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Holidays in Djerba Island – briefly about the main points

Resorts of Tunisia - Djerba

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The island of Djerba, as a popular seaside resort in Tunisia, has been known since the early 1960s. Thousands of tourists come to the island not only for the beautiful sandy beaches, but also to get acquainted with one of the most original places of the country.

Holidays in Djerba

Djerba is located in the southern part of Tunisia in the Gulf of Gabes. Another nearby resort is Zarzis.

Few facts about Djerba :

  • The area of the island is 514 km², the coastline is 150 km;
  • The distance from the capital of Tunisia – 500 km;
  • The population is about 165 thousand people;
  • The largest cities on the island are Houmt Souk (the capital), Midoun, Ajim;
  • The island is connected with the mainland by ferry (Ajim – Djorf) and the old Roman road (leading to the resort of Zarzis);
  • there is an international airport on the island.

In ancient times, the island of Djerba was rich, with a flourishing trade, including that of slaves. That’s when the Roman Road was built – its length is 7 km, it carries not only transport communication, but also a water pipeline.

Climate in Djerba

The resort season in Djerba is longer than in the northern resorts of Hammamet, Sousse, Tabarka thanks to its geographical position. The sea usually warms up to 22 ° C as early as May, and the season ends by November.

During the summer, the daytime temperature can reach 35 – 38 ° C, the water temperature is 27-28 ° C.

Thanks to the sea breeze and the proximity of the Sahara, the high temperatures are easily tolerated, so the summer vacation is quite comfortable. In Djerba there are 345 sunny days a year!

The best time to travel to Djerba is from May to October inclusive. You should not forget that like on any other island, it will be windy here.

Djerba BeachesDjerba Island Crocodile FarmDjerba Market

How to get to Djerba

The large majority of arrivals on the island come through Djerba Zarzis International Airport. The airport is located 9 km from the island’s capital, Houmt Souk.

Since the island is small, you can reach the most distant hotels in 50-60 minutes.

There are no direct scheduled flights between Russia and Tunisia, you can get here only with transfers. The most convenient routes are via Istanbul, Paris and Munich.

There are direct charter flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg during tourist season (April-November). Flight time is 4.5 hours.

There are many flights to Djerba from Enfidha, Monastir and Tunis Airports (the capital).

Website of Djerba Airport:

A cab from Djerba Island Airport to the hotel will cost 8 to 20 TND.

Transportation in Djerba

To get around the island you can:

  • by bus;
  • cabs (louages)
  • cab

The most convenient way of transport in Djerba is by cab. You can always find cars near any hotel. About the peculiarities of a cab ride in Tunisia you can read here.

  • boarding – 0,450 TND
  • ride – 0,500 TND / 1km
  • wait – 15 TND

*From 8:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m. the night fare is valid (the fare will be 50% higher).

If you decide to go to cities in mainland Tunisia, you can use intercity buses. They leave from the bus station in the center of Houmt Souka. The nearest major city on the mainland is the provincial capital of Medenine (a bus ride will cost 7 TND).

You can rent a car without any problem. Avis, Europcar and Budget are all represented at Djerba Airport, Houmt Souk and Midoun. There are also local rental agencies with lower prices. However, the quality of the cars will not be high.

Beaches of Djerba

The beaches in Djerba are mostly sandy and very wide – the “narrowest” ones are up to 100 meters long. However, there are some features to consider when choosing a hotel.

Museum of Cat in Minsk. A place that will not leave you indifferent

Do you want fine white sand? Then choose a hotel on the north – east and east of the island. There are many hotels, each of which owns a section of the beach and it only depends on the hotel administrators how clean the beach and coastal waters are. Beach equipment is free for hotel guests.

The best beaches in Djerba are around Midoun town, but it is also the most crowded, because most of the hotels are concentrated in this area.

There are no industries in Djerba, so the sea is very clean and gentle, ideal for children.

Until lunch, as a rule, it is calm, in the afternoon there are often waves – a feature common to all Tunisia.

A somewhat different picture of the beaches in the south and south-east of the island. Here you can find muddy banks, patches of clay, a mixture of sand and stones.

Hotels try to clear its part of the coast from the stones, but it can not be everywhere. For example, the beach of the hotel Palm Azur 4 * has a fairly large area of rocks. It is better to swim on such beaches only in calm weather – the stones are noticeable and you can easily get around them.

Djerba BeachesDjerba, Houmt Souka MarketDjerba, ATV rides

Hotels in Djerba

There are more than 140 hotels on the coast of the island – about half of them are on the beachfront. Most hotels are in the 4* and 3* category. As of 2022 there are only 7 hotels of 5* category. The most expensive and prestigious (it even has a name) is Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba 5* (for more about luxury hotels in Tunisia see here).

However, most hotels are inexpensive, with rather simple interior, many need repair, with relatively low service. You can easily choose hotels for rest with children (Iberostar Mehari Djerba 4* , Seabel Rym Beach 4*), with thalassotherapy centers (Park Inn Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba 5* , Hasdrubal Thalassa And Spa Hotel 5* , Odyssee Resort & Thalasso4*), for active rest (El Mouradi Djerba Menzel 4*).

Djerba tours

Detailed excursions in Djerba are described in the corresponding section of the website. The most popular are:

  • DjerbaHood project (street art gallery in Erriadh village)
  • Djerba Explore entertainment park (Lella Hadria museum, Heritage village, tourist market, crocodile farm)
  • Ras Rmel Island (flamingo island)
  • Two-day trip to the Sahara

Given the small size of the island and affordable cab prices, you can see the main sights on your own.

Entertainment in Djerba

What to do in your spare time away from the beach? For entertainment is at your service:

Shopping in Djerba

For more information on what and where to buy souvenirs in Tunisia, you can read in the relevant section of the site. Djerba in this respect does not differ from other regions of the country, except for lower prices compared to Hammamet or Sousse.

  • Food is better to buy in Carrefoue – a supermarket chain is represented by stores in Humt Souk and Midoun. You can buy alcohol at Al Jazira (buying alcohol in Tunisia has some features).
  • Souvenirs have sense to buy in the tourist markets, where there are stores Fix Price. Although the second floor of the store Carrefour (non-food items) can delight you with unexpected purchases.

More about shopping in Tunisia:

You can find and book an inexpensive tour with the help of services Level.Travel or The search for tours is carried out through the databases of 130 tour operators online. Compare prices, choose the best options. You don’t have to go to the travel agency office to arrange your trip. On the features of buying tours online you can read here.

All about holidays in Djerba: the best hotels and beaches of the resort

A wonderful island located between the sky and water, buried in palm groves and shrouded in ancient legends. Here you can plunge into the wonderful world of ancient civilizations, feel the magic of centuries-old traditions, feel the heat of the Sahara nearby and watch the lotus blossom, the most mysterious flower in the world. Djerba is a dream island on the Mediterranean coast. Let’s learn more about Djerba and Tunisia and find out what sights lurk on this little spot on the map.

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Djerba Island

Tourists love Djerba for its snow-white beaches, good hotels, mild climate, crystal clear water, as well as olive groves and palm groves. The sea here is one of the most transparent, which additionally attracts fans of diving and fishing to the island.

Where is it

Djerba is located in the Mediterranean Gulf of Gabes in the northeastern part of the African continent. This large island of 514 square kilometers is the southernmost point of Tunisia. The semi-desert terrain of this country borders Libya to the east and the coastline stretches along the sea for 120 kilometers.

The length of the island at its widest point is 30 km, the capital and the only major city is Houmt Souk.

Map of Djerba

How to get there from Moscow

Until recently, the resorts of the island were not advertised in the Russian tourism market and, therefore, did not enjoy the popularity of domestic ordinary people. But European tourists have long ago appreciated the benefits of Djerba Island and are loyal customers of this direction.

For the first time direct flights between Moscow and Djerba were opened. In 4 hours, “Nordwind Airlines” or “Transaero” will take you from Sheremetyevo to Zarzis.

Moreover, you can take a direct flight to any of the six Tunisian airports, and from there, knowing exactly where Djerba Island is, you can get from the mainland by one of three options:

Districts of the island

The island can be divided territorially into areas adjacent to the capital of Djerba and major villages.

  • Humt Suk is the capital of Djerba.
  • Midoun is the second main town of the island outside the tourist zone. Here are the main attractions: mosques, bazaars, Lala Hadria Museum and a crocodile farm. The coastal area, which is adjacent to Midoun, has many hotels, restaurants and popular beaches.
  • Aguir is an area of beaches and hotels.
  • Mezraya is a picturesque region between Humt Suk and Midun. The most expensive hotels on the island are located here.

Climatic conditions and temperature

Djerba is famous for its mild, warm climate. The sun shines brightly all 365 days of the year, so you can sunbathe all year round. The proximity of the Sahara directly determines the weather in Djerba. This proximity brings hot winds to the island and the air gets hotter than on the Tunisian mainland.

On land

The warm season starts in April on Djerba. The air during this time already warms up to 22 ° C. In June-August, the weather becomes hot and the thermometer reaches 28-35 ° C.

By November the temperature drops to about 21°C during the day.

December-March is the winter season in this part of Tunisia.

The air during this time warms up to 15-16 ° C, which does not prevent this sunbathing.

In the water

Swimming on the island is possible year round. The water temperature even during the winter months does not drop below 18 ° C.

During the high season, from April, the water is already a pleasant 22 ° C. By the middle of the season (July-August) it warms up to 28 ° C. In September and October you can still feel very comfortable taking a dip in the sea at 23 ° C.

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Weather in Djerba

The best beaches

Holidays on the island of Djerba, which is famous for its snow-white wide beaches, will leave an unforgettable impression. The most popular beaches are considered:

  1. Beach Ras el Mar . It is separated from the capital of Humt Suk only 17 kilometers. It stretches along a small peninsula, which at high tide turns into an island. Among other things, the beach is famous for the habitat of pink flamingos. People call it “Flamingo Island”. At sunset, the local scenery turns into a real fairy tale. Each year, thousands of tourists flock here to admire these rare animals, as well as dip into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Sidi Mehrez Beach . This is the most charming of all beaches in Djerba. This area is densely built up with hotels, so there are almost no wild areas. Everything is filled with umbrellas and sun loungers. Along the entire coastline there are wide palm trees, which cover the vacationers with saving shade. The entrance to the sea is very comfortable, gentle, which is very valuable for families with children. Sidi Mehrez gradually turns into El Ashen beach.
  3. El Ashen beach . Predominantly wild places with warm water and white sand. In this area you will often find algae, which is not cleaned.
  4. Segouia Beach . This beach is a favorite vacation spot for locals. There are no noisy entertainment and crowds of restless tourists here. The main local attraction is considered an amazing view of the lagoon. The entrance to the water is gentle, as on most of the coast.
  5. Aguir Beach. Aguir stretches over 3 kilometers of coastline. Wild areas gently merge into comfortable recreation areas with hotels. There are a large number of piers in the sea, built by local residents. Fishing is very popular here.
  6. The beach of Sidi Jimur. The best place on the whole island for seclusion and romantic walks. This is due to its remote location from settlements and hotels. No entertainment here. Just the sea, the sun and you.

Active life and entertainment

On the island there is a wide variety of entertainment for all tastes. Everyone can find something to their liking. All beaches are organized water sports, which you can do at will: diving, windsurfing, kayaking, banana boat rides and parachute flights along the sea.

Tunisia is the smallest North African country.

Golf enthusiasts can appreciate the Djerba Golf Club courses on the east coast.

Djerba Golf Club

Gamblers have a chance to try their luck at one of the largest casinos in North Africa. Fans of the legendary Star Wars have a chance to see the filming site in the village of Ajim.

For extreme entertainment you can go to the Sahara and drive through the endless sands in jeeps.

In Djerba you can ride horses from one of the six stables or take a camel ride. There, the best horses in the Arab world show their skills at the races.

A popular pastime in Tunisia is thalassotherapy. There are a number of centers here offering these services at the highest level. By visiting one of these thermal springs, you can relieve stress and fatigue after vigorous excursions and sports, and improve your health.



Djerba can hardly be called a resort for young people, but nevertheless, fans of discos can find here a lot of interesting places for active nightlife.

Unlike other cities and resorts of Tunisia, the police on the island is much easier to ensure the safety of tourists. So even at night here you can not be afraid of walking through the streets and public places.

Among the most popular “party” places are the following:

  1. “Sunset Beach Bar Djerba” – bar and disco right on the beach Sidi Mehrez. Here you can dance to the modern rhythms of popular DJs until 2 am.
  2. Cyclone club is one of the most popular on the island. It is located next to the “Green Palm Golf & Spa” hotel and seats about 800 people.
  3. “Salsa Disco Djerba,” with Latin and European music, will help pass the time for anyone who prefers to move to the rhythms of salsa rather than sit in a hotel.
  4. “Texas City Djerba,” a restaurant and disco in downtown Midtown, is designed in the style of the Wild West.
  5. Desperados, a nightclub with a South American décor, is famous for its unusual “feature,” a pool under palm trees with a bar. You can order without leaving the water.
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Attractions and excursions

Culture and traditions of Djerba Island in Tunisia are different from those generally accepted in the country. This is reflected in the local attractions.

    The fortress of Ghazi Mustafa. This structure was built in the IX century to protect against sea pirates. The fort is located on the coast, near the Humt Suk. The citadel was named after the architect of the building, Gazi Mustafa. Its walls are 4 meters thick and there is a protective moat around it. It is considered the main attraction of the island.

In Tunisia were filmed such Hollywood movies as “Indiana Jones,” “Gladiator,” “Star Wars. Such a success in the film industry the area has got because of the original “unearthly” landscapes.

Accommodation and food

This resort, in contrast to the mainland, does not have as many hotels due to limited area. Nevertheless, these are mostly high-class hotels, represented by such world-famous names as “Radisson”, “Movenpick” and “Hayat”.

Car Rental

It is very convenient to use a personal car on vacation to see all the sights and local beaches, which are difficult to reach on foot. Djerba is no exception in this regard. All the world’s car rental companies are represented on the island, such as Europcar, SIXT, HERZ and others.

It is desirable to worry about renting a car in advance by booking it online. You can also use the service of renting a car in the hotel.

The cost of renting an economy car starts at 120 TND. Local shops offer cars starting at 80 TND per day.


Best hotels

According to official information, the island has up to 40 hotels of the beach type. Most of them are located on the east coast in the tourist area and occupy a little over 20 kilometers of coastal area.

The most expensive hotel of Djerba is Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba. For a night here you have to pay up to $300.

Most hotels in Tunisia and hotels on the island of Djerba are all-inclusive hotels. Basically it is a four-star service, but there are also a few five-star hotels.

The best hotels on the island are considered to be:

  1. “Seabel Rym Beach” . The hotel is located in a palm grove at the foot of the lighthouse on the beachfront. It is only 15 kilometers from the capital. The hotel restaurants are all inclusive. There are several pools, including an indoor pool, as well as a children’s club and animators.
  2. “Djerba Plaza Hotel & Spa . It is located in the central part of Medun. It has five all-inclusive restaurants, bars and a club for children. You can also rent a car or a bicycle here.
  3. “Vincci Helios Beach. The premium hotel is located on more than 9 hectares of land right on the beach. There are three swimming pools, restaurants with European and Asian cuisine, disco club, wi-fi and parking.
  4. “Iberostar Mehari Djerba. A chain hotel on the first line of the sea. Here, among other things, you can enjoy the services of the spa center, Turkish bath and jacuzzi. Throughout the holidays guests are entertained by tireless animators.

Cuisine and restaurants

Traditional cuisine of Tunisia consists of beef, fruits, vegetables and seafood. Tuna is especially popular here. It is a part of most local dishes. Also the cuisine of Djerba is characterized by using a large number of spices. Travelers who cannot tolerate spicy food should take this into consideration.

The oldest tree in Tunisia is more than 2400 years old. From the olives of this long-lived tree they make medicines only for the local pharmacy.

Locals eat a lot of all kinds of pita bread and loaves. Bread is always revered here and is served with all dishes.

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Cuisine of Djerba

The most traditional treats in this country are:

  • chorba – soup made of veal and vegetables in a thick base;
  • tajin – omelette with meat, pepper and cheese;
  • ganaoya – meat with cilantro and chili peppers;
  • shakenuki – meat stew served cold;
  • brochet – local kebab;
  • Mashvi – grilled lamb.

Sweets in Tunisia deserve special attention. This is the traditional oriental baklava, and a variety of cakes with nuts, apricots and dates, and samsa with sesame seeds. There are also special treats that are made only in this area:

You can try traditional Tunisian dishes at any local restaurant. There are a great many of them in Djerba. Among the best we can highlight the following:

  1. “Haroun” – the best restaurant in the capital, where flavored fish dishes are prepared at the highest level. Experienced tourists highly recommend ordering here the juice of dates.
  2. “La colombe blanche. A romantic place which can’t boast of Tunisian dishes as it specializes more in European cuisine. However, the dishes are of excellent taste and quality.
  3. “Dar Zmen combines French and local cuisine. The result is original products, somewhat unusual for tourists from Europe. You should try the young lamb with rosemary and stew.
  4. “De l’Ile Chef chez Hassine. You will not find a better place to cook lobsters in all Tunisia, not to mention Djerba, where this restaurant is located. It specializes in seafood flavored with exotic spices.

Shopping lovers

Going shopping in Djerba, you should learn some rules and peculiarities of the local trade. Stores here do not have a certain opening hours, so usual for our average man. Most outlets begin their work from 8 to 9 am and work till 12-14 pm and then close for so called siesta, which lasts for 2 to 3 hours. After that the stores work a few more hours until 7 pm.

In Tunisia, shopping centers do not work according to any particular schedule. For example, during the holidays they can change the schedule, so before the trip is better to check the calendar for Muslim memorial days.

The main rule of shopping in Arab countries – “bargain always and everywhere” – also applies in Djerba. If you break it, it can offend the seller.

Djerba shopping

According to experienced “shoppers” on the island is not worth spending money on expensive purchases. This country is more focused on souvenirs. High-quality clothes and shoes can be purchased in brand stores in the capital, but prices there are often higher than in Europe.

Of grocery stores on the island are represented by international retail chains “Monoprix” and “Carrefour”, where you can always find fresh products.

Famous souvenirs that tourists usually bring from Tunisia are:

  • olive oil;
  • wine (valued red dry “Magon”, white Muscat “Kelibia”);
  • pottery;
  • spices;
  • Jewelry (Arab-style costume jewelry);
  • Rose-shaped minerals that form in the desert from the sand;
  • sweets.

Djerba is a must visit. Swim in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, bask on the beach under the warm rays of the sun, appreciate the service of local hotels and dance the night away at one of the inflammatory discos. Or you can rent a car and drive around all the sights of the coast, while sampling the local cuisine at one of the best restaurants on the island. One thing is for sure: you will not be bored on Djerba and everyone will find a hobby to his liking.

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