat from the open deck where you can observe orangutans, monkeys, crab monkeys, rhinoceros birds and other inhabitants of the equatorial forest.


If you’re very lucky, you might even see a gavial crocodile. We will spend the night in a boat on the river in the heart of the reserve under the starry sky and among the mysterious sounds of the night forest…

Day 3

We continue to enjoy the silence, tranquility, and animal watching. In the morning an excursion to the legendary ranger station at Camp Leakey, where you can see Kalimantan orangutans and, if luck smiles, more black-armed gibbons, Muller’s gibbon, pig-tailed lapwing and red langurs.

Nose Monkey

Day 4

Time to get back to civilization! Transfer by boat back to Kumai and fly back to Java, to Surabaya City. Then transfer to Bromo volcano, about 3 hours.

Day 5

Early rise at dawn. Bromo volcano awaits us. You’ve probably heard of it. You bet… It is the calling card of Java, and maybe of the whole Indonesia. But you’ll see for yourself.


But there’s more to see and feel than that! We climb to the top of Bromo and look into the very core of this active volcano.

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After a late breakfast our adventure continues with a hike to the highest waterfall in Java, Madakaripura. To get to this impressive mahina you have to wade through the stream several times and walk under the splashing of small waterfalls.

Then a long transfer (about 5-6 hours) to a nice hotel near our next destination – Ijen volcano.

Day 6

Today we have to get up even earlier, deep into the night… Because another unique sight awaits us (our trip is just woven of them) – the blue lights of Ijen. This self-igniting sulfur gases can be seen in the dark as blue flames and are found only on Ijen volcano. Nowhere else in the world is there such a thing!

In addition to the blue lights, the volcano is very beautiful. The turquoise lake in the crater is worth it!


We will go up to a couple of observation decks and enjoy the beautiful panoramas to the full.

After the volcano we return to the hotel for brunch and then free program. You can stay at our comfortable hotel in the pool among the rice paddies. In the afternoon you can visit the waterfall, hot springs, and watch the sunset at Kawah Wurung.

Day 7

In the morning after breakfast at the hotel we drive to the turtle beach at Meru Betiri Nature Reserve. This is the wildest place in overpopulated Java: it was in this national park in the late 70’s was shot by poachers last Javanese tiger.

On the way to the turtles we will stop at some secret and very beautiful places (waterfall, forest, beach). As darkness falls, we will go with the park rangers to look for turtles that have come ashore to lay their eggs… I hope we will be lucky!

Day 8

Mary Betiri National Park has a turtle nursery where found turtle eggs are incubated, so in the morning we will very likely be releasing little turtles into the Indian Ocean. It’s an amazing experience!

Release of the cheeper monkeys

After breakfast, we’ll head further along the route. We will visit local copra and palm sugar production and stop at one very beautiful and wild beach.

Then continue on the road and spend the night at the foot of the highest volcano in Java – Semeru.

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Day 9

A day of unique places! In the morning we go to the waterfall Tumpak Sewu. Unique place #1! And let this name even now does not tell you anything, be sure – after visiting it you will remember it for the rest of your life! Place world-class natural masterpiece, breathtaking beauty.

Beautiful view

After lunch we will visit another interesting place. This urban slum, which are the efforts of local students-enthusiasts turned into the most, in the literal sense of the word, the brightest attraction of the city! We walk through Kampung 3D and Kampung Warna-Warni among the endlessly friendly inhabitants and colorful houses…


Then an hour and a half drive and here we are at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level amongst the Wonosari tea plantations. We will see how tea is grown and learn how the green leaves are turned into a tart drink by taking a tour of the factory. You can try the tea too, of course!

Then we overnight at a hotel near Surabaya airport.

Day 10

Today our main task is to go from Java to Flores.

Early morning flight to Ende. Then a two-hour transfer and we are on the amazing Kelimutu volcano. What color will the lakes be this time?


Overnight drive back to Ende.

Day 11

Immediately after breakfast, a short flight to Labuan Bajo, where we board a ship with cabins and go to explore Komodo National Park, a UNESCO site and biosphere reserve at the same time. What’s that all about? Because these are very wild and still untouched by human activity, where unique animals have been preserved. There are even dragons left…

But first we will visit Manta Point and swim with giant manta rays.


We will spend the evening at Red Beach.

Pink Beach

Not on Pink Beach, which is now overrun with tourists, pearl sellers, and trinket vendors. No! We have our own secret places where there’s no one around and the sand is even richer in color…

By evening, when it gets a little cooler, we’ll trek to Komodo Island and meet the dragons.


And not just dragons, but also buffalo, wild boars, philemon, and big-legged birds.

Day 12

In the morning we move to Padar Island, where we have the most beautiful view.

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Then we have a relaxing Long Beach Padar. You can swim, snorkel, and just relax in silence!

Then return to Labuan Bajo, check in to your hotel.

Day 13

Morning flight to Bali or Jakarta.

Optional package of sightseeing tours for 2-3 days in Bali (central mountain areas with lakes, waterfalls, traditional villages; temples; water palaces; sightseeing spots, etc.), or 2-3 days in Yogyakarta (Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Dieng Plateau, Jomblang Cave, etc.).


We are going in the off-season: the weather will generally be good, but there is a chance of rain. The temperature is 28-30 degrees. In the mountains (on Bromo and Idjen) it will be around 14-16, maybe even down to 10.


30 days free of charge with a stamp.

The organization of the trip

The basic principles of the trip you can read here.

Recruitment closes 10 days before the start of the trip.


We will stay in comfortable hotels and hostels with breakfast, wireless internet and hot water for two people. It is also possible to stay in single rooms for a fee.


We will eat twice a day in local canteens, cafes and restaurants. Breakfast at the hotel. Indonesian food is not as varied as Russian or Thai food. Most often it is rice with additives: fish, eggs, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, chicken. There are also dishes that are cooked only in the morning or only in the evening. There is no black bread, no dairy products, except milk. But the widest selection of fresh fruits: durians, pineapples, bananas, lettuce, awnings, mangosteens, mangoes and others. There are also interesting pastries, mostly sweet: martabak, roti chanai, various gorengan.

Number of participants

The minimum is 4 people. The maximum is 12.

Note 1.

This is a real live trip where the guide has the right to change the itinerary due to transportation, weather, volcano activity or the condition of the participants.

Note 2

If you are interested in other dates, only part of the itinerary, extension of the trip, you are welcome to contact me as well – I will adjust, build on or completely change the itinerary for you.

The cost of the tour per person with double occupancy: 1800 euros

There is no discount system on this trip. Check out our regular discounts here

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